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Couple new tamer questions

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by imported_controlfive, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. so i just recently acquired my brother's old tamer. i've never used a tamer before so i have a few quick questions.

    is there a way to train your pets magery by making them spar? seems like i remember seeing people make their pets attack each other in town to gain. does this method still work?

    with the introduction of greater dragons, is it worth training a rune beetle and mare up?

    lastly, is this dragon (not a greater) worth anything? the stats/resists look great, but i never see people using regular dragons anymore :s

    99% of the maximum Strength (818 / 825).
    92% of the maximum Dexterity (115 / 125).
    92% of the maximum Intelligence (436 / 475).

    100% of the maximum Hit Points (495 / 495)

    100% of the maximum Physical resist (65 / 65).
    99% of the maximum Fire resist (69 / 70).
    98% of the maximum Cold resist (39 / 40).
    97% of the maximum Poison resist (34 / 35).
    89% of the maximum Energy resist (40 / 45).

    100% of the maximum Wrestling skill (100 / 100).
    100% of the maximum Tactics skill (100 / 100).
    100% of the maximum Resist skill (100 / 100).
    92% of the maximum Anatomy skill (92.3 / 100).
    75% of the maximum Magery skill (75.2 / 100).
    93% of the maximum Eval Int skill (92.8 / 100).