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EM Event Council Du Roi, Tuesday 17th December 8pm GMT

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by EM Gotan, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. EM Gotan

    EM Gotan UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator

    Nov 7, 2013
    Likes Received:
    I will be hosting the first meeting of the Council on the Tuesday after elections end; Governors need to take their position by then, and if you have any ideas for roleplay, town improvements etc please bring them along. The event will be IN CHARACTER and not for wider EM issues, ideas etc. Please PM me those here or at the Webpage. Reports for this count for the Archivist rewards, not the Investigator ones.

    And here's some fiction for it!

    #1 EM Gotan, Dec 8, 2013
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2013
  2. callum_fitzhugh

    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 19, 2006
    Likes Received:
    [ooc - I am really cross with myself for missing this as I was free last night and bored. I think it would be much more use to have this in the MAIN Europa Forum as well as this one. On a side topic how did it go? Report?]
  3. Bobar

    Bobar Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 20, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I only attended as a citizen not in any gubernatorial role but I am pleased to report it went REALLY well. The mentally challenged who attended the general meeting were conspicuous by their absence and those who attended were in general courteous and polite. The King listened carefully to all proposals and I would say the signs auger well for the future. There appears to be some degree of conflict between Alaster and Anna but mostly it seems to be good-natured.
  4. EM Gotan

    EM Gotan UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator

    Nov 7, 2013
    Likes Received:
    I originally planned to do so, but the posts were taking up a lot of the front page, and debates were being dragged all over the place, where as the EM forums have some more useful features I needed as well, so it was decided it was best to have them over here. I understand it's not quite as handy as having them front page, however upcoming events will always appear on the front page of the Europa.uoem.net page, as well as on the Calendar in the Europa History... that's where your stories, if submitted and flagged for Royal Archiving will be slotted in too as well, generating a living history of the shard where my events will just be part of the patchwork of fun involved.

    As for how it went, the almost completely unedited first part of the chat log is below; there wasn't even much spell spam, although the CD guild did insist on quietly punching each other a little, and apparently someone's invisible pet was eager for a fight...

    However I neither confirm nor deny the gender beneath the robe, nor that any jokes were pre-scripted :p It depends who gets Blackthorn duty on the day, as the guide on the Atlantic forums indicates!

    [13/12/17][19:58:55] [<28825808>King Blackthorn]: Your King summons you to the halls of his Castle to discuss recent town Elections. Please swap to the EM Event channel to keep out of character questions from distrubing those here
    [13/12/17][19:59:21] You have left the 'General' channel.
    [13/12/17][19:59:21] You have joined the 'EM Event' channel.
    [13/12/17][20:01:07] [King Blackthorn]: *looks around*
    [13/12/17][20:01:15] [King Blackthorn]: Ahh my people! Thank you for coming
    [13/12/17][20:01:17] [Aurelius]: Good evening
    [13/12/17][20:01:24] [Egan]: Evening!
    [13/12/17][20:01:28] [Moira]: Good evening
    [13/12/17][20:01:29] [Aryala]: Will these seats allow us to hear everything?
    [13/12/17][20:01:29] [Hex]: evening
    [13/12/17][20:01:31] [Vincent Vega]: hail M;Lord
    [13/12/17][20:01:36] [gurnard ]: Hail
    [13/12/17][20:01:37] [drewster]: prob not
    [13/12/17][20:01:42] [King Blackthorn]: I believe so Aryala, but all the seats are not yet taken
    [13/12/17][20:01:43] [drewster]: i didnt last time
    [13/12/17][20:01:58] [King Blackthorn]: Can we all be heard from here?
    [13/12/17][20:02:10] [drewster]: ye
    [13/12/17][20:02:25] [King Blackthorn]: *looks at the desk and sighs*
    [13/12/17][20:02:35] [King Blackthorn]: Always so much paperwork ... as if I were... a machine
    [13/12/17][20:02:47] [Anna Goodward]: *Sniggers*
    [13/12/17][20:02:53] [Aurelius]: Unfortunate term ....
    [13/12/17][20:03:04] [Aryala]: What is it with men and scripted jokes?
    [13/12/17][20:03:14] [ARAGORN]: it will not let me sit there even though i was elected governor of new mag..strange
    [13/12/17][20:03:30] [Aurelius]: You acceptedt he title at the stone, Aragorn?
    [13/12/17][20:03:34] [King Blackthorn]: Hath ye accepted the role from the stone?
    [13/12/17][20:03:40] [ARAGORN]: oh i dodnt know i had to
    [13/12/17][20:03:45] [ARAGORN]: my first time doing this
    [13/12/17][20:03:53] [King Blackthorn]: Indeed, we can wait a few minutes more whilst ye do. Return at once to it!
    [13/12/17][20:03:55] [Anna Goodward]: *Giggles*
    [13/12/17][20:03:58] [Aurelius]: We all learn as we go along ...
    [13/12/17][20:04:07] [ARAGORN]: yes my lord
    [13/12/17][20:04:34] [Vincent Vega]: u have to accept the governor ship Ara from the stone
    [13/12/17][20:04:38] [drewster]: slappy
    [13/12/17][20:04:39] [drewster]: :)
    [13/12/17][20:04:40] [Vincent Vega]: its a learning process
    [13/12/17][20:04:45] [Slappyjipper]: :D
    [13/12/17][20:04:59] [Anna Goodward]: Ah heard Alaster was elected again in Skara. But Ah guess he ain' gettin' past the mountains of bottles around 'is bed or does anehone know bout 'im?
    [13/12/17][20:05:02] [Hex]: hi Wanda =)
    [13/12/17][20:05:18] [Aurelius]: Not heard from him for a little while Anna ...
    [13/12/17][20:05:23] [Anna Goodward]: Hmm
    [13/12/17][20:05:25] [Moira]: ah, greetings Wanda
    [13/12/17][20:05:30] [Aurelius]: Speak of the devil!
    [13/12/17][20:05:35] [Someone Special]: speak of the devil...
    [13/12/17][20:05:39] [Aurelius]: good evening Alaster
    [13/12/17][20:05:40] [Anna Goodward]: *Rolls her eyes*
    [13/12/17][20:05:41] [Vincent Vega]: hail Alastar mate
    [13/12/17][20:05:46] [Vincent Vega]: good to see you
    [13/12/17][20:05:48] [Alaster The Mad]: * poof pants*
    [13/12/17][20:05:52] [Alaster The Mad]: oow, sorry !
    [13/12/17][20:05:55] [King Blackthorn]: Do take your seat, Mr Mad
    [13/12/17][20:06:02] [Anna Goodward]: Ah should have jus' kept mah gap shut *chuckles*
    [13/12/17][20:06:06] [Vincent Vega]: * chuckles *
    [13/12/17][20:06:14] [Aurelius]: I think he may bneed to head back to the stone too ....
    [13/12/17][20:06:20] [King Blackthorn]: It seems in my kingdom even a lack of pants can be a path to power
    [13/12/17][20:06:24] [Anna Goodward]: *Giggles*
    [13/12/17][20:06:29] [Alaster The Mad]: oh damn ! my seat doesn't even let me seat !
    [13/12/17][20:06:31] [Aurelius]: You need to accept te title again Alaster ....
    [13/12/17][20:06:38] [Alaster The Mad]: oh hmm
    [13/12/17][20:06:43] [Moira]: *sighs*
    [13/12/17][20:06:44] [Alaster The Mad]: ah hmm
    [13/12/17][20:06:48] [Aryala]: At least he does bother to appear.
    [13/12/17][20:06:51] [Moira]: this is my governor
    [13/12/17][20:06:51] [King Blackthorn]: Return to the stone thy naked wretch and do thy duty!
    [13/12/17][20:06:53] [Aurelius]: Quick dash back to the Skara stone needed ...
    [13/12/17][20:06:55] [Hex]: poor u
    [13/12/17][20:06:58] [Alaster The Mad]: i'll be late a few little more...
    [13/12/17][20:06:59] [Hex]: ^^
    [13/12/17][20:06:59] [Infurita]: go back to stone, click it ,accept it
    [13/12/17][20:06:59] [Moira]: yep
    [13/12/17][20:07:08] [Hex]: did you vote for him?
    [13/12/17][20:07:09] [Anna Goodward]: *Laughs*
