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Discussion in 'Coronet Starport' started by Farpriest, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. Farpriest

    Farpriest Guest

    **Note to Stratics
    As the late receptions ive recieved for this and some other things have been blad or downright crude i was curious as to your thoughts on this.

    BTW: I am on Ahazi.

    I've been tossing around the idea of putting together a group..not sure if it would be a guild. But a group of people who's sole job is to be hired out by whoever to accomplish a task that they need assistance in. The group would take rebel contracts for one week. take a week break then take Imperial contracts. Acting more like mercenaries than anything.

    Not only could this improve experiences such as mentioned by the thread starter but it could assist groups in all aspects such as heroics/instances/POB (JTL) missions and such. Fee's would be based on player level/mission difficulty/how many people needed and professions needed. It could work in theory but getting a specific group to fill those needs would be a more trying task but it could be benificial to all.

    Being under contract each individual working for the company would get a weekly paycheck depending on what they did. The more instances that they did and such would reflect on their pay. As well as complexity and any other variable. As Jedi are numerous we would be looking for LS only as we all know DS is for PvP. Anyone might try to argue that but when it comes to PvE LS wins.

    So the need falls to other professions. Members of this company could remain within their respective guilds and if they choose remain on their respected faction indefineatly. Provided we were able to bring in say.

    1 Imp/1Rebel for every 2
    2- Jedi

    2- Medics


    2- Bh

    2- Spies

    This setup as made example above would allow a member team of the company to be hired out.

    Contracts placed would have to be booked and arranged with enough time to ensure both the Company and the payee has plenty of time to arrange their RL in order to attend the pre-arranged deal.

    If the Company for whatever reason fails to arrive or deliver the said troops requested then the company will pay out an unfixed sum as damage pay. The payee upon making a booking will pay a small retainer fee that would not be returned if the payee failed to arrive.

    Example of a contract request:

    Hello, I and my friends wish to contract ----------- for an instance run of EK.

    Date: -- -- ----, Time: --:--

    Troops needed: 1 Medic, 3 Jedi, 2 Commando's

    Example of a contract response:

    Greetings! Your requests has been recieved and delegated.

    On this day of--,--,---- at the time of --:--

    We will provide you with the following: 1 medic, 3 Jedi, 2 Commando's

    Our retainer fee is 1 million credits

    Fee's for troops: 1.450000 The breakdown of this is. 1 Medic 500k, 3 Jedi 3x150k 2 Commando's 2 x 250k

    Mission fee: 1.5 mil.

    Total: 3.950000

    So when you break this example down your getting 5 members at quite affordable prices to join you in a quest. Another thing this company will not do is collect loot. The loot is there specifically for the Individuals who hired us. The only loot the company will ever obtain is group loot.

    For example the "Jinsu" schematic where everyone in the group can get it. Anyways this is my idea. As i have seen none like it before and if there have been they have failed i would be curious to know why they failed and what one could do to make it work. Ideas and suggestions welcomed. As well anyone looking to add a bit of excitement and something different to their game lives. Contact me.
  2. Farpriest

    Farpriest Guest

    Only reason to double post is to keep it organized and start what im hoping could be a constructive dicussion leading to a doable conclusion.

    I do believe charging 4 mil is a low enough price to take a small group or single individual through a Instance. However the payoff for those involved in TALON might not be substainal enough to entice them to remain. See the whole thing for me is to build a stronger community. More based on player-player interactions. SO making credits for myself is low on the list. What i was thinking about doing was taking the bill aside from the 1 mil retainer for myself which would fund items/pups/things the guys in the field would need.

    The rest of the profits say for example 2.95 mil would be rounded up by me to 3 mil then divided between those involved. If the rest of my side work picks up i wanted to offer Talon members bonuses for completely these missions/quests. As if a group goes into HK and for one reason or another fail to win that is not a problem for TALON. Our job is to provide the tools to get the job done. Whoever hires us is the leader and is tasked to make sure things get accomplished properly. SO in the event a quest fails Yes the Payee loses the credits invested but as he never accomplished his goal he can re hire us at a 50% discount. Aside from retainer of course.
    Basically he would get another crack at it and his cost might hit 2 mil including the retainer.

    If we fail it a third time the retainer still stands but we do it for free. Basically We will attempt any quest. We will bring what is requested as for men and equipment but on the third and last attempt things dont go through then we end the contract. The payee can sign another one but then we start at square one.

    If by chance on the first run it is completed. then the total earning of the company is divided equally between the members involved and the company. roughly 600k earnings for doing a quest. There are hundreds of variables where profits can be higher or lower all depending on factions played in regarding who the contractor is and what they need.

    I just want to try to refine it so when i put it into practice it works.
  3. Penti

    Penti Guest

    Interesting concept to say the least..... Good luck with it mate !!