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Crafting Templates Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by imported_Irish Rage, Jul 6, 2001.

  1. Hey everyone we havent had a good post on templates in awhile so I thought I'd start one. Please limit your posts to constructive comments and templates only.

    I consider my crafts more of a family effort as I spread my crafting skills across several chars.


    GM Blacksmith
    GM Tinker
    GM Tailor
    GM Carpenter
    GM Magery
    GM Eval
    GM Meditation

    Miner Matt

    GM LJ
    GM Swordsman
    GM Anatomy
    GM Healing
    GM Tactics
    GM Magery
    GM Mining (dumping for resist)

    Julia (one of my gf's chars we share)

    GM Alchemist
    GM Cookiing (eventually)
    GM Bowcraft (eventually)
    GM Mining (eventually)
    GM Fishing (eventually)

    The rest of her is mixed between magery, item id, taste id, taming for horses, and other skills. Kind hoping maybe just maybe will get some more craft skills some day she can add.


    GM Magery
    GM Eval (eventually)
    GM Med
    GM Poisoning (eventually)
    GM Inscription (eventually)
    GM Wrestle
    GM Resist

    He is currently my GM fisherman, but I really like him so I decided to turn him into a pure mage eventually.
  2. BobMcForge

    BobMcForge Guest

    I have but a single crafter, but he's the first character I really developed and I still enjoy playing him more than any of my fighters.

    Bob McForge - Sonoma
    GM Carpenter (His first GM)
    GM Tinker
    GM Smith
    GM Tailor
    80 Magery
    55 Meditation
    65 Music
    50 Armslore
    50 Item ID

    I don't much care about Bowcraft, so this crafter meets all my non-magical crafter needs. He has enough music to be able to mark instruments, and his arms lore is nice when doing repair work (I hate needless repair work). I added on Item ID to help out with determining which weapons I make are actually worth more, ala VDP.

    This arrangment serves me well.

    Bob McForge (Legion Crafter), Bob McDeath (Legion Executioner), Bob McTrout (Legion Provisioner), Bob McSmith (Legion Lumberjack), Bob McZoo (Legion Stablemaster), Honest Bob (Legion Lifter).
    Bob is legion.
    Don't mess with Bob.
  3. ehuber

    ehuber Guest

    Gm Tinker
    Gm Alchemist
    Gm Carpentry
    Gm Tailor
    75 Magery (65)
    75 Smithy (38.2)
    50 Item ID
    50 Arms Lore
    50 Hide

    I figure I can make just about anything but high-end armor/weapons, but I've got a GM Smith brother who does that for us.

    I also use the "family" approach. I have a Gm Axer and a Nox Mage with Inscription, so I can poison weapons and make recalls, as well as chop wood to my heart's content. It works well. The only characters I DON'T have is a Tamer or a Treasure Hunter. I'm in the process of making a disarm thief/mage... but, he'll be awhile since I've got two characters to Gm Resistance on for PvP as well as Poisoning to GM.

    "everyone here is more than contented... to be living and dying in 3/4 time..."<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by ehuber on 07/21/01 03:17 PM.</FONT></P>
  4. Pure Warrior

    Pure Warrior Guest

    My first mule and still under training.

    <center><font color=purple>/php-bin/shared/images/icons/jestera.gifCalibretto,Union Senator</center></font color=purple>
    <center><font color=purple>The New Union(N*U),of Felucca, Napa Valley</center></font color=purple>
    <center><font color=8B7500></font color=8B7500>
  5. Cest

    Cest Guest

    My craftsman is the following:

    GM Smithy (accomplished)
    GM Mining (accomplished)
    GM Tailoring (accomplished)
    GM Carpentry (currently in low 90's)
    GM Tinkering (50's havent worked on much)
    GM Alchemy (haven't started)
    GM Magery (50's)

    Bow Before My Power
  6. Ecan

    Ecan Guest

    GM Smith
    GM Miner
    GM Tailor
    GM Tinker
    GM Carpenter
    GM Magery
    GM Meditation or GM Bowcraft (Don't know yet)
  7. <font color=blue>Mols, Europa</font color=blue>