    [13/12/17][20:07:21] [Moira]: not this time, har har
    [13/12/17][20:07:29] [Hex]: you learnt from last time?
    [13/12/17][20:07:30] [Hex]: =D
    [13/12/17][20:07:33] [Moira]: yep
    [13/12/17][20:07:38] [King Blackthorn]: *taps banner*
    [13/12/17][20:07:39] [<63445164>Alaster The Mad]: god damnit i was certain i did it
    [13/12/17][20:07:48] [King Blackthorn]: This perhaps is the time to talk to ye of Chaos
    [13/12/17][20:07:56] [Aurelius]: Good evening Keenan
    [13/12/17][20:08:01] [Keenan]: hi there
    [13/12/17][20:08:02] [Keenan]: :)
    [13/12/17][20:08:04] [Hex]: plenty of that to come with Alaster as govenor
    [13/12/17][20:08:22] [Anna Goodward]: *Looks back at Hex and grins*
    [13/12/17][20:08:26] [Hex]: =)
    [13/12/17][20:08:28] [King Blackthorn]: For what could be more true to the nature of our people than today's impossibility of sitting on a simple seat
    [13/12/17][20:08:56] [King Blackthorn]: But from mad and confusing a start I hope we can forge great things
    [13/12/17][20:09:10] [Vincent Vega]: here here
    [13/12/17][20:09:11] [Moira]: *sighs again*
    [13/12/17][20:09:12] [Aryala]: Hope springs eternal.
    [13/12/17][20:09:23] [Aurelius]: Good evening Morgana
    [13/12/17][20:09:26] [Hex]: evening
    [13/12/17][20:09:28] [Someone Special]: Hiyas morgana :)
    [13/12/17][20:09:30] [Hex]: take your seat Morgana
    [13/12/17][20:09:33] [Moira]: Evening
    [13/12/17][20:09:33] [Hex]: at the table =)
    [13/12/17][20:09:34] [Morgana]: Hail Majesty
    [13/12/17][20:09:41] [King Blackthorn]: Ahh the Governor of Yew. Congratulations on your re-election. And Morgana too
    [13/12/17][20:09:52] [Vincent Vega]: thank your sire
    [13/12/17][20:09:52] [Morgana]: thanks Majesty
    [13/12/17][20:10:02] [Alaster The Mad]: * coughs*
    [13/12/17][20:10:05] [Alaster The Mad]: oh wow.
    [13/12/17][20:10:16] [end game-]: who this guy?
    [13/12/17][20:10:22] [end game-]: hey
    [13/12/17][20:10:25] [end game-]: who you?
    [13/12/17][20:10:26] [Anna Goodward]: *Nudges Alaster* Ya drunken idjit *Grins*
    [13/12/17][20:10:28] [King Blackthorn]: You have mastered the power of the chair Alaster. We applaud your progress!
    [13/12/17][20:10:44] [Alaster The Mad]: after, i'll master the power of the carpet !
    [13/12/17][20:10:45] [Morgana]: *Claps*
    [13/12/17][20:10:55] [Alaster The Mad]: next week.
    [13/12/17][20:10:59] [King Blackthorn]: which leaves just Jhelom and Trinsic.
    [13/12/17][20:11:06] [Anna Goodward]: Guh, jis' don' vomit mah way
    [13/12/17][20:11:14] [Alaster The Mad]: * burps*
    [13/12/17][20:11:20] [Alaster The Mad]: wah ?
    [13/12/17][20:11:22] [King Blackthorn]: Very well, let us begin.
    [13/12/17][20:11:27] [Anna Goodward]: *slaps Alaster's backhead*
    [13/12/17][20:11:36] [Alaster The Mad]: * mmph*
    [13/12/17][20:11:39] [King Blackthorn]: If we could hear from left to right from the Governors first
    [13/12/17][20:11:42] [end game-]: Sanctum Viatas
    [13/12/17][20:11:42] [Hex]: harder Anna
    [13/12/17][20:11:51] [Anna Goodward]: *Sniggers*
    [13/12/17][20:11:57] [King Blackthorn]: Aragorn, if you would...?
    [13/12/17][20:12:03] [ARAGORN]: yes my Lord
    [13/12/17][20:12:17] [Aryala]: Isn't he on our right?
    [13/12/17][20:12:32] [Alaster The Mad]: ok, you all decided to make dizzy ?
    [13/12/17][20:12:42] [Alaster The Mad]: * burps*
    [13/12/17][20:12:43] [King Blackthorn]: I suppose you are correct
    [13/12/17][20:12:46] [ARAGORN]: My King, honored guests it is truly an honor to be elected governor of new magincia
    [13/12/17][20:13:33] [ARAGORN]: as Governor I promise to uphold new magincias venerable history and to make it a prosperous
    [13/12/17][20:13:36] [ARAGORN]: city once again
    [13/12/17][20:13:49] [Vincent Vega]: * claps *
    [13/12/17][20:13:58] [Alaster The Mad]: * claps too !*
    [13/12/17][20:14:04] [Morgana]: *Claps*
    [13/12/17][20:14:09] [Total Chaos]: *claps*
    [13/12/17][20:14:12] [King Blackthorn]: And how pray do you envision doing this?
    [13/12/17][20:14:26] [ARAGORN]: by holding events there my Lord
    [13/12/17][20:14:46] [King Blackthorn]: Do you require the Kingdom's help in any way?
    [13/12/17][20:15:40] [ARAGORN]: only your blessing my Lord at this time
    [13/12/17][20:16:00] [King Blackthorn]: I hath heard only good things about ye, so I trust ye will act with decorum.
    [13/12/17][20:16:22] [King Blackthorn]: Very well! Do the people have any questions for the new Governor?
    [13/12/17][20:16:27] [ARAGORN]: indeed I will you have my oath
    [13/12/17][20:16:51] [King Blackthorn]: *raises eyebrow*
    [13/12/17][20:17:11] [Aurelius]: If I may .... not a question, though...
    [13/12/17][20:17:24] [ARAGORN]: cdrtainly :)
    [13/12/17][20:17:24] [King Blackthorn]: Please do, we don't stand on protocol here!
    [13/12/17][20:17:34] [Aurelius]: a congratulations, Aragorn's folks have alerady bugun events and activities
    [13/12/17][20:17:34] [Alaster The Mad]: your socks doesn't fit ara...
    [13/12/17][20:17:58] [Aurelius]: with Drewster's aid, they had a 'event ' at the docks alread
    [13/12/17][20:18:02] [Aurelius]: so a flying start
    [13/12/17][20:18:04] [Aurelius]: *Smiles*
    [13/12/17][20:18:07] [TRIX]: yeah Aragorn!! good work mate!!!
    [13/12/17][20:18:17] [King Blackthorn]: I heard the giant lobster cracking from my balcony
    [13/12/17][20:18:23] [<63445164>Alaster The Mad]: arapants for the win !
    [13/12/17][20:18:31] [Egan]: *giggles*
    [13/12/17][20:18:31] [King Blackthorn]: Perhaps not quite as quickly as I could have managed, but a fine effort none the less
    [13/12/17][20:18:36] [wanda]: lol
    [13/12/17][20:18:39] [ARAGORN]: :)
    [13/12/17][20:18:51] [King Blackthorn]: Still... have you spoken to Annabel Lee downstairs?
    [13/12/17][20:19:05] [TRIX]: :}
    [13/12/17][20:19:13] [King Blackthorn]: I'm sure she would be honored to record your triumph for all eternity
    [13/12/17][20:19:39] [ARAGORN]: I will endeavor to do that at the first opportunity my Lord
    [13/12/17][20:19:40] [King Blackthorn]: Paintings of the victors, that sort of thing. Don't hesitate to let the world know of your next event in advance too
    [13/12/17][20:20:11] [ARAGORN]: indeed it shall be posted
    [13/12/17][20:20:20] [King Blackthorn]: And once more, my congratulations! If we could move on though...?
    [13/12/17][20:20:30] [Anna Goodward]: *Check for her bow shooting Laryanda a deathglare*
    [13/12/17][20:20:32] [Vincent Vega]: aye'
    [13/12/17][20:20:36] [ARAGORN]: thank you :)
    [13/12/17][20:20:47] [King Blackthorn]: Infuriata?
    [13/12/17][20:20:49] [Infurita]: should it be me then?
    [13/12/17][20:20:50] [Infurita]: ok
    [13/12/17][20:21:03] [King Blackthorn]: I beg your pardon, Infurita
    [13/12/17][20:21:17] [Infurita]: Good day folks, nice to be in your company =)
    [13/12/17][20:21:32] [Morgana]: *Hail, M'am*
    [13/12/17][20:21:35] [Alaster The Mad]: * makes a you rock sign*
    [13/12/17][20:21:37] [ARAGORN]: good day infurita and congrats
    [13/12/17][20:21:49] [Infurita]: I was elected by a bunch of cuttthroats to host Assassin's guild trade deal =)
    [13/12/17][20:21:59] [King Blackthorn]: *raises eyebrow again*
    [13/12/17][20:22:02] [Moira]: *smiles*
    [13/12/17][20:22:05] [Larynda]: *Waves to Anna with a smile*
    [13/12/17][20:22:17] [Infurita]: so my main event is going to be slapping gold outta citizens so that the Buff goes on
    [13/12/17][20:22:25] [Infurita]: thank you for your attention =)
    [13/12/17][20:22:27] [King Blackthorn]: Ye don't seek any higher purpose?
    [13/12/17][20:22:28] [<63445164>Alaster The Mad]: ahaha nice one :D
    [13/12/17][20:22:52] [Infurita]: breaking the boundaries of imbuing weight is enough for me
    [13/12/17][20:22:55] [<28825808>King Blackthorn]: Remember Blackthorn is in character, what is being said will be roleplay ;)

