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EM Announcement [Councul Du Roi] 17th January at 8pm GMT

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by EM Gotan, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. EM Gotan

    EM Gotan UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator

    Nov 7, 2013
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    The second meeting of the Council is set for Friday 17th at 8pm GMT in the Castle Blackthorn meeting room.

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  2. Mapper

    Mapper Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Oct 24, 2005
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    I have been informed our Britain Governor Aurelius has some internet gremlins and may be unable to attend tonights event. They have gave him no ETA of a fix. :sad3:
  3. Aurelius

    Aurelius Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 26, 2004
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    Thanks to Mapper for passing on word (good thing I had another way to contact him!) - but after 7 hours downtime, it looks like Virgin Media have got the systems working again round here so with a little luck I'll make it to the meeting, unless they break it again between now and 8!
  4. EM Gotan

    EM Gotan UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator

    Nov 7, 2013
    Likes Received:
    First part of the chat log, before the arrival of King Blackthorn:

    [14/01/17][19:50:53] [TRIX]: naked Ali ofc
    [14/01/17][19:50:59] [Scribouillard]: tss tss
    [14/01/17][19:51:02] [TRIX]: i do hope u bathed today for this
    [14/01/17][19:51:03] [Alaster The Mad]: Hello All. You Will Give Me Pants
    [14/01/17][19:51:03] [TRIX]: lol
    [14/01/17][19:51:21] [Scribouillard]: why are you wellow now ?
    [14/01/17][19:51:27] [Minerva Foxglove]: evening
    [14/01/17][19:51:57] [Alaster The Mad]: I Go Yellow When It Is Cold
    [14/01/17][19:52:03] [TRIX]: lol
    [14/01/17][19:52:17] [Aurelius]: Evening alaster
    [14/01/17][19:52:28] [TRIX]: glad u have shorts on but they really need a good wash
    [14/01/17][19:52:39] [TRIX]: any wonder u steal panties
    [14/01/17][19:52:40] [Alaster The Mad]: OMFG It Is Aurelipants
    [14/01/17][19:53:28] [Vincent Vega]: LOL
    [14/01/17][19:53:28] [Scribouillard]: hi Tokot
    [14/01/17][19:53:37] [Tokot]: hello there
    [14/01/17][19:53:38] [Scribouillard]: *feels observed*
    [14/01/17][19:53:47] [Amantala]: look!!!!
    [14/01/17][19:53:48] [Vincent Vega]: !!!!
    [14/01/17][19:53:51] [Vincent Vega]: hahaaha
    [14/01/17][19:53:53] [Amantala]: twins
    [14/01/17][19:53:57] [Vincent Vega]: yea
    [14/01/17][19:53:58] [Vincent Vega]: how nice!
    [14/01/17][19:54:01] [Amantala]: i love them
    [14/01/17][19:54:02] [Tokot]: you're keeping chair for someone? :)
    [14/01/17][19:54:03] [Amantala]: by the way
    [14/01/17][19:54:04] [Amantala]: good luck!
    [14/01/17][19:54:08] [Hex]: evening
    [14/01/17][19:54:09] [Scribouillard]: nah
    [14/01/17][19:54:10] [Vincent Vega]: so u have tobuy one ^^
    [14/01/17][19:54:14] [Iljian]: Evening
    [14/01/17][19:54:17] [Amantala]: i need to rob a bank
    [14/01/17][19:54:18] [Skuld]: evening
    [14/01/17][19:54:19] [Scribouillard]: please have it
    [14/01/17][19:54:22] [TRIX]: lol
    [14/01/17][19:54:22] [Vincent Vega]: not yews!
    [14/01/17][19:54:27] [Amantala]: Ello wanda chuck
    [14/01/17][19:54:27] [Scribouillard]: hello Skuld
    [14/01/17][19:54:30] [Aurelius]: Evening Iljian
    [14/01/17][19:54:33] [Vincent Vega]: Hello Wanda!
    [14/01/17][19:54:39] [Tokot]: thanks :)
    [14/01/17][19:54:47] [Vincent Vega]: Trent :)
    [14/01/17][19:54:49] [TRIX]: i love your boots Amantala
    [14/01/17][19:54:49] [Skuld]: *pats Mylord Scribouillard*
    [14/01/17][19:54:53] [Scribouillard]: hehe
    [14/01/17][19:54:54] [Skuld]: 'ello Scribby
    [14/01/17][19:54:57] [Scribouillard]: hello
    [14/01/17][19:55:02] [Scribouillard]: good to see the light
    [14/01/17][19:55:03] [Amantala]: My boots?
    [14/01/17][19:55:04] [Scribouillard]: sometimes
    [14/01/17][19:55:10] [TRIX]: aye the color rox
    [14/01/17][19:55:13] [Amantala]: hehe thanks
    [14/01/17][19:55:16] [Amantala]: Purples is the best!
    [14/01/17][19:55:21] [TRIX]: sandals rather
    [14/01/17][19:55:27] [TRIX]: but foot gear non the less
    [14/01/17][19:55:34] [Amantala]: i have a nice collection fo purp-le sandales
    [14/01/17][19:55:34] [TRIX]: i love purple
    [14/01/17][19:55:37] [Amantala]: hehe
    [14/01/17][19:55:38] [Amantala]: me too!
    [14/01/17][19:56:01] [Amantala]: evening paps
    [14/01/17][19:56:11] [cernunnos]: evening
    [14/01/17][19:56:13] [TRIX]: hi Cernunos
    [14/01/17][19:56:22] [cernunnos]: hi
    [14/01/17][19:56:23] [Annalyssia]: k back and all yours now
    [14/01/17][19:56:44] [Drake Ironheart]: Dium Prostra
    [14/01/17][19:57:33] [Jarnsaxa]: *waves to Wanda, Amantala, Hex & Trent*
    [14/01/17][19:57:40] [Alaster The Mad]: Vesper Shall Slave In Nothing But Their Pants For Skara Brae OMFG
    [14/01/17][19:57:52] [Iljian]: *blinks*
    [14/01/17][19:57:59] [Iljian]: What ith he going on about?
    [14/01/17][19:58:15] [Minerva Foxglove]: not sure they see you
    [14/01/17][19:58:18] [Annalyssia]: lol. no idea
    [14/01/17][19:58:24] [Jarnsaxa]: aye
    [14/01/17][19:58:27] [Jarnsaxa]: probably not
    [14/01/17][19:58:28] [Alaster The Mad]: The King Agreed To My Plan Last Month. Slaves. Pants. Bank
    [14/01/17][19:58:43] [Drake Ironheart]: All hail my great friend Lord Sparrow
    [14/01/17][19:58:43] [Scribouillard]: slaves ??
    [14/01/17][19:58:49] [Iljian]: *looks puzzled still*
    [14/01/17][19:58:55] [Sparrow]: ty
    [14/01/17][19:58:56] [Sparrow]: *Smiles*
    [14/01/17][19:59:01] [Tokot]: we have to tie Alaster up to save Vesperians
    [14/01/17][19:59:08] [Annalyssia]: lol
    [14/01/17][19:59:09] [Drake Ironheart]: Sparrow the horse saw better days
    [14/01/17][19:59:10] [Scribouillard]: too late
    [14/01/17][19:59:11] [TRIX]: lol
    [14/01/17][19:59:16] [Scribouillard]: they are doomed for ages now
    [14/01/17][19:59:25] [Sparrow]: aye not too surprising
    [14/01/17][19:59:26] [Alaster The Mad]: I ROFL
    [14/01/17][19:59:29] [Sparrow]: *Smiles*
    [14/01/17][19:59:31] [Hotep Shakkara]: good evening everyone.
    [14/01/17][19:59:35] [Sparrow]: they die easy
    [14/01/17][19:59:35] [Drake Ironheart]: *cries*
    [14/01/17][19:59:38] [Vincent Vega]: Hail
    [14/01/17][19:59:38] [Tokot]: not a reason to refuse saving them
    [14/01/17][19:59:42] [Aryala]: Good evening.
    [14/01/17][19:59:43] [Aurelius]: Hello again Hotep