    Blacksmithing - GM
    Carpentry - GM
    Lumberjacking - GM
    Magery - GM
    Mining - GM
    Tailoring - GM
    Tinkering - GM

    <font color=red>Klos,Europa</font color=red>

    Alchemy - GM
    Evalutating Intellgence - GM
    Inscription - GM
    Magery - GM
    Meditation - GM
    Poisening - GM
    Item Identification - GM

    <center>[​IMG]</center><center><font color=blue>Mols, Trade Minister of Serenity</font color=blue></center><center><font color=red>UO Tailor Moderator</font color=red></center><center><font color=green>UO Europa Moderator</font color=green></center>
  8. Baphomet

    Baphomet Guest

    I didn't want my craftsmen to be a 'pure' mule so. . this is his template. .

    GM Tinkering (done)
    GM Carpentry (done)
    GM Tailoring (done)
    GM Smith (about 96)
    GM Magery (85)
    GM Fishing (85)
    50 Eval
    50 Med (For the sea serps /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif)

    So when he gets bored making things he can go out and do some fishing for relaxation /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif. He can make all available house addons and handle himself in a fight. (OK, so he cant make the music stuff. . he used to be able to but no one buys em so I dropped that) I have started another char that is gonna do the mining and lumberjacking - as well as scribing and alchemy.

  9. Maj

    Maj Guest

    This is my char i first decided to make because before posing as as a smith and taking your things was not a banable offense...hehe me and my freind lost good things that day......

    GM mining
    GM smithy (with out UOA) : )
    GM magery
    GM med (i like the "Lord" mark)
    GM tailor (with UOA.wish i had it for smithy)
    GM carp (not yet, but thanks to all in here will be soon)
    GM tinker (94 real at the moment, too lazy to mine) : )
    I may drop med someday but not after im sure i have enough of whatever i may need to GM the skill i take up.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have my crafts spread out amongst several chars as well:

    Treasure: (she's my only "complete" char so far and can make every housing addon and mark her musical instruments)
    45 Arms Lore (she does most of the weapons shopping for my warriors)
    100 Blacksmithy (done)
    100 Carpentry (done)
    100 Cooking (done)
    75 Magery (done)
    80 Musicianship (done)
    100 Tailoring (done)
    100 Tinkering (done)

    Summer: (Treasure's sister)
    100 Anatomy (96.7)
    80 Healing (75.2)
    100 Lumberjacking (done)
    80 Magery (58.7)
    100 Mining (done)
    100 Swordsmanship (done)
    100 Tactics (done)
    40 Tinkering (done)

    Alysanne Lancre:
    100 Alchemy (done)
    80 Eval Int (62.8)
    100 Inscription (done)
    100 Magery (81.7)
    100 Meditation (96.6)
    50 Resisting Spells (done)
    100 Spirit Speak (done)
    70 Wrestling (done)

    Kiele Nalani:
    100 Animal Lore (85.4)
    85 Animal Taming (74.5)
    100 Archery (64.0)
    100 Bowcrafting (done)
    85 Magery (65.0)
    100 Musicianship (done)
    70 Provocation (61.1)
    60 Tactics (32.3)

    <center><font color=008B00>Safe journey!
    Treasured Goods Shoppe @ Library (UOMA Approved)
    Trammel facet, Chesapeake shard
    127o 47's, 35o 34'e

    <a target="_blank" href=http://www.angelfire.com/rpg/TreasuredGoods/index.html>Treasured Goods Almanac</a></font color=008B00></center>
  11. DemanKnght

    DemanKnght Guest

    Good to see I can be the first to note I CHOSE bowery hehe. First I would like to state I aquired this account from a guild mate with this char alreay established so I mearly finished the few things he was close on, the rest I did all by my little self.. :)