    (comments with character ID numbers are in EM Event Channel, out of character or wider information I'll try and post there so all can see it)

    [13/12/17][20:23:09] [King Blackthorn]: I see, well at least it doesn't mean much extra paperwork for me
    [13/12/17][20:23:16] [Infurita]: true that
    [13/12/17][20:23:17] [Someone Special]: *Thinks the King will have the Fittest eyebrow in all the land soon*
    [13/12/17][20:23:19] [King Blackthorn]: You'll be cutting the right throats I hope?
    [13/12/17][20:23:21] [<63445164>Alaster The Mad]: just you wait, king blackpants
    [13/12/17][20:23:39] [Infurita]: yeah, for the glory of the kingdom exclusively
    [13/12/17][20:23:52] [King Blackthorn]: *mutters* I shall have Skaros keep an eye on this one
    [13/12/17][20:23:54] [Morgana]: *Claps*
    [13/12/17][20:24:01] [Alaster The Mad]: * claps !*
    [13/12/17][20:24:08] [King Blackthorn]: Thank you for your honesty!
    [13/12/17][20:24:15] [ARAGORN]: *claps*
    [13/12/17][20:24:16] [Anna Goodward]: *Slaps Alaster's backhead again*
    [13/12/17][20:24:21] [Total Chaos]: *claps*
    [13/12/17][20:24:22] [Alaster The Mad]: * mumbles*
    [13/12/17][20:24:24] [King Blackthorn]: If we could have Aurelius now please?
    [13/12/17][20:24:24] [Moira]: *smiles*
    [13/12/17][20:24:25] [Anna Goodward]: Throat cuttin' ain' nice silleh
    [13/12/17][20:24:29] [Hex]: *cough* harder *cough*
    [13/12/17][20:24:46] [Alaster The Mad]: i thought i heard liquor drinking blarh
    [13/12/17][20:24:59] [Aurelius]: Well....
    [13/12/17][20:24:59] [Anna Goodward]: *Flashes Hex a smile before hitting Alaster again, hard*
    [13/12/17][20:25:04] [Hex]: =)
    [13/12/17][20:25:11] [Aurelius]: Firstly my thanks to those who re-elected me
    [13/12/17][20:25:17] [Morgana]: *Claps*
    [13/12/17][20:25:22] [ARAGORN]: congrats aurelius
    [13/12/17][20:25:24] [Alaster The Mad]: woop woop !
    [13/12/17][20:25:25] [King Blackthorn]: *looks at notes* A hard fought campaign I believe?
    [13/12/17][20:25:28] [Aurelius]: and especially to Keenan for a very scaryily close competition ...
    [13/12/17][20:25:48] [Keenan]: hehe
    [13/12/17][20:25:48] [Anna Goodward]: *Gives Aurelius a thumbs up*
    [13/12/17][20:25:52] [Keenan]: *salutes*
    [13/12/17][20:25:57] [Aurelius]: Good chance next time he will be doing this speech, and be as nervous as I am about it ...
    [13/12/17][20:26:28] [Morgana]: *drink some lemonade!*
    [13/12/17][20:26:35] [King Blackthorn]: And what do ye wish to happen now ye are before us again?
    [13/12/17][20:26:35] [Keenan]: was a great race *smiles*
    [13/12/17][20:26:38] [Alaster The Mad]: * eats some grapes*
    [13/12/17][20:26:42] [Aurelius]: As some of you know, I had hopes and plans for the last governor's term, but rather failed to
    [13/12/17][20:26:48] [Aurelius]: get them going ...
    [13/12/17][20:26:57] [Aurelius]: but this time, I hope will be different..
    [13/12/17][20:27:14] [Aurelius]: already have mentioned to some, I want us to see some 'traditions' return.
    [13/12/17][20:27:15] [gurnard ]: better be !!!
    [13/12/17][20:27:26] [King Blackthorn]: Do please expand
    [13/12/17][20:27:28] [Aurelius]: Starting with the game of Bagball... since it was invented here
    [13/12/17][20:27:40] [Alaster The Mad]: yeaah !
    [13/12/17][20:27:43] [Morgana]: *True ! *
    [13/12/17][20:27:47] [Aurelius]: it would be goo to see towns, and guilds perhaps, involved in some form of league..
    [13/12/17][20:27:59] [King Blackthorn]: As your King, I approve, but as a spectator of the sport I must INSIST Alaster wear uniform if he gets involved
    [13/12/17][20:28:09] [ARAGORN]: haha
    [13/12/17][20:28:12] [Aurelius]: So I will be contacting folks to see what we can arrange, and if my brain can cope with running s
    [13/12/17][20:28:16] [Alaster The Mad]: hey i'm innocent !
    [13/12/17][20:28:19] [Aurelius]: such a thing..
    [13/12/17][20:28:27] [King Blackthorn]: If I may a moment...
    [13/12/17][20:28:34] [Anna Goodward]: *Sniggers*
    [13/12/17][20:28:43] [Anna Goodward]: Ya not! *Swats Alaster's backhead again*
    [13/12/17][20:28:54] [King Blackthorn]: There are many people in the castle who can help with organisation for such as this
    [13/12/17][20:29:00] [Alaster The Mad]: * mumbles damnit*
    [13/12/17][20:29:06] [ARAGORN]: *thinks alaster will have a headache soon*
    [13/12/17][20:29:14] [Moira]: *claps*
    [13/12/17][20:29:15] [King Blackthorn]: I notice so far none have grandiose designs, and whilst I didnt become King to tend your gardens
    [13/12/17][20:29:35] [King Blackthorn]: There are ways we can help. Please do ask first, we can discuss what can be done after
    [13/12/17][20:29:51] [Aurelius]: Certainly ...
    [13/12/17][20:30:00] [Keenan]: *claps*
    [13/12/17][20:30:00] [King Blackthorn]: And aye, a bag ball championship would be a fine ideal
    [13/12/17][20:30:11] [Alaster The Mad]: totally.
    [13/12/17][20:30:18] [drewster]: a ball bag championship
    [13/12/17][20:30:20] [drewster]: :O
    [13/12/17][20:30:22] [Aurelius]: I also plan some hunting trips for our newer citizens ...
    [13/12/17][20:30:24] [Egan]: *nods*
    [13/12/17][20:30:42] [Aurelius]: but those I need to finalise and advertise...
    [13/12/17][20:30:47] [King Blackthorn]: Again, Annabel Lee would be glad to help you publicise and record these too
    [13/12/17][20:31:08] [Aurelius]: We seem to be giving her plenty to do then ..
    [13/12/17][20:31:10] [Aurelius]: *Smiles*
    [13/12/17][20:31:28] [King Blackthorn]: I believe considering the other duties she may have been given, she will feel let off lightly
    [13/12/17][20:31:38] [Aurelius]: I'll stop talking now, and let others take this on...
    [13/12/17][20:31:45] [King Blackthorn]: There is now a dungeon under my very castle? So much has changed!
    [13/12/17][20:31:56] [King Blackthorn]: And thank ye Aurelius!
    [13/12/17][20:32:00] [Vincent Vega]: aye M:Lord
    [13/12/17][20:32:07] [Aurelius]: Aye.... you may want to try find out who is digging their way in to that ....
    [13/12/17][20:32:20] [King Blackthorn]: *looks at reports from Skaros*
    [13/12/17][20:32:26] [Keenan]: *claps an cheers*
    [13/12/17][20:32:41] [King Blackthorn]: Now then, it seems Hotep Shakkara won in Trinsic, but is not with us today
    [13/12/17][20:32:49] [Aryala]: Or ever.
    [13/12/17][20:33:13] [King Blackthorn]: For a city so steeped in military culture, that is a sad sight today to see an abandoned chair
    [13/12/17][20:33:28] [drewster]: i take it
    [13/12/17][20:33:28] [King Blackthorn]: *muses*
    [13/12/17][20:33:29] [drewster]: lol
    [13/12/17][20:33:29] [Alaster The Mad]: guess she's beeing awesome somewhere else...
    [13/12/17][20:33:39] [King Blackthorn]: Moving on then, Morgana at least is with us
    [13/12/17][20:33:44] [Morgana]: yay !
    [13/12/17][20:33:44] [King Blackthorn]: M'lady
    [13/12/17][20:33:48] [ARAGORN]: *claps*
    [13/12/17][20:33:55] [Alaster The Mad]: grapes grapes !
    [13/12/17][20:34:17] [Morgana]: First a big Hello to you My Majesty and every Governor here
    [13/12/17][20:34:20] [Morgana]: also Citizen
    [13/12/17][20:34:23] [Keenan]: *waves*
    [13/12/17][20:34:24] [Morgana]: Well
    [13/12/17][20:34:49] [Morgana]: Some you you folks already know, i'm one of those players who love to sort public High Seas adven
    [13/12/17][20:34:56] [Morgana]: Now
    [13/12/17][20:35:02] [Morgana]: This stuff will be mor and more
    [13/12/17][20:35:04] [ARAGORN]: aye
    [13/12/17][20:35:15] [Morgana]: I hope to be helped by Cpt. Nemo as usual
    [13/12/17][20:35:16] [Morgana]: And
    [13/12/17][20:35:17] [<63445164>Alaster The Mad]: ah, hence the fish smell
    [13/12/17][20:35:22] [Morgana]: to made sort of Coalition
    [13/12/17][20:35:26] [Morgana]: with Aragorn
    [13/12/17][20:35:33] [Morgana]: and his marvellous Magincia dosk
    [13/12/17][20:35:34] [Morgana]: !
    [13/12/17][20:35:36] [Morgana]: *dock
    [13/12/17][20:35:46] [Morgana]: Could be nice also , when we sail to Corgul
    [13/12/17][20:35:55] [Morgana]: to have a team of brave Warriors
    [13/12/17][20:36:01] [King Blackthorn]: You hath a list of beasts you feel need slaying?
    [13/12/17][20:36:03] [Morgana]: And Infurita
    [13/12/17][20:36:09] [Someone Special]: Moonglow should have its own Dock :p
    [13/12/17][20:36:15] [Morgana]: Well yes
    [13/12/17][20:36:29] [Morgana]: A Southern dock could be really usefull
    [13/12/17][20:36:37] [Morgana]: to sail to the lovely floating market
    [13/12/17][20:36:38] [Morgana]: ....
    [13/12/17][20:36:49] [Morgana]: Anyway
    [13/12/17][20:36:56] [Vincent Vega]: here here
    [13/12/17][20:36:59] [Morgana]: every public event i will sort
    [13/12/17][20:37:16] [King Blackthorn]: I'm afraid recently an incredibly powerful mage seems to have set a lot of paperwork in the castle on fire; but I think you've asked for a southern docks before?
    [13/12/17][20:37:18] [Morgana]: will have a decent amount of time to tell peoples who may wish to attend
    [13/12/17][20:37:31] [Morgana]: I did Majesty
    [13/12/17][20:37:35] [Morgana]: two times...
    [13/12/17][20:37:44] [Morgana]: But
    [13/12/17][20:37:49] [Morgana]: seems some stuff happen
    [13/12/17][20:37:51] [Someone Special]: both must have got burnt :p
    [13/12/17][20:37:54] [Morgana]: like a new dungeon
    [13/12/17][20:37:55] [ARAGORN]: they used it to heat the castle most likely
    [13/12/17][20:37:56] [King Blackthorn]: I'm afraid I'm not privy to the decisions made on that, but if I can make a suggestion
    [13/12/17][20:38:08] [Morgana]: *listening*
    [13/12/17][20:38:25] [King Blackthorn]: If you can make a mock up of your suggested design first, it would be more likely to be taken seriously
    [13/12/17][20:38:44] [Morgana]: Will do, certainly
    [13/12/17][20:38:47] [King Blackthorn]: Building a dock is a lot of work, and frankly higher matters of state take up too much of my time
    [13/12/17][20:39:00] [ARAGORN]: *winces*
    [13/12/17][20:39:01] [King Blackthorn]: But there's probably a Royal Architect somewhere in here
    [13/12/17][20:39:08] [Morgana]: Sure of that
    [13/12/17][20:39:09] [Morgana]: !
    [13/12/17][20:39:12] [King Blackthorn]: We seem to have a royal something for everything
    [13/12/17][20:39:22] [Morgana]: last but not least...if I may...
    [13/12/17][20:39:30] [King Blackthorn]: If you can make their job much easier, they're more likely to help ye! I apologise, do go on
    [13/12/17][20:39:38] [King Blackthorn]: I must learn to let my people speak more
    [13/12/17][20:39:39] [Aryala]: All our taxes most yield -something- useful, other than a lavish palace.
    [13/12/17][20:39:40] [Morgana]: Thanks !
    [13/12/17][20:39:58] [Morgana]: There are some lovely players
    [13/12/17][20:40:04] [Morgana]: who stand on Britain Bank every day
    [13/12/17][20:40:15] [Morgana]: trying to help every new player
    [13/12/17][20:40:18] [Morgana]: and returnee
    [13/12/17][20:40:31] [Morgana]: free repairs
    [13/12/17][20:40:32] [Morgana]: etc
    [13/12/17][20:40:41] [Keenan]: *claps|aye*
    [13/12/17][20:40:44] [Keenan]: '
    [13/12/17][20:40:45] [Morgana]: well, you folks, you already know what i'm talking about
    [13/12/17][20:40:45] [Keenan]: '
    [13/12/17][20:40:45] [Keenan]: '
    [13/12/17][20:40:45] [Keenan]: '
    [13/12/17][20:40:45] [Keenan]: '
    [13/12/17][20:40:45] [Keenan]: '
    [13/12/17][20:40:46] [Morgana]: so
    [13/12/17][20:40:50] [ARAGORN]: indeed
    [13/12/17][20:40:52] [Morgana]: what i'm "asking"...
    [13/12/17][20:40:53] [Alaster The Mad]: * nods*
    [13/12/17][20:40:54] [King Blackthorn]: I hath seen them often, Britain can be rightly proud of them
    [13/12/17][20:41:06] [wanda]: *claps*
    [13/12/17][20:41:07] [Morgana]: can "someone" made a post about this lovely activity ?
    [13/12/17][20:41:09] [Morgana]: Yup
    [13/12/17][20:41:23] [Morgana]: Official post, i mean
    [13/12/17][20:41:24] [Morgana]: :)
    [13/12/17][20:41:45] [King Blackthorn]: Well, certainly I can help support any stories my people wish to tell
    [13/12/17][20:41:59] [Morgana]: Thanks My Lord
    [13/12/17][20:42:07] [Morgana]: Again Congratulations to those Governors
    [13/12/17][20:42:14] [King Blackthorn]: And thank ye too Morgana!
    [13/12/17][20:42:20] [Morgana]: Pleasure Sire
    [13/12/17][20:42:21] [Alaster The Mad]: congrats to you morgy !
    [13/12/17][20:42:27] [ARAGORN]: well done morgana *claps*
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    Nov 7, 2013
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    Part 2 of the Council log;