    [14/01/17][19:59:44] [Jarnsaxa]: 'ello Hotep
    [14/01/17][19:59:48] [Drake Ironheart]: Altought got a 16 aniversary one now
    [14/01/17][19:59:53] [Scribouillard]: they are beyond redemption
    [14/01/17][19:59:54] [Skuld]: 'ello Hotep
    [14/01/17][20:00:08] [Sparrow]: bonded then
    [14/01/17][20:00:11] [Drake Ironheart]: yeah
    [14/01/17][20:00:14] [Hotep Shakkara]: Unfortunately I couldn't be there last meeting due to illness.
    [14/01/17][20:00:14] [Sparrow]: so better
    [14/01/17][20:00:18] [Hotep Shakkara]: Did I miss anything important?
    [14/01/17][20:00:22] [Drake Ironheart]: Alot better
    [14/01/17][20:00:27] [Aurelius]: Hopefully you are recovered now?
    [14/01/17][20:00:29] [Alaster The Mad]: Already Lady Goodwind Slaves In My Pants Mine, With The Kings Approval
    [14/01/17][20:00:41] [Hotep Shakkara]: not fully, but doing better.
    [14/01/17][20:00:41] [cernunnos]: hey
    [14/01/17][20:00:47] [cernunnos]: hehe
    [14/01/17][20:00:51] [Aryala]: Goodward.
    [14/01/17][20:00:56] [Aurelius]: Doubt that Alaster ....
    [14/01/17][20:01:01] [cernunnos]: hi anna
    [14/01/17][20:01:06] [Vincent Vega]: Hello Anna
    [14/01/17][20:01:08] [Skuld]: *waves to Anna*
    [14/01/17][20:01:08] [Amantala]: Ello Anna chuck
    [14/01/17][20:01:09] [TRIX]: hi Anna
    [14/01/17][20:01:13] [Tokot]: do we have to tie up the king to save Vesperians as well?
    [14/01/17][20:01:14] [cernunnos]: looking good as always how are you
    [14/01/17][20:01:19] [Amantala]: Mike!
    [14/01/17][20:01:19] [Aurelius]: and yes, Anna Goodward is Governor of Vesper ...
    [14/01/17][20:01:22] [Anna Goodward]: Good eve everyone
    [14/01/17][20:01:24] [Scribouillard]: still can try
    [14/01/17][20:01:24] [Alaster The Mad]: Click... Yes. I Said This. All Vesper Shall Slave For Us
    [14/01/17][20:01:33] [Drake Ironheart]: Hi Anna
    [14/01/17][20:01:39] [Aurelius]: You might have a 'goodwind' in your prison somewhere but not the Vesper governor...
    [14/01/17][20:01:42] [Robin de Vries]: Good evening
    [14/01/17][20:01:47] [cernunnos]: hi phin
    [14/01/17][20:01:54] [TRIX]: à
    [14/01/17][20:01:58] [Aurelius]: good evening anna
    [14/01/17][20:02:01] [Phineas]: hello :)
    [14/01/17][20:02:02] [Alaster The Mad]: You Shall Be Quiet Aurelius And Hand Over Your Pants
    [14/01/17][20:02:05] [Anna Goodward]: Good eve
    [14/01/17][20:02:21] [Aurelius]: You do laundry now alaster?
    [14/01/17][20:02:28] [Annalyssia]: lol
    [14/01/17][20:02:29] [Hotep Shakkara]: Since I coulnt be there last time, I haven't made a request yet for Trinsic, do the citizens perhaps want anything specific?
    [14/01/17][20:02:42] [Aurelius]: I know you needed money but didn't think it was that bad ...
    [14/01/17][20:02:55] [Aurelius]: Taking in washing to finance Skara ...
    [14/01/17][20:03:08] [TRIX]: Hotep U can email the em with your requests
    [14/01/17][20:03:13] [Alaster The Mad]: We Have Many Undergarments To Have... click... this ... is...
    [14/01/17][20:03:14] [Hotep Shakkara]: yes but
    [14/01/17][20:03:16] [Iljian]: Maybe a mearchant place like in New Magincia?
    [14/01/17][20:03:58] [Hotep Shakkara]: Or is it still the harbor and the meeting hall, same as last time?
    [14/01/17][20:04:16] [Alaster The Mad]: blerp
    [14/01/17][20:04:26] [Iljian]: What ith wrong about the meeting hall?
    [14/01/17][20:04:28] [Drake Ironheart]: The king is late... what example does he give??
    [14/01/17][20:04:31] [Alaster The Mad]: blooop
    [14/01/17][20:04:42] [Scribouillard]: the King is dead
    [14/01/17][20:04:46] [Scribouillard]: long likve the King
    [14/01/17][20:04:49] [Hotep Shakkara]: Well a citizen asked if the pool in the center of the hall could be turned into a podium or something
    [14/01/17][20:04:52] [Antinea]: thanks :)
    [14/01/17][20:04:55] [TRIX]: well im sure he has very many events to attend to Drake
    [14/01/17][20:04:55] [Annalyssia]: lol
    [14/01/17][20:04:56] [Alaster The Mad]: blibble
    [14/01/17][20:04:58] [TRIX]: but i hear u
    [14/01/17][20:05:35] [Hotep Shakkara]: but other than that I don't know.
    [14/01/17][20:05:39] [TRIX]: Alastair wold be able to bath then lol
    [14/01/17][20:05:40] [Iljian]: A market place for merchanth would be more utheful though.
    [14/01/17][20:05:51] [Epi]: when is this thing starting?
    [14/01/17][20:05:54] [Skuld]: if his majesty is that late, I may sit down for a while I guess
    [14/01/17][20:05:55] [Hotep Shakkara]: I agree with that, brings more traffic to the town
    [14/01/17][20:05:59] [Scribouillard]: should have already been
    [14/01/17][20:06:03] [Hotep Shakkara]: oh and there was one other request I received
    [14/01/17][20:06:06] [Annalyssia]: indeed
    [14/01/17][20:07:05] [Alaster The Mad]: blarp
    [14/01/17][20:07:12] [Hotep Shakkara]: but I somewhat agree that it is quite a bit of a walk from the moongates to the city.
    [14/01/17][20:07:14] [Drake Ironheart]: I got an idea, put a PvP in the mddle of town
    [14/01/17][20:07:15] [Iljian]: Make it to outthide the main gate then. People will need to go patht the gate guardth then to en
    [14/01/17][20:07:16] [Alaster The Mad]: Orders Updated: Vesper Shall Give Me Their Pants
    [14/01/17][20:07:18] [Iljian]: enter.
    [14/01/17][20:07:23] [Alaster The Mad]: You Shall ALL Give Me Your Pants
    [14/01/17][20:07:25] [Anna Goodward]: Uhm.. Ah actualleh got ta jet cause am awaited for partyiin' an gettin' wasted. So Ah hope tis starts soonish
    [14/01/17][20:07:31] [Hotep Shakkara]: that sounds reasonable yes
    [14/01/17][20:07:33] [Anna Goodward]: An ya shuddup'!
    [14/01/17][20:07:37] [Anna Goodward]: *Snorts*
    [14/01/17][20:07:48] [Alaster The Mad]: flabble
    [14/01/17][20:08:17] [Sparrow]: Trinny used to run a market
    [14/01/17][20:08:39] [Skuld]: *curses Alaster*
    [14/01/17][20:08:41] [Amantala]: Alalster
    [14/01/17][20:08:43] [Amantala]: cover your bum!
    [14/01/17][20:08:44] [Vincent Vega]: *looks on alaster*
    [14/01/17][20:08:47] [Vincent Vega]: hmm!
    [14/01/17][20:08:51] [Amantala]: my eyes
    [14/01/17][20:08:53] [Amantala]: *covers eyes*
    [14/01/17][20:08:53] [Alaster The Mad]: blooop
    [14/01/17][20:08:54] [Hex]: he looks different
    [14/01/17][20:09:26] [Hotep Shakkara]: I gree.
    [14/01/17][20:09:31] [Hotep Shakkara]: Agree, yes, agree.
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    Last edited: Jan 27, 2014
  5. EM Gotan

    EM Gotan UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator

    Nov 7, 2013
    Likes Received:
    King Blackthorn speaks to his Governors, Part 1; From Buildings To Bagballs

