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Couple of Quick Questions...

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Keno, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. Keno

    Keno Guest

    Two quick questions please:
    My wife is getting interested in UO so we started her a Tamer - she's had great fun but...
    Her Taming is around 86 now and doesn't seem to want to progress - even with points available and waiting on the GGS. Hate to admit it but after a slew of grizzly bears and great harts, with no gains, I threw a + ring on her and worked on a Unicorn. Even after taming the Unicorn there was no gain. All targets were within the 25+/- point level. I've researched the sites, looked at the lists, plugged in the numbers to the calculator and read so many posts my eyes want to cross... Perhaps we've just hit a wall and need to push through but:
    What might we need to do for the skill to raise?
    Raising Vet and Lore through healing and checks seems to be the only advances being made. If we concentrate on working them first then once they are GM'ed concentrate on Taming would it help, hinder or make no difference?

    Even with Lore locked we still don't get a Taming gain.
    Thanks in advance everyone
  2. Zalan

    Zalan Crazed Zealot
    Governor Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jul 13, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Taming is a pain to be honest. & isn`t what a first time player should play. & could take 2 weeks of non-stop taming to get to GM level with 4+ hrs of play a day from the start.

    The only quick way to gain taming is to get those scrolls that Accelrate taming. & thats not going to be cheap, not to mention hard to find. On the average around 90 in skill I would only get about .02 gains an hour.
  3. Agreed. Taming can be a very slow going process. I would probably suggest a different one as well for a first timer. But if she is enjoying it then just let her play. My husband gave me a mage when I first started [​IMG]

    Have you tried killing her? Sometimes a death can help restart the gains a little. Is it bulls at that level? Might try those also. It is slow but you SHOULD be getting gains. Especially in the other skills. Been awhile since I worked up my tamer, and she still isn't legendary without jewels. [​IMG]
  4. If you eat a power scroll that should help some, go with 110 or 115 at first this bumps up your cap and you should get better gain rate, its still gonna be slow though.

    Also at 86 a +12 ring and brace and you got gm, all you really need is a 110 taming and max lore and you can control whatever you want. So your about 4 pts away... 40 ggs day lol
  5. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest

    I'm going to impart apon you my SeKrEt taming method and the place to do it. I trained my taming from 70's to GM using this method for about 1 hour per day, gaining AT LEAST 1.0 skill.

    Go to Hyloth dungeon entrance. Go into the dungeon and mark a rune in the center of the room that spawns chests to lock pick just inside the dungeon. (make sure you mark it in the center or your rune could be blocked by a spawning chest) Mark this rune "Taming spot #1"

    Now go outside the room and mark another rune in the hallway to the east. (5 or 6 tiles fron the door is fine) Mark this rune "Taming spot #2"

    Go and tame yourself a pet. (I use a sheep or a cow myself but a horse will do if you can't gate) The pet you use must NOT be bonded.

    Bring the pet to spot #1. Bring it near the door and invis yourself. Wait untill all the hell hounds or imps agro on the pet. RECALL (not gate) to spot #2 (this way your pet will stay in the room with agro from the other critters)

    Now tame all the imps and hell hounds at leasure! The pet will hold agro on the imps and HH's and you can tame fairly safely. As you tame one critter kill it and watch for the respawn. You'll have to invis again if it agro's you!

    If you run low on critters to tame, run down the hall to the east and bring back some imps and HH's. Lead them to the door, invis and wait for them to agro on your pet. (At higher levels I would lure 3 of each and alternate taming 1 imp then 1 HH) Be carefull however, as the number of critters goes up it can be a bit dangerous! [​IMG]

    You can use this method to tame all the way up to 120. The gains may come a bit slower after you reach 100.
  6. Keno

    Keno Guest

    Thank you for all the hints and tips - especially the SeKrEt method [​IMG]
    Gains did start again over the last two days but I believe it will be GGS that gets her there! lol
    1. Her character was lag killed - so the restart occurred without intention but it did seem to help.
    2. She acquired and consumed 110 scrolls in Taming, Lore and Vet - it was more cost effective than 120's right now (costs are insane on those) and couldn't locate any 115's. This also seemed to help as there were three 0.1 gains out of the next five or six attempts.
    3. Next is to take her to Hyth and see what happens! If it helps as much as the first two we'll be combat ready in no time! It's the fun of the game that counts so even if it takes longer it isn't a huge issue. (We're not "Uber Warriors" lol)
    Thanks again everyone and happy hunting!

    PS: If anyone wants a couple Ankh Pendants or pieces of Virtue Armor PM me as we have some spares - gotta get those 120's somehow [​IMG] or if you would like to sell/trade a Cloak of Humilty let me know too