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Creation of sim in EA Land...question

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by NightFlyer, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. NightFlyer

    NightFlyer Guest

    Does anyone know definately what the plan is for creating a sim in EA Land, i.e. will we need an open slot in production city to create a sim, will we be able to move a production city sim with no money and no land.

    If we need to create a sim in EA Land and the only slot available has TC3 sims will we have to delete all those sims (one per week! ACK!) in order to do this? If so I had better get started now!

    I am confused, obviously! Anyone have an answer or is this another of those wait and see things?
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    1. All Current Production Cities will be closed (FOR EVER)
    2. EA-Land will be open, (therefore merging other cities AV with BF with JP etc.
    3. All sims will be evacuated (or just auto-moved) from AV, BF and JP to EA-Land
    4. Whetever you have 100 and 100 in tip jar, or 24mil and 5 bucks in tip jar, you going to get 0 bucks at start (or 100 at start) and 0 in tip jar (making it complete money wipe you, but you possibly know it.
    5. I would say you should start pet pulling, and building your property before the Merge.
  3. NightFlyer

    NightFlyer Guest

    Ok, thanks for the reply but you misunderstood my question.

    Let me clairify...

    I am asking about the creation of sims in EA Land prior to the merges... so as soon as the city opens, not in regards to after the merges.

    As I understand it we will be allowed in EA Land prior to the merge, to get a head start on things, in other words. This is where I am having confusion... After EA Land opens and before the merge.

    I hope that helps.

  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    You are talking about the "Bullet Train".
    Originally, the concept of "Bullet train" was that homeless, objectless sims in any of the production cities could 'fast track' into EALand as soon as it opened. Or so I thought.
    But, apparently, the Devs saw 'Bullet Train' as simply moving from TC to TC3.
    Soooo, Unless they have come up with something else - there is no current plan to fast track Sims to EALand.
    According to my most recent info (from the Devs), the first citizens of EALand will be the city with the smallest population. (Other than the TC/TC3 folks who are technically part of EALand) (but not really).
    After the first city move is completed, sim creation will be activated (they said).

    NOTE: The "Merge" involves TC and TC3. It is a seperate thing from EALand. This is the <u>first</u> thing that will happen.
    Once the new test city is found to be stable, then EALand will be opened, and the production cities will be absorbed.

    Resistance is futile.
  5. NightFlyer

    NightFlyer Guest

    Thanks for the information.

    Last I heard they will be allowing sims in EA Land early "to avoid the land rush" (L Fancey).