    [14/01/17][20:09:40] [Drake Ironheart]: ALL HAIL THE KING¬!7
    [14/01/17][20:09:46] [Hotep Shakkara]: Hail king Blackthorn
    [14/01/17][20:09:46] [King Blackthorn]: Good evening one and all
    [14/01/17][20:09:49] [Vincent Vega]: Hail!
    [14/01/17][20:09:52] [Aurelius]: Good Evening
    [14/01/17][20:09:53] [Minerva Foxglove]: good evening
    [14/01/17][20:09:54] [cernunnos]: hail
    [14/01/17][20:10:00] [Skuld]: good evening Sire
    [14/01/17][20:10:13] [King Blackthorn]: I trust we are all well?
    [14/01/17][20:10:19] [Skuld]: *nods*
    [14/01/17][20:10:22] [Annalyssia]: yes. thank you
    [14/01/17][20:10:25] [Vincent Vega]: Very well
    [14/01/17][20:10:26] [Aurelius]: Reasonably so, yes, thank you.
    [14/01/17][20:10:30] [Iljian]: We are. Did you look into any mirrorth lately?
    [14/01/17][20:10:33] [Anna Goodward]: Uhm.. yer highness?
    [14/01/17][20:10:35] [Iljian]: *grins*
    [14/01/17][20:10:53] [King Blackthorn]: Ahh yes... Mirrors. It seems many of you have brought mysterious gifts. Including ... yes Anna?
    [14/01/17][20:11:30] [Sparrow]: those mirrors are a bit iffy methinks
    [14/01/17][20:11:31] [Anna Goodward]: Pardon me but am late for some serious party business. If Ah may ask tat Ah leave right aftah short report?
    [14/01/17][20:11:40] [Anna Goodward]: MAyhaps even let me have me speak first?
    [14/01/17][20:11:43] [King Blackthorn]: Indeed you may; would you like to go now then?
    [14/01/17][20:11:53] [King Blackthorn]: *shuffles papers into new order*
    [14/01/17][20:11:56] [Anna Goodward]: As soon as possible sire
    [14/01/17][20:12:07] [King Blackthorn]: Go ahead Milady
    [14/01/17][20:13:03] [King Blackthorn]: (main chat is Event btw)
    [14/01/17][20:13:08] [Anna Goodward]: Thank ya yer lordship
    [14/01/17][20:13:48] [Anna Goodward]: Well, Ah only got ta say tat am afraid Vesper is awaking very slowleh tis year sire...
    [14/01/17][20:13:49] [Sparrow]: Silence reigns
    [14/01/17][20:14:08] [Anna Goodward]: Am currently talkin' with mah actual company boss who is far away, still
    [14/01/17][20:14:14] [Hex]: is she saying anything or am i too far away?
    [14/01/17][20:14:20] [Trent Edwards]: move closer!
    [14/01/17][20:14:23] [Sparrow]: i hear nothing
    [14/01/17][20:14:25] [Anna Goodward]: But we are working on some sort of spring olympics
    [14/01/17][20:14:26] [drewster]: i got same problem
    [14/01/17][20:14:29] [Iljian]: Bit far away, I think
    [14/01/17][20:14:32] [Anna Goodward]: Hosted in Vesper
    [14/01/17][20:14:33] [Vincent Vega]: step forward
    [14/01/17][20:14:47] [<7564542>Phineas]: Is thie correct channel today?
    [14/01/17][20:14:54] [0588619>Minerva Foxglove]: hope so=P
    [14/01/17][20:14:57] [<57471992>Sparrow]: apparently
    [14/01/17][20:14:58] [<9274797>Aurelius]: For the Governor's meeting, yes.
    [14/01/17][20:14:59] [<58555371>Vincent Vega]: yes ^^
    [14/01/17][20:14:59] [<28825808>King Blackthorn]: Indeed
    [14/01/17][20:15:01] [<7564542>Phineas]: :)
    [14/01/17][20:15:08] [<28825808>King Blackthorn]: Explanation soon for delay
    [14/01/17][20:15:09] [Anna Goodward]: Furthermore Ah wanted ta ask if ya got any news regarding some sort of citizen index. Like uhm.. the guildlists
    [14/01/17][20:15:15] [Anna Goodward]: Tat would be all for now sire.
    [14/01/17][20:15:19] [King Blackthorn]: Ahh yes...
    [14/01/17][20:16:04] [King Blackthorn]: To answer that question, unfortunately that's something that should be submitted to the Sage Mesanna as a request outside the Governor's system
    [14/01/17][20:16:23] [King Blackthorn]: You may request something specific for Vesper still, but that got a No
    [14/01/17][20:16:44] [King Blackthorn]: As for Olympics, I hope many of you will partake in this fine idea!
    [14/01/17][20:16:57] [Anna Goodward]: Ah see. Well, we have no further demands at this point sir
    [14/01/17][20:17:10] [King Blackthorn]: We could perhaps advertise your Olympics?
    [14/01/17][20:17:31] [King Blackthorn]: I believe an upcoming Festival Of Rares has taken advantage of our printing presses
    [14/01/17][20:17:35] [Anna Goodward]: Ah shall get in touch as soon as everythin' is ironed out
    [14/01/17][20:18:04] [King Blackthorn]: There are no other concerns? I recall last month was rather contentious for Vesper?
    [14/01/17][20:18:21] [Anna Goodward]: Only in regards to hatin' Alaster tha drunken pants
    [14/01/17][20:18:24] [Anna Goodward]: *Smirks*
    [14/01/17][20:18:46] [King Blackthorn]: Ahh yes. I was expecting to see him here today, but he sent a note indicating he may not be able to attend
    [14/01/17][20:19:19] [Anna Goodward]: *Giggles*
    [14/01/17][20:19:21] [Anna Goodward]: Ah see
    [14/01/17][20:19:34] [Anna Goodward]: Probableh clearin' out tha bottles in front of his excuse for a bed
    [14/01/17][20:19:54] [King Blackthorn]: Well it would not do to gossip behind the back of the democratically elected!
    [14/01/17][20:19:54] [Skuld]: *chuckles*
    [14/01/17][20:20:02] [Drake Ironheart]: *laughs*
    [14/01/17][20:20:06] [Annalyssia]: or anyone
    [14/01/17][20:20:14] [King Blackthorn]: So, if we could ask someone else to speak now, time is sadly short
    [14/01/17][20:20:26] [King Blackthorn]: From right to left again methinks, Lady Skuld if you would?
    [14/01/17][20:20:35] [Skuld]: *nods*
    [14/01/17][20:20:48] [Anna Goodward]: Yes. If tha nothin' else, can Ah have ma leave sire?
    [14/01/17][20:21:02] [King Blackthorn]: Indeed, as always tis a pleasure Miss Goodward
    [14/01/17][20:21:13] [Skuld]: Jhelom is quiet Sire
    [14/01/17][20:21:15] [Anna Goodward]: Thank ya sire. Ah'll try ta bring more time the next time
    [14/01/17][20:21:17] [Skuld]: too quiet
    [14/01/17][20:21:18] [Anna Goodward]: *Bows*
    [14/01/17][20:21:26] [Aurelius]: Goodnight Anna
    [14/01/17][20:21:28] [Anna Goodward]: *Nods*
    [14/01/17][20:21:30] [Vincent Vega]: bye anna
    [14/01/17][20:21:31] [<28825808>King Blackthorn]: If you can stay to the end folks, I may need to wing something ;)
    [14/01/17][20:21:32] [Skuld]: *hugs Anna*
    [14/01/17][20:21:34] [Anna Goodward]: *Waves*
    [14/01/17][20:21:38] [Anna Goodward]: *Hugs*
    [14/01/17][20:21:40] [Drake Ironheart]: *waves goodbye*
    [14/01/17][20:21:52] [0588619>Minerva Foxglove]: we common people?
    [14/01/17][20:21:56] [Skuld]: I'm sorry was too early