    [13/12/17][20:42:37] [King Blackthorn]: And now... *sighs* I believe it's Mr Mad?
    [13/12/17][20:42:43] [Alaster The Mad]: * hides something under the table which makes a bottle sound*
    [13/12/17][20:42:43] [Morgana]: *cryes*
    [13/12/17][20:42:49] [ARAGORN]: everyone guard the royal undies
    [13/12/17][20:42:56] [Moira]: *claps*
    [13/12/17][20:42:57] [Moira]: *claps*
    [13/12/17][20:42:57] [Moira]: *claps*
    [13/12/17][20:42:58] [Moira]: *claps*
    [13/12/17][20:42:59] [Moira]: *claps*
    [13/12/17][20:42:59] [Anna Goodward]: *Eyeroll*
    [13/12/17][20:43:00] [Moira]: *claps*
    [13/12/17][20:43:00] [Moira]: *claps*
    [13/12/17][20:43:01] [King Blackthorn]: You know, when I defeated and escaped from Exodus, this was not the sort of Halibeard wielding honor guard I expected to see
    [13/12/17][20:43:06] [Alaster The Mad]: My lord, my respects !
    [13/12/17][20:43:11] [Vincent Vega]: * claps*
    [13/12/17][20:43:13] [Moira]: *whispers to hex*
    [13/12/17][20:43:15] [Morgana]: *claps*
    [13/12/17][20:43:15] [Alaster The Mad]: and you all present here.
    [13/12/17][20:43:16] [Larynda]: *Arches a brow*
    [13/12/17][20:43:17] [Anna Goodward]: *Sniggers*
    [13/12/17][20:43:20] [Moira]: he had forced me to do so
    [13/12/17][20:43:24] [Hex]: hehe
    [13/12/17][20:43:34] [Aryala]: You prefer chaos over order, so you will have to live with this.
    [13/12/17][20:43:36] [Aryala]: *smirks*
    [13/12/17][20:43:36] [Alaster The Mad]: First, i'd like to thank all people who were mad enough to vote for me
    [13/12/17][20:43:38] [Hex]: was that to saave your undies?
    [13/12/17][20:43:57] [Alaster The Mad]: they win a free two weeks undies stealing free ticket.
    [13/12/17][20:43:59] [Moira]: no, if i dont do it i have to argh
    [13/12/17][20:43:59] [King Blackthorn]: Indeed, in madness pluribus
    [13/12/17][20:44:03] [Moira]: eat his undies
    [13/12/17][20:44:05] [Moira]: argh
    [13/12/17][20:44:07] [Heimdall]: lol
    [13/12/17][20:44:07] [Hex]: lol
    [13/12/17][20:44:14] [Alaster The Mad]: Well...
    [13/12/17][20:44:22] [Alaster The Mad]: so much good ideas been said before me
    [13/12/17][20:44:35] [Hex]: including bagball uniform for u
    [13/12/17][20:44:35] [Alaster The Mad]: docks for moonglow, promoting the brit bank folks...
    [13/12/17][20:44:39] [Hex]: thats best idea yet
    [13/12/17][20:44:40] [Alaster The Mad]: hey no !
    [13/12/17][20:44:47] [Morgana]: indeed
    [13/12/17][20:44:48] [Morgana]: :)
    [13/12/17][20:44:57] [King Blackthorn]: There's going to be a request for Pants By Appointment To The King, isn't there?
    [13/12/17][20:45:03] [Alaster The Mad]: and, seeing arapan... aragorn *coughs* elected brings me joy.
    [13/12/17][20:45:09] [Alaster The Mad]: no no !
    [13/12/17][20:45:12] [ARAGORN]: :)
    [13/12/17][20:45:14] [Alaster The Mad]: look.
    [13/12/17][20:45:30] [Alaster The Mad]: Skara is... by it's geography, a sea place. An island.
    [13/12/17][20:45:40] [Alaster The Mad]: And, going around... i've noticed
    [13/12/17][20:45:50] [Morgana]: grapes, lots of !
    [13/12/17][20:45:55] [Alaster The Mad]: there's no "proper indicated place" for placing large boats.
    [13/12/17][20:46:00] [Alaster The Mad]: so i had an idea.
    [13/12/17][20:46:07] [King Blackthorn]: Interesting! Do go on
    [13/12/17][20:46:31] [Alaster The Mad]: As all may know, vesperian people are lazy, and getting drunk at the swagger's inn, a proper bar in vesper, every night
    [13/12/17][20:46:37] [Alaster The Mad]: i think, My Lord
    [13/12/17][20:46:52] [Moira]: *nods*
    [13/12/17][20:46:53] [Alaster The Mad]: you should force all Vesperians to work for constructing a new dock
    [13/12/17][20:46:53] [Anna Goodward]: ......
    [13/12/17][20:47:00] [Hex]: shoulda hit him harder Anna
    [13/12/17][20:47:06] [Moira]: sht
    [13/12/17][20:47:14] [Anna Goodward]: Certainleh will
    [13/12/17][20:47:16] [King Blackthorn]: Hmm, but Alaster your realm is of Skara not Vesper. I cannot allow my people to be forced to work for another
    [13/12/17][20:47:25] [Keenan]: *grins slightly*
    [13/12/17][20:47:32] [Alaster The Mad]: oh really ? But they drink more than me !
    [13/12/17][20:47:33] [Larynda]: Forcing the people of vesper to do work for others has a long and proud tradition in the north...
    [13/12/17][20:47:43] [Vetinari]: *coughs*
    [13/12/17][20:47:47] [Alaster The Mad]: anyway !
    [13/12/17][20:47:50] [King Blackthorn]: Could you not pay for their work? Our realm has many poor people who need new pants, could you not pants the homeless instead?
    [13/12/17][20:48:02] [Anna Goodward]: *Shoot Lary another death glare*
    [13/12/17][20:48:05] [Alaster The Mad]: oh, that was my second point My Lord.
    [13/12/17][20:48:11] [Alaster The Mad]: or third
    [13/12/17][20:48:24] [Alaster The Mad]: i'll be present in Skara two nights per week
    [13/12/17][20:48:37] [Alaster The Mad]: to gather all requests, questions, suggestions for our town
    [13/12/17][20:48:38] [Sparrow]: Procurer of the Royal Pants
    [13/12/17][20:48:48] [Morgana]: *Laughs*
    [13/12/17][20:48:48] [Alaster The Mad]: i prefer to not take all decisions on my own.
    [13/12/17][20:48:59] [Alaster The Mad]: and hmm
    [13/12/17][20:49:05] [King Blackthorn]: Well as Governor of Skara Brae please do suggest your new docks
    [13/12/17][20:49:18] [King Blackthorn]: But I cannot be part of enslaving one group of my people to another!
    [13/12/17][20:49:27] [Alaster The Mad]: indeed, i do my Lord. For vesperians, forget that part.
    [13/12/17][20:49:42] [Alaster The Mad]: Buuuut.... don't all forget the swagger's inn is opened everyday.
    [13/12/17][20:49:50] [Alaster The Mad]: finally !
    [13/12/17][20:49:54] [Alaster The Mad]: I'd like to
    [13/12/17][20:50:04] [King Blackthorn]: Sadly time is short, and I am becoming somewhat un-nerved by your nakedness, please finish quickly
    [13/12/17][20:50:15] [wanda]: hehe
    [13/12/17][20:50:15] [ARAGORN]: *sniggers quietly*
    [13/12/17][20:50:17] [Alaster The Mad]: bring a new face to Skara Brae bank, as it happened to britain, years ago.
    [13/12/17][20:50:35] [Alaster The Mad]: And i'll cut here, and i'll finish what i have to say the next meeting !
    [13/12/17][20:50:44] [ARAGORN]: clothed?
    [13/12/17][20:50:47] [Keenan]: *claps*
    [13/12/17][20:50:48] [Alaster The Mad]: Thanks a lot to you all again, for making our kingdom what it is.
    [13/12/17][20:50:51] [Alaster The Mad]: No, never.
    [13/12/17][20:50:52] [Anna Goodward]: An' Ah'll bring an iron pan
    [13/12/17][20:50:54] [King Blackthorn]: I'm afraid the Royal Architect, who is definitely in the building somewhere, can only perform one major task per season
    [13/12/17][20:51:03] [Alaster The Mad]: oh hmm
    [13/12/17][20:51:05] [Aryala]: A place where we have to watch naked people talk politics.
    [13/12/17][20:51:07] [King Blackthorn]: I can request the bank, or the docks, but not both
    [13/12/17][20:51:13] [Aryala]: Is there a royal tailor?
    [13/12/17][20:51:14] [King Blackthorn]: And I cannot promise either
    [13/12/17][20:51:16] [Alaster The Mad]: oooh true.
    [13/12/17][20:51:28] [Alaster The Mad]: Well, time will tell, and i know you are busy
    [13/12/17][20:51:41] [Alaster The Mad]: and i let the others Governors talk now !
    [13/12/17][20:51:43] [King Blackthorn]: There must be, you don't think King Blackthorn looks THIS fabulous without a lot of cloth related magic?
    [13/12/17][20:51:48] [Alaster The Mad]: Thanks a lot for listening.
    [13/12/17][20:51:59] [Alaster The Mad]: Congrats, and thanks to you all.
    [13/12/17][20:52:00] [King Blackthorn]: Thank ye Alaster, the Mad but Elected!
    [13/12/17][20:52:07] [Sparrow]: These new docks - will they look like - PANTS?
    [13/12/17][20:52:12] [Alaster The Mad]: * bows and tries to not trip on carpet while going away*
    [13/12/17][20:52:12] [ARAGORN]: Henry VIII reincarnated?
    [13/12/17][20:52:14] [Aryala]: Kings talking of themselves in third person are never a good sign.
    [13/12/17][20:52:19] [King Blackthorn]: And now Miss Goodwind please?
    [13/12/17][20:52:19] [Moira]: *claps*
    [13/12/17][20:52:20] [Moira]: *claps*
    [13/12/17][20:52:21] [Alaster The Mad]: goddamnit !
    [13/12/17][20:52:22] [Moira]: *claps*
    [13/12/17][20:52:23] [Moira]: *claps*
    [13/12/17][20:52:25] [Moira]: *claps*
    [13/12/17][20:52:25] [Hex]: i hate to think how the bank will look
    [13/12/17][20:52:25] [Moira]: *claps*
