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Couple More Questions, Should Be Easy

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by DuttyD, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. DuttyD

    DuttyD Guest

    Ok so first of here is my template, i plan on running vamp and lich form, what the hell do you call it? rofl
    120 swords
    120 parry
    120 bushido
    100 anatomy
    90 healing
    70 chiv
    45 necro have items to raise
    And for the real questions.
    Should I run Elf or Human?
    Should I put 35 points in to tactics? Or Finish off chiv? ALSO, with my suit in vamp and lich form I will have 70/60/70/70/70 Is that ok?
  2. This is the template I just finished. So far I've been able to solo a para Cu Sidhe and a Para Balron on the first attempts. I use Vamp Form on this character.

    Swords 120
    Parry 120
    Bushido 120
    Healing 90
    Anatomy 90
    Chiv 70
    Tactics 70
    Necro 35

    I have Tactics at 70 in order to be able to use the primary weapon specials.
  3. I went Fencing cause I already had 120 on the char:

    120 Fencing
    120 Parry
    120 Bushido
    100 Healing (Never fails to cure)
    85 Anatomy
    70 Tactics (For Primary Specials)
    70 Chivalry
    35 Necro

    Same as Conner's 'cept I took healing to 100 for the cures. I think it makes a big difference.
  4. DuttyD

    DuttyD Guest

    Ty both for the replies, anyone have some more input on elf or human? Or going gm chiv besides 35 tactics?
  5. Human gets cheaper specials. I don't use them that much so not that important to me.

    Human also gets 20 Spellweaving to play with. Not sure what you can cast at 20, but might be a little help.

    Elf gets 20 mana. Ahh we can all use a little extra mana, no?

    Elf gets to wear "elf only" armor. Opens the door to a lot of Carpentry crafted items.

    If your PvP, then I think Human is the way to go. In PvP you string specials and having them lower mana cost from JOAT is well worth it. In PvM you won't use specials all that much. I'd go Elf for PvM.

    Just my thoughts on it...
  6. DuttyD

    DuttyD Guest

    Thank you very much. Im goin elf [​IMG]