    GM mining (Came with the char otherwise I would of never ever gmed this, just dont have the patience)
    GM Smithing (Came with 98.5 so it was a no brainer to finish, glad I did, its nice to give aromor out to new players makes me feel all squishy inside)
    GM tinkering (did this to mainly make gm locked boxes for my T-hunter, did this the old fashion way with out UOA)
    GM Tailoring (Did this with UOA, god knows why I didnt get it earlier, oh wait the accound had it and I didnt know it, but man it really helped, once again nice to give out free armor.)
    GM Bowery (Ok, I thought this would be a good skill to master, well till I gmed it and then began to see all the GM named bows, side note, gmed this in minoc during the orc raids, figured was good to give the stuff to people fighting, hate to waste, one person even gave me a orcish bow in return, go figure)
    GM Carp (95.9 at the moment, just a matter of sitting down and working it again, kinda got bored at this point, gmed tailoring and bowery plus this from 30 in a month can be taxing.)
    GM Magery (65 at the moment, need this to make house add-ons, plus gate packies if I ever mine.)

    I really was shooting for uber mule(thanks Bob's wife) But Mr. Mcforge has been my inspiration since I see his name on so much stuff, though it would be a cool way to become moderately famous. But so many skills, hard to really put it all together.. definetly no one template that is the best.

  12. LeBaiton

    LeBaiton New Player Protector
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 25, 1999
    Likes Received:
    I've decided to put most of the crafts onto one character... His template:

    - GM Blacksmithy (done)
    - GM Carpentry (done*)
    - GM Lumberjacking (done)
    - GM Magery (done)
    - GM Mining (done)
    - GM Tailoring (done)
    - GM Tinkering (done)

    *Updated current Carpentry skill level



    <center><font color=blue>The DexMonkeys watch in awe, as LeB's Tamer clears the spawn</font color=blue>
    <font color=red>DexMonkey: "Boy, I wish I could do that!"</font color=red></center>
  13. Onyx Ironhoof (Lake Superior):

    GM Smith
    GM Mining
    GM Tailoring (eventually)
    GM Tinkering (eventually)
    GM Carpentry (eventually)
    90 Magery (eventually)
    70 Meditation (eventually)
    40 Arms Lore

    I have an archer/lumberjacker character as well who provides all the wood Onyx needs on this shard.

    Ezcaari the Drow (Sonoma):

    GM Carpentry
    GM Tailoring
    GM Tinkering
    GM Alchemy (eventually)
    80 Magery
    80 Smithing
    70 Meditation
    70 Lumberjacking

    Onyx Ironwolf (Sonoma):

    GM Smith
    GM Mining
    GM Fencing
    GM Tactics
    GM Healing (eventually)
    99.9 Anatomy (don't want to GM and thus lose my GM Blacksmith title)
    70.1 Resist (eventually)
    30 Arms Lore

    From ghosties and ghoulies
    And long leggety beasties
    And things that go bump in the night
    Good Lord preserve us!
  14. LedZepelin

    LedZepelin Guest

    I made this char as a supplier for the other characters but he has a least 10 times more contacts and is constantly getting orders for stuff.
    I didn't use UO Assist or 8x8 or anything else for any of these skills btw.

    GM Smith
    GM Tinker
    GM Carpentry
    GM Tailoring
    70 Lumberjacking
    60 Bowcraft
    60 Mining
    40 Magery
    40 Arms Lore
    30 Cooking

    He's got customers who swap recall/gate scrolls and regs for smith repairs.

    Deep down inside.
    What more do you need ?
  15. a big meanie

    a big meanie Guest

    i started her b/c i was bored -
    Leila (sonoma)
    GM smith
    GM tinker
    GM tailor
    GM carp
    GM alch
    had gm mining but im dumping that and getting poisoning...
    gm poisoning (currently like 78)
    gm magery (currently like 80 i dont care about it, just as long as i can gate)

    i have lumberjacking on my warrior and mining on my treasure hunter so i dont have to make this char a resource hag. i was doing a lot of business, i had a vendor in a house between the moonglow gate and moonglow (greatest spot for a vendor in UO) and i got tired of keeping up with demand. i made over a mil in 2 weeks there selling gm tailored leather sets and gm smithed armour/weaps and add ons and i decided to retire. retirement in a game..... novel idea.

    if i applied myself enough to have an elite signature picture, then i wouldn't be so elite myself. #uo on undernet, me = myst :p
  16. jeantian

    jeantian Guest

    GM Mining
    Gm Smith
    GM Tailor
    GM Tinker
    GM Carp
    GM Lumber
    GM Arms Lore

    Well you know someday OSI is gonna make arms lore a req on smithy just like they made animal lore a req on Taming It's just a matter of time.