    [13/12/17][20:52:30] [Aurelius]: Ahem
    [13/12/17][20:52:33] [Aurelius]: Goodward ....
    [13/12/17][20:52:36] [Anna Goodward]: *******!
    [13/12/17][20:52:36] [Moira]: *mumbles*
    [13/12/17][20:52:39] [Moira]: sorry
    [13/12/17][20:52:42] [Moira]: u know
    [13/12/17][20:52:44] [Alaster The Mad]: * ahahah !*
    [13/12/17][20:52:45] [Mylee]: lol
    [13/12/17][20:52:46] [wanda]: hehe omg
    [13/12/17][20:53:03] [Anna Goodward]: Yea well. Thank ya for allowin' tha word yer lordship
    [13/12/17][20:53:04] [King Blackthorn]: I'm sorry, I really must pay more attention to these reports
    [13/12/17][20:53:07] [<63445164>Alaster The Mad]: first ! the bank !
    [13/12/17][20:53:28] [<28825808>King Blackthorn]: Will discuss after event Alaster ;)
    [13/12/17][20:53:33] [<9274797>Aurelius]: you plan emptying it before it's decorated, of course.... ;)
    [13/12/17][20:53:44] [Anna Goodward]: Am vereh sorreh for tha lack of activiteh in Vesper. Ah was tryin' ta work somethin' up with Aurelius there but...
    [13/12/17][20:54:01] [King Blackthorn]: How do you feel about forced activity M'lady?
    [13/12/17][20:54:13] [Larynda]: *Chuckles*
    [13/12/17][20:54:15] [<43681594>Someone Special]: *rushes to Skara bank to make some hasty withdrwals*
    [13/12/17][20:54:19] [Aurelius]: Not a problem Anna, the invsaions rather got in the way ...
    [13/12/17][20:54:30] [Anna Goodward]: Ah'll beat tha **** *cughs* Ah'll convince mistah madpants othahwise
    [13/12/17][20:54:36] [Anna Goodward]: *Shoots Alaster a glare*
    [13/12/17][20:54:37] [ARAGORN]: haha
    [13/12/17][20:54:42] [<63445164>Alaster The Mad]: no hey nooo !
    [13/12/17][20:54:47] [Alaster The Mad]: * coughs*
    [13/12/17][20:54:52] [ARAGORN]: well said anna
    [13/12/17][20:54:58] [King Blackthorn]: I thought as much. Ahh chaotic freedom! Carry on!
    [13/12/17][20:55:30] [Anna Goodward]: Well, we had ta deal with the Overlords of Trinsic an' some drow an' their minions *shoots Larynda a glare*
    [13/12/17][20:56:01] [Mylee]: *Go Get Him Boy!*
    [13/12/17][20:56:02] [Anna Goodward]: Bottom line is. We didn' come around ta put up tha Vesperian olympics as planned
    [13/12/17][20:56:10] [Mylee]: *Go Get Him Boy!*
    [13/12/17][20:56:19] [King Blackthorn]: Excuse me a second....
    [13/12/17][20:56:30] [<63445164>Alaster The Mad]: i bet 1k on drewster !
    [13/12/17][20:56:30] [Anna Goodward]: *Sighs*
    [13/12/17][20:56:33] [King Blackthorn]: You can't fight in here! This is the town council room!
    [13/12/17][20:56:38] [Alaster The Mad]: i bet 1k on drewster !
    [13/12/17][20:56:42] [Alaster The Mad]: * glug glug glu*
    [13/12/17][20:56:47] [King Blackthorn]: Cease thy unwarrented ruffianage!
    [13/12/17][20:56:48] [<45732596>Thunderz]: have i missed the event
    [13/12/17][20:56:51] [Alaster The Mad]: *steals undies*
    [13/12/17][20:56:51] [Slappyjipper]: lol
    [13/12/17][20:56:52] [Alaster The Mad]: *steals undies*
    [13/12/17][20:56:53] This seat is reserved for the Crown!
    [13/12/17][20:56:54] [Mylee]: Sorry.
    [13/12/17][20:56:55] [Morgana]: lol
    [13/12/17][20:57:04] [King Blackthorn]: Proceed M'lady
    [13/12/17][20:57:14] [Anna Goodward]: Thank ya sir..
    [13/12/17][20:57:24] [Mylee]: *Go Get Him Boy!*
    [13/12/17][20:57:32] [Mylee]: *Go Get Him Boy!*
    [13/12/17][20:57:42] [Anna Goodward]: Well, em games ain' buried an' Ah hope ta put em up, maybeh with some help of Aurelius tha. Cause...
    [13/12/17][20:57:56] [Anna Goodward]: If we Vesperian's be good at one thing et is entertainment
    [13/12/17][20:58:04] [Anna Goodward]: *Flashes a smile*
    [13/12/17][20:58:16] [Alaster The Mad]: and forced work.
    [13/12/17][20:58:18] [Aurelius]: Anything I can do to assist, just say...
    [13/12/17][20:58:26] [King Blackthorn]: Certainly this would meet with my approval.
    [13/12/17][20:58:36] [Anna Goodward]: An' for tha facts. Et takes at least foive Vesperians ta deplete more booze than Alaster
    [13/12/17][20:58:45] [Alaster The Mad]: lies !!
    [13/12/17][20:58:49] [King Blackthorn]: The virtues are a fine system, but sometimes a little competition can be healthy
    [13/12/17][20:58:59] [Alaster The Mad]: * glug glug glug*
    [13/12/17][20:59:01] [Anna Goodward]: *Nod nod*
    [13/12/17][20:59:15] [King Blackthorn]: Anything else you would like to put forward?
    [13/12/17][20:59:27] [Anna Goodward]: Yea.... Well...
    [13/12/17][20:59:41] [Anna Goodward]: Ah kinda hit an issue sir with tha citizen office...
    [13/12/17][21:00:01] [Alaster The Mad]: * hands lemonade to morgy*
    [13/12/17][21:00:05] [King Blackthorn]: Issues?
    [13/12/17][21:00:05] [Anna Goodward]: We had donations but Ah wasn' able ta find out who donated cause no one raised their voice on what em want....
    [13/12/17][21:00:17] [King Blackthorn]: Ahh for the required buildings
    [13/12/17][21:00:24] [Anna Goodward]: *Shakes head*
    [13/12/17][21:00:32] [King Blackthorn]: Taxation?
    [13/12/17][21:00:34] [Hex]: i must leave
    [13/12/17][21:00:36] [Hex]: night all
    [13/12/17][21:00:41] [King Blackthorn]: Thank ye for coming Hex
    [13/12/17][21:00:41] [Alaster The Mad]: night hex !
    [13/12/17][21:00:44] [Moira]: nisght
    [13/12/17][21:00:51] [<9274797>Aurelius]: Night Hex
    [13/12/17][21:00:56] [<27873642>Hex]: night =)
    [13/12/17][21:00:58] [Anna Goodward]: Yea. Ah thought et would be nice if ya could address that by havin' em donators listed on tha townstone or somethin'...
    [13/12/17][21:01:01] [<63445164>Alaster The Mad]: hex = awesomeness
    [13/12/17][21:01:01] [Slappyjipper]: :O
    [13/12/17][21:01:04] [Anna Goodward]: Also a citizen index would be nice actualleh
    [13/12/17][21:01:10] [<27873642>Hex]: keep hitting him Anna
    [13/12/17][21:01:18] [drewster]: royal boxing
    [13/12/17][21:01:19] [<63445164>Alaster The Mad]: i'm innocent !
    [13/12/17][21:01:24] [King Blackthorn]: As a mage my powers are considerable, but even I cannot carve stone.
    [13/12/17][21:01:25] [<27873642>Hex]: never been
    [13/12/17][21:01:34] [Vincent Vega]: sadly M;Lord i must be off too
    [13/12/17][21:01:36] [Anna Goodward]: *Chuckles*
    [13/12/17][21:01:43] [King Blackthorn]: Ahh one second
    [13/12/17][21:01:46] [<63445164>Alaster The Mad]: what the
    [13/12/17][21:01:46] [Aurelius]: If donations at the stone worked as those at mailboxes do, though
    [13/12/17][21:01:55] [King Blackthorn]: Vincent, do please put your manifesto on the usual methods of communication
    [13/12/17][21:01:55] [<27873642>Hex]: *waves*
    [13/12/17][21:02:05] [Aurelius]: we would at least know the 'sender', which would be very useful..
    [13/12/17][21:02:12] [King Blackthorn]: and let me know in what ways the Kingdom can help
    [13/12/17][21:02:14] [<43681594>Someone Special]: i blame his mum, the moment she placed that teet on the whisky bottle, we were all doomed :p
    [13/12/17][21:02:17] [drewster]: oh yeah
    [13/12/17][21:02:23] [Alaster The Mad]: good point here aurelius !
    [13/12/17][21:02:24] [Mylee]: lol
    [13/12/17][21:02:25] [Mylee]: :D
    [13/12/17][21:02:30] [<63445164>Alaster The Mad]: but but
    [13/12/17][21:02:32] [Anna Goodward]: *Nods*
    [13/12/17][21:02:33] [King Blackthorn]: Back to the issue at hand...
    [13/12/17][21:02:36] [Mylee]: King shes punching me :(
    [13/12/17][21:02:37] [ARAGORN]: *sighs*
    [13/12/17][21:02:42] [ARAGORN]: kids
    [13/12/17][21:02:55] [Alaster The Mad]: * steals fists*
    [13/12/17][21:02:59] [Sofia]: lol
    [13/12/17][21:03:00] [Mylee]: *nods*
    [13/12/17][21:03:04] [Sofia]: D:
    [13/12/17][21:03:06] [King Blackthorn]: I can request my law makers look at the question of tracking donations
    [13/12/17][21:03:20] [Anna Goodward]: Thank ya sir...
    [13/12/17][21:03:30] [<9274797>Aurelius]: someone mistakenly deposited material for their town loyalty on the Britain stone instead...
    [13/12/17][21:03:33] [King Blackthorn]: But I believe there is a magic power, known as The Pincus which records which hands last touched an item in a mail box
    [13/12/17][21:03:40] [<9274797>Aurelius]: Would like to be able to find out who and return the ingots...
    [13/12/17][21:03:50] [King Blackthorn]: You may seek to get people to donate to you directly to track those hands in the short term
    [13/12/17][21:03:54] [<46566390>drewster]: how many
    [13/12/17][21:04:09] [Anna Goodward]: Won' work for donated shines sire