    [14/01/17][20:22:00] [<24191173>Scribouillard]: seems so ! hehe
    [14/01/17][20:22:03] [Skuld]: Jhelom is quiet Sire
    [14/01/17][20:22:06] [Skuld]: too quiet
    [14/01/17][20:22:09] [<50347381>cernunnos]: hehe yes
    [14/01/17][20:22:14] [Skuld]: we need more citizens!
    [14/01/17][20:22:32] [Iljian]: Don't we all... *mumbles*
    [14/01/17][20:22:37] [King Blackthorn]: Hmm, well there's not much I can do about the birth rate, unless you intend to bring back droit du signeur?
    [14/01/17][20:22:48] [Scribouillard]: lol
    [14/01/17][20:22:51] [Aryala]: *frowns*
    [14/01/17][20:22:59] [Sparrow]: sounds good to me
    [14/01/17][20:23:03] [Skuld]: *blushes*
    [14/01/17][20:23:03] [Aurelius]: Think we would look for a quicker answer than that, ideally ....
    [14/01/17][20:23:08] [Drake Ironheart]: What about captivating the hispanic culture?
    [14/01/17][20:23:22] [Drake Ironheart]: Thats might give you more births
    [14/01/17][20:23:31] [King Blackthorn]: Another good idea, but what did ye hath in mind Lady Skuld?
    [14/01/17][20:23:38] [Skuld]: may I just humbly repeat the request I'd made during my first term
    [14/01/17][20:23:55] [Skuld]: I had asked for a stable master for Jhelom back then
    [14/01/17][20:24:20] [Skuld]: and got no answer yet
    [14/01/17][20:24:31] [King Blackthorn]: *shuffles paper* Forgive me, was this last month?
    [14/01/17][20:24:39] [Skuld]: *shakes head*
    [14/01/17][20:24:43] [Skuld]: unfortunately
    [14/01/17][20:24:48] [Hotep Shakkara]: Three months ago, sire.
    [14/01/17][20:24:50] [Skuld]: I missed the meeting last month
    [14/01/17][20:24:54] [Aurelius]: Before then I think ....
    [14/01/17][20:24:59] [Skuld]: during my very first term
    [14/01/17][20:24:59] [King Blackthorn]: Ahah. Then I must apologise, I do not have records from past attendence beyond then
    [14/01/17][20:25:11] [Skuld]: aaah
    [14/01/17][20:25:20] [Skuld]: I have to apologise
    [14/01/17][20:25:27] [<7564542>Phineas]: Britain has several Stable Masters, I wonder if one could be persuaded to move to Jhelom.
    [14/01/17][20:25:32] [Skuld]: but that's all I have for the moment Sire
    [14/01/17][20:25:34] [King Blackthorn]: I can resubmit it to the Royal Archetects
    [14/01/17][20:25:54] [King Blackthorn]: Where exactly do you want the Stable Master? A painted scene to show the archtects would be most handy
    [14/01/17][20:25:58] [Skuld]: that would be most kind Sire
    [14/01/17][20:26:06] [<9274797>Aurelius]: Oddly enough Phin, one request I've had for Brit regards stables ...
    [14/01/17][20:26:14] [Skuld]: *rubs chin*
    [14/01/17][20:26:15] [Skuld]: well
    [14/01/17][20:26:30] [<7564542>Phineas]: :) Just trying to forward the conversation hehe.
    [14/01/17][20:26:30] [Skuld]: errhmm..
    [14/01/17][20:26:31] [<28825808>King Blackthorn]: (Co-ordinates, NPC gender, any deco near by, something I can pass on and illustrate what you want)
    [14/01/17][20:26:43] [Skuld]: near the docks would be perfect
    [14/01/17][20:27:04] [King Blackthorn]: *makes notes* Very well; please do contact me outside of this meeting to discuss this further!
    [14/01/17][20:27:08] [Skuld]: perhaps at the southern docks somewhere
    [14/01/17][20:27:17] [Skuld]: of course
    [14/01/17][20:27:27] [Skuld]: *nods*
    [14/01/17][20:27:31] [Skuld]: thank you Sire
    [14/01/17][20:27:34] [Skuld]: you are most kind
    [14/01/17][20:27:51] [King Blackthorn]: And thank ye for caring for the citizens of Jhelom that neigh or moo
    [14/01/17][20:28:10] [King Blackthorn]: If ye could make way for Aurelius now please
    [14/01/17][20:28:10] [Aryala]: And for the animals, too.
    [14/01/17][20:28:15] [Skuld]: *nods*
    [14/01/17][20:28:49] [Aurelius]: As we need to be brief, if we can .....
    [14/01/17][20:29:12] [King Blackthorn]: *nods* I would appreciate it, many people have to speak today!
    [14/01/17][20:29:13] [Aurelius]: Ironically one request made to me regarding Britain also concerns stabling of animals ...
    [14/01/17][20:29:33] [Aurelius]: I have been asked of one of he hiching posts near the bank coule be made 'functional'...
    [14/01/17][20:29:55] [Aurelius]: Not a huge proiority sine Britain has so much already, but it was asked fo ...
    [14/01/17][20:30:05] [King Blackthorn]: This would be for the fine service you already provide to the people of your city?
    [14/01/17][20:30:13] [Aurelius]: so I am bound to pursue the request, if possible.
    [14/01/17][20:30:26] [King Blackthorn]: *looks around* I don't see Lady Morgana here today, so if I may briefly interupt?
    [14/01/17][20:30:37] [Aurelius]: Yes, Lord Lien.s meetings there for new citizens are becioming more crowded
    [14/01/17][20:30:52] [Aurelius]: I understand morgana is absent to a fwhile sire
    [14/01/17][20:31:00] [Aurelius]: so please, go ahead..
    [14/01/17][20:31:09] [King Blackthorn]: And the request of Morgana was to honour your work in Britain; I trust you are happy with what my Archivist Annabel Lee published to ye?
    [14/01/17][20:31:19] [Aurelius]: More than happy ...
    [14/01/17][20:31:23] [<28825808>King Blackthorn]: Fiction on uoem page
    [14/01/17][20:31:31] [Aurelius]: Though the work is all Lien's and his guild really ..
    [14/01/17][20:31:39] [Aurelius]: so they deserve all the credit for it.
    [14/01/17][20:31:41] [Scribouillard]: untrue !!
    [14/01/17][20:31:55] [Scribouillard]: Sarn and Katya do as well
    [14/01/17][20:32:01] [Annalyssia]: indeed
    [14/01/17][20:32:02] [Scribouillard]: sorry
    [14/01/17][20:32:18] [King Blackthorn]: Every soul who stays in our realm ours you all a great debt of thanks, and thus so do I
    [14/01/17][20:32:25] [<9274797>Aurelius]: Bah Scribby ... or rather Lien ;) Take the credit that's due ... ;)
    [14/01/17][20:32:41] [<24191173>Scribouillard]: not when it is full shared
    [14/01/17][20:32:42] [King Blackthorn]: I will ask about your hitching post, but it may have to be in the form of an Stable Hand or some other shape too
    [14/01/17][20:32:50] [0588619>Minerva Foxglove]: that was too modest. Aurelius family adds alot to thoose meetings
    [14/01/17][20:32:51] [Aurelius]: That is fine sire
    [14/01/17][20:32:54] [King Blackthorn]: Or may be not at all, but I shall try
    [14/01/17][20:33:06] [Aurelius]: I understand.
    [14/01/17][20:33:16] [King Blackthorn]: I gather you had another contribution to the realm though?