    Avengerz Of Rainz. Death to The Tyrant British!
    Buying Regents And Reagents since 1999.
    Jean Tian The Free Night Fighting for Britain
    Alan Colan Missplacing spell book since 1999
    Horse HUman since 1999
    Gyofu WA Joutou The Name says it all
  17. Chef

    Chef Guest

    Well.....I have one "crafter" per say he's been "in work" for quite some time:


    Gm Smith
    Gm Miner
    88 Carp (shooting for GM)
    89 Tinker (shooting for GM)
    Gm Mage
    95 Arms Lore (probably drop for Tailoring)

    My 7th skill is a mystery to me=], I'm still thinking about it. Little help=]

    He has always been my miner smith but until about 5 months ago I had not really thought about any other "craftsman" skills per say. Last month I started chopping wood with another character and figured..."what the heck," lets make a crafter.=]

    "......it's okay to love your pets.......just don't LOVE your pets......"
  18. Line

    Line Guest

  19. Tallanon

    Tallanon Guest


    I can wear any complete ensemble (except music). And it's all personalized!

    Tallanon of Chessy

    There is sadness in all beauty. Only when you understand this will you truly be a man.
  20. Gooner

    Gooner Guest


    Alucards Tower 132 5s 39 30e
    Part of the Felucca vendor ring.
    Gooner True Britannians
  21. Satyricon

    Satyricon Guest

    I have 2 chars with craft skills:

    1) My craftsman:
    GM Blacksmithy
    GM Mining (still working on this skill)
    GM Carpenter
    GM Tinkering
    GM Tailoring
    GM Bowyering (still working on this skill)
    GM Magery

    I use my lumberjacking axer char to chop wood for my carpenter.

    2) My alchemist/scribe/mage/bard:
    GM Alchemy
    GM Inscription
    GM Magery
    GM Meditation
    GM Music
    GM Peacemaking
    GM Provocation
  22. Askari

    Askari Guest

    I wish I knew what I was doing when I started but man there's no turning back now. Nevertheless my characters on Baja are shaping up pretty well but I need some feedback.


    GM Tailor
    GM Tinker(95)
    GM LJ (92)
    GM Carp(97)
    GM Mage(60)
    GM Bowcraft(40)
    GM Alchemy (0)

    I would have preferred to have Vegard as my smith so I could make all the add-ons but I didn't have that forsight. Also I *need* to find a way to change his name! Vegard was originally a warrior created in Haven! I got to the point where I couldn't delete him since I was using his bank space as storage for my other chars. Would you want GM marked furniture by 'Vegard'? If ANYBODY knows ANY loophole, pls pls pls let me know. I would be forever indebted to ya.


    GM Smith
    GM Miner
    GM ID(70) Gonna make my life easy for VDP
    GM Mage(90)
    GM Eval(85)
    GM Med(93)
    GM Resist(50)

    I want to drop Eval, Med and Resist on this guy but what should I replace it with??? Arms lore(Is there ever going to be a use for it?)? Fishing? Poisoning? I dunno.....

    Maybe I'll go with fishing and poisoning, then split up the last 100 points between med and eval. Thoughts????
  23. Namor

    Namor Guest

    GM carpentry (got)
    GM smithing (got)
    GM tailoring (got)
    GM tinkering (got)
    GM mining (got)
    70 Music (55)
    80 magery (got)
    25 arms lore (got)
    25 item id (got)

    when I see a /php-bin/shared/images/icons/newbie.gif /php-bin/shared/images/icons/spam.gif for money and /php-bin/shared/images/icons/guns.gif, I /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smash.gif myself in the head
  24. Askari

    Askari Guest

    Ok after a full night's sleep, I've decided which route to go:


