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Covian Reports; August 25th

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Role Play' started by Caine Family, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Caine Family

    Caine Family Adventurer

    Feb 20, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Friday, August 25, 2017

    2000hrs by the Eastern Sky.

    Mayor Mason Caine extended an open invitation to the people of Britannia to celebrate Cove’s most recent triumphs. The people of Cove had suffered great loses in prior days, the change of pace would become an attempt to boost the peoples spirit and morale.

    The main event would celebrate Thea Caines newly appointed position as Captain of the Covian Guard. The Crimson Sash is a prized possession only worn by the Captain of the Covian Guard. Its passage marks a new era as it is presented from the outgoing Captain to the incoming Captain of the Guard. The sash is a sign of respect, dedication and true leadership. Jayce Caine would pass this honor to the recipient Thea Caine during a ceremony performed in the Township of Cove.
    The crowd attending the nights celebrations quickly grew and members of the Covian Guard were sent to patrol the town’s inner borders. Security and control were Jayce Caine’s orders. An order the Covian Guard took very seriously.

    The Covian Games consisted of three events;

    The bag drop that would become a fun and playful brawl as numerous bags containing a multitude of items were dropped around Cove. Those in attendance quickly jumped from their seats and scrambled to collect what bags they could.

    The Archery competition tested the skill and accuracy of the most talented members of Britannia. Competitors took aimed shots at the assigned targets. Those who participated showed off their talents but only one would take home the Gold Trophy. An amazing display was performed by Squince as each arrow found their mark, hitting the bulls-eye throughout the competition.

    1st: Squince

    2nd: Adrian Monk

    3rd: Poor Boy

    The great Covian Stool race pitted contestant against each other in a physically demanding clash. In their drunken state, those taking part would find the challenge harder than expected, leaving three contestants standing above all others.

    1st: Ine

    2nd: Nicole

    3rd: Catlord

    Once the Covian Games had concluded, those in attendance gathered to the assembled stage to witness the Crimson Sash Ceremony.
    It was at this time that our walls could have been infiltrated. A single well-trained orc had climbed over the harsh terrain of the mountain that separated Cove from the Southern Orc Fort. It appeared as if from a nightmare and quickly made its presence known as the orc rushed toward the stage where both Jayce Caine and Thea Caine stood.

    Those in attendance though slightly caught off guard were able to react swiftly. Recruit Oswald and Recruit Raelyn were the first two to counter the assault, ensuring both Captain Jayce Caine and newly promoted Captain Thea Caine were protected. After thwarting the orc’s obvious attempt to assassinate both Coves’ Captains, a large skirmish ensued.
    “This orc’s prowess in combat was that of a stomper” Thea Caine later explains.

    Many would suffer injuries and be required treatment but with the quick reactions of both Recruits Oswald and Raelyn, as well as the large number of Covian Guards and those patrons who took up arms, the orc was defeated and slain.

    A further report will be issued to detail any information regarding the now deceased orc.

    Thea Caine announced her first order as Captain of the Covian Guard, swearing to now take the fight to them.

    Side Note: John of Trinsic was arrested after assaulting a member of the public. He was required to spend a single night (twenty-four hours) in custody. Recruit Oswald ensured John remained in Cove’s Landing until his sentence was lifted.
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