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Convesions of a mage Chapter 2(after the escape)

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Fig_The_Ancient, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Fig_The_Ancient

    Fig_The_Ancient Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Apr 16, 2011
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    The doors slammed behind Inez, and she flipped around in fear.

    "Relax, barkeep, this is your new home. Do not be frightend by what you hear.", the hooded man said, as he gestured toward the line of cat statues leading into the main hall. "Many things here are....interesting."

    The hooded man pointed to a painting on the wall, near where they first entered. It was a portrait of the moon waning, with a howling wolf under it. He touched the center of the portrait and Inez could actually hear the wolf howling at the moon.

    In the background Inez could hear two voices in dispute. She stood frozen, inside the doors, transfixed by the exchange.

    "Look, while I am making these explosion potions for the Master, you cannot keep unraveling everthing that enters this keep. I am at a critical phase...No! What are you doing you stupid gargoy..".BOOM!

    The young womans voice was cut short by a large explosion which rocked the keep, shaking the ground underneath Inez's feet.

    A young woman covered in ash came running from the main hall towards them, coughing and choaking.

    She stopped short as she noticed the two in the hall. She walked up brushing the ash from her body.

    "Problems, Concubine?", the hooded man asked, trying to stifle a snicker.

    "I told the master we shouldn't have put the soulforge so close to the potion kegs. And that gargoyle is stubborn and refuses to stop while I am..Never mind that. You're late." She said sternly, as she continued to brush the remaining ash out of her singed hair. "We have been expecting you for the last two days. I see the barkeep got my shirt."

    "Yeah, very subtle. But it worked. It caught my eye at the inn." the hooded man said. "But Imez isn't the only person wearing your clothes. Took me a couple days to figure it out."

    Concubine motioned toward the stairs. "He has been up there since he got back from Britain. Something has him vexxed. I have never seen him like this. He has the whole keep on full alert. The wench and I have been working through the night on weapons, potions, and heavy ammo for the boat cannons. Stay out of the northeast section. That new necromancer has been training down there and there is no telling what you might find on the stairs."

    As they entered the welcome hall of the keep, Inex's eyes adjusted to the light enough to look around the place. Everywhere she looked there were remants of past conflicts from ancient times. Some items she glanced at seemed both rare and beautiful, while other things seems old and weather beaten, but radiating with power.

    Inez turned her attention to the two blue crystal pillars with a chair of bone between them at the base of the stairs. A solotary figure sat there webs attached to his body and the chair, as if he had been sitting in that very chair for centuries.

    The man spoke as Inez approached. "My lord, you have a visitor, the mighty Inez is awaiting your presence." His voice reverberated throughout the keep causing Inez to wince a little at the loudnes of it.

    Concubine smiled. "Dont worry it is a magic door. It will only allow the invited to pass. Come." Concubine said, and walked right through the man in the chair, as if he were smoke. The hooded man followed Concubine through the strange man in the chair. Inez clenched her teeth and walked through onto the stairs leading up to the second floor. The stairs came up into what looked like a large dining hall with an exit to the east and west. In the south eastern corner of the dining hall there was a large forge with a female, winged, red gargoyle dressed in black robes working over it. Along the southern wall behind were backpacks, kegs and weapons stacked up as if in preperation for a large army. everyonece in a while a bright flash from the forge blinded Inez as she entered the dining room.

    "He is in the judgement hall on the roof. I have to return to my work." Concubine said. She motioned towards the gargoyle, "Wench is running out of thigs to imbibe and I aint gonna be mixing potions while she is at it. So its back to the forge for me."

    She bowed and turned from the pair, muttering something about the dangers of mixing magics and the explosive results.

    The hooded man led Inez our the east exit of the keep to the battlements of the keep. Inez looked out ont the mountins towering above her, marveling at the view. The keep seemed to occupy the choke point of the entire valley.

    The hooded man gestered to a latter leading up to the highest point in the keep. Inez approached cautionsly. The hooded man sensed her fear and said. "Do not fear. He would not have choosen you for death. If that were so you would already be dead. I warn you he is not what you would expect." The words of the hooded man did not comfort Inez began to climb the ladder.

    As she reached the top of the keep her ears detected the faint sound of a flute being played. The notes were calming and had a strange effect upon her. She reached the top and found herself in a large square filled with chairs and benches on all sides except the west side. The very center of the square say a single table with three chairs behind it. The west side was lit by the same type of large blue crystal structures as the first floor Crystal pillars which guarded the entrance, The Crystals raidiated light along the entire west side of the square. At the center of the west side, between two bronze statues with their arms streached forward, was a crystal throne.

    Upon the throne was a man, dressed all in white, quietly playing the flute she was hearing. An order shield sat leaning against one of the statues. It shined with the same old magic she had seen in the other items displayed through the keep. A number of books stood stacked nearby. The tune the man played was even more haunting as she approached the center of the great hall.

    Inez got as far as the center table and the man suddenly stopped and looked up. Inez was able to see the man more clearly now. He was bore a long beard, faded in color, and what appeared to be some kind of circlet about his head, which was void of hair.

    Inez stood still at the center table in awe of the person before her, still transfixed by the song in her ears. The man slowly rose and approaced her, past a pedistal, a few steps in front of the throne, with what appeared to be a magic book in front of the throne. The book seemed to throb with a power not seen in this world since the second age.

    Inez began to panic, as the man approached her, tucking the flute into his belt, realizing the song he had played had done more than just please her ears. She realized with fear that she could no longer move or utter a sound.

    The man walked close to her and looked her up and down, while he stroked his beard. Her discomfort was discernable, as he walked around her looking at her intently. He appeared to have finished his survey and went back to sit on the crystal throne.

    With relief, Inez felt her muscles relax and the sound come back to her voice. She was able to speak once again.

    "You are a bard?" were the first words she managed to speak.

    "Let's just say I am ALSO a bard. But, a very good one.", the old man replied, and smiled. "Do you know who I am?"

    'You are the master of this keep, and that is all I need to know. I am a barkeep and only subject to rumors and idle gossip, I would not presume to know you, M'Lord." Inez replied, fearfully.

    "It is probably better that you not know. For now, you may call me Fig. That is enough. Your primary duties will be to sell food and drink to the various guests, that will be coming through the keep. I assume you know how to do these things?", Fig said, piecering her with his eyes.

    Inez nodded, again unable to speak.

    "For this service, you will be granted a bed, food, drink, and free access to Castle Fig and it's staff, who if I might add, are the best in the land. You make ask what you will of those that reside here, and have a safe home for the rest of your life, unless such time as you decide you need to leave. We all must follow our own path. I only expect your silence, in whatever you witness within these walls. Is this acceptable to you?"

    "My lord, I would be honored to serve you. I have no ties to the past to keep me from service. I have no place to go and I accept your offer. Your secrets I will keep." Inez replied, knowing in her heart she was safe and secure, something she had not had in her life.

    "Do you swear to me this promise whatever you see?" he asked.

    Yes, M,lord.", She replied.

    The man before her began to shimmer and his form became clouded. She heard the man's words "Vas Ylem Rel". Inez's sight cleared to see a large red demon in front of her. Fig's voice boomed from the demon's mouth. "Are you sure you can keep this vow?"

    Fearing for her life, Inez bowed to one knee and replied "I so do swear, M'lord."

    A flash of light and she was once again in front of the old man on the throne.

    "Good then, it is done. We will talk more, after you are settled. You will be bunking with Concubine. She is the keep crafter and can make you anything you need. Just tell her your needs and she will provide.", Fig said. "Send the one who brought you here to me, when you see him againm would you?"

    Fig's polietness disarmed and comforted her as she turned around to return to the main keep. As she reached the lower level the hooded man was waiting for her. Still in awe, the only words she could say to the hooded man was "He wants you, now." she walked slowly to the dining hall leaving the hooded man alone with his thoughts.


    As Inez dissapeaed into the dining hall, the hooded man began his ascent to the top of the keep. He knew, as he climbed that he would not have been called back had it not been urgent. He ascended to the top of the square to find Fig pacing back and forth, and circling the central pedistal in anger.

    As he reached the center of the great hall, where the table of defense stood, he could hear Fig muttering to himself angerily. "Fools! They will bring us to the edge of distruction faster then they know! And they can't see it!".

    He stopped on his tracks as soon as he became aware of the hooded mans presence. The hooded man steped forward kneeled and said, "We have always been here."

    "We are long past formalities in these times, my child." Fig said, as he lifted the hooded man to his feet. "Tell me what you have found. These are troubling times. I hope you bring good news. Let us go to the dining hall for you must be weary from your travels."

    "Aye, I require information, as well, M'lord." replied the hooded man.

    Fig headed towards the ladder leading down.

    "First, food and drink. You have travels far." Fig said as he climbed down the ladder. waving his hand in the air. The hooded man grunted, frustrated with Fig's apparent lack of concern.

    He followed Fig down the ladder and into the dining hall. They took seats around the table and a grand feast was laid before them. The hooded man looked up to notice that Inez was serving them the feast. She gave him a knowing wink, as she silently added more food to the table.

    The hooded man ate slowly waiting for the bomb to fall, but Fig seemed unwilling to discuss the news of late. He ate and drank happily and and joked with the other members of the keep. It was only after the meal was over and all had had their fill and left for the night, that the hooded man turned to Fig.

    "M'lord, you summoned me. What is thy bidding? You have had me stationed on that fishing boat for all these months? I don't mean to question but I think I deserve some answers.", he said.

    Fig grabbed his glass, and poured himself another glass. He took a long drink, and stared long and hard at the hooded man. He set down the goblen and said, "You have been at sea for a long time, so you might not know what has transpired. New Maginica has attempted to suceed from Britainnia. Multible deaths have ben confirmed on the island. The appointed guards have been found dead."

    "M'lord, I can also confrim a new power rising in New Maginica. Their leader is Valek. He has established a beachhead on New Maginica. They say he is very persuasive, and runs his smuggling ring under the guise of the new company." the hooded man replied.

    "He is also running for the High Council." the old man said, with a stern look on his face.

    "M'Lord, if he gains a seat on the council, wont he then be able to cover his piracy operations? Not to mention he is their spoken leader as it is?" the hooded man replied.

    Fig stood up and erupted at this. "DONT YOU THINK I KNOW THIS? WHO ARE YOU TO QUESTION ME, CHILD OF FIG?" The old man shouted as he cleared the table with one swing of his arm. The dishes scattered down the stairs where Inez was sitting waiting to clean.

    The hooded man stood up from the table immediately, and kneeled at the feet of the old man. "Forgive me for the questions, M'Lord. I do not presume to know mind of Fig. What is your wish?", the hooded man said.

    Fig regained his composure in seconds and raised the hooded man to his feet. They both laughed and filled thier glassed again and hugged. When they finished they sat and filled their glasses again.

    "Okay, my son, here is what I want you to do.", Fig said, filling his glass. "Infiltrate New Maginica, and try to recruit soneone close to Valek. I warn you there is to be no killing, or you will answer to me. Do you understand?"

    "Understanding is not required of a child of Fig...only obedience, M'Lord." the hooded mad said.

    "I will send the fleet to the easter edge of New Maginica. But I want the fishing boat to dock there as your base of operations between there and the sea market. You will command that fishing boat since you already have experience with these Mags. I will check in daily as I get more information." Fig said. "I offer you this special sword for you to use to....'presuade' someone close to the leadership of Maginica to assist us to stop the ultimate evil."

    "It shall be done, Lord Fig." the hooded man said.

    "Remember, my child, Whoever you recruit make sure they are protected. No deaths, understood?" Fig said.

    "So be it my lord." the hooded Man replied.

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    P,S, Forgive the typos I was under the gun
  2. SuperKen

    SuperKen Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 22, 2008
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    The plot thickens!
  3. Green and glowing in the light of the smith, she had handed it back to him. It's purpose fulfilled, the message was a polite thank you for its use. Words spoken in untrusting waters are those with a thinly veiled message. Whispered half truths and covered instincts all in the name of what is best.

    "I do not ask your forgiveness as I know you cannot give it. I simply want you to understand."

    "Do you have any idea... what of the homes and the people still burning inside as the walls caved in around them?"

    She watched as he closed his eyes. "I still hear them My Lady."

    Lynne heard them too. In her nightmares, in her dreams, and sometimes even when she was wide awake. Answers were hard to come by and cryptic at best. But they were her best course of action when it came to defending what was theirs.

    - - - - - - -

    The next morning with Lord Fig's words still echoing in her mind.. the line between cryptic and fulfilled, between solid and weak.. between her past and her present .. had blurred.
  4. Amber Witch

    Amber Witch Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Gilfane

    Sep 18, 2008
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    Load dammit! Load!!

    *mumbles curses to self about how slow connections are from half way around the world*

    Nice writing Fig!

    Now hurry up!
  5. SuperKen

    SuperKen Slightly Crazed
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    May 22, 2008
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    *points and laughs*

    My connection works fine. Maybe you just suck.
  6. RawHeadRex

    RawHeadRex Slightly Crazed
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    Jan 6, 2010
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    i'm scared of the hooded man ... somebody hold me
  7. Amber Witch

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    Sep 18, 2008
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    Well that we all know but I think this Huawei sucketh too!

    And besides... you're way over there ----->