    GM LJ
    GM Carp
    GM Tink
    GM Tailor
    GM Mage
    GM Alchemy
    GM Poisoning


    GM Smith
    GM Mine
    GM Bowcraft
    GM Fish
    GM Mage
    50 Eval
    50 Med

    I don't know how much time I'll spend on fishing. Prolly not enough to set up a vendor. Who knows, mabe I'll really get into it or I could end up dropping it all together. It's an easy enough skill to acquire. Well lots of work ahead. Of to start my PHs,

  25. andy_day

    andy_day Guest

    minning gm
    blacksmith gm
    tinkering gm
    carpentry 98.9
    magery 80
    hiding 85
    in process of replacing lumerjack with tailoring

  26. jrudrow

    jrudrow Guest

    Mine is the Same as Cests

    [​IMG]A Mere Shadow of What Lurks Beyond Destards Entrance.[​IMG]
  27. Torr Jerlein

    Torr Jerlein Guest

    Kevin Jerlein: Napa

    GM Mining *done
    GM Smithing *done
    GM Carpentry
    GM Tinkering
    GM Tailoring
    GM Boweyer/Fletcher
    GM Magery

    Torr Jerlein, Guildmaster-Paladin, The Warriors of Sosaria (WOS) Napa Valley
    <a target="_blank" href=http://warriorsofsosaria.hypermart.net>The Warriors of Sosaria</a>
    <P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Torr Jerlein on 07/28/01 12:23 AM.</FONT></P>
  28. Conner

    Conner Guest

    My Craftsman

    Conner Loxley
    GM mining
    GM smith
    GM tailor
    GM carp
    GM tinker
    80 magery
    45 Music
    40 Item id
    35 Arms Lore

    Thinking about dropping Mining for Bowcraft

    I owe I owe so off to work i go
  29. Draco of GL

    Draco of GL Guest

    Here's mine:


    GM Blacksmith (done)
    GM Tailoring (done)
    GM Carpentry (92.5)
    GM Tinkering (72ish)
    GM Mining (96.2)
    75 Magery (40)
    80 Arms Lore (30ish)

    I haven't decided about the remaining 45 skill points yet. I was thinking Music, but I'll prolly switch to Bow/Fletch

    Well you know someday OSI is gonna make arms lore a req on smithy just like they made animal lore a req on Taming It's just a matter of time

    That's exactly why I'm putting 80 towards Arms Lore. Actually, the amount I'll put into it depends on what the AL modifiers are. I think it's definitely a good idea: making Arms Lore more useful, and increase the success rates for plate armor. Going thru 1000+ ingots for a single plate chest is ridiculous.

    Draco of GL
    Suburbia: where they tear out the trees and then name streets after them.
    Chaos, panic, & disorder - my work here is done.
  30. dohhyung

    dohhyung Guest

    My first post! Hehe

    My craftsman

    GM Carpentry
    GM Smithing
    GM Tailoring
    GM Tinkering
    93 Meditation
    90 Mining
    86 Magery

    I enjoy playing craftsman so cool to wear and make stuff with my
    name on it.
  31. Doc Holiday

    Doc Holiday Guest

    Johnny Ringo

    GM Smith
    GM Tailor
    GM Alchemist
    GM Mage
    63 Carpentry (going to GM)
    86 Tinkering (going to GM)
    87 Mining (going to GM)

  32. MyrddinSmith

    MyrddinSmith Guest

    Myrddin Siege

    GM Blacksmith
    GM Carpenter
    GM Tinker
    GM Tailor
    GM Magery
    GM Mining
    75 Lumberjacking
    25 Arms Lore

    well.. eventually... I just started...