    [14/01/17][20:33:23] [Aurelius]: In a way... yes
    [14/01/17][20:33:35] [Aurelius]: I am trying to arrange for bagball to return to the world ..
    [14/01/17][20:33:39] [Iljian]: Bagball!
    [14/01/17][20:33:52] [Aurelius]: so am looking for volunteers to form teams, learn the game, and maybe make a 'league '''.
    [14/01/17][20:33:57] [TRIX]: * applauds *
    [14/01/17][20:34:01] [drewster]: im in
    [14/01/17][20:34:03] [King Blackthorn]: Ahh yes! I must admit, I would rather see your energies spent on the field of honour than squabbling in these halls!
    [14/01/17][20:34:12] [Aurelius]: so any towns, guilds, or groups of friends, please contact me
    [14/01/17][20:34:19] [Scribouillard]: :)
    [14/01/17][20:34:23] [King Blackthorn]: And the best way to do this would be?
    [14/01/17][20:34:28] [Drake Ironheart]: *smiles*
    [14/01/17][20:34:33] [<9274797>Aurelius]: Either in-game of on the forums, I can run the league but can't play all the teams as well ;)
    [14/01/17][20:34:44] [King Blackthorn]: I may also be able to arrange for a Kingdom support triumphal tour for the winning squad
    [14/01/17][20:34:46] [Aurelius]: I have mentioned a date for some people to meet, and practice ..
    [14/01/17][20:34:51] [Aurelius]: and see how they like the game ..
    [14/01/17][20:34:54] [Tokot]: city's prefessional teams & championship
    [14/01/17][20:35:01] [King Blackthorn]: Possibly also for a statue raised in the winning city
    [14/01/17][20:35:13] [Aurelius]: But first I need the players to make the league and teams ... so that's the initial aim
    [14/01/17][20:35:30] [King Blackthorn]: *nods* Then let the balling of bags begin!
    [14/01/17][20:35:30] [Scribouillard]: Blackthorn's minions !!
    [14/01/17][20:35:34] [<50512408>Amantala]: how many people needed for a bagball team?
    [14/01/17][20:35:38] [drewster]: kinky
    [14/01/17][20:35:42] [Aurelius]: (I'm mainly using the forums, but shout in General if you are intereted in joining in)
    [14/01/17][20:35:43] [<24191173>Scribouillard]: 4 i think
    [14/01/17][20:35:50] [<50512408>Amantala]: oh thats not bad then
    [14/01/17][20:35:53] [<9274797>Aurelius]: I'm thinking teams of four if possible Ama
    [14/01/17][20:36:11] [Aurelius]: Thank you sire
    [14/01/17][20:36:12] [King Blackthorn]: And of course, any stories the teams want to tell can be submitted to Annabel Lee, and indeed match reports etc
    [14/01/17][20:36:13] [<47484281>Hotep Shakkara]: anyone willing to play for Trinsic?
    [14/01/17][20:36:15] [<58555371>Vincent Vega]: i recruit ama for yew team!
    [14/01/17][20:36:23] [Iljian]: I'll athk around for a Trinthic team then.
    [14/01/17][20:36:23] [Aurelius]: Hopefully we can divert some of the 'competition' into sport ...
    [14/01/17][20:36:29] [<50512408>Amantala]: i;'ll have my own team!
    [14/01/17][20:36:29] [Iljian]: We had one before.
    [14/01/17][20:36:31] [<50512408>Amantala]: tiger team!
    [14/01/17][20:36:49] [Hotep Shakkara]: I hereby nominate Iljian as captain of the Trinisic team.
    [14/01/17][20:36:57] [Iljian]: *blinks*
    [14/01/17][20:36:58] [Annalyssia]: lol
    [14/01/17][20:37:02] [Iljian]: Um
    [14/01/17][20:37:02] [Hex]: hehe
    [14/01/17][20:37:04] [Drake Ironheart]: Sorry to interrupt but you could also have hunting games//
    [14/01/17][20:37:05] [Scribouillard]: :)
    [14/01/17][20:37:05] [<52230744>Tokot]: im in, Pretendant for a British team Forward
    [14/01/17][20:37:07] [Skuld]: pffttt...
    [14/01/17][20:37:08] [King Blackthorn]: It seems your idea is very popular!
    [14/01/17][20:37:08] [Aurelius]: One quick mention . though not exactly about Britain, but the whole worls ...
    [14/01/17][20:37:19] [King Blackthorn]: Do go on, but please be quick
    [14/01/17][20:37:26] [Iljian]: Jutht need more Trinthic playerth then.
    [14/01/17][20:37:29] [Aurelius]: for those who do not know, Keenan is organising a 'rares festival' soon ..
    [14/01/17][20:37:38] [Aurelius]: Talk to him, get details, and go along
    [14/01/17][20:37:39] [Aurelius]: *Smiles*
    [14/01/17][20:37:42] [drewster]: 3rd - 9th of feb
    [14/01/17][20:37:48] [Skuld]: *smiles*
    [14/01/17][20:37:49] [King Blackthorn]: *looks at notes* And Phineas and Wanda too I believe, who are here tonight
    [14/01/17][20:37:49] [Aurelius]: And that's it ... for the moment..
    [14/01/17][20:38:04] [Aurelius]: Thank you for your time
    [14/01/17][20:38:08] [drewster]: and frodo
    [14/01/17][20:38:13] [King Blackthorn]: Thank ye Aurelius!
    [14/01/17][20:38:14] [Phineas]: Yes. Sire
    [14/01/17][20:38:17] [wanda]: Yes King
    [14/01/17][20:38:29] [King Blackthorn]: And aye, Frodo too
    [14/01/17][20:38:40] [Trent Edwards]: And the auction team i hear!
    [14/01/17][20:38:41] [King Blackthorn]: A curious name, reminds me of something I once read in another world...
    [14/01/17][20:38:44] [drewster]: bilbo wasnt up for t
    [14/01/17][20:38:49] [Keenan]: *grins*
    [14/01/17][20:38:59] [King Blackthorn]: But anyway! The point being, these are who to speak to regarding the Festival
    [14/01/17][20:39:03] [Aurelius]: Apologies for my ignorance, I only knew for sure Keenan was involved ...
    [14/01/17][20:39:17] [Aurelius]: and I promised him I'd make sure it was mentioned
    [14/01/17][20:39:18] [King Blackthorn]: I have asked my scribes to advertise it too, please do submit better adverts of your own if you choose
    [14/01/17][20:39:19] [Aurelius]: *Smiles*
    [14/01/17][20:39:35] [King Blackthorn]: If you look at our realm's calendar, it shows events ahead of time
    [14/01/17][20:39:35] [Keenan]: ahh
    [14/01/17][20:39:44] [King Blackthorn]: Anyone who has one can make use of that service
    [14/01/17][20:39:58] [Keenan]: aye i have prepared informational pamphlets to answer questions
    [14/01/17][20:40:13] [drewster]: lol
    [14/01/17][20:40:15] [Keenan]: and give an idea of our plans for the up Rares Fest
    [14/01/17][20:40:17] [King Blackthorn]: But for Love Is In The Rares in particular, the kingdom isn't directly involved. The one known as Dark Lady will handle that
    [14/01/17][20:40:37] [drewster]: i call my wife that
    [14/01/17][20:40:41] [drewster]: dark lady
    [14/01/17][20:40:43] [drewster]: lol
    [14/01/17][20:40:44] [Keenan]: hehe
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    Governors Meeting: From Trinsic To Flamestrikes

