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Covian Reports; August 10th

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Role Play' started by Caine Family, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. Caine Family

    Caine Family Adventurer

    Feb 20, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Thursday, August 10th
    1930hrs by the Eastern Sky;

    Heroes from the furthest reaches of Britannia assembled at the Empath Abbey located in Yew. Mason begins by illustrating the importance of night’s efforts.

    “Cove is in dire need; tonight it is essential these supplies make it to Cove. Without food, water and medical supplies the Covian Guard and the people of Cove will be left in disarray.”

    Governor Durreah had ensured all supplies were accounted for and prepared for the long journey. Yew had contributed so much, giving more than what was requested to ensure the Covian guard would inevitably be victories in the coming days.

    With the recent incidents occurring in Skara Brae, Mayor Mason Caine was forced to depend completely on the supply line running from Yew to Cove, leaving no other possibilities if things were to go wrong. They would risk it all, advancing the replenishments in a single well defended Caravan.

    “There is much at risk, diffusion is very important in war. If we lose these supplies we lose the war.”

    Mason explained, reiterating the supplies importance

    Thea Caine, briefly reviews a Covian Scout report;

    “Scouts have reported orchish activity along the roads leading to Cove. Though their numbers seem to be small we must remain vigilant. Protect the supplies at all costs and if possible kill them F**kers.”

    At 2000hrs by The Eastern Sky the assembled company quickly mounted and the Caravan was under way.

    The Company moved as one body, navigating through the dense Yew forest to the road that would lead them to the Township of Cove. Pushing forward, the company was prepared for the long haul, ready for the possible orcish raiders.

    As the Covian scouts reported, the company encountered a small force of orcish raider that was quickly and efficiently dispatched. As the company pushed onward, raiders both began to grow in number and in size. Blades clashed and arrows flew as the company fought bravely to protect the supplies from becoming compromised.

    It was relevant that the Orcish Horde was aware of the importance of these supplies as it would play a deciding factor of who would be victorious in the ongoing war. As a final attempt the orc had massed a large force which would await the Caravan outside Cove’s Landing.

    To no avail, having concentrated the caravan into a single well defended unit opposed to the two lightly guarded caravans (Skara Brae and Yew,) those who had taken up arms to protect Cove’s interests would become the victors. The supplies would remain fully intact and untouched by the attempted ambushes.

    Entering the large wooden walls of Cove, Mayor Mason Caine rallies all those who had made the long journey from Yew.

    “Tonight, we have witnessed great men and women come together for a common goal. We, together have made a valiant stride toward a most certain victory. The people of Cove will always be thankful for those who risked their lives to protect theirs. Thank you”