    [13/12/17][21:04:11] [King Blackthorn]: In the meantime, I can forward on a request the stone tracks individuals
    [13/12/17][21:04:14] [<9274797>Aurelius]: 3000 I think, enough to get to the voting loyalty level...
    [13/12/17][21:04:23] [Anna Goodward]: *Nods*
    [13/12/17][21:04:33] [<46566390>drewster]: i passed some to the guy next to the stone
    [13/12/17][21:04:56] [King Blackthorn]: Do we have time for Vega, or has he left us to the land of nod already?
    [13/12/17][21:04:59] [Anna Goodward]: Well, tat be all from tha Vesperian end. Oh an' yeah. Check by at Swaggers Inn. Am runnin' tha Tuesday shifts if ya got ta address anehthin'
    [13/12/17][21:05:01] [<9274797>Aurelius]: that may be it then ;) you can have them back when we are done here ...
    [13/12/17][21:05:09] [<46566390>drewster]: no wonder i couldnt vote
    [13/12/17][21:05:14] [Anna Goodward]: Thank ya for yer patience sir
    [13/12/17][21:05:20] [Anna Goodward]: *Nods politely*
    [13/12/17][21:05:21] [Alaster The Mad]: * cheers the swagger's inn*
    [13/12/17][21:05:25] [King Blackthorn]: Meeting my people is always a pleasure!
    [13/12/17][21:05:37] [Anna Goodward]: *hisses at Lary*
    [13/12/17][21:05:39] [Larynda]: *Smiles*
    [13/12/17][21:05:44] [Alaster The Mad]: * steals a boot*
    [13/12/17][21:05:51] [King Blackthorn]: Well then, if Mr Vega can't be with us....?
    [13/12/17][21:05:54] [Alaster The Mad]: oh look !
    [13/12/17][21:06:03] [King Blackthorn]: Does anyone at all have any issues they'd like to raise?
    [13/12/17][21:06:07] [Alaster The Mad]: he seems asleep !
    [13/12/17][21:06:08] [Anna Goodward]: *******! *Swats Alaster's backhead!*
    [13/12/17][21:06:13] [Alaster The Mad]: waargh
    [13/12/17][21:06:21] [Alaster The Mad]: * hits table*
    [13/12/17][21:06:33] [King Blackthorn]: Apart from sexual tension ones please, this is still the highest table in the land I'd remind you
    [13/12/17][21:06:39] [Anna Goodward]: *Snatches her boot back*
    [13/12/17][21:06:40] [Alaster The Mad]: tell her !
    [13/12/17][21:06:41] [ARAGORN]: gonna need the royal medic soon if that keeps up
    [13/12/17][21:06:50] [ARAGORN]: not high enough if alasters head can still hit it
    [13/12/17][21:07:02] [King Blackthorn]: Well then, if there's nothing else...
    [13/12/17][21:07:09] [Alaster The Mad]: hehe, i've hide bottles here from my last office !
    [13/12/17][21:07:12] [Alaster The Mad]: * gluglugluglug*
    [13/12/17][21:07:14] [Aryala]: We have heard the plans of the governors, what are the plans of the king though?
    [13/12/17][21:07:18] [Anna Goodward]: Hey! Am nay tha one gropin' between yer thighs *glares at Alaster*
    [13/12/17][21:07:22] [King Blackthorn]: Ahh, a good question!
    [13/12/17][21:07:31] [King Blackthorn]: *steps up and taps the banners again*
    [13/12/17][21:07:44] [King Blackthorn]: I miss our former Liege too you know
    [13/12/17][21:07:56] [King Blackthorn]: But... now is finally the time to truly explore Chaos I believe
    [13/12/17][21:08:16] [ARAGORN]: o_O
    [13/12/17][21:08:18] [King Blackthorn]: Not the barbarity done in it's name by ridiculous fools in metal tins
    [13/12/17][21:08:30] [Alaster The Mad]: yeah, vesperians !
    [13/12/17][21:08:35] [Slappyjipper]: I resent that
    [13/12/17][21:08:36] [Morgana]: Liar !
    [13/12/17][21:08:37] [Slappyjipper]: !
    [13/12/17][21:08:38] [King Blackthorn]: But true chaos, creative, confusing but nurturing
    [13/12/17][21:08:40] [Anna Goodward]: *snorts*
    [13/12/17][21:08:41] [Alaster The Mad]: woops.
    [13/12/17][21:08:47] [King Blackthorn]: So, I was thinking in the new year....
    [13/12/17][21:09:00] [King Blackthorn]: I'd like to come visit some of your events. See the breadth of voices in the land
    [13/12/17][21:09:07] [Larynda]: *Whistles..*
    [13/12/17][21:09:11] [Mylee]: *Go Get Him Boy!*
    [13/12/17][21:09:13] [King Blackthorn]: Admittedly, I'd prefer it if you were fully dressed when I did
    [13/12/17][21:09:21] [Alaster The Mad]: oh nooo !
    [13/12/17][21:09:24] [King Blackthorn]: And there are matters of state to address first
    [13/12/17][21:09:26] [Morgana]: ->
    [13/12/17][21:09:31] [ARAGORN]: that would be an event in itself
    [13/12/17][21:09:33] [Morgana]: *looks suspicious*
    [13/12/17][21:09:37] [Alaster The Mad]: yeah moira dress !
    [13/12/17][21:09:42] [Alaster The Mad]: mmh wait...
    [13/12/17][21:09:44] [Moira]: *smiles*
    [13/12/17][21:09:45] [King Blackthorn]: You are all aware of the reports I have been getting on a mysterious new sect called the Ordo Solstitium>
    [13/12/17][21:09:50] [ARAGORN]: aye
    [13/12/17][21:09:56] [Moira]: yeah
    [13/12/17][21:10:01] [Alaster The Mad]: indeed
    [13/12/17][21:10:13] [Moira]: *claps*
    [13/12/17][21:10:15] [King Blackthorn]: *nods* The Solstice approaches. I would like you all there on the 21st
    [13/12/17][21:10:19] [Alaster The Mad]: guess it's vesperians in disguise.
    [13/12/17][21:10:21] [Anna Goodward]: Are we still talkin' politics or 'bout the interior of Alaster's bum?
    [13/12/17][21:10:23] [Mylee]: *Go Get Him Boy!*
    [13/12/17][21:10:33] [Morgana]: 21 ? that is
    [13/12/17][21:10:34] [Alaster The Mad]: step back your hand you !
    [13/12/17][21:10:34] [Morgana]: !
    [13/12/17][21:10:41] [<9274797>Aurelius]: a realm-wide 'design a costume for Alaster' competition.. has potential ...
    [13/12/17][21:10:49] [<63445164>Alaster The Mad]: nooooo
    [13/12/17][21:11:00] [<63445164>Alaster The Mad]: it will finish in a jester suit i see it coming
    [13/12/17][21:11:01] [King Blackthorn]: Indeed Morgana
    [13/12/17][21:11:12] [Alaster The Mad]: i'll be present My Lord.
    [13/12/17][21:11:12] [Moira]: my liege, i wish you a good night!
    [13/12/17][21:11:14] [Mylee]: *Go Get Him Boy!*
    [13/12/17][21:11:19] [King Blackthorn]: Goodnight Moira!
    [13/12/17][21:11:22] [Anna Goodward]: Guh
    [13/12/17][21:11:23] [Alaster The Mad]: good night moira !
    [13/12/17][21:11:26] [Morgana]: and you M'am
    [13/12/17][21:11:29] [Moira]: good night!
    [13/12/17][21:11:34] [Anna Goodward]: Twennehfirst am occupied alreadeh sire
    [13/12/17][21:11:35] [Aurelius]: A slightly earlier time than usual, for the 21st, is it not?
    [13/12/17][21:11:36] [Alaster The Mad]: * steals nothing*
    [13/12/17][21:11:37] [Sparrow]: *Waves*
    [13/12/17][21:11:37] [Sparrow]: Fare thee well
    [13/12/17][21:11:39] [King Blackthorn]: Assuming the Ritual proves harmless, I believe we can rest until after the New Year
    [13/12/17][21:11:51] [King Blackthorn]: And aye Aurelius, 6pm in Britannian time
    [13/12/17][21:12:15] [King Blackthorn]: The Royal Party Goer tells me there was a wish to perhaps be a bit earlier on weekends
    [13/12/17][21:12:16] [ARAGORN]: if rl doesnt press in the erm new world i will be there (meaning if i dont have to work late)
    [13/12/17][21:12:34] [Anna Goodward]: Darn, got ta try ta squeeze tat in
    [13/12/17][21:12:39] [Alaster The Mad]: don't worry, i'll protect you all ! *hic*
    [13/12/17][21:12:41] [Aurelius]: There' a job worth applying for.....
    [13/12/17][21:12:50] [Aryala]: The peasanty party goers would like to remind the royal one that time zones make that very early
    [13/12/17][21:12:53] [Aryala]: for some of us.
    [13/12/17][21:13:00] [Alaster The Mad]: * falls on anna's legs*
    [13/12/17][21:13:01] [King Blackthorn]: I suggest if you cannot attend, get friends to do so. I must have opinions from people I trust on how safe this Ritual of Fawn is!
    [13/12/17][21:13:22] [ARAGORN]: guinea pigs then my lord?
    [13/12/17][21:13:28] [Anna Goodward]: *Swats Alaster*
    [13/12/17][21:13:35] [Alaster The Mad]: waargh
    [13/12/17][21:13:38] [King Blackthorn]: But aye Aryala, I am aware of the difficulty of balancing time
    [13/12/17][21:13:51] [King Blackthorn]: Apparently this is the Ordo's concern too. We shall see
    [13/12/17][21:14:07] [Morgana]: *Finally, Alaster's bandana gone broke after some hits*
    [13/12/17][21:14:27] [King Blackthorn]: So... with that in mind, it's time to continue to thrash the daemons below my castle. I shall send in a lesser mage who would like a word briefly though
    [13/12/17][21:14:28] [Alaster The Mad]: * palps bald head*
    [13/12/17][21:14:38] [King Blackthorn]: For now, goodnight my People!
    [13/12/17][21:14:40] [Alaster The Mad]: damn, you going to pay me that vesperian !
    [13/12/17][21:14:42] [Sparrow]: *Waves*
    [13/12/17][21:14:42] [Sparrow]: Fare thee well
    [13/12/17][21:14:44] [Egan]: Goodnight