    [14/01/17][20:40:48] [King Blackthorn]: Now then... I believe we have the blessing of Trinsic here today!
    [14/01/17][20:40:57] [Drake Ironheart]: *laughs and chokes*
    [14/01/17][20:41:12] [King Blackthorn]: Ahh Hotep; proceed!
    [14/01/17][20:41:18] [Hotep Shakkara]: First, your majesty, my apologies for being absent the last meeting.
    [14/01/17][20:41:21] [TRIX]: à
    [14/01/17][20:41:29] [Hotep Shakkara]: I was ill, and the messenger I dispatched failed to arrive on time.
    [14/01/17][20:41:41] [Hotep Shakkara]: So once more my humble apologies.
    [14/01/17][20:41:52] [King Blackthorn]: At least you arrived here clothed, which is more than can be said for most Governors!
    [14/01/17][20:41:58] [Scribouillard]: lol
    [14/01/17][20:42:00] [Drake Ironheart]: lol
    [14/01/17][20:42:08] [Skuld]: *chuckles*
    [14/01/17][20:42:16] [Hotep Shakkara]: Err. *blushes* I suppose, your majesty.
    [14/01/17][20:42:36] [Minerva Foxglove]: thanks
    [14/01/17][20:42:54] [Scribouillard]: tks
    [14/01/17][20:43:11] [Hotep Shakkara]: I must inform your majesty that as minute-keeper for past meetings, I can't help but notice a large amount of open requests from past governors.
    [14/01/17][20:43:13] [Annalyssia]: ty
    [14/01/17][20:43:18] [Hotep Shakkara]: *rummages through papers*
    [14/01/17][20:43:26] [wanda]: ty
    [14/01/17][20:43:41] [King Blackthorn]: Paperwork, eh? Tis the curse of all creative endeavours
    [14/01/17][20:43:45] [Drake Ironheart]: Thxs Keenan
    [14/01/17][20:43:46] [Hotep Shakkara]: The requests for ballot boxes and message boards were common and fulfilled as promised....
    [14/01/17][20:43:50] [Keenan]: :)
    [14/01/17][20:43:52] [Keenan]: nps
    [14/01/17][20:43:55] [Sparrow]: ty
    [14/01/17][20:44:00] [Hex]: ta
    [14/01/17][20:44:09] [Phineas]: Thank you
    [14/01/17][20:44:12] [Hotep Shakkara]: But I see here requests from Minoc for something that was requested from the vox populi half a year ago....
    [14/01/17][20:44:33] [Hotep Shakkara]: Regarding town stones in Felluca, so that these citizens may participate in this politics business too?
    [14/01/17][20:45:06] [King Blackthorn]: Ahhh... if I may, I suspect this is a question for my Royal Outofcharacter in the Councillors Hall afterwards
    [14/01/17][20:45:10] [Hotep Shakkara]: And another open request from New Magincia for a seamen's memorial, so that people that get injured in fights with seamonsters may be healed? There is no healer in town.
    [14/01/17][20:45:23] [Vincent Vega]: Ty
    [14/01/17][20:45:38] [Skuld]: *shrugs*
    [14/01/17][20:45:42] [Hotep Shakkara]: Ahhh, of course. If you wish I can make my scribe copy all these papers and send them off to your recordkeeper once more?
    [14/01/17][20:45:59] [King Blackthorn]: But, I can say this; Governors may resubmit requests to me for submission under my signature
    [14/01/17][20:46:20] [Iljian]: How about talking about the town you were elected for, for a change?
    [14/01/17][20:46:22] [Hotep Shakkara]: Yes well these governors that submitted these requests are no longer governors.
    [14/01/17][20:46:24] [King Blackthorn]: However, I am bound by the contract of the Architects Union that they'll only perform one action per Electoral Session
    [14/01/17][20:46:44] [Hotep Shakkara]: And their requests went unfullfilled.
    [14/01/17][20:46:48] [Hotep Shakkara]: But yes, regarding Trinsic
    [14/01/17][20:47:04] [Hotep Shakkara]: there are also two open requests for my city...
    [14/01/17][20:47:05] [King Blackthorn]: *nods* A most disappointing situation for which I can only apologise
    [14/01/17][20:47:40] [Hotep Shakkara]: One initial requests, regarding problems with the harbor. Due to the small dock size, ships occasionally get stuck, I'm told.
    [14/01/17][20:47:44] [King Blackthorn]: I must be frank with you and say my hopes of getting these surely architects to catch up are not high. But do please give your current requests
    [14/01/17][20:48:47] [Hotep Shakkara]: Yes, your majesty. The docks. And the second request was means of teleportation from the moongate to a location closer to the city, preferably to a location near the city gates, but not inside the walls for strategic reasons. It's quite a w
    [14/01/17][20:48:59] [Hotep Shakkara]: There is a third request for this term.
    [14/01/17][20:49:37] [Hotep Shakkara]: Which is to reopen the Trinsic market, a good tradition, and place some market stalls to facilitate the commerce in our city.
    [14/01/17][20:49:42] [King Blackthorn]: *is thinking* Please continue *scribbles ideas*
    [14/01/17][20:49:53] [King Blackthorn]: If I may Hotep...?
    [14/01/17][20:50:03] [Hotep Shakkara]: But of course, your majesty.
    [14/01/17][20:50:36] [King Blackthorn]: I can only honor one request, and it is rather expected to be tied to the narrative of the realms
    [14/01/17][20:50:53] [King Blackthorn]: But... if you could maintain a list of unfulfilled requests, I may be able to tie it into the actions of the Kingdom
    [14/01/17][20:51:06] [King Blackthorn]: Or perhaps submit them on behalf of Governors who cannot make it
    [14/01/17][20:51:33] [Hotep Shakkara]: I would have to confer with my citizens to determine which request has the highest priority.
    [14/01/17][20:51:35] [King Blackthorn]: Basically, if you could act as the memory of these meetings, it may be useful indirectly
    [14/01/17][20:52:02] [King Blackthorn]: *nods* Well Trinsic has an unfulfilled request at least, so by all means confer
    [14/01/17][20:52:19] [Hotep Shakkara]: Thank you.
    [14/01/17][20:52:23] [King Blackthorn]: But do come to me again and we can see what things that have been missed we can still save
    [14/01/17][20:52:37] [Hotep Shakkara]: *bows* your majesty.
    [14/01/17][20:52:49] [King Blackthorn]: Ahh tis good to see someone so punctual!
    [14/01/17][20:52:57] [Vincent Vega]: *Smile*
    [14/01/17][20:52:59] [Annalyssia]: lol
    [14/01/17][20:53:04] [King Blackthorn]: Now then... we hath a lot of empty seats, so to let you know what else has happened...
    [14/01/17][20:53:18] [Aurelius]: Vine seems to be there but hidden ...
    [14/01/17][20:53:22] [King Blackthorn]: The request for Moonglow's new docks, and a redesign of Skara Brae bank... were rejected alas
    [14/01/17][20:53:27] [Vincent Vega]: My Lord?
    [14/01/17][20:53:38] [King Blackthorn]: I shall get to Mr Vega, but if you could hold on a moment Aurelius!
    [14/01/17][20:53:55] [King Blackthorn]: This isn't the Bagball pitch you know, hold thy balls a minute!
    [14/01/17][20:54:09] [Phineas]: HA!
    [14/01/17][20:54:09] [Hex]: o.0
    [14/01/17][20:54:09] [Drake Ironheart]: *laughs*
    [14/01/17][20:54:10] [wanda]: hehe
    [14/01/17][20:54:11] [TRIX]: * blushes *
    [14/01/17][20:54:11] [Skuld]: *mumbles*
    [14/01/17][20:54:11] [Sparrow]: sniggers
    [14/01/17][20:54:12] [Vincent Vega]: lol
    [14/01/17][20:54:12] [Keenan]: lol
    [14/01/17][20:54:12] [Hex]: in public?
    [14/01/17][20:54:20] [Keenan]: *laughs aloud*
    [14/01/17][20:54:37] [Amantala]: i will remmber this night for a lifetime
    [14/01/17][20:54:40] [Hotep Shakkara]: Oh dear.
    [14/01/17][20:54:46] [TRIX]: lol
    [14/01/17][20:54:46] [Drake Ironheart]: Sire taht sounded wrong, watch out you may be confused...
    [14/01/17][20:54:52] [Annalyssia]: lol
    [14/01/17][20:55:05] [Aurelius]: As long as he keeps to only holding HIS own, that's fine by me .....
    [14/01/17][20:55:07] [Keenan]: *follows the Kings commands...*
    [14/01/17][20:55:11] [Vincent Vega]: lol
    [14/01/17][20:55:20] [King Blackthorn]: Ahem. Anyway, sadly the Architects said they couldn't do that due to the work required, and fear they'd need to cross every shard and do the same
    [14/01/17][20:55:23] [TRIX]: M;Lord the ladies will expire
