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Continue to hold your breathe!!!!

Discussion in 'UO Spiels N Rants' started by Altec, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. Altec

    Altec Guest

    This post is for everyone waiting for uo to fix something. I don't know if you relize this they never fix anything in this game all they do is make it worse.

    None of the speeders have slowed down.

    All the people the banned for macro mining and dupping disappeared with honest players money.

    AoS cut the uo community in half.

    They keep trying to force a horrible version of uo in 3D that you can't do anything on but bank sit with.

    They have nerfed all the pvpers and lock them in their own world never been able to see a tree with a leaf on it and at the same time the over power trammies with a dragon that can eat a small army in one fireball and a bite.

    And after doing all this what have the fixed.....????? Nothing my damn pots still don't even stack right. UO has turned itself into a joke. It used to be original but their 3d version was a chopped up version of diablo and the their next exspansion will be add somethings that wow has had since its release. Uo also used to have a story but whats the story now? who knows last event that took place was in spring and now its almost xmas.

    The one thing I liked to do which is factions will soon become a circus for trammies who will be trying to get the new arties.
  2. As a Stratics poster, UO player and EA customer ...

    You do know there are easy methods to speed up UO without a hack, right? Could it be one or more of your "speeders" are using at least one legal way to increase performance? Just asking, mind ya ... I know there are some who do use "bad stuff".

    And how much of that gold was yours and not mine or Joe Blows or Jane Does? No way to trace it. It's unfortunate, but there just isn't any way to do tracing of funds like that ... sorry.

    Did it? Really? Or did prior regimes of UO Devs screw the pooch so badly folks left?

    It's been admitted it was rushed out too soon because of another part of EA letting things out early. Yup - underoptimized, and not a good product. However, much effort by players has improved at least the UI look/feel and changes made to better the worst of the issues. If (and admittedly a BIG "if") SA turns out as expected it may be exactly what KR should have been. How about we wait and see ... and when it comes, make a decent attempt to use it.

    There is a change in uo.cfg you can make for the trees if you want greenery. Tram was created because some members of the PvP community could not resist picking on players they knew would be defenseless in many instances. Certain PvPers made the world that way and the majority who could have reined it in did nothing at that time. Sorry, no deep sympathy on that score.

    PvP nerfed? No argument, nor one on the dragons - the buggers are bad and need toning down **some**.

    Smoke bombs (if that's one of your non-stackers) are supposed to stack in P56, aren't they? I don't use pots, but things like GHeals, etc never stacked before either. Stacking them would be nice, but it doesn't have the sweeping badness of PvP nerfs, overpowered dragons. Priorities are being appled I believe.

    Diablo = UO? I gotta agree. Since AoS I do think you have it right and I have stated the same. It is very Diablo-esque now.

    Storyline ... they are trying with this cross-facet publish on the arc. It also brings the Factions into the light and makes them a very important part of the story as well as getting attention in some areas. I see the TC reports and for the most part I don't see too much griping.

    I guarantee one thing ... this Trammie will not be part of the circus, my friend. Any silver I get I will gladly trade 1:1 for gold to someone who can use the silver. As far as the arties? Pffft. I just like trying new things - the battles - and if I get anything it'll be pure dumb luck.

    If I was the score your rant, I'd give it an 8.5+ out of a possible 10. Pretty good points, common gripes, but at least it didn't come across whiny, but aggravated. That's a good sign ... shows you care enough to let it all hang out! :D

    Take care and safe journeys!