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Creature Feature #10: Dracula's favorite, the blood elemental

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Elyssar, Jul 6, 2001.

  1. Elyssar

    Elyssar Guest

    The first time I heard the name, it was enough to stand my hair on end. A blood elemental...it sounds like a formidable foe, and indeed it is!


    At first glance, he looks like a red water elemental...but artwork is where the resemblance ends. A capable foe, a blood elemental can tear up an untrained, unvetted dragon or white wyrm with little difficulty. An untrained, unvetted nighmare can also easily become lunch for a blood elemental.


    In Britannia, blood eles spawn only in Shame level 4 or on level 5 treasure chests. They give very good loot, usually 1000-1900 gold, gems, scrolls, magic items, and 3 blood vials. They also give level 5 treasure maps. They can drop virtue weapons that do damage against beasts such as daemons. Blood eles give level 4 fame and karma.

    A tamer, mage, or bard can kill a blood more easily than a warrior can (with the possible exception of an archer). Blood eles are suspectible to the spell explosion and seem to take the most damage from it. Blood eles melee an average of 30 points regardless of the amount of ar a character is wearing. They have master to grandmaster magery and cast level 7 spells with no difficulty...even the occasional mass curse, though it is more rare. Bloods have extremely high eval and can deal great magical damage to even characters with high resist.

    Now it's your turn to discuss the blood ele. It would be helpful to know their spawn points in Ilshenar as well. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

  2. Cagrit_Gamic

    Cagrit_Gamic Guest

    I've been having a blast just hunting these with my new Dragon! They give great loot, spawn one at a time pretty much alone, and give good fame and karma. I think tommorow I will try Ice Fiends if they aren't heavily camped :p

    Golf is great.
  3. Ihsans_Shade

    Ihsans_Shade Guest

    Recently started hunting bloods with my mare recently and with the exception of there flamestrikes my mare doesn't seem to have much problem with em. Now 2 on the other hand is a different story and the took a quick peace and recall to escape from/php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif

    ya i know i could of peaced and provoked but i didn't want to take that chance with my mare

    "Ihsan, the weak. Ihsan, the fallen. Ihsan, the betrayer.
    He brought shame to the Serra Paladins where none existed before. May his suffering equal his betrayal."
  4. Well =P

    Well =P Guest

    I kill these somtimes. I usaully use my nightmare but since i lost it recently I Haven't been fighting them. I Have even heard of 2 frenzystaking these. But i'm guessing they were well trained with lil barding help i'm guessing. I like their loot but hunt they rarley becuz on atlantic tram side there is a complete ass tamer whose there all the time with his WW. I've seen him there ezaly 30 times. Man he must be rich and that WW must rock

    If it wasn't for OSI I'd see the world in color.
  5. Cast al'Thor

    Cast al'Thor Guest

    i kill them using a newbie dagger, they're soo easy

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  6. WindKeeper4

    WindKeeper4 Guest

    i have yet to get a virtue weap or any good weap from a blood el. *sniffle* maybe i'll go down to shame sometime with my cook and some poisoned pies. :)

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  7. Loke of ls

    Loke of ls Guest

    I dont know if their draculas favorite... they are blood type B..

    I dont know the spawn point in Ilshenar.. but that could be because i dont have the 3d client..
    They have given me a nice power bow, but thats all, and some good cash off course /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif
    For the unexperienced tamer, beware, when going for bloods in shame, u usually have to wade through a lot of air eles, if they follow u while u are on the blood, u can get in trouble.
    The blood, as stated, also deals insane damage, i would not reccomend a mare, for non-vetters/low lvl vetters.
    The resemblence with the PE :
    I think the blood is tougher, has a higher magery and eval int. the PE does deadly poison, thats about the diff.

    -To love is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken, because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing-
  8. Dk_Legion

    Dk_Legion Guest

    Blood elemental, red as a moon on a midsummers night, you slosh through the dungeons, shunning the light, your might is incredible your magic so strong, but along comes a tamer and woosh your gone...
    I once killed bloods with my archer, that was fun... i gave up hunting them with my tamer... i meet the worst people in the world in shame...

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  9. WindKeeper4

    WindKeeper4 Guest

    hence the dungeon is called shame...see? also alot of greedy dudes hand out in covetous. hehe, and spawn lurers in destard, making them dastards! sry late night.

    <center><font color=9A32CD>All of life can be broken down into moments of transition or moments of revelation</font color=9A32CD></center>
  10. VeraAmadus

    VeraAmadus Guest

    I used to hunt these with my mare...until my ISP started playing up when I was down shame, and I lost 3 mares in 4 nights to them! Now I only hnt em with dragons

    <font color=000080> Also: Dimitri Amadus (Archer/Axer), Vlad Amadus (Fencer/Bard) and others!</font color=000080>
  11. TaranRahl

    TaranRahl Guest

    heh i hunt bloods with my ki rin 8P
  12. thunderbirde

    thunderbirde Guest

    i only hunt them once in a while. i mainly train my mare on them while i vet in the hopes that i will get some vet gains. i think i must be one of the very few people to never get anything good off a blood ele. no t maps no good weapons. i did get a fortified hally of feeblemindedness once. hooray for me.

    "i will make weapons out of my imperfections."

  13. Cagrit_Gamic

    Cagrit_Gamic Guest

    You should try hunting them in Felucca on Atlantic... no one is ever there and I can pretty much hog the spawn with my dragon Morte :)

    Once he took on 3 Air Eles and 2 Blood Eles with a little bit of Vet and some Frenzied assistance :p

    Golf is great.
  14. Blakhart

    Blakhart Guest

    I like bloods, except for the fact that they are so camped in shame. I go to the blood dungeon in Ilshenar if I want to really rock and roll. There are always two spawned in the dungeon, and if you can lure them from their opposite sides of the dungeon and bard them on the balron, you can have a grand old time. Of course you have to drag about 5 or six bloods to the balron before he will go down, but it is a lot of fun.