    [14/01/17][20:55:28] [Keenan]: *an chuckles*
    [14/01/17][20:55:39] [King Blackthorn]: However, one request was accepted... and now please do tell us about it, Mr Vega!
    [14/01/17][20:55:54] [Aryala]: Which one was accepted then?
    [14/01/17][20:56:03] [Vincent Vega]: ?
    [14/01/17][20:56:09] [Vincent Vega]: *Smile*
    [14/01/17][20:56:11] [Vincent Vega]: Good evening your majesty, my fellow governors and fellow Britannians.
    [14/01/17][20:56:20] [Skuld]: *smiles*
    [14/01/17][20:56:23] [<52230744>Tokot]: lol, such a scary question sign :)
    [14/01/17][20:56:25] [Annalyssia]: excuse me
    [14/01/17][20:56:34] [Vincent Vega]: Last month I asked to get a Anhk outside melisande
    [14/01/17][20:56:37] [Annalyssia]: thank you
    [14/01/17][20:56:52] [Vincent Vega]: As I heard it has been aproved? :)
    [14/01/17][20:57:11] [King Blackthorn]: Indeed, although in what exact form is yet to be decided, but something of similar nature will be built soon
    [14/01/17][20:57:12] [Vincent Vega]: My lord?
    [14/01/17][20:57:15] [Skuld]: *mumbles: hear hear*
    [14/01/17][20:57:20] [Iljian]: Who ith Melithande?
    [14/01/17][20:57:32] [TRIX]: * applauds *
    [14/01/17][20:57:34] [Vincent Vega]: *smile*
    [14/01/17][20:57:37] [King Blackthorn]: A foul creature, who is responsible for many deaths of our people
    [14/01/17][20:57:39] [Tokot]: Nice!
    [14/01/17][20:57:39] [Vincent Vega]: Yay!
    [14/01/17][20:57:51] [Vincent Vega]: Indeed!
    [14/01/17][20:57:59] [King Blackthorn]: And I believe recently your guards were moved to a less obstructive location?
    [14/01/17][20:58:01] [Miyamoto Musashi]: only the death of the weak, so no big loss
    [14/01/17][20:58:17] [Vincent Vega]: Yes indeed! he did a fine work guarding in yew
    [14/01/17][20:58:26] [Drake Ironheart]: Be humble Miyatomo
    [14/01/17][20:58:34] [Vincent Vega]: Thank you :)
    [14/01/17][20:58:42] [King Blackthorn]: And you have fine plans for Yew I'm told; do share them
    [14/01/17][20:58:45] [TRIX]: im so happy
    [14/01/17][20:58:52] [Vincent Vega]: Yes
    [14/01/17][20:58:55] [Vincent Vega]: I would like to see improved vendors in Yew, all the cities actually,
    [14/01/17][20:59:03] [Vincent Vega]: and by that i mean i'd like them to be more like the fellucian faction vendors,
    [14/01/17][20:59:10] [Vincent Vega]: ores, boards, magery reagents and also a vendor who sell mystic reagents.
    [14/01/17][20:59:25] [Vincent Vega]: Thank you kindly your majesty for you time.
    [14/01/17][20:59:28] [Hotep Shakkara]: Would be even better if the profit flows in our treasuries.
    [14/01/17][20:59:39] [Vincent Vega]: Aye!
    [14/01/17][20:59:39] [Skuld]: indeed
    [14/01/17][20:59:39] [King Blackthorn]: Hmm... this would require quite a complex spell indeed
    [14/01/17][20:59:49] [Shinnok]: **
    [14/01/17][21:00:09] [Vincent Vega]: I know my lord but I think its something that can be build on for city taxes
    [14/01/17][21:00:18] [Hotep Shakkara]: Well it's called a trade deal, should be something to trade for it. Yes.
    [14/01/17][21:00:25] [Vincent Vega]: I have a plan abut it i just need to get it more into drawing
    [14/01/17][21:00:35] [King Blackthorn]: I would suggest you consider researching the problems involved, and submit a dossier via the usual forums
    [14/01/17][21:00:52] [Vincent Vega]: I will my Lord
    [14/01/17][21:00:54] [King Blackthorn]: It is perhaps outside of what I a mere King can enforce, but it is a fascinating idea
    [14/01/17][21:01:04] [TRIX]: :}
    [14/01/17][21:01:05] [Vincent Vega]: *smile*
    [14/01/17][21:01:15] [Aurelius]: Given it would be a useful thing for all of our cities, we may want to join in pursuing
    [14/01/17][21:01:19] [Aurelius]: it in other ways too ...
    [14/01/17][21:01:29] [Vincent Vega]: Yes
    [14/01/17][21:01:30] [Hotep Shakkara]: Hear hear.
    [14/01/17][21:01:31] [Skuld]: *nods*
    [14/01/17][21:01:32] [TRIX]: aye
    [14/01/17][21:01:49] [King Blackthorn]: I shall ask the Royal NotAKing to have a word shortly
    [14/01/17][21:02:00] [Vincent Vega]: I will get back to you on this my lord and fellow governors
    [14/01/17][21:02:07] [Vincent Vega]: thanks for my time :)
    [14/01/17][21:02:08] [Skuld]: *smiles*
    [14/01/17][21:02:10] [Vincent Vega]: *Bows*
    [14/01/17][21:02:12] [TRIX]: * claps *
    [14/01/17][21:02:14] [King Blackthorn]: And thank ye for your service!
    [14/01/17][21:02:32] [King Blackthorn]: Now then, I realise it gets late for all... To briefly turn to affairs of the realm in general
    [14/01/17][21:02:34] [Vincent Vega]: *Smile*
    [14/01/17][21:02:59] [King Blackthorn]: Art thou all aware of the question of Nujel'm?
    [14/01/17][21:03:07] [Hotep Shakkara]: Nay?
    [14/01/17][21:03:08] [Aurelius]: The Sultan?
    [14/01/17][21:03:09] [Annalyssia]: no
    [14/01/17][21:03:11] [Vincent Vega]: No my lord?
    [14/01/17][21:03:13] [drewster]: nope
    [14/01/17][21:03:13] [cernunnos]: no
    [14/01/17][21:03:15] [Drake Ironheart]: nah
    [14/01/17][21:03:16] [Sparrow]: The Sultan?
    [14/01/17][21:03:16] [Aryala]: Aye
    [14/01/17][21:03:20] [Skuld]: The Sultan?
    [14/01/17][21:03:26] [Iljian]: The ticking box.
    [14/01/17][21:03:28] [Tokot]: the Fleet
    [14/01/17][21:03:32] [King Blackthorn]: I see some are. I hath been given some of your names in fact
    [14/01/17][21:03:36] [Aurelius]: It's usually the Sultan when NuJelm and problem are linked....
    [14/01/17][21:03:37] [Sparrow]: Snox's ship
    [14/01/17][21:03:43] [King Blackthorn]: Indeed Sparrow
    [14/01/17][21:04:00] [King Blackthorn]: On Sunday, Snox plans to go home. Apparently begging in Luna was not a wise career move
    [14/01/17][21:04:08] [King Blackthorn]: (Sunday 8pm GMT, Event)
    [14/01/17][21:04:13] [drewster]: nope i tried it
    [14/01/17][21:04:15] [Vincent Vega]: Yay!
    [14/01/17][21:04:17] [drewster]: :) lol##
    [14/01/17][21:04:38] [Aryala]: If I may interrupt, your Grace...?
    [14/01/17][21:04:48] [King Blackthorn]: I have asked him to be a line of communication to the Goblins, it is perhaps time we reached out to all sentient ... yes Aryala?
    [14/01/17][21:05:15] [Aryala]: Where is this mysterious fleet being built? And in what numbers?
    [14/01/17][21:05:23] [King Blackthorn]: Ahh, you are too smart!
    [14/01/17][21:05:39] [King Blackthorn]: This is what we don't know. And I would like too. He has taken Snox's ship I am told
    [14/01/17][21:06:00] [Iljian]: *mumbles* I want one like that, too.
    [14/01/17][21:06:01] [King Blackthorn]: In fact... some of you have been bringing me... odd mirrors. Insulting ones. A Gift from the Sultan you have said
    [14/01/17][21:06:02] [Drake Ironheart]: cant you do a pre-emptive strike?
    [14/01/17][21:06:27] [Iljian]: Nay really from him.
    [14/01/17][21:06:29] [King Blackthorn]: One is in my throne room upstairs. It may be an honest gift, so I do not want to spark an incident
    [14/01/17][21:06:56] [Drake Ironheart]: If i may speak sire...
    [14/01/17][21:07:01] [King Blackthorn]: Please do Drake
    [14/01/17][21:07:23] [Sparrow]: his manner was ----ODD
    [14/01/17][21:07:39] [Iljian]: Aye, it wathe the box, I think.
    [14/01/17][21:07:56] [Drake Ironheart]: Its a matter of time till someone builds a force big enough to make us think, A pre-emptive strike would secure your foothold for longer... excused my intromession
    [14/01/17][21:08:28] [King Blackthorn]: No, it is perhaps a wise course Drake. But I want to be sure. The people of Nujel'm do not deserve to suffer even if the Sultan is an agressive fool
    [14/01/17][21:08:45] [King Blackthorn]: Will you all go Sunday and follow Snox, and see if he knows where his ship is now?
    [14/01/17][21:08:45] [Drake Ironheart]: Ok sire
    [14/01/17][21:08:57] [King Blackthorn]: And make sure he gets to the Goblins safely!
    [14/01/17][21:09:00] [Sparrow]: surely
    [14/01/17][21:09:07] [Minerva Foxglove]: yes
    [14/01/17][21:09:11] [Aurelius]: I hope to be there.
    [14/01/17][21:09:13] [Phineas]: Military action against our own people would surely cause civil war; no?
    [14/01/17][21:09:14] [Skuld]: *nods*
    [14/01/17][21:09:17] [drewster]: i WILL be there
    [14/01/17][21:09:17] [King Blackthorn]: But... I hath my doubts
    [14/01/17][21:09:26] [Drake Ironheart]: Can anyone go?
    [14/01/17][21:09:42] [Hex]: need quest to get into Abyss
    [14/01/17][21:09:43] [King Blackthorn]: Iljian... you said the Sultan was odd too. Have any of you seen anything else that is odd recently?
    [14/01/17][21:09:51] [King Blackthorn]: (will address this shortly)
    [14/01/17][21:10:01] [Vincent Vega]: I saw alaster!
    [14/01/17][21:10:03] [Vincent Vega]: he was odd!
    [14/01/17][21:10:08] [Scribouillard]: lol
    [14/01/17][21:10:10] [wanda]: hehe
    [14/01/17][21:10:11] [Tokot]: he is always odd
    [14/01/17][21:10:12] [Drake Ironheart]: *SMILES*
    [14/01/17][21:10:12] [cernunnos]: allways is
    [14/01/17][21:10:12] [King Blackthorn]: Ahah! You hath renewed my faith Mr Vega
    [14/01/17][21:10:13] [Iljian]: He had a ticking box that he kept thtaring at.
    [14/01/17][21:10:22] [King Blackthorn]: Come all, I wish to show you something
    [14/01/17][21:10:22] [Vincent Vega]: *Grins*
    [14/01/17][21:10:23] [Aurelius]: Even for Alaster, he was ... strange, this evening ...
    [14/01/17][21:10:26] [Iljian]: It might have influenced him thomehow.
    [14/01/17][21:10:36] [TRIX]: Alistarias always odd
    [14/01/17][21:10:40] [Vincent Vega]: lol
    [14/01/17][21:10:46] [Logan]: Some of the latest news!
    [14/01/17][21:10:46] [Logan]: Snox The Goblin is going home; Meet him at Castle Blackthorn on Sun 19th Jan at 8pm GMT
    [14/01/17][21:10:52] [<28825808>King Blackthorn]: Moving to Councillors Hall
    [14/01/17][21:11:12] [King Blackthorn]: *produces hidden key*
    [14/01/17][21:11:15] [wanda]: ops
    [14/01/17][21:11:24] [King Blackthorn]: Ye said odd... then how do you explain... THIS?!
    [14/01/17][21:11:31] [Vincent Vega]: ?
    [14/01/17][21:11:33] [TRIX]: eeek
    [14/01/17][21:11:41] [King Blackthorn]: it appears to be stuck in the case, bear with me
    [14/01/17][21:11:53] [King Blackthorn]: *climbs in with books* Don't move!
    [14/01/17][21:11:58] [wanda]: haha
    [14/01/17][21:12:01] [Keenan]: whoa!
    [14/01/17][21:12:04] [drewster]: i want to come
    [14/01/17][21:12:04] [Drake Ironheart]: magic
    [14/01/17][21:12:05] [cernunnos]: oh
    [14/01/17][21:12:09] [drewster]: take me to narnia
    [14/01/17][21:12:10] [Phineas]: wow! I want one of those bookcases
    [14/01/17][21:12:11] [Shinnok]: odd indeed
    [14/01/17][21:12:12] [Vincent Vega]: hehe
    [14/01/17][21:12:14] [Keenan]: aye
    [14/01/17][21:12:17] [Sparrow]: looks like a turkey that missed xmas to me
    [14/01/17][21:12:18] [Amantala]: im training carpentry!
    [14/01/17][21:13:06] [Sparrow]: killer turkey
    [14/01/17][21:13:33] [Vincent Vega]: ?
    [14/01/17][21:13:41] [Hotep Shakkara]: Are you allright, your majesty?
    [14/01/17][21:13:43] [Tokot]: it was odd magic
    [14/01/17][21:13:43] [King Blackthorn]: do come inside
    [14/01/17][21:14:05] [King Blackthorn]: One last try, do stay here
    [14/01/17][21:14:07] [drewster]: major game of hide and seek
    [1[14/01/17][21:15:24] [King Blackthorn]: Behold!
    [14/01/17][21:15:28] [Skuld]: pffttt...
    [14/01/17][21:15:33] [King Blackthorn]: I had to lock it into the VERY ROCK ITSELF to control it
    [14/01/17][21:15:34] [Keenan]: *beholds*
    [14/01/17][21:15:37] [Skuld]: *sigh of relief*
    [14/01/17][21:15:46] [Drake Ironheart]: glitch?
    [14/01/17][21:15:51] [Keenan]: *looks interested*
    [14/01/17][21:15:58] [Iljian]: Don't thee anything.
    [14/01/17][21:16:04] [King Blackthorn]: come!
    [14/01/17][21:16:21] [King Blackthorn]: What then I ask you.... IS THIS?!
    [14/01/17][21:16:23] [Aurelius]: NW of Britain ...?
    [14/01/17][21:16:25] [Trent Edwards]: Vas Ort Flam
    [14/01/17][21:16:26] [Vincent Vega]: Corp Por
    [14/01/17][21:16:26] [Hex]: Kal Vas Flam
    [14/01/17][21:16:28] [Tokot]: In Vas Mani
    [14/01/17][21:16:38] [King Blackthorn]: It wants your pants!
    [14[14/01/17][21:16:40] [Amantala]: You may start the bidding!
    [14/01/17][21:16:58] [King Blackthorn]: Explain thyselves! Who made a duplicate Alaster?
    [14/01/17][21:17:22] [Vincent Vega]: must been the bottle i hade
    [14/01/17][21:17:29] [King Blackthorn]: Well? What is the meaning of it?
    [14/01/17][21:17:32] [drewster]: WHY DID I GET NAKED
    [14/01/17][21:17:40] [Trent Edwards]: Because... partay!
    [14/01/17][21:17:41] [Vincent Vega]: Everyone must die?
    [14/01/17][21:17:44] [Aurelius]: Only you can answer that Drew ...
    [14/01/17][21:17:49] [Tokot]: he stole our clothes :)
    [14/01/17][21:17:50] [drewster]: :)
    [14/01/17][21:18:00] [wanda]: haha
    [14/01/17][21:18:01] [King Blackthorn]: Indeed, he would have had mine too, but I was too powerful
    [14/01/17][21:18:02] [drewster]: i want my undies back
    [14/01/17][21:18:12] [King Blackthorn]: Why was it in my throne room, and why did ye not notice it wasn't real?
    [14/01/17][21:18:21] [Scribouillard]: i did
    [14/01/17][21:18:22] [drewster]: i did
    [14/01/17][21:18:26] [drewster]: yellow name
    [14/01/17][21:18:26] [Scribouillard]: but didnt get any answer
    [14/01/17][21:18:26] [Linda]: 'Tis a bloodbath!
    [14/01/17][21:18:28] [Vincent Vega]: aye
    [14/01/17][21:18:29] [cernunnos]: me too
    [14/01/17][21:18:32] [Vincent Vega]: yellow name
    [14/01/17][21:18:40] [Hex]: wrong colour hair and beard
    [14/01/17][21:18:41] [Aurelius]: The hair was wrong for alaster ...
    [14/01/17][21:18:44] [drewster]: i walked in behind him
    [14/01/17][21:18:45] [Skuld]: *nods*
    [14/01/17][21:18:45] [Scribouillard]: a fake Alaster ?
    [14/01/17][21:18:45] [Hex]: in throne room
    [14/01/17][21:18:47] [drewster]: well you
    [14/01/17][21:18:47] [Scribouillard]: a spy ?
    [14/01/17][21:18:48] [Aurelius]: as well as the bizarre speech ..
    [14/01/17][21:18:55] [Keenan]: where be the Real one i wonder?
    [14/01/17][21:19:01] [Aurelius]: Well, Alaster's always bizarre ... but in a different way this time ..
    [14/01/17][21:19:04] [Drake Ironheart]: Sire you got spies around you
    [14/01/17][21:19:07] [Vincent Vega]: and he was totaly naked
    [14/01/17][21:19:11] [Tokot]: he sounds... like a mechanical Alaster
    [14/01/17][21:19:11] [Vincent Vega]: alastater use sandies
    [14/01/17][21:19:18] [Scribouillard]: true
    [14/01/17][21:19:18] [drewster]: and apron
    [14/01/17][21:19:18] [King Blackthorn]: Hmm. But who keeps an eye on the spies?
    [14/01/17][21:19:21] [Sparrow]: has he been looking in the odd mirror from the sultan?
    [14/01/17][21:19:23] [Tokot]: Exodus spy?
    [14/01/17][21:19:32] [Aurelius]: A flawed copy of alaster...?
    [14/01/17][21:19:33] [Drake Ironheart]: Well Sire, create your army
    [14/01/17][21:19:35] [Vincent Vega]: We all. I think we did good notice
    [14/01/17][21:19:36] [King Blackthorn]: Concerning.
    [14/01/17][21:19:42] [Keenan]: aye
    [14/01/17][21:20:00] [King Blackthorn]: Then I shall dismiss you for now. But please return via the gate... I believe Royal Robewearer wants a word
    [14/01/17][21:20:14] [Vincent Vega]: lolol¨
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    i must say, an evil person impersonnated me !
    of course, Vesper is meant to be enslaved, it's evident. BUT ! it wasn't me ! i'm innocent once again !

    Stop blaming me for pants disapearing ! it's all because of him ! *shows*

    *talks to himself*
    not sure they will follow... guess i need to work my pants recycling machine.