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Crafting 101

Discussion in 'Crafting' started by Bella, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Bella

    Bella Guest

    With the release of GW2 hopefully just around the (perpetual) corner, I thought I'd delve into the crafting disciplines a bit.

    The Basics

    There are several ways to obtain crafting materials:

    Salvaging kits will be available from merchants and will allow you to salvage crafting materials out of old or unwanted items.

    Looting corpses will give you a chance to find crafting materials such as hides or trophies on the kills you make.

    The Marketplace buying from other players for those who prefer a less messy way to collect materials.

    Harvesting will include ore veins, plants and trees and can be found throughout the world and all character types will be able to gather crafting supplies from them even if you have yet to choose any disciplines.

    Something to note is a wonderful enhancement coming to harvesting with GW2; Nodes will no longer be exclusive to a single player. In other words, nodes will be available for you to immediately harvest even if another player has just beat you to the node.

    Crafting Stations, along with nearby master craftsmen NPCs, can be found within the cities and major outposts throughout the world with plenty of stations in which to work your chosen crafting skill(s). The crafting station interface itself consists of two tabs; one for production mode, the other for discovery mode. While in discovery mode you will be able to experiment with different materials to discover new recipes. The following link provides a good look at the crafting window.

    The crafting segment begins one minute into the video right after a brief news section.

    A big "Thank you" to XollFury for sharing that video with us!

    Here is another, more recent look at the crafting interface by Philetic:

    Thanks so much for posting this video Philetic!

    The Disciplines

    A master craftsman NPC will be happy to teach you their particular area of expertise in your chosen disicipline(s). Characters are allowed to have two crafting disciplines active at any given time, however, another visit to the master craftsman NPC and you can switch out your current discipline(s) for another one. Of course these dealings with the master craftsman will cost you. Luckily, any skill points or recipes you’ve learned for the discipline you’re trading in will be saved and can be picked back up with another visit to the master craftsman without fear of losing any skills or skill points. However, please note that as your crafting level progresses, so does the cost to switch between disciplines.

    There will be a total of eight crafting disciplines to choose from and they are as follows:

    Armor Disciplines

    Armorsmiths can craft heavy armor pieces for the Warrior and Guardian. Additional buffs such as plus 10 to strength, plus 10 to all attributes and plus high percent crit chance can be added with the application of a Talisman

    Leatherworkers are able to craft medium armor pieces for the Engineer, Ranger and Thief professions with buffs made possible by using Marks which can add boosts to vitality, health or power

    Tailors will craft light armor pieces for the Elementalist, Mesmer (most likely as it is considered a scholar) and Necromancer professions with such buffs as an increase to health and intelligence by utilizing Crests


    Cooks will prepare food for characters which will offer temporary combat buffs when consumed


    Jewelcrafters will create rings and necklaces and other jewelry. I am unsure at this time if wearing jewelry will offer any stat bonuses but I don’t see any reasons why not

    Weapon Disciplines

    Artificers who can craft magical weapons such as staves and scepters.

    Staves are wielded by the Elementalist, Guardian, Mesmer and Necromancer

    Scepters are wielded by the Elementalist, Guardian, Mesmer and Necromancer

    Huntsmen craft ranged weapons like bows and pistol, as well as torches and warhorns.

    Bows will be sported by Rangers, Thieves and Warriors

    Pistols will be carried by Engineers, Mesmers and Thieves

    Torches will be used by Guardians, Mesmers and Rangers

    Warhorns will be carried by Necromancers, Rangers and Warriors

    Weaponsmiths will craft melee weapons, such as swords, axes and hammers.

    Swords will be brandished by Guardians, Mesmer, Rangers, Thieves and Warriors

    Axes will be wielded by Necromancers, Rangers and Warriors

    Hammers will be swung by Guardians and Warriors

    Most disciplines will be able to upgrade their gear. For instance, Weaponsmiths can craft an item that can be attached to a melee weapon allowing the weapon a chance to burn enemies for additional fire damage.

    There is a lot of information out there to navigate though but I think the following YouTube video by BONK! Studios (which is a fairly recent upload by getbonkd on Oct 5, 2011) summed crafting up very nicely:

    I would like to add that we now know the identity of the "unknown" profession (mentioned along with the Elementalist and Necromancer light armor wearers) is to be the Mesmer. A big Thanks to BONK! Studios for preparing/posting that video!

    As you can see, crafting is going to be a huge deal in GW2. Here is the March 9th, 2011 post by Andrew McLeod, one of the GW2 game designers, discussing crafting at Arenanet’s official blog: http://www.arena.net/blog/andrew-mcleod-...ing-in-gw2

    And finally, the official GW2 Wiki exclusively about GW2 crafting: Crafting - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)

    Disclaimer taken from the above: "The Guild Wars 2 Wiki is the official wiki for Guild Wars 2. It is hosted by ArenaNet and is managed and edited by the community. Because this wiki is currently in beta, any information listed here is not final and is subject to change."

    All in all crafting looks like it will be well worth the time. Between being able to have each and every character gather resources and your crafter able to switch disciplines without penalty, I’d say this is a win-win situation!

    I hope I've left you with enough information to answer most of your questions except for maybe one: Which crafting disciplines will you choose?


    All information was gathered from the GW2 Wiki, Arenanet’s official blog page and Bonk! Studios GW2: Crafting [Ep.4]
  2. Zosimus

    Zosimus Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jul 3, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Eolan posted thes evideos after the Press Beta weekend!

    Gathering (récolte) - Guild Wars 2 CBT Press

    Weapon Upgrade (Amélioration d'arme) - Guild Wars 2 CBT Press
  3. Zosimus

    Zosimus Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jul 3, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Massively's Elisabeth Claire youtube video for crafting Press Beta weekend!

    Guild Wars 2 Crafting - Weaponsmith & Armorsmith to 25
  4. Zosimus

    Zosimus Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jul 3, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Guild Wars 2 Guru Gathering video from the Press Beta weekend.

    Guild Wars 2 - Gather Ore Plants and Wood
  5. Bella

    Bella Guest

    Short video update to crafting from Yogscast.

    Uploaded by BlueXephos on Mar 15, 2012
    "Another bit of extra footage from the GW2 beta, this one is where I screwed around doing a bit of crafting. Hold onto your pants, this one is as exciting as it sounds. (not very)"

    Thanks for sharing guys!!