    I seem to remember that bloods also spawn in the NW dungeon, just south of Valor shrine. Lots of them in there, if I remember correctly.

    I always equated Blood Elemental with a walking gelatinous mass of blood and soft tissue. Quite like what a zombie would look like if you put him in a blender. To me, that is a truly horrible thing to imagine. I am having flashbacks to the remake of "The Blob" and that was enough to make me look at the ceiling of every room that I entered for months.

    On the fact of getting good loot or weapons from bloods, I have gotten a few weapons of demon dismissal from them before and a spear of gargoyle's foe, along with some regular magic weapons and armor the best of which were high end items, vanq and invuln. To me the best loot has been the 20 or 30 level five maps that I have gotten off of them as time has gone by. There is money to be made when I map pops up.
  15. Vasago

    Vasago Guest

    Wow...I had never played with these fellows before, but a few days ago I stumbled across them in Ilshenar!

    I was just there riding around and checking out the spots, when I entered a long pass up into the mountains. On my way through the pass I stumbled across a few wyrverns and drakes, but those were no problem for my rather well trained mare.

    In the far north end of the pass I came to a place called the Pass of Karnaugh. Now this is a tough place!!! -Initially I just wanted to ride through it, to get out on the otherside, but oh my...not 10 steps inside I already had a lich and a poison elemental on my tail. I lured them outside and commanded my mare on them. To my big surprise, as this was my first encounter with poison ellies too, the fight was quite a challenge for my mare. I had to vet it constantly and cure the leathal poison of the ellie numerous times. In the end we came out of the fight victorious, so I once again tried to pass through the building. This time I got a blood elemental on me. I lured it outside, and this was indeed a formidable foe. It was a true challenge for my mare, and surely we only won the fight, because I was vetting all the way. By now we had gotten a taste for it though!

    For 30 minutes or so I lured out the elementals and fought them with my mare, and I had great fun! Blood elementals are just great...I'm gonna hunt these some more in the future...I'll stay out of the "usual" dungeons though, probably to return to Pass of Karnaugh, as I enjoy hunting where I can be alone a lot more, which seemed to be the case there /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif.

    Safely home again, and 10k richer in gold plus some magic items (no t-maps or virtue weapons though) not to mention the numerous vials of blood, I felt happy with the way the day turned out...not bad for a day when you are just out to look at the countryside!

  16. maria 2k

    maria 2k Guest

    I was shown the blood spawn in Shame by a guildmate but everytime I went there it was well camped so it quickly faded from my list of hunting spots. I finally got my new comp and went there with my warrior the other day with a elemental ban double axe and was able to solo one down. I had gotten pretty stuck up because of that axe and expected the blood to be a total pushover but after he opened with a solid hit for about 40 damage I new that I couldn't just stand there and trade swings. I eventually jousted it to death and killed off the local straggler elementals. A guildmate of mine carrying an elemental ban bardiche went out with me later that night and we took down a few bloods. They weren't bad as long as we ran when we got below 60 hp. My friend took a hit and a flamestrike on the first blood and that convinced her that she couldn't stand toe to toe with them either. I had my own death earlier that night. After solo'ing a blood I thought my warrior was the total queen of all things elemental. On our way to the bloods we came across a poison elemental. I went right at it. Bad idea. Swing...miss...swing...miss...you are in need of immediate medical attention! I went from 49 hp to 0 so fast that I didn't even have time to drink a cure potion. The poison elem brought me back down to earth though before we went to the bloods and we amazed a few tamers down there when we fought the bloods. All in all, it was a nice first and second experience with the reddies.

    The girl has no patience. I cannot train her!
  17. Lightice_av

    Lightice_av Guest

    Morte? Is he releated to that floating skull in Torment? =)

    Hey! Aa-shanta 'Nygh!
  18. I really like fighting the blood ele with my warrior to gain resist. At 98.3 its one of the few creatures I can gain resist from and still have some chance of survival, and it kinda feels good to hack one to death with a warfork, gives a me a sense of accomplishment.

  19. TrueRagoo

    TrueRagoo Guest

    Ive been hunting them for awhile on my warrior with a mace of blood drinking.. but so far no luck on the Daemon Dismissal Weap:( But i have been getting great resist.. i think ill just get on my tamer and camp a spawn till i get one.

    I need to make a real Sig... but im always so busy ..
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  20. Switch

    Switch Guest

    I once got a daemon dismissal katana off one. Helped pay for a floor on my house:)

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  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I've got a longsword of daemon dismissal off one.

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  22. Finger McGee

    Finger McGee Guest

    Hehe Morte is my mares name on Atlantic

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  23. WolfZbane

    WolfZbane Guest

    The blood elemental is considered to be the king among the elementals. He's strong and an enormous supply of mana which he uses a lot.
    They're one of the few monsters that can (and will!) cast mass curse, though rarely.

    A great opponent for training magic resist on pets and chars alike.

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  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I love hunting these! Not only on my tamer, but on my bard.

    Someone mentioned luring the BE's on the Balron in Ilshenar Blood Dungeon, well you've been doing it the wrong way. You lure the Balron to one of the 3 BE locations and provoke them :) Talk about money coming out of the arse! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

  25. Halciet

    Halciet Guest

    I've hunted the blood for a good long while, in the bottom left corner of shame. So far, my loot from them has been fantastic, consisting of the gold, 2 level 5 maps, a KATