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Converting a Char to Sampire (Time is of the Essence)

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by SntaCruz83, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. SntaCruz83

    SntaCruz83 Guest

    I just started back up after about 5 years away from the game. Dear god....what the heck happened to the days of being a deadly naked warrior? Where is my powerhour? How are reds attacking me in fel cities without being guard whakked? ANYway...as I slowly try and learn what's up...I'm realizing some/most of my characters use outdated templates.

    Items/Armor have becoming unbelievably important so that's something I'll need to start working on. Until I can get around to figuring out where everyone is getting all these 1337 weapons I'd like to fix up my templates.

    I'm hoping to cook up a sexy sampire and was wondering if I could get some suggestions on which character(s) i should modify to get a sampire going as quickly as possible. I have two accounts and as soon as uogamercode website accepts orders again I probably will need to purchase 3 or 4 soulstones.

    So...below are the templates of the chars I'm willing to modify. Which would be the fastest to modify into a Sampire and how would you recommend doing it? Thanks so much!

    Character One:
    Anatomy 38.4
    Arms Lore 16.2
    Chivalry 100
    Focus 100
    Healing 34.3
    Hiding 100
    Magery 25
    Resisting Spells 30.8
    Swordsmanship 51.2
    Tactics 32.7
    Wrestling 0.1

    Character Two:
    Focus 100
    Mace Fighting 115
    Meditation 100
    Necromancy 100
    Resist Spells 26.7
    Spirit Speak 120
    Swordsmanship 19.9
    Tactics 120
    Wrestling 1.2

    Character Three:
    Anatomy 100
    Healing 100
    Lumberjacking 100
    Magery 24.9
    Parrying 100
    Resisting Spells 70.1
    Swordsmanship 100
    Tactics 100

    Character Four:
    Anatomy 120
    Chivalry 65
    Fencing 120
    Focus 80
    Healing 110.4
    Poisoning 100
    Tactics 120
  2. Which of those chars are on the same account? Your best bet to make a quick swap around of skills on soulstones would be to pull skills from several of the above templates. You've got just about everything you need now between 2 or 3 of them, with only a few minor adjustments needed.
  3. Obsidian

    Obsidian Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    May 21, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Totally soulstones... You can construct your char easily that way. You should have a fifth char slot (at a minimum) so I would create a new elf and then move the skills. You can find a 115 mace fighting PS cheap. That is probably the only pre-req you need before moving skills.

    You can get a full soulstone as a vet reward or for $10 from EA's UOGameCodes website. Purchase a legacy code.

    Good luck!

  4. Or he could leave the Macing on the char that already has the scroll and move the GM and lower skills onto a new char, requiring no new PS's to be purchased. Then it's just a matter of switching skills around.
  5. SntaCruz83

    SntaCruz83 Guest

    Sorry for the delayed response. I was spending so much effort trying to get my uogamecode purchase to go through that I completely overlooked that they are account specific. That being said. Char 1 &2 are on one account and Char 3&4 are on another. I decided to just modify character 4 since I already had the 120 fencing on there. I think I'm going to have to just get a couple more soulstones to ease the switching of skills and for skill storage. I also failed to realize I couldn't transfer 120 skills to another char unless they had used the same 120 scrolls. I fail.

    As suggested by Farsight in a different thread, I"m going to use the following template:

    120 Fencing
    120 parry
    120 bushido
    100 tactics
    100 necro
    60 chivalry

    and SoulStone GM Anat/Spirit Speak/Resist as needed. I think I'm going to miss being able to cross heal....but I really want to be able to do stuff even when other people aren't around to cross heal with me.
  6. Stone tactics and anat from char 3 onto char 4. That'll take care of those and you won't have to lower your 120 skills. Then move Parry from 3 to 4 and work up to 120. That'll just leave Necro and Bushido to work up and the 65 Chiv to drop down to 60. Some go with Necro at 99 and Chiv at 61 though, but that's up to you.
  7. SntaCruz83

    SntaCruz83 Guest

    Yeah...i read some people doing that with 61/99....what's the purpose?
  8. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    ... if you want to save a few million on powerscrolls, can take 115 Bushido/Parry and 70 Chiv.
    Can't rez with 60 chiv, and EoO will fail a lot.
  9. SntaCruz83

    SntaCruz83 Guest

    I've just about finished the conversion. Bushido is taking it's sweet time. After reading some of the threads on here I'm realizing that just because i have the template done....and even after I get my needed gear (which I still don't know where to start on that)....it's still going to take some practice to become efficient with my character. Not having healing is rather odd for me but I'm ready to try something new i guess.

    Anatomy: 100 (on a Soulstone)
    Bushido: 113.6 and stuck...also can't find a 120 scroll.
    Chivalry: 60
    Fencing: 120
    Mediation: 6.4 (trying to move it to Bushido)
    Necro: 100
    Parry: 120 (holy crap sheep are the bomb-diggity)
    Spirit Speak: 100
    Tactics: 100

    Nothing but LRC suits.

    I've got a legendary imbuer but is still in human form and doesn't have access to the queen's soulforge yet.

