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EM Event [Council Du Roi] 27th April 2014 @ 8pm GMT

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by EM Gotan, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. EM Gotan

    EM Gotan UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator

    Nov 7, 2013
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    - Awaiting Fiction from approaching events, both plot and player related; Expect the new Governor of Jhelom to appear, as selected by public demand. Gather in the Castle as always -
  2. Aurelius

    Aurelius Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 26, 2004
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    Long and rather difficult to follow at times, but here's the log from last night's council, with a few spelling corrections...

    Things began before the actual meeting, with an appearance by Bladderstick and some of his 'followers' who attacked people in Britain... where we saw and heard this, and a few people fought off the attack whilst the council meeting was starting in the castle...

    <28825808>Bladderstick: Death to the false king and his comedy hating companions! Give me my book back!
    You see: Bladderstick's Bovva Boy (Guardian)
    You see: Bladderstick's Bovva Boy (Guardian)

    so back in the castle...

    King Blackthorn: Good evening all
    Aryala: Good evening, your majesty. And to all of you as well.
    Vincent Vega: WHY R u not out defending ur town!
    Aurelius: Evening
    King Blackthorn: Our town? What is happening?!
    Vincent Vega: It's under attack!
    Vincent Vega: The army of yew has defended it for now!
    Anna Goodward: *Murmurs* Prolly rathah plottin' how ta enslave em towns
    Anna Goodward: *Fake coughs*
    Sioned: Blackthorn! Some Guards you got! They just stand outside by the bridge and pick their noses
    King Blackthorn: *reaches under the desk*
    Sioned: and scratch their ars-bums!
    King Blackthorn: I think we can do without that for now, can everyone hear this scandalous news?
    Sioned: What news?
    Sioned: *Looks curious*
    Vincent Vega: 1 more enemy outside!
    King Blackthorn: Apparently we are under attack?!
    Sioned: Well yeah and your guards do nothin'!
    Sioned: *Nods*
    Sioned: Do we get tipped for spillin' the beans about that?
    Sioned: *Looks curious*
    Aryala: A recurring theme with the royal staff.
    Aurelius: I am reliably told yet more of the things have appeared too
    Aurelius: as did their master, Bladderstick...
    King Blackthorn: Well when you're as powerful as me, you dont need efficient guards
    Anna Goodward: .......
    Sioned: Well to his defence, he did say that the King attacked his city..
    King Blackthorn: But Aurelius, you say that criminal Bladderstick is behind this again?
    Aurelius: Yes ...
    Aurelius: that is exactly what I just said ...
    Aurelius: He managed to sneak in to this city, and bring in these ... creatures ...
    Aurelius: whilst our 'powerful' king sat on his powerful backside.... again ...
    Aryala: And are you not glad, Aurelius, that our trusted spymaster gave you ample warning beforehand?
    King Blackthorn: I think Aurelius you need a display of my power!
    Sioned: Kick the teeth in then!
    Sioned: *Nods*
    King Blackthorn: COME ALL
    King Blackthorn: Let us show this unfunny fellow the power of the King!
    Anna Goodward: Guh

    so we set off following the King to the battle... except he sort of went the wrong way out of the castle....

    Drake Ironheart: SIRE!
    King Blackthorn: Aye?
    Sioned: Crap! Are we lost?!
    Aryala: Lost in your own castle, your majesty?
    Sioned: Well duh!
    Aurelius: Following Blackthorn usually gets that result.
    Drake Ironheart: Our Governors have been expoed to danger!!
    Drake Ironheart: Bladderstick has attacked us!!
    Drake Ironheart: He has sent his Minion
    Sioned: Hunneh! That crown must be too tight, it was outside across the bridge...
    Anna Goodward: *Sniggers*

    finally finding the way to the town, we noticed an unfortunate corpse along the way

    King Blackthorn: Marius! Alas, poor Marius!

    And then met the actual fighting

    Dawg: look like dopplegangers u know about those lol
    King Blackthorn: Dawg!
    Sioned: Wha' a guy... wha' a guy...
    King Blackthorn: Report Sire
    Dawg: aye
    Marius Dubois: yay stupid man ...
    King Blackthorn: What have ye seen?
    Sioned: *Takes bandana off and lowers head*
    Dawg: attack from bladder
    King Blackthorn: Lead on Dawg!
    Vincent Vega: we under attack!
    Vincent Vega: all men to war!
    Dawg: he was outside near bridge
    Dawg: has hiding
    Vincent Vega: and ladies ofcourse!
    SlapShot: *readies bow*
    Sioned: We goin' sightseein' with the King?
    King Blackthorn: Let us make sure he stays outside!
    Sioned: *blinks*
    Sioned: man, wait to I tell that back home!
    Anna Goodward: Hmm
    Marius Dubois: he may save on guards
    King Blackthorn: This is the last of them?
    Vincent Vega: been loads!
    Dawg: bladder was hidden here near me
    Sioned: Outrageous! Doing nothing to protect the King.. Outrageous!
    Sioned: Shame on you all!

    King Blackthorn: Fortunately my brave people were here to hold off the attack
    Drake Ironheart: Dear Sire, i saw Bladder hiding under the stone
    Dawg: how they get past guards
    Marius Dubois: hmm
    Sioned: errr..

    I learned that apparently I'm meant to have some sort of army ....

    King Blackthorn: I don't know, Aurelius commands the troops beyond this Bridge...
    Aurelius: News to me!

    Drake Ironheart: You men did nothing to defend our people
    Anna Goodward: Funneh enough he doesn' get attacked himself
    Anna Goodward: Vereeeh suspicious
    Marius Dubois: the guards are not keen to do their jobs
    King Blackthorn: *casts a spell of Far Sight*
    King Blackthorn: *peers into the distance*
    King Blackthorn: I can sense no more invaders, I think ye can safely stow thy dragons
    Vincent Vega: I think the king has hidden monsters in hes castle!
    Sioned: Well he did, send folks to his citeh didn't he?
    Aurelius: Britain has no guards, or troops, other than yours ...
    Aryala: At least one.
    King Blackthorn: Come into the throne room when done, and let us discuss these strange events
    Sioned: forged crimes.. tellin' you.. forge crimes and that.. man downstairs..
    Drake Ironheart: Aye!
    Vincent Vega: Yew will support you Aurelious!
    Drake Ironheart: So will Jhelom
    King Blackthorn: *pauses at hearing strange words*
    Aurelius: Thank you Vincent.
    King Blackthorn: Ladies...?
    Sioned: Loveleh weather..
    King Blackthorn: *raises eyebrow*
    Sioned: and such view you got from the castle..
    King Blackthorn: If ye'd come inside...?
    Aurelius: My only question is against who, though ...
    Sioned: Of course..
    Anna Goodward: Phew
    Anna Goodward: Damn
    Sioned: Close..

    So after it was clear the attack was over, we went back to the council room ...

    FrEDiEFiNGeRS: * slaps the king on his royal ass *
    King Blackthorn: Mr Fingers!
    King Blackthorn: Unhand the royal rump!

    EM tried using some communication crystals to sort out the problems with people being unable to hear - sort of works but we need to adjust where they are to be placed, since the first try meant everyone at the council table heard everything repeated five times.... :)

    <28825808>King Blackthorn: (ooc: Come to hall now, there'll be no more attacks)
    King Blackthorn: No then, before we discuss these strange events...
    King Blackthorn: The Royal Tinkers have been busy, but I'm not sure this will be kind to your ears
    King Blackthorn: *reaches under table*
    King Blackthorn: What do people think of this, now?
    Anna Goodward: Oh, speakers
    King Blackthorn: Everyone can hear, but it grates on the ears does it not?
    Drake Ironheart: Aye sire, good choice to improve the acustics
    Aurelius: We need to maybe work on their spacing
    Dawg: spam lol
    Vincent Vega: Yes I can hear
    Internecine: you'll have to speak up on account of your speakers making me deaf
    King Blackthorn: they may need clever placing so as not to overlap
    King Blackthorn: *reaches back under the table*

    King Blackthorn: For now you can all hear, aye?
    Dawg: aye
    Drake Ironheart: *nods*
    Sioned: Aye, aye.. loud and clear!
    King Blackthorn: Very well then!
    King Blackthorn: Let us see, I know you are very busy, so ... to Business!
    King Blackthorn: Let us go from left to right today; Vincent Vega of Yew, please speak
    Sioned: *Looks curious at Marius' hat, before looking back at the table*
    Vincent Vega: Greeting My lord
    Vincent Vega: I keep on defending Yew from the orcs who raided the town a month ago
    Vincent Vega: I am getting up with a battle plan wich i will hand u with in a week or so
    King Blackthorn: These orcs cannot be reasoned with?
    Sioned: *Blinks*
    Dawg: *wonders if bladderboy is in here*
    Vincent Vega: They seems very angry and strong! i wouldent dare try
    Sioned: You can't reason with Orcs..
    Vincent Vega: unless u have any good ideas how to reason with green orcs?
    Dawg: food
    Anna Goodward: *Sniggers*
    Corint'r: seeing as the governor of Skara Brae is not here, my presence serves no purpose
    King Blackthorn: If ye do not believe ye can, I will trust your word, and provide the Kingdom's support
    Vincent Vega: Part from the orc problem in yew! Yew will assist my follow governor in britt if he needs my hel
    Vincent Vega: I think we need to strike at them with in a near future
    Vincent Vega: i do my best to have a good plan ready for it my king
    King Blackthorn: *nods*
    Vincent Vega: And like i said IF my fellow governor Aurelious need my hand
    Vincent Vega: I am glad to offer any aid i can
    Aurelius: Thank you Vincent ...
    Vincent Vega: your welcome Aurelious
    King Blackthorn: There has been enough conflict recently, we must bring peace back to the lands; if ye need us in Yew, we shall be there too!
    Vincent Vega: Thank you my my king
    Vincent Vega: *smile*
    King Blackthorn: And now, M'Lady Anna?
    Anna Goodward: Oh luckeh meh *Chuckles*
    Anna Goodward: Well, good evenign everyone
    Vincent Vega: Hello
    Sioned: *Smiles and looks at Anna*
    Aurelius: Good evening
    Drake Ironheart: Hello
    King Blackthorn: I believe from your whisperings outside you have plenty to say?
    Dawg: lol
    Anna Goodward: Uhm.. Ah kinda got ta apologize for the outragous delays with tha olympics but things are still in the planning. Final stages though
    Anna Goodward: *Blink!*
    Anna Goodward: Uhm...
    Anna Goodward: Playing mouse sire?
    Sioned: *Blinks and looks from Blackthorn to Anna*
    You see: Palin Whiteblade Knight of Skara Brae
    King Blackthorn: Sheri and I often have many fine games together, tis true
    You see: Palin Whiteblade Knight of Skara Brae
    Anna Goodward: *Chuckles*
    King Blackthorn: But we both look forward to your eventual Olympics!
    Sioned: Ha! Palin you slacker! Youre late!
    Palin Whiteblade: *yawns*
    Sioned: *Sniggers*
    Anna Goodward: Well, yea. We had plenty issue ta come around
    Palin Whiteblade: *tucks shield away*
    King Blackthorn: Ahh Palin
    Anna Goodward: But things are on et's way. Ah shall pass tha schedule on as soon as things are ready ta talk abouts
    Palin Whiteblade: I didn't realize there was a meetin'
    King Blackthorn: One of your people just left alarmed
    King Blackthorn: Tut tut
    King Blackthorn: And your fellow Governors were fighting outside my castle
    Palin Whiteblade: Awesome!!
    Anna Goodward: *Frowns*
    Aurelius: To be rather more clear ..
    Aurelius: we were fighting creatures that seem to have been sent by Bladderstick
    King Blackthorn: Indeed, a most alarming occurance
    Dawg: aye bladderboy
    King Blackthorn: But for now, Anna speaks on behalf of Vesper still?
    Anna Goodward: *mumbles* Yea, why am...
    Anna Goodward: huh?!
    King Blackthorn: *raises eyebrow*
    Anna Goodward: Oh, yes
    Anna Goodward: Well, Ah think Ah got mah part covered for now
    Drake Ironheart: *stretches legs*
    Palin Whiteblade: The town criers aren't doin' their jobs ye know, they should say when there is a council meetin'
    Palin Whiteblade: *smirks*
    King Blackthorn: I shall speak with the Royal Whisperer later
    King Blackthorn: Lady Aryala?
    Sioned: *Looks at the Gargoyls wings*
    Sioned: *Hesitates a little, before attempting to prod it very discret and gentle*
    Aryala: Is Palin not speaking other than complaining about the town criers?
    Anna Goodward: Sire, Ah think Palin.. oh nevah mind
    Anna Goodward: *sinks down in her seat*
    Sioned: *Looks at Marius*
    Aryala: *looks along the table*
    Sioned: lethery..
    Sioned: *Motions to the wing..*
    King Blackthorn: Lady Aryala, ye want to speak for your town?
    King Blackthorn: (oh dear that's not a good colour at all)
    Aryala: Of course, I just thought Palin would go first. Anyway...
    King Blackthorn: Ahh
    King Blackthorn: He has chosen a different seat... we can forgive this
    King Blackthorn: Palin, please speak then
    Palin Whiteblade: *blinks*
    Palin Whiteblade: Well! I got a threat a few days ago..
    King Blackthorn: Oh!
    Sioned: *Blinks*
    Palin Whiteblade: Someone' tellin' me they want a ransom or they are going to blow up my tavern!
    Drake Ironheart: *raises eyebrow*
    King Blackthorn: *gasps*
    Palin Whiteblade: And we had to disarm several explosives!
    Palin Whiteblade: *nods*
    King Blackthorn: We cannot abide lawlessness in this Kingdom!
    Aryala: Yes, that would lead to chaos.
    Marius Dubois: *coughs .. bullCoughs*
    King Blackthorn: *shakes head sadly*
    Sioned: *Looks back at Marius and giggles*
    King Blackthorn: Lady Aryala, if only ye could finally understand... Chaos is not the lack of law, but the law by which all freedoms are nurtured
    Sioned: *Clears her throat*
    King Blackthorn: Does not the rock find freedom through the law of gravity?
    Anna Goodward: *Glances back at Sioned for a moment*
    Palin Whiteblade: I will send you all the details however
    King Blackthorn: But this should perhaps wait for another time! *settles down again* I'm sorry Palin
    Palin Whiteblade: And perhaps we can take care of these threats.
    Sioned: Onleh a genious master chaos, right?
    Anna Goodward: *Giggle*
    King Blackthorn: Of course we shall do all we can to aid thee... do you have an idea of the date by which our aid should arrive?
    Aryala: Is that the tavern inside of Skara Brae or the one on the mainland?
    Palin Whiteblade: The one on the mainland..
    Sioned: Its the Marplehurst!
    Sioned: Or Marblehurst!
    Palin Whiteblade: Which is going through some changes..
    Sioned: *Nodnod*
    Aryala: *nods and takes a note*
    Sioned: *Blinks*
    Sioned: *Turns on her seat and speaks with a low voice*
    You see: book
    You see: a bulk order deed
    Sioned: I don't get it, Palin wanna put the building through some changes.. and then he complains about
    King Blackthorn: Ladies, please; eyes front when a Governor speaks
    Sioned: the git sending explosives.. Why not just tell the bugger to go ahead and save the money
    Sioned: on the tearing down walls?
    Palin Whiteblade: *blinks*
    Anna Goodward: *Narrows her eyes at Blackthorn and sinks back down in her seat*
    Sioned: *Shrugs and looks at Marius*
    Palin Whiteblade: One of the threats involved your tavern as well, but I shall speak to you about it..
    Palin Whiteblade: *looks back to Sioned*
    Sioned: *ahem*
    Sioned: *Turns around in her seat*
    Aryala: Are there any clues as to who is behind all this?
    Marius Dubois: *looks lost in a book scribbling*
    Palin Whiteblade: None at all but we had some problems with pirates not so long ago..
    Palin Whiteblade: They were intentionally blocking our ports
    Sioned: *Looks at Anna, then at Palin*
    King Blackthorn: No one has a freedom to destroy another, even under Chaos. This must be prevented!
    King Blackthorn: Palin, I look forward to your plan of action, as well as the problem of Orcs in Yew
    Anna Goodward: *Looks at Palin* Wasn' anyone we know, or?
    Sioned: *Blinks and looked surprised at Blackthorn and then shakes her head a bit*
    Palin Whiteblade: *nods*
    Palin Whiteblade: *looks to Anna and shrugs like he doesn't know*
    King Blackthorn: And now, if we could move on to Aryala, at last
    King Blackthorn: *shuffles papers*
    Aryala: Thank you, your majesty.
    Aryala: The city of Trinsic fares reasonably well. The efforts to set up a strong defense for the city
    Aryala: and for the south are continuing. As are the efforts to support New Magincia.
    Aryala: As a means for both ends we have ordered the construction of a large ship of the Britannian type.
    King Blackthorn: Interesting! Such behemoths are not common! What purpose does it have in thy plans?
    Aryala: We hope to use it to prepare for any attacks from Nujel'ms fleet and to reach New Magincia
    Aryala: with supplies. Despite the pirates that have been stalking earlier attempts.
    King Blackthorn: I must admit, the kingdom's coffers are not well stocked at present; will you purchase this boat from your own stores?
    Sioned: Errr don't the whole "No one has the freedom to destroy another" apply here?
    Palin Whiteblade: *leans head back in the chair and falls alseep (afk)*
    Sioned: *Blinks and looks over at Anna*
    Anna Goodward: *Glances over to Sio*
    Aryala: That was a point I meant to bring to your consideration. Such efforts caused the economy to
    Aryala: suffer. Support from the citizenry is dwindling.
    Sioned: *Crosses her legs and looks between them*
    Sioned: *appears deep in thought*
    Aryala: I am currently seeking ideas and support on how to finance such a project.
    King Blackthorn: Defending one's people's food from pirates is hardly the same as stealing the food from the mouths of others!
    King Blackthorn: Well, we can provide ye with labour, and wood, and guards for the journey perhaps... but sadly the Royal Navy needs an intense period of training, what with the
    Nujel'm question
    Aurelius: Hah.....
    Anna Goodward: *Sniggers*
    King Blackthorn: All our crew and boats need to focus upon that; I am afraid action at sea may divide our forces too much
    Aryala: Action at sea will be necessary though. Or how do you plan to supply New Magincia?
    Anna Goodward: *Fake coughs*
    King Blackthorn: We can perhaps guard the docks either end, or gather supplies on thy behalf
    Aurelius: 'actions at sea' have already happened, Aryala ....
    Aurelius: it's one of the tihngs I will be raising tonight...
    Drake Ironheart: Dear Sire, I can divert some ships from my city fleet in Aid....
    Aryala: *nods to Aurelius*
    King Blackthorn: Private fleets with private crew may be one way forward
    Aryala: pirate fleets? You would write a letter of Marque for us, your majesty?
    King Blackthorn: I value privacy not piracy; do what thy wilt in thy private rooms, as long as it hurts none!
    Aurelius: And Skaros gets to watch?
    King Blackthorn: Unless they like being hurt I suppose
    Aryala: *frowns*
    Anna Goodward: Tha Vespar Tradin' Companeh could aid with their fleet but tat wouldn' be a chariteh thing
    King Blackthorn: Really Aurelius, I am sure you know I only send Skaros out on matters of state, not lechery!
    King Blackthorn: *nods to Anna*
    Aurelius: So we are told.
    Aryala: New Magincia does not lie in my rooms though. A letter of marque would grant us legal support
    Aryala: from the crown.
    King Blackthorn: My people need no permission for acts of charity, but I cannot allow individuals to become their own private laws
    Aryala: Hm
    Aryala: Very well. On a related matter.. I am sure that you will approve of Trinsic seeking more
    Aryala: diplomatic contacts in the near future
    Aryala: We will of course keep you informed.
    King Blackthorn: Interesting! Do go on! I am glad to see one city that doesn't slaughter all it meets. Who are you contacting?
    Aryala: And that will be all for now.
    Palin Whiteblade: *wakes up*
    Aryala: For now, those that we hope to support us in our efforts.
    Palin Whiteblade: It better be a giant spider..
    King Blackthorn: *raises eyebrow again*
    Anna Goodward: *Blink*
    Palin Whiteblade: *blinks*
    King Blackthorn: Well, I trust ye Governor of Trinsic, so I await the results of your efforts with much pleasure!
    King Blackthorn: And now, the ever roguish Aurelius?
    Aryala: *nods with a slight smile*
    Palin Whiteblade: Errmm.. Was dreamin' about spiders..
    Aurelius: To start with the one pleasant duty tonight,
    Anna Goodward: Sleepehhead *Sniggers*
    Sioned: *Tilts her head and looks to Aurelius*
    Aurelius: I'd like to welcome Drake, as newly chosen governor for Jhelom
    Drake Ironheart: Thank you Aurelius
    Vincent Vega: Welcome Drake
    Drake Ironheart: *smiles*
    Aryala: Ah, indeed. Welcome.
    Aurelius: and let him know arriving to these meetings is uaually less directly hazardous than tonight was.
    Drake Ironheart: Glad to be here
    King Blackthorn: Indeed, it was an honor to appoint him, based upon a huge swell of support from the community
    Drake Ironheart: *smiles*
    Aurelius: Sadly, it seems he will not hear much good news this evening ...
    Drake Ironheart: *nods*
    King Blackthorn: *looks askance*
    King Blackthorn: Dare I ask, why such a serious comment?
    Aurelius: As some of you know, we planned an effort to send assistance to New Magincia..
    Aurelius: We prepared a well armed and crewed ship, stocked with supplies, which sailed out
    Aurelius: and has not been seen since.
    Aryala: *frowns*
    King Blackthorn: Alarming! How long ago was this?
    Sioned: *Makes shifty eyes*
    Drake Ironheart: *looks alarmed*
    Aurelius: I am trying to arrange some mor expeditions to try find any trace of that vessel or the crew and cargo.
    Aurelius: The ship has been missing several days, but it was hard to know if she was simply delayed,
    Anna Goodward: *Glances back to Sio with a questioning look*
    Aurelius: as can happen to any ship... but after this long without word, something serious must have happened
    Sioned: *Makes shifty eyes again*
    Drake Ironheart: Good sailors, dont tend to get lost Sire...
    King Blackthorn: Do you have any idea where it was last seen?
    Anna Goodward: *Grins and rolls her eyes*
    Aurelius: Aragorn did send word he was certain it was pirates, or raiders, who were involved
    Aurelius: but I have had no word from him since, and it is worrying he could not be here tonight ...
    King Blackthorn: It seems with this Bladderstick confiscating boats, and our own preparations, the seas have become a deadly place indeed
    Aurelius: Well...
    Aurelius: frankly from what we have heard tonight...
    Aurelius: Yew is attacked, Skara has some lunatics planting bombs ..
    Aurelius: pirates attack relief ships, and Bladderstick's 'followers' attack this city..
    Sioned: *Crosses her legs*
    King Blackthorn: *sighs and walks to chaos flag*
    Sioned: *Looks over at Blackthorn*
    King Blackthorn: *taps flag*
    King Blackthorn: This is the constant struggle, my people
    King Blackthorn: Aurelius paints a terrible picture
    Aurelius: It's getting more of a struggle all the time ....
    Vincent Vega: *laughs*
    King Blackthorn: We must balance the needs of all
    King Blackthorn: See, each point spreads out, but is tied together in the middle
    Aurelius: Balance?
    King Blackthorn: We cannot allow one prong to prey upon another, for the greater freedom falls apart if so
    Sioned: *looks at Arelius*
    Aurelius: Magincia appealed for your aid weeks ago ...
    Aurelius: nothing happened.
    Aurelius: We try offer that aid ourselves, and find it's unsafe to even sail ...
    King Blackthorn: *sits down again*
    You see: King Blackthorn
    King Blackthorn: *looks at paperwork*
    Aurelius: Yew finds orcs attacking them, Palin finds bombs in his tavern
    Aurelius: and threats to Vesper too, apparently ...
    Anna Goodward: *Blinks*
    Aurelius: Bladderstick appears from nowhere, yet seems to have many followers already
    Vincent Vega: Maybe the king needs to sharpens hes troops all around the land!?
    Drake Ironheart: He tried to Kill me...
    King Blackthorn: There are always people who confuse freedom with violence
    Aurelius: many of whom, if you scout around Nujel'm. seem remarbably similar to the lawless mob
    Anna Goodward: *murmurs* Yea, mostleh known as royalists
    King Blackthorn: I shall have Bladderstick arrested for that attempt, and many others Drake, believe it
    Aurelius: who are STILL hiding in the cellars of this damn castle...
    Sioned: *Looks surprised at Aurelius and then at Anna*
    Drake Ironheart: *looks at the King*
    Anna Goodward: *Blinks at the mention of the cellar*
    King Blackthorn: Vincent, where troops are requested, and the cause is just, we will send them
    Sioned: Oh my Gawd!
    Anna Goodward: *Glances to Sio briefly*
    Aurelius: You saw the king's troops in 'action' just a few minutes ago Vincent..
    Sioned: Evil schemes! And the plot is thicknin'!
    Aurelius: they happily watched people fighting Bladdersticks creatures...
    Vincent Vega: They did nottin!
    Sioned: *Blinks and looks between Blackthorn and Aurelius*
    Vincent Vega: Agreed!
    Drake Ironheart: Agree!!!
    Aurelius: Yes. Strange, that ..... don't you think?
    Vincent Vega: Shame on this lazy troops you got my lord!
    Vincent Vega: Its WE the people who fight ur soliders war!
    King Blackthorn: With such stout and powerful people as thyselves, I fear no invaders. But Aurelius, you insisted upon defering to your orders when the Raven King arrived
    Vincent Vega: *shakes head*
    King Blackthorn: Would you have me send troops out into your city without notification?
    Aurelius: Still, apparently Skaros managed to find the 'secret' fleet of Nujel'm. so the seas should be safe..
    King Blackthorn: Skaros does fine work, aye
    King Blackthorn: We are honored to have his services
    Natasha Vale: hi
    Aurelius: or so I had hoped until what was said earlier about the 'Royal Navy' being .... effectively useless.
    Natasha Vale: *smile*
    King Blackthorn: Greetings Natasha
    Aurelius: just now ...
    Palin Whiteblade: *looks to Natasha*
    Sioned: *Picks up the book and looks at it*
    Vincent Vega: *thinks useless*
    Anna Goodward: *Blinks*
    Anna Goodward: *Turns to Nat* Ya know anothah?
    Aurelius: So... as king ..
    Vincent Vega: I agree with Aurelious!
    Aurelius: are you going to defend this kingdom and it's people, or do you expect us to do it?
    Natasha Vale: huh ?
    Anna Goodward: *Giggles*
    Sioned: *Looks at the book and burst out laughing, slaps a hand infront of her mouth*
    King Blackthorn: I understand your concerns, but as King I get so little in the way of income from taxation that the sort of fleet required is beyond me
    Aurelius: So, it's down to us then.
    Anna Goodward: *sinks back into her seat*
    King Blackthorn: For now. Let us talk of general defensive measures soon
    Sioned: *Whispers to Nat*
    Aryala: You have so much gold in your vaults that it started to get up and walk around, your majesty.
    Vincent Vega: Good question! Maybe i need to shop woods and start build defense in yew!
    King Blackthorn: We have one, and our newest Governor to speak yet!
    Aurelius: No, let's TAKE some defensive measures
    Sioned: Wanna hear a little joke?
    Sioned: *Whispers*
    Aurelius: while we are still able to ...
    Natasha Vale: okay..
    Natasha Vale: is it naughty ?
    Sioned: Why do milkin' stools onleh have three legs? Because the cows got the udder..
    King Blackthorn: Agreed Aurelius, but let us put it aside for now until we can bring in all the Governors
    Aurelius: And yet more delays are the response.....
    Natasha Vale: ...
    Aurelius: Hopeless.
    Aurelius: go ahead Drake, I can see I'll get nowhere again ...
    Sioned: *shakes her head*
    Aurelius: hopefully you have better luck than I.
    King Blackthorn: Nay, tis something we need an open floor for. Please be patient Sir Aurelius
    Drake Ironheart: *cleans guts and blood of the gear*
    Sioned: *Giggles*
    King Blackthorn: Sir Drake, if ye would?
    Drake Ironheart: Thanks for giving me the word
    Natasha Vale: *smile*
    Drake Ironheart: I'd like to start by saying, that It seems that my fellow Governors are in need of help...
    Drake Ironheart: I haven't been long enough or know enough about our political doings..
    Natasha Vale: *whispers to Sio*
    Drake Ironheart: But Sire as newly elected Governor, May I ask why you lack sensibility, when asked to defend?
    Sioned: *Looks over at Drake*
    Natasha Vale: is he allowed to talk to our lord like that ?
    Anna Goodward: *picks at her nails*
    King Blackthorn: *shakes head sadly*
    Drake Ironheart: I am willing to put our Royal Armies to train in the Pits
    Sioned: Mhmm... aslong as he aint the about to claim the crown as his own, then I guess it be awright.
    Sioned: *Mumbles to Nat*
    King Blackthorn: Drake, tis a difficult line to draw between respecting freedom, and you as Governor's role as free speaker for your peoples, and the fall into Tyranny
    Drake Ironheart: Sorry for my rudeness, but I bowed servitute to you, and dear Sire I lack to see drive as my King...
    King Blackthorn: I do have plans I wish to raise immediately after you speak
    Drake Ironheart: Can I ask for the Royal Army to start to be trained immediately at my city?
    Sioned: *Ahem*
    Sparrow: wish i did
    King Blackthorn: An intriguing idea Sir Drake. What would this training entail?
    Drake Ironheart: Well I yet to speak to the Head Guards of the City, But I shall be writting a training plan soon
    King Blackthorn: Perhaps these guards could be of help to the various turbulent governors later
    Drake Ironheart: And I shall be sending my finest messenger to deliver the details of instrucctios
    Drake Ironheart: Yeah, I rather see my city as a small place,
    Sioned: *rummages in her bag and takes a bite of an apple*
    Drake Ironheart: We cannot offer inmediate help
    Drake Ironheart: Or resources
    King Blackthorn: *rubs hands* Tis good to see a self reliant leader, the people were wise to reommend ye!
    Drake Ironheart: But In the long run I can train some army to defend ourselves
    Drake Ironheart: On another matter....
    King Blackthorn: Please do continue
    Drake Ironheart: I wish the Chaos Banner to be removed from my office....
    Sioned: *Blinks*
    Drake Ironheart: Although I respect and comprehend the Virtue..
    Drake Ironheart: I am not keen in its ways
    Sparrow: l
    Aryala: *chuckles lightheartedly*
    Drake Ironheart: I serve the light, not the darkness that Chaos beholds.
    Sioned: *Blinks*
    Natasha Vale: *gasp*
    King Blackthorn: But it is also my own personal banner; a symbol of loyalty to the King. Would ye insist it is moved if I personally ask that it stays?
    Sioned: Told..
    Anna Goodward: *Sniggers*
    Sioned: *Nods firmly*
    Drake Ironheart: Well a true leader listens to his fellow Generals or councellors, and aids in peace of mind...
    Drake Ironheart: But if you ask for it to be there
    Aurelius: Interesting test of the scope for individuality ....
    Sioned: *Makes a whipping sound*
    King Blackthorn: *looks deep in though*
    Drake Ironheart: I shall respect the matter
    King Blackthorn: Would ye settle for a curtain being draped over it, that ye could close when in thy office?
    Drake Ironheart: At the end you are my king and I vowed to serve you in Loyalty
    Drake Ironheart: Aye sir, that would help
    Anna Goodward: *Swallows a laugher*
    Sioned: It's just a banner!!
    Aryala: Cover up the ugly with flowers and drapes. Now that is a recurring theme, too.
    Sioned: *Pins the bridge on her nose*
    Sioned: Aint aint there somethin' about a thin line between chaos on order - You can't have order without
    Drake Ironheart: May I ask to be positioned behind the door
    Sioned: chaos!
    King Blackthorn: *fingers own crown*
    King Blackthorn: I am not sure I became King to be thy personal decorator
    Natasha Vale: *giggle*
    Drake Ironheart: No sire, never intended to say that
    Aurelius: Was there another reason?
    Aryala: I believe this is less about a banner, but more an expression of disappointment in the current
    Aryala: affairs.
    Drake Ironheart: Yeah why did you aspire to become King?
    King Blackthorn: I do not ask that all embrace my philosophy... but the King must remain the acknowledged head of his land
    King Blackthorn: For now then, I ask that ye leave it prominent
    Drake Ironheart: Aye Sire
    Sioned: If he gets the chaos banner removed, then we want the order banner removed!
    Sioned: Tell him Anna!
    Drake Ironheart: I shall assist my fellow Governors in any ways I can possible
    Sioned: *Folds arms and looks stubborn*
    King Blackthorn: In the meantime, feel free to state ye do not approve of the wider symbology
    Anna Goodward: *Chuckles*
    Anna Goodward: *Glaces back to Sio* We got an order banner an' didn' burn et yet?
    Drake Ironheart: Thats all for now sire, Just look after us, as we will look after you.
    Sioned: hey, im a good girl.. don't torch things..
    Sioned: *Makes shifty eyes*
    King Blackthorn: And I thank ye for your honesty, Sir Drake
    Anna Goodward: *Laughs*
    King Blackthorn: But ... I sense much unease in the council
    King Blackthorn: *stands up, looking serious*
    Anna Goodward: *Turns to watch the King*
    King Blackthorn: I must then ask you a most important question
    Sioned: *Quirks a brow and looks at Blackthorn*
    King Blackthorn: You have stated you feel the Kingdom does little for you
    King Blackthorn: This issue of the unsafe seas in particular...
    King Blackthorn: *rubs chin*
    Anna Goodward: *Arches a brow*
    King Blackthorn: I honestly stated my navy is seriously stretched as it currently is
    King Blackthorn: But there is an alternative.
    King Blackthorn: How would you feel about a new Ship Tax specifically to address the building of a fleet to tackle this problem?
    Anna Goodward: *Blink!*
    King Blackthorn: Without it, I cannot provide the forces required. Your people shall need to pay for security
    Aryala: Instead of supporting the effort that is already under way we are now meant to pay more
    Aryala: for another effort with no progress whatsoever?
    Aurelius: If we pay for it, we control it ....
    Drake Ironheart: Taxes are never good Moral boosters Sire...
    Sioned: Never!
    Sioned: Wise chap over there to the right!
    Sioned: *Points over*
    Aurelius: You, incidentally, just impounded the bloody fleet Nujel'm was building...
    Anna Goodward: Taxes mah shineh lil bum. Fleet uphold is expensive enough
    Anna Goodward: *Looks at Sioned*
    Sioned: It is!
    King Blackthorn: It will take a lot of tracing the original owner. We still owe Snox a ship. You wouldn't have me confiscate property then have it blown up by pirates?!
    Sioned: We got ****eloads in the drydocks!
    Sioned: *Looks at Anna and nods*
    Aurelius: You managed to fund this ridiculous folly we are in at the moment ...
    King Blackthorn: But dear Vesparians, will you let me have your ships to defend Britain?
    Aurelius: you wanted to fund an 'abbey of love' ...
    King Blackthorn: A common fund for a common good, surely you can all see this?
    Sioned: *Taps her nose*
    King Blackthorn: Love knows no boundaries
    Vincent Vega: My king! Yew can sponor wood for snox ship for free!
    Aurelius: yet when it involves a force of any type... suddenly we can pay for you to have it?
    Anna Goodward: *Blink blink*
    Drake Ironheart: What shall be of the fleet aftewards?
    King Blackthorn: Thank you Vincent; Yew will donate wood. What else will ye do?
    Anna Goodward: We're nay a chariteh companeh sire
    Vincent Vega: *gulp*
    Vincent Vega: I can offer my protection to anyone who needs
    King Blackthorn: Indeed, which is why I must raise the issue of taxes
    Sioned: Gwah!
    King Blackthorn: Charity it seems is not enough!
    King Blackthorn: We need a more organised communal effort
    Aurelius: How about we raise the things our cities need .....
    Sioned: Mmm, why not just attack the damned pirates and then get their ships dragged to the docks..
    Sioned: for a quick repair..
    King Blackthorn: *taps fingers on chair*
    Sioned: and voila.. free boat..
    Aurelius: I note that you seem less keen for there to be things you do not control though....
    Aurelius: as your response to Aryala made clear...
    King Blackthorn: I wish we could do that Sioned, but the ships I control are desperately needed to blockade Nujel'm
    Sioned: Mmm... We don't have aneh ships there..
    King Blackthorn: Or would you have Bladderstick free to keep coming here and causing trouble?
    Aurelius: He seems to be that already...
    Drake Ironheart: Well he did still
    Drake Ironheart: With your fleet in place...
    Drake Ironheart: Nearly Killed me
    Sioned: So we could attack the pirates and try and get their ships to the docks?
    Drake Ironheart: !
    King Blackthorn: *shakes head* Nay, our Navy is in training ready for this. So far, we only patrol the city where my Investigators can
    Drake Ironheart: Are you still in diplomatic talks with the Sultan?
    King Blackthorn: Sioned, you would offer Vespers ships?
    King Blackthorn: Drake, he has barricaded himself in his bedroom and refuses to talk further
    Sioned: Well, I got Scalis in the drydock - his a Britannian ship..
    Sioned: but the small orcs ships are much faster, and its much easier to get close to the pirate ships
    Sioned: I am sure, we can set sails now and then..
    Drake Ironheart: So you telling me YOU, the mighty warriors of Chaos, not be able to get him?
    Sioned: and take volenteers with us out attackin' them..
    Drake Ironheart: I though all them wars you fought, made you the inmense leader you are
    King Blackthorn: I assure you my Investigators are true warriors; their reports prove that, they have fought executioners and partisans all week
    Sioned: *Frowns*
    King Blackthorn: Hmm, sea patrols from Vesper may be an idea
    Sioned: *claps her hands together*
    Sioned: Sweet!
    Sioned: Can we keep the booze?
    Sioned: I mean, if they got booze onboard?
    Sioned: We do run a little tavern...
    Aurelius: Careful Sioned .... wait for the details ....
    Sioned: *Smiles sweetly at Blackthorn*
    Natasha Vale: *smiles sweetly too, like a fan girl*
    King Blackthorn: Of course, the spoils of the sea always belong to the finder
    Sioned: *Beams*
    King Blackthorn: Well then, there is much to ponder, as always
    Anna Goodward: Finders an' keepers huh
    Anna Goodward: *Giggles*
    King Blackthorn: And fracticious as ye be, remember your King always wishes the best for his people
    Aryala: Who are those people, I wonder?
    King Blackthorn: Ye are my people! And all the people ye in turn represent
    King Blackthorn: I have one further favour to ask though
    Sioned: *Looks curious at Blackthorn*
    Drake Ironheart: *stretches legs*
    King Blackthorn: The official Robe Wearer will come speak to you soon. I believe he also has some tinkering to do
    Corrigan: :)
    Drake Ironheart: *dusts off remaining blood and entrails*
    Sioned: *Quirks a brow*
    King Blackthorn: He wants to sort out the communication system, it's far too loud for now!
    Sioned: Robe wearer - Oh! That chap! you should give him some shoes..
    Sioned: he got bare feet!
    Anna Goodward: *Giggle*
    Aurelius: The Crown probably can't afford that ...
    Aurelius: maybe the shoe tax will cover it...
    Sioned: Pfft! Don't be daft! otherwise, I'll donate some!
    King Blackthorn: Apparently he likes to let the air circulate
    Sparrow: I feel the King allows too much - this is a Kingdom NOT a democracy
    Sioned: Ahh me too..
    Sioned: *Nodnod*
    King Blackthorn: Shoe tax, there's an idea Aurelius, thank ye
    Natasha Vale: damn hippies
    Sparrow: Governors suggest -
    Sioned: Callin' me a hippeh?!
    King Blackthorn: Pied Poudre tax, yes I like that
    Marius Dubois: a crown tax?
    Aurelius: I'm sure you had it planned already.
    Sioned: *Looks at Nat and tries to hold the straight and serious face*
    Sioned: Tsk tsk tsk..
    King Blackthorn: For now, goodnight my people... *wanders off stroking beard and thinking about feet*

    So... I remain firmly convinced that this 'King' is either seriously incompetent or up to no good at all .... time will tell how that pans out...
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  3. callum_fitzhugh

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    Way too many words =) Summary by any chance anyone?
  4. Aurelius

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    Depends how biased a summary you want ;)

    From Aurelius' point of view ..... with his interpretations and some supporting quotes added in the brackets, and apologies for anything I miss out...

    Bladderstick and his forces attacked Britain. Confusingly, the King's Guards watched the battle but did not fight - apparently the Governors are meant to have guards who do this sort of thing!

    "King Blackthorn: I don't know, Aurelius commands the troops beyond this Bridge...
    Aurelius: News to me!"

    In the meeting proper ;

    Yew has been attacked by orcs and wants to stage reprisals.
    (Blackthorn ums and ahs a lot).

    Palin's tavern near Skara has had bombs placed in it and threatening notes left there.
    (Blackthorn's whole response is "We cannot abide lawlessness in this Kingdom!")

    Vesper are trying to run an 'olympics' soon. Towns needing naval forces may be able to hire the Vesper Trading Company, for suitable amounts to be negotiated

    Trinsic wants to try add a Britain ship to their fleet, to send aid to other cities and help defend Trinsic. They are looking for ways to fund this.
    (Blackthorn refuses the ideas of letters of marque or commissioning pirate-hunting ships - "
    Aryala: A letter of marque would grant us legal support from the crown.
    King Blackthorn: My people need no permission for acts of charity, but I cannot allow individuals to become their own private laws."
    Except we're meant to be providing tow guards, he said earlier....
    The King might be able to supply materials, maybe, but the "Royal Navy needs an intense period of training" so is not available.... despite having just uncovered and presumably captured the Nujel'm fleet....)

    Trinsic also mention they are attempting to increase diplomatic ties to other places.
    (Blackthorn seems to sulk a bit when they won't say exactly who they are talking to).

    A supply ship sent from Britain to New Magincia never arrived, Aragorn has mentioned he thinks pirates or raiders got it, Aurelius plans searches to try find what happened.

    Jhelom offers to use the training pits to help train more soldiers. Asks if it is possible to remove the Chaos banners from the Governor's office though, or at least cover them from view, since they are not in accord with the ideas of many people. Blackthorn says they are a sign of loyalty to him and his ideas, so isn't keen.
    ("King Blackthorn: I do not ask that all embrace my philosophy... but the King must remain the acknowledged head of his land. For now then, I ask that ye leave it prominent")

    The King seems to fully agree we need to take defensive measures... but not just yet, needs further discussion and consideration. And then ponders the idea of taxing the cities to raise funds for the expansion of the Royal Fleet..... not a popular idea.
    (Governors point out he seems to have just found the Nujel'm fleet so why would he need ships building, the current naval 'blockade' of Nujel'm is feeble since Bladderstick's forces raided Britain from there a few minutes earlier, his existing forces do nothing useful anyway so why not get those working first... Blackthorn wonders about using Vesper's ships to help the Nujel'm blockade, maybe... )

    From Aurelius' perspective ; it seems our King is very keen on us paying for forces HE can control but not us acting in our own defence - whilst watching towns suffer, disorder spread, and him just passing the buck, distracting and delaying any actions to get a grip on the growing mess - and generating smokescreens such as suggesting governors have some sort of town guards under their control...

    Don't think we should trust him an inch. He's failed to support the towns that have been crying out for help, supplies and materials. Meanwhile violence increases in Yew, Skara, and now attacks in Britain, he's talking about raising taxes but somehow had the money to build the HUGE new palace he sits in, dodges answering anything about his past despite 'old aquaintances' like Memen Tomor and the Raven King appearing, seems to brush off the occupants of his dungeon including Exodus followers and machines, everything urgent to help the realm needs to be 'delayed for further consideration'.... the list of 'doubts' grows every time he is encountered.

    Our new King is looking far too like Casca II .....
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    Thanks Aurelius. Interesting and well written summary =)

    [Just as an observation I think that ooc mechanics and constraints can sometimes be interpreted as IC issues and that isnt always helpful. For example Governor X wants to build a bridge from Vesper to Trinsic to aid trade agreements. OOC this is never going to happen so IC King whatever has to say no etc.

    Also one thing that never ceases to amaze me is the use of ships in UO. Considering you can get anywhere [nearly] via Gate or Recall then how does a "blockade" of Nujelm work? =) ]
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    Oh, I appreciate some things simply can't be done, for all sorts of Dev limitations, storyline blocks on the way 'main' characters can act, and so on ... but I still think there's something very odd about a King who can build the world's biggest castle but not help feed or house the people, or wants us to fund his fleet when he only just found and presumably confiscated the Nujel'm one, or can't get his troops to fight 'rebels' attacking the citizens a few yards away from their guardposts, or has a cellar full of monsters (including his recently overthrown 'evil captor' Exodus's followers and machines!) and isn't apparently concerned.... ;) Dodgy as hell, this one.... even if partly because the overall 'storyline' for UO is shambolic :)

    The gate or recall issue has always been a head scratcher for every invasion in the past - why the hell do they keep using public moongates and then walk for miles just to attack a city?
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    Far be it for me to interrupt Aurelius' plotting dissension amongst the people, but according to the fiction, it was Heckles not the King who rebuilt the castle;


    Where did Heckles get the money for it? From another Heckles. And where did that Heckles get the cash? Stop asking questions! It's a Heckles all the way back in time!
  8. Aurelius

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    Ahem! Terrible spin attempt there :) .... To quote that article, Blackthorn "chuckled to himself and hoped that Heckles hadn’t completely emptied his treasury for the castle."....

    Agents instructed by Blackthorn, using his money, to make things to his plans ... count as Blackthorn!