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(RP) Council Meeting Notes - 5/14

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Alexianna, May 15, 2015.

  1. Alexianna

    Alexianna Journeyman
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    Aug 4, 2007
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    As promised, here is a copy of the notes I took during tonight's council meeting.

    Governor of Moonglow
    Date: Thursday, May 14th, 2015
    Time: 6:30 PM CST
    Role Call: Governors Methos of Jhelom, A.J. Jameson of Minoc, Marshall Fields of Britain, Luck of Moonglow, and The Rage Munkie of Yew all present. Cities of New Magincia, Trinsic, Skara Brae, and Jhelom as well as the Crown are unrepresented this evening. Citizens present include Kiss, Dark Rayne, Taeara Mi'Aken, Gypsy Rose, Greyling & Harv. Proceedings overseen by Governor Luck of Moonglow.

    Jhelom - Governor Methos came prepared with 3 books to present to His Majesty King Blackthorn on future development plans for Jhelom. Priority projects underlined. Jhelom presently holds a trade deal with the Guild of Arcane Arts.
    • Jhelom has no Governor's office. Suggested location - library basement.
    • Construction Request: Small island - upgrade to a cultural center
    • Upgraded infrastructure: Roads
    • Building request: Trammel arena with Felucca-like magical alterations. (Haven arena is considered too laggy)
    • Repurposing Request: 'Call to Arms' building to be leased to an alternative vendor. Suggestion - Mage shop. (Easier for citizens to not have to use town teleporters to reach Magicks shop on outlying island, may reduce sales for existing Mage vendor.)
    • Upgraded infrastructure: Larger dock/seaport. (Pirate activity is rampant in the area and a larger dock would leave room for more royal ships.)
    • Miscellaneous: Deforestation of some of the jungle areas to make room for housing.
    • Construction Request: Stable
    New Magincia - Absent.

    Minoc - No news reported. (Governor Jameson excused himself with pressing matters.)

    Britain - Governor Fields stated that Britain is stable & well. Britain currently holds a trade deal with the Bardic Collegium.
    • Britain has been widely supporting other towns (Ferry to Yew, Proposed Arcane Circle in New Magincia, etc.)
    • Britain will be sponsoring a tournament in the future. (Gold, prizes, etc.) Exact date & rules set to be forthcoming. Still in the planning stages.
    Trinisic - Absent (See below)

    Moonglow - Governor Luck reports that Moonglow is doing well as a whole, but to be aware that Governor Rage was attacked by the Dread Lord and his followers outside of Moonglow within the past few weeks. Moonglow continues to hold its long-standing relationship with the Guild of Arcane Arts.

    • Citizens of Sosaria met with a man named David Doowit last week at the Britannia Royal Zoo. Master Doowit charged those present with hunting down a group of poachers who were after Sosaria's eldest known living dragon, a 5000 year old wyrm named Crixus. The poachers proved to be formidable foes but were ultimately handled and the dragon relocated.
    • David Doowit promised further jobs and riches as a reward for supporting the Royal Britannia Zoo.
    • As of this afternoon, the Zoo had upgraded to its first tier and was housing a lovely new crane. A special thanks was made to Avan Devir for his contribution of many Ki-Rins to the collection.
    Skara Brae - Absent

    Vesper - Absent

    Yew - Governor Rage reports that Yew has been quiet. Yew has a trade deal in place with the Guild of Assassins.
    • Yew has been building funds for a Felucca arena. Reported to be close to their initial goal. Further details to be worked out with His Majesty.
    Trinsic - (Governor Leeda arrived) - Trinsic is reported to be doing fine. Trinsic holds a trading partnership with the Merchant's Association.

    Matters of the Realm - It was proposed that the Council approach His Majesty about changing the time of future council meetings one hour later, to be held at 8pm EST/7pm CST instead of 7pm EST/6pm CST. With the majority of Governors in attendance, a vote was taken: Jhelom - Aye, Britain - Aye, Trinsic - Aye, Moonglow - Aye, Yew - Aye. The ayes have it. Matter to be presented to the King for consideration.

    Other - Taeara reported an "unsettling discovery" in Ter Mur in the old camp to the East of the Royal City. She spoke of strangers creatures that appeared to be multiplying (first survey found 2 such creatures, most recent survey counted 8 in total.) The abilities resemble Bog Things at first glance. They are very resilient, impervious to fire, highly adept at magery, possess deadly poison, and have the ability to teleport. Governor Rage supposes they are "Night Terrors" and that the Dread Lord is behind them. It is suggested that we alert Queen Zhah to their presence and offer aide if so desired. Taeara reported that she has been taking regular trips to reduce the number of the creatures but has yet to be able to slay one. She considered them to be one of the toughest individual creatures in Sosaria. Taeara will be scheduling a formal hunt to reduce their population the week after next.

    Meeting adjourned at approximately 7:23 pm CST.

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