    (Sees Wanda about to leave the hall)

    [13/12/17][21:15:06] [EM Gotan]: oi :p
    [13/12/17][21:15:06] [Morgana]: ùAhhhh
    [13/12/17][21:15:08] [drewster]: +speed hacker
    [13/12/17][21:15:15] [Alaster The Mad]: ahahah veti
    [13/12/17][21:15:18] [EM Gotan]: Oh come on, Blackthorn's not THAT much better than me!
    [13/12/17][21:15:19] [Vetinari]: hi
    [13/12/17][21:15:24] [Morgana]: hi
    [13/12/17][21:15:27] [Morgana]: :)
    [13/12/17][21:15:29] [Alaster The Mad]: *steals undies*
    [EM Gotan]: my pants!
    [13/12/17][21:15:34] [Alaster The Mad]: damnit !!
    [13/12/17][21:15:34] [Aurelius]: Flashier costume ...
    [13/12/17][21:15:38] [ARAGORN]: lol
    [13/12/17][21:15:39] [Alaster The Mad]: ahah got them !
    [13/12/17][21:15:40] [EM Gotan]: Ok, to clarify out of character
    [13/12/17][21:15:44] [Keenan]: Hail Gotan :)
    [13/12/17][21:15:46] [drewster]: evening gotan
    [13/12/17][21:15:53] [EM Gotan]: Do please send in the player events you want to run
    [13/12/17][21:16:07] [EM Gotan]: I can merge them into my own stories, and certainly advertise your stuff
    [13/12/17][21:16:07] [ARAGORN]: to?
    [13/12/17][21:16:16] [Alaster The Mad]: enslaving vesperians is an option ?
    [13/12/17][21:16:27] [EM Gotan]: Either my account at stratics, the uoem page, or email to [email protected]
    [13/12/17][21:16:27] [Morgana]: Great, thanks Gotan :)
    [13/12/17][21:16:29] [Anna Goodward]: *Snorts*
    [13/12/17][21:16:35] [EM Gotan]: Alaster, yes if Vesper goes with the story line
    [13/12/17][21:16:44] [Aurelius]: So no....
    [13/12/17][21:16:45] [Aurelius]: *Smiles*
    [13/12/17][21:16:48] [Someone Special]: lol
    [13/12/17][21:16:48] [Alaster The Mad]: ahah !
    [13/12/17][21:16:51] [Anna Goodward]: *Lights a match and holds it at Alaster's beard*
    [13/12/17][21:16:56] [Alaster The Mad]: NOOOO
    [13/12/17][21:16:56] [EM Gotan]: You can roleplay trying to enslave them, they can roleplay fighting it, but I cannot make them do anything
    [13/12/17][21:17:06] [EM Gotan]: I can have the King know about it however
    [13/12/17][21:17:10] [Alaster The Mad]: oh i know Gotan, don't worry
    [13/12/17][21:17:15] [Alaster The Mad]: was just joking
    [13/12/17][21:17:24] [Anna Goodward]: Ah'll beat him dead with mah iron pan
    [13/12/17][21:17:31] [Alaster The Mad]: since Anna's beat me daily...
    [13/12/17][21:17:41] [EM Gotan]: Same with the building designs; if you can mock it up with insideuo, you're more likely to get support as I can show what you want doing
    [13/12/17][21:17:51] [Alaster The Mad]: sure !
    [13/12/17][21:17:51] [Anna Goodward]: *Stomps Alaster's foot*
    [13/12/17][21:17:53] [Alaster The Mad]: i'll g
    [13/12/17][21:17:55] [Alaster The Mad]: waargh
    [13/12/17][21:17:57] [EM Gotan]: Just one per election cycle though, and no promises
    [13/12/17][21:18:03] [Someone Special]: The problem is, the more you hit em, the more they get used to it...
    [13/12/17][21:18:04] [Mylee]: Hi there
    [13/12/17][21:18:06] [Alaster The Mad]: i'll go for the bank first. As long as it's possible.
    [13/12/17][21:18:07] [Mylee]: *Whistles*
    [13/12/17][21:18:08] [Mylee]: I have a question
    [13/12/17][21:18:15] [EM Gotan]: So any questions out of character?
    [13/12/17][21:18:16] [Morgana]: Okay, thanks again Gotan
    [13/12/17][21:18:17] [Morgana]: :)
    [13/12/17][21:18:18] [Mylee]: I have a question
    [13/12/17][21:18:22] [Alaster The Mad]: * eats left boot*
    [13/12/17][21:18:24] [EM Gotan]: Mylee?
    [13/12/17][21:18:30] [Mylee]: *Go Get Him Boy!*
    [13/12/17][21:18:33] [Mylee]: *Go Get Him Boy!*
    [13/12/17][21:18:35] [Alaster The Mad]: ah!
    [13/12/17][21:18:42] [Mylee]: yes, lat evnt i went to i thought we ere getting an event item but nothing?
    [13/12/17][21:18:51] [Mylee]: Im not trying to be rude its just never had one before
    [13/12/17][21:18:57] [drewster]: not always about an item mylee
    [13/12/17][21:19:04] [Mylee]: *Go Get Him Boy!*
    [13/12/17][21:19:07] [Mylee]: I know but nothing happened
    [13/12/17][21:19:09] [EM Gotan]: That should be rescheduled for a later date; I needed to do this and the Xmas one approaching as well though
    [13/12/17][21:19:10] [Anna Goodward]: Ah think mistah madpants 'ere is in ta payin' back for all tha stolen undies
    [13/12/17][21:19:19] [Keenan]: nice
    [13/12/17][21:19:21] [Keenan]: *claps*
    [13/12/17][21:19:21] [Mylee]: ah okay
    [13/12/17][21:19:22] [EM Gotan]: New year sometime, once the backlog of work is cleared
    [13/12/17][21:19:23] [Mylee]: *Go Get Him Boy!*
    [13/12/17][21:19:26] [Alaster The Mad]: i'm innocent !
    [13/12/17][21:19:33] [Alaster The Mad]: it's all because of the booze.
    [13/12/17][21:19:33] [EM Gotan]: Again, no promises :p But I want to run it
    [13/12/17][21:19:35] [Mylee]: So what happens on event ive never been?
    [13/12/17][21:19:50] [EM Gotan]: Well in general, I won't say in advance what an event will include
    [13/12/17][21:19:53] [drewster]: you die lots
    [13/12/17][21:20:04] [Morgana]: Apart some grey robes !
    [13/12/17][21:20:05] [Mylee]: I surpose all different?
    [13/12/17][21:20:07] [Morgana]: :D
    [13/12/17][21:20:08] [EM Gotan]: Some will be roleplay like this, some will be automatic like the RI one
    [13/12/17][21:20:10] [ARAGORN]: everything including the mud the blood and the beer
    [13/12/17][21:20:10] [Anna Goodward]: Ah'll be buseh ovah tha holidays havin' helluva fun an' all tat without -YOU- *pokes tounge out at Alaster*
    [13/12/17][21:20:13] [Alaster The Mad]: yeah i'd say : let's let Gotan takes his marks, and i'm sure we'll all die in a fun way !
    [13/12/17][21:20:16] [EM Gotan]: Do you know Skaros upstairs?
    [13/12/17][21:20:25] [Mylee]: Nope
    [13/12/17][21:20:31] [Alaster The Mad]: oh yeah ? Me too ! : pokes... well...
    [13/12/17][21:20:35] [EM Gotan]: Climb the stairs, say "Investigation" to him
    [13/12/17][21:20:43] [EM Gotan]: That one is setting the lore for the coming event
    [13/12/17][21:20:48] [Morgana]: *hugs*
    [13/12/17][21:20:51] [wanda]: hug
    [13/12/17][21:20:52] [Anna Goodward]: (Oh nice)
    [13/12/17][21:20:53] [Sparrow]: On the 21st bring things of heat and Fire
    [13/12/17][21:20:54] [EM Gotan]: STUFF will happen at that, but I wont say what
    [13/12/17][21:20:58] [Mylee]: Ah okay thanks brb then :)
    [13/12/17][21:21:01] [Alaster The Mad]: (see that ?)
    [13/12/17][21:21:06] [Aurelius]: It may take a while Mylee
    [13/12/17][21:21:07] [EM Gotan]: But yes, bear in mind some will be combat
    [13/12/17][21:21:13] [Mylee]: Okay cool
    [13/12/17][21:21:16] [Morgana]: nice
    [13/12/17][21:21:17] [Alaster The Mad]: * hugs wanda !*
    [13/12/17][21:21:17] [Morgana]: :)
    [13/12/17][21:21:19] [EM Gotan]: I hope to add ways to help those who dont fight
    [13/12/17][21:21:19] [Keenan]: :)
    [13/12/17][21:21:22] [wanda]: hugs
    [13/12/17][21:21:23] [Aurelius]: Skaros sets you on the first step of a trail ..
    [13/12/17][21:21:34] [EM Gotan]: But they may not all work. So you're as new to them as everyone else is about to be :p
    [13/12/17][21:21:49] [EM Gotan]: Ok, anyone else whilst I'm here?
    [13/12/17][21:21:51] [Alaster The Mad]: * pinches bum*
    [13/12/17][21:21:53] [Sparrow]: On the 21st bring things of heat and Fire
    [13/12/17][21:21:59] [Anna Goodward]: (certainly prefer anything that doesn't involve chaos bash and die suicide mission - but that's me ;))