    Is there an ideal weapon/armor set that can be found/purchased or is it generally best to do custom made stuff instead of relying on arties?
  10. You're going to want to use a leafblade as your primary wep. For armor, there really isn't anything other than the assassin suit, but it's extremely hard to find a complete set. Most just go with Fey Leggings and Heart of the Lion to start with and work from there with crafted stuff. Mace & Shield glasses for head if you can find or have a pair. Crafted gear for the rest.
  11. jcambrosia

    jcambrosia Guest

    it is workable ? there is no skill focus on your template?!
  12. SntaCruz83

    SntaCruz83 Guest

    I believe the use of bushido and items makes the need for focus on this template obsolete. I can't seem to find the advantage of 120 bushido over 100 anywhere though. :/
  13. 120 Bushido gives you a 20% chance at a critical strike, with there being only a 13% chance at GM. It also increases your parry chance with a weapon, along with only requiring 9 hits in a row to reach perfection instead of 10. You also get a larger amount of HP's, stam, and mana back when killing an honored opponent.
  14. SntaCruz83

    SntaCruz83 Guest

    tyvm...how do people figure these things out? My searching skillz fail. I thought i checked stratics properly and uoguide. In any case...thank you!
  15. Well, I guess it does help that I'm the one that wrote the Bushido page on the main Stratics site....
  16. SntaCruz83

    SntaCruz83 Guest

    I don't really want to start a new thread all about myself and I dont want to hijack someone else's thread so I'll continue my requests for assistance here. Hope that's okay. I still don't have any kind of suit together for my character in terms of mods.

    I've got 70/75 accross the board for resists when in vampire form so that's good but that includes rings/bracelets and these are the only mods i have (not including weapons):

    14 Stamina Increase
    7 Hit Point Increase
    Night Sight
    1 Mana Regen
    19 dci

    Up until about 20 minutes ago I was using a kryss that had okay mana leech and stamina leech, but it was just not doing enough damage to really leech a helpful amount. Well, at least not until my honored hits hit perfection. I finally bought a bronze runic and pressed my luck with leafblades...two blades in particular were worth using i think:

    HML: 49%
    HSL: 28%
    SSI: 20%
    DI: 40%

    HML: 52%
    HSL: 46%
    HCI: 13%
    DI: 40%
    Fire Damage = 60% // Cold Damage = 20% // Poison Damage = 20%

    I tried them both out and first off...what an effing difference the leafblade makes over the kryss! Finally able to leech in a manner that doesn't require me to chug a pot because ofa rotting corpse.

    Is there something better out there (artifact-wise or whatever) i should hope to get in the not too distant future for a fencer?

    Can I imbue either of these weapons without dropping the current percentages listed? I tried on the kryss and kinda messed it up. Although I was upset at first...having now found the leafblade...it was a blessing in disguise.
  17. The first one is the one I'd suggest you go with. You can raise the SL and SSI with imbuing easily. The HML will drop a little, but not enough that you'd notice a big difference with it. The leafblade is definitely the wep to go with for a fencer.

    As far as your suit, you need more DCI. You should try to get as close to 45 as possible. More SI would be good too. I don't see where you've listed your DI, but you want that as close to 100% as you can get it.
  18. SntaCruz83

    SntaCruz83 Guest

    wow...thanks for the prompt reply! Any suggestions as to what the final percentage for SL and SSI should be on the first one with imbuing? I tried using a calculator i found when i searched imbuing calculator but it doesn't automatically adjust other mods when you add to another so I'm still a little clueless when it comes to imbuing...even though i have a 120 imbuer... *sigh* After having such an issue with leeching using a kryss, i'm a little scared to drop the mana leech any...but I'm sure you know better than me. :)

    My suit...yeah...I'm so frustrated with trying to make/find one. When you say I should be trying to get Damage Increase up to 100%...does that include the weapon's 40% or should the damage increase come from the suit alone?
  19. I believe you can take HSL up to 50%. Mana leech amount depends on how much SSI you have and the weps base speed, so I can't say for sure what it would be. Best thing to do is just put the extra SSI on then see how high it will let you raise the HML to.

    The 100% would include the total on the weapon also, yes.
  20. SntaCruz83

    SntaCruz83 Guest

    is there a trick to imbuing those numbers? I thought I tried to imbue SS onto a weapon with high ml and it dropped the ml. Does it just require extra imbuing to make it stick?

    Edit: Okay...so in looking at that chart I realize that it was probably greater affected by the fact that it probably dropped the ML more because I was using a kryss (slightly faster weapon)....but even then...the kryss was originally 50% Stamina Leech and 48% mana leech....but when i added SSI to 20% it dropped the mana leech to 37%....which doesn't match the chart for a 2s weapon.
  21. SntaCruz83

    SntaCruz83 Guest

    I decided to go for it and imbue 30 ssi to the weapon...dropped the hml to 44%...so...can i try and reimbue it back up to 50 or will that drop my newly improved ssi?
  22. SntaCruz83

    SntaCruz83 Guest

    on second thought...maybe i should try and add hit chance increase...i only have 26% and I can't put up a fight against Swoop. Maybe my tactics are wrong? First thing I do is honor, then EoO, then Confidence, then attack with lightning strike on every hit and bring in concecrate weapon when mana is at a reasonable level.

    I have 70/70/70/70/75
    HCI: 26%
    DCI: 71%
    DI: 69%
    SI: 8
    Quiver of Infinity -- not exactly sure if that helps or not.

    SSI: 30%
    HSL: 50%
    HML: 44%
    DI: 40%
  23. No, it won't drop the SSI.