    I'm new, and a crafter, but I am determined to make my mark
  33. JcChessy

    JcChessy Guest

    Lothar the Large:
    GM BlackSmith
    GM Mining
    GM Tinker
    GM Carpenter
    GM Tailor
    GM Item ID (For the nice GrandMaster Merchant Title and VDP uses)

    I am still trying to decide a last skill for him.... Stuck between Magery (which I HATE to raise, 8x8 gets soooooo boring), poisoning (which I have almost given up on, as I hear it is a pancake).... There is always arms lore or somethign too I guess

    Anarchy Online: AO SUCKS!
    Ultima Online:
    <font color=red>Lothar the Large - GrandMaster Smith/Miner/Tinker, Chesapeake</font color=red>
    <font color=blue>Optimus - GM Fisherman/Warrior/Axer</font color=blue>
  34. PRG

    PRG Guest

    Mr. Lovegrove (#1)
    GM smith-done
    GM mining-98.9
    GM mage-haven't bothered yet
    GM med- haven't bothered yet
    GM item Id-haven't bothered yet
    GM tinker-88.9
    GM arms lore-haven't bothered yet
    My much abused smith never gets worked on I use him too much

    Mr. Lovegrove (#2)
    GM tailor-done
    GM smith-91.6
    GM tinker-87.3
    GM bowfletch-80.2
    GM carp-91.8
    75 magery-done
    65 music-done
    60 arms lore-done
    My super mule in training

    GM alchemy-done
    GM fish-done
    GM scribe-96.7
    GM poison-77.3
    GM mage-98.2
    GM med-done
    GM eval-88.2

    GM mining-99.5
    GM LJ-97.6
    GM mage
    GM hiding
    GM stealth
    GM cooking
    GM med
    resource collecting char i am just started retooling

    Not to mention my Nox/Scribe mage and my PvP LJ'er. I am currently down to foodstuffs and the few carp add-ons that I can't make myself :&gt;
  35. spliffalot

    spliffalot Guest

    Vectra was my first char

    GM Smith (done)
    GM Mining (done)
    GM Magery(done)
    GM Tinker (90)
    GM Carpentry (done)
    GM Lumber (91)
    GM Tailoring (haven't started)

    i have got several other chars but vectra is the most fun to play

    <center>[​IMG]</center><center>A million years old still in trouble put down your fists and hit him with a shovel</center><P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by spliffalot on 08/14/01 11:31 PM.</FONT></P>
  36. Andrietta

    Andrietta Guest

    On Andrietta:
    GM Evaluate Int, GM Hiding, GM Inscription, GM Magery,
    GM Meditation, (working on) GM Resist, GM Wrestling.
    She was just my scribe char but now my main, it's now a perfect (once resist's complete) template for pvp /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif

    On worker:
    GM Blacksmithy, Carpentry, Lumberjacking, Magery, Tailoring, Tinkering, 45%music, 55% eval & med
    Smithy's her only GM atm, but working on the others. With this template she (will be able to) make all the house adons. No offence to bowyers but with all the magic bows available I never saw the point in training all that skill just to make GM Bows.
  37. LordKaplan

    LordKaplan Guest

    I thought if I am going to have GM lumberjacking might as well put it to use so this is my template.

    GM Carp
    GM Bowcrafting
    GM Lumberjacking
    GM Swords
    GM Tactics
    GM Anatomy
    GM Healing

    I know this is not a true Crafter, but I wanted to have some fun with my char, and just chopping wood, making bows and staffs is not all that fun.

    Lord Kaplan
  38. Ceithlyn

    Ceithlyn Guest

    On Atlantic I have:

    Pallas Athene:
    GM Carpentry ~95
    GM Mining ~74
    GM Smith ~85
    GM Tinker ~85
    GM Tailor 100! (just got that Tues night PH :)
    75 magery (pentagrams)

    Prolly GM Bowyer too, I have a few archers and maybe 25 arms lore to round it out

    GM Alchemy 100!
    GM Scribe ~69
    GM poisoner ~81 *wonders if it's worth the pain in the rear to GM it*
    GM Meditation ~86
    GM Eval Int ~45
    GM Magery ~73
    50 resist ~28
    50 wrestling ~29

    Nox Mage adn he brews and scribes. Might just drop the poison and put it on the disarm theif I''m owrking so I can shoot for GM resist & wrestling.