    [13/12/17][21:22:14] [Alaster The Mad]: * palps*
    [13/12/17][21:22:16] [EM Gotan]: I need to provide some of them Anna too
    [13/12/17][21:22:17] [Alaster The Mad]: ohoh !
    [13/12/17][21:22:29] [EM Gotan]: Also... and this is me not wearing a robe here
    [13/12/17][21:22:33] [EM Gotan]: CALM DOWN ALASTER
    [13/12/17][21:22:34] [Anna Goodward]: (I know :D don' worry)
    [13/12/17][21:22:40] [Alaster The Mad]: ahaha
    [13/12/17][21:22:45] [EM Gotan]: I won't know until I set stuff on you how well it works
    [13/12/17][21:23:03] [Anna Goodward]: Can we glue some cloth to Alaster?
    [13/12/17][21:23:09] [Mylee]: *Go Get Him Boy!*
    [13/12/17][21:23:09] [Alaster The Mad]: omg noooo
    [13/12/17][21:23:17] [EM Gotan]: Please forgive me if something proves too hard, there's such a range of templates that it's impossible to know for sure how you'll handle something
    [13/12/17][21:23:18] [Mylee]: I ahve no idear where he is just ran round the hole thing.
    [13/12/17][21:23:23] [Alaster The Mad]: can we glue anna to a tree ?
    [13/12/17][21:23:28] [Alaster The Mad]: morgy will approve
    [13/12/17][21:23:29] [EM Gotan]: That's an idea.... a "cloth alaster" command, I'll ask for that
    [13/12/17][21:23:30] [Aurelius]: Mylee... I'll show you where he is.. if I can remember ...
    [13/12/17][21:23:37] [Keenan]: sweeet
    [13/12/17][21:23:37] [Mylee]: ty
    [13/12/17][21:23:41] [Anna Goodward]: *Giggles*
    [13/12/17][21:23:44] [ARAGORN]: woot
    [13/12/17][21:23:44] [Alaster The Mad]: no no please don't talk to mesanna about that
    [13/12/17][21:23:46] [Alaster The Mad]: please !
    [13/12/17][21:23:50] [Anna Goodward]: *Gives Gotan a thumbs up*
    [13/12/17][21:24:05] [EM Gotan]: Also, I hope you'll give me feedback on how I'm doing the job
    [13/12/17][21:24:07] [Alaster The Mad]: what about an undress anna command
    [13/12/17][21:24:13] [drewster]: ofc
    [13/12/17][21:24:16] [Morgana]: Peoples from Europa never flee against a monster. And this won't be the time :)
    [13/12/17][21:24:18] [Alaster The Mad]: * tries*
    [13/12/17][21:24:21] [EM Gotan]: Confession time, I was watching some of you with the RI npcs to see how you handled it :p
    [13/12/17][21:24:28] [Anna Goodward]: Don'cha dare!
    [13/12/17][21:24:41] [Alaster The Mad]: women...
    [13/12/17][21:24:42] [EM Gotan]: If something is frustrating, let me know; we're all here to have fun together
    [13/12/17][21:24:54] [Alaster The Mad]: Gotan
    [13/12/17][21:24:58] [EM Gotan]: Aye Alaster?
    [13/12/17][21:25:01] [Alaster The Mad]: the fact you take time like that
    [13/12/17][21:25:10] [Alaster The Mad]: proves you're honest about what you just said
    [13/12/17][21:25:20] [Morgana]: Well Said amd totally agreed !
    [13/12/17][21:25:27] [ARAGORN]: here here
    [13/12/17][21:25:27] [drewster]: :)
    [13/12/17][21:25:37] [Alaster The Mad]: i think you going to rock with Europa, in a hmm
    [13/12/17][21:25:37] [Sparrow]: Agreed
    [13/12/17][21:25:40] [Anna Goodward]: Afraid Alaster's right. Even though Ah hate ta admit tat
    [13/12/17][21:25:53] [EM Gotan]: Well, I try. I must admit I agree with blackthorn though, bright blue wang wasn't in the job description :p
    [13/12/17][21:25:57] [Alaster The Mad]: i'm also right on the fact vesperians should be enslaved.
    [13/12/17][21:26:05] [Anna Goodward]: *Giggles*
    [13/12/17][21:26:27] [EM Gotan]: Make a nice plot where you try to do it, and I'm sure I can fit it in somewhere!
    [13/12/17][21:26:30] [Alaster The Mad]: i feel lot of good things coming.
    [13/12/17][21:26:38] [Anna Goodward]: *Glares*
    [13/12/17][21:26:41] [EM Gotan]: Ok, anything else you need to know?
    [13/12/17][21:26:46] [EM Gotan]: Within reason :p
    [13/12/17][21:26:47] [Alaster The Mad]: and it has nothing to do with anna trying to rob my apron.
    [13/12/17][21:26:50] [Anna Goodward]: Next thing a burn won' be yer beard
    [13/12/17][21:26:57] [Alaster The Mad]: omg
    [13/12/17][21:26:59] [Morgana]: the Moonglow Grapes furniture to Skara is at his end.
    [13/12/17][21:27:05] [Alaster The Mad]: ahaha
    [13/12/17][21:27:08] [Morgana]: :p
    [13/12/17][21:27:10] [Alaster The Mad]: don't worry
    [13/12/17][21:27:13] [Alaster The Mad]: i have lemonade
    [13/12/17][21:27:18] [Morgana]: ack..
    [13/12/17][21:27:21] [Anna Goodward]: Eww
    [13/12/17][21:27:32] [EM Gotan]: Ok chaps, thanks for making my second live event fun... time to go off duty for me
    [13/12/17][21:27:45] [Morgana]: thanks for all the effort Gotan !
    [13/12/17][21:27:45] [Alaster The Mad]: * cheers !*
    [13/12/17][21:27:47] [Anna Goodward]: Ya take care mistah *waves*
    [13/12/17][21:27:50] [EM Gotan]: Remember, Stratics, the uoem page contact forms or [email protected]
    [13/12/17][21:27:52] [EM Gotan]: And also!
    [13/12/17][21:27:52] [drewster]: thanks
    [13/12/17][21:27:56] [wanda]: *claps*
    [13/12/17][21:27:57] [Sparrow]: Great session congratulations
    [13/12/17][21:27:57] [drewster]: see you saturday
    [13/12/17][21:28:00] [Sparrow]: *Waves*
    [13/12/17][21:28:00] [Sparrow]: Fare thee well
    [13/12/17][21:28:05] [EM Gotan]: Points if you write this up with Annabel Lee... let's make this shard seem alive again!
    [13/12/17][21:28:08] [Alaster The Mad]: seems we got an awesome EM here
    [13/12/17][21:28:19] [Morgana]: for Em Gotan
    [13/12/17][21:28:20] [EM Gotan]: Good night one and all!
    [13/12/17][21:28:23] [EM Gotan]: *bows*
    [13/12/17][21:28:24] [Morgana]: hip hip...
    [13/12/17][21:28:26] [Alaster The Mad]: pantsless, though
    [13/12/17][21:28:27] [Morgana]: Hooray !
    [13/12/17][21:28:28] [Someone Special]: Good Night >:)
    [13/12/17][21:28:28] [Alaster The Mad]: HURRA
    [13/12/17][21:28:30] [ARAGORN]: good afternoon gotan :)
    [13/12/17][21:28:31] [drewster]: hahaha
    [13/12/17][21:28:33] [Morgana]: *poof...*
    [13/12/17][21:28:35] [Morgana]: gone
    [13/12/17][21:28:38] [Infurita]: Sanctum Viatas
    [13/12/17][21:28:39] [Anna Goodward]: *draws her bow*
    [13/12/17][21:28:50] [Alaster The Mad]: ok anna, we'll settle this when you'll be my slave !
    [13/12/17][21:28:52] [Someone Special]: Alaster RUUUNNNN
    [13/12/17][21:28:52] [Morgana]: thanks everyone to come along
    [13/12/17][21:28:53] [Morgana]: :)
  6. THP

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    Oct 13, 2003
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    mmm.....can i ask if u forget to place the europa toy box on this day.....we seem to be the last major shard still without one???
  7. Bobar

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    'mmm.....can i ask if u forget to place the europa toy box on this day.....we seem to be the last major shard still without one???'

    Patience , Patience, It is still a week till Christmas and I suspect the 21st has some significance​
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  8. EM Gotan

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    No spoilers for anyone! But the Christmas Deco is now up in Luna, let me know what you think of that... I've not forgotten you all, just a lot of Decemeber Commitments to complete ;)

    Edit: I'll be going through the event log again soon and contacting the Governors to look at their suggestions in more detail... if you know any who don't use Stratics, get them to drop me an email or use the contact form Europa.uoem.net so we can discuss it, thanks!
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