    Kali Athene on Oce is Pallas' twin; same with Shiva on Oce and Cicero. My main character on Atl is 80 LJ and GM cook /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif, one of my warriors also fishes. And I have an archer/fisher/cook on Oce. *needs to find space for an LJ on someone hehe*

    Caitlin Drake, <font color=27408B>Iron Chef LOA GM Chef/Swordswoman</font color=27408B>
    'She slices, she dices, she juliennes!'

    <font color=000080>And you can stay awake tonight/ Thinking up a dozen names/ I can only sleep in your arms/ So when I stay awake/ I'll sail those same oceans again...</font color=000080>
  39. On Great Lakes:

    Telanious Vander
    GM Inscription
    GM Tinker
    GM Tailor
    GM Carpenter
    GM Alchemy
    GM Mage (Working on)
    GM Meditation (Working on)

    This my merchant character not my mule. Everything he makes is sold, not used by my other characters. I have Lumberjacking on my fighter (my true mule =) ) and mining and fishing on my treasure hunter.

    Juntu Malor - GM Fisher/GM Miner - Treasure Hunter
    Telanious Vander - 5x GM - Merchant, not Mule
    Caldonius Melar - GM Warrior
  40. Dave Race

    Dave Race Guest

    Tarquille is the crafter of the group:

    GM Smith
    GM Carpenter
    GM Tinker
    GM Tailor
    75 Mage
    45 Musician
    61 Fletcher (aiming for GM)

    Not sure about what to do with the last few points - probably keep them in mining to improve smelting.

    His resource needs are catered for by Jerry:

    GM Fisherman
    GM Lumberjack
    GM Miner
    90 Tactics
    90 Swords
    70 Anatomy
    70 Healing
    42 Magery
    38 Magic Resist

    One day Gerald will finsh his scribing lessons and learn Alchemy and Cookery.

    AKA Spyder, Tarquille, Jasper and Carl

    Thanks to Oona for the wonderful SIG image./php-bin/shared/images/icons/spiny.gif/php-bin/shared/images/icons/spin.gif/php-bin/shared/images/icons/roll.gif/php-bin/shared/images/icons/spin.gif/php-bin/shared/images/icons/spiny.gif
  41. My Crafter:

    GM Miner
    GM Smith
    GM Tailor
    GM Tinker
    95 Magery
    98 Carpentry
    93 Fishing.

    I may drop fishing for long enough to get some med to finish magery and then take up bowcrafting. I really don't like fishing that well.

    Achiever 66%
    Killer 60%
    Explorer 53%
    Socializer 20%
  42. Drellis

    Drellis Guest

    Smedly Whiplash of Pacific shard ... Felucca

    GM Smith
    GM Tailor
    GM Alchemist
    GM Tinker
    94.1 Carpentry ... soon to GM
    64.9 Mining ... for smelting 50% ingot return
    75 magery
    45 Item Id ... will go down a little due to Carpentry going up
    20 Arms Lore

    He runs 15 vendors in three shops ... 11 being in his home shop ... being a merchant is relaxing after a few hours of PVP.

    Smedly Whiplash --- Owner of Outback Survival Supplies
    Located 84N 19E --- Felucca --- Pacific Shard
  43. Lemia

    Lemia Guest

    Mia (of Great Lakes) planned template

    GM Smithing (done)
    GM Tailoring (done)
    GM Tinkering (done)
    GM Carpentry
    GM Mining
    GM Lumberjacking
    80 Magery

    and 20 points wherever else I want

    Witness the miracle of birth as the young monkey hatches from its protective shell...


    Lemia-GM Smith/Miner/Fisherman
    Lemina-GM Warrior
    Mia-GM Tailor/Master Scribe/Carpenter/Tinker/Mage
    Nadia-GM Tamer/Master Mage
    Ayla-GM Thief
  44. bimbim18

    bimbim18 Guest

    Smith (55)
    Carp (45)
    Mine (65)
    Mage (35) (dont laugh im workin on it)
    Tink (80)
    Tailor (45)
    Bowyer (45)

    All headed for GM :)
    he will be INVINCIBLE, well maybe not to a llama, but he'll be able to make about any craft :p
  45. Boucka

    Boucka Guest


    <font color=red>Boucka</font color=red>
    Current Goal
    Smithing Gm Gm
    Mining Gm Gm
    Tailoring Gm Gm
    Carpentry Gm Gm
    <font color=8B7500>Tinkering 92(real) Gm
    Magery 82(real) Gm</font color=8B7500>

    Musicianship 65 65


    <font color=4682B4>Liam Preinor</font color=4682B4>
    Smithing Gm Gm
    Mining Gm Gm
    Tailoring Gm Gm
    Tinkering Gm Gm
    <font color=8B7E66>Carpentry 94.8(real) Gm
    Magery 89.1(real) Gm
    Bowcrafting 0 Gm</font color=8B7E66>

    <font color=008B8B>Boucka Rielam</font color=008B8B>
    Alchemy Gm Gm
    Inscription Gm Gm
    <font color=68228B>Magery 92(real) Gm
    Evaluate 94.5(real) Gm</font color=68228B>

    Meditation Gm Gm
    <font color=68228B>Poisoning 62(real) Gm
    Wrestling 55(real) Gm</font color=68228B>


    Napa Valley
    Liam Preinor - Craftsman Extraordinaire
    Kalee Windreaver - Woodland Master
    Boucka Rielam - Arcane Arts Lorist
    Boucka - Manipulator of Sosaria
  46. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Elyssar - Europa

    GM Tailor
    GM Tinker
    GM Carpenter
    GM Blacksmith
    GM Miner
    GM Scribe
    GM Mage

    <font color=191970>Carpe diem!</font color=191970>
  47. Theros

    Theros Guest

    gm tailor
    gm smith
    gm carpoenter
    gm tinker
    gm lj
    45 music
    75 magery(or whatevers required for pents)
    80 of omething to be determined

    1.snoops target2.steals object3.runs away4.banks item and catches breath5.gloats about his gain to his victim
  48. Domino

    Domino Guest

    Nizsm -Atlantic
    Nizsm - Meaning Disciplined in Egyptian
    GM Blacksmith
    GM Tailor
    GM Miner
    GM Tinker
    GM Carpenter
    0 Alchemy
    81 Magery

    Believe it or not, it actually won't take me that long to complete him. By next month he will be 7X GM. Ahhhhhhhhh.

    <P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Domino on 09/04/01 10:46 AM.</FONT></P>
  49. FeZ

    FeZ Guest

    My crafting skills are destributed between two characters:

    Midian (my first character):

    GM Lumberjacking
    GM Swords
    GM Tacs
    GM Anatomy
    GM Tailoring
    GM Healing (90.4)
    60 Magery
    40 Resist

    Tailoring will be dropped later for something else: suggestions?

    Vaylend (my main crafty)

    GM Mining
    GM Carpentry
    GM Tinkering
    GM Smithing (92.4)
    GM Lumberjacking (94.3...I might drop this since Midian is GM)
    GM Magery (Only 75.6. I'm lazy)
    GM Tailoring (locked at 75 until further notice)

    Long and short of it is I can make any add-on and item('cept for instruments, but who cares about those? No market whatsoever). Maybe someday I'll get up the nerve to mine enough ingots to GM smithing. All my mining patience was lost when I GM'ed tinkering.
  50. Guest

    Guest Guest

    This has to be my favorite craftsman template..

    GM Carpentery (almost there)
    GM Mining
    GM Smithing
    GM Tailoring
    GM Tinkering
    GM Alchemy (for all my PvP needs)
    75 Magery
    25 Arms Lore

    I dropped lumberjacking for alchemy on this guy because I made a LJ warrior for PvP. Trust me, I gmed lumberjacking much faster on my warrior than I did chopping trees.

    <font color=blue>Taking bets on which of the updates will come first! Stat Locks, New 8th Circle Spells or maybe even *gasps* Necromancy!?

    Oh, wait a minute. I forgot, OSI doesn't update things anymore./php-bin/shared/images/icons/angryfire.gif

    Born in the lands of Great Lakes on January 12th, 1999, he now resides in Legends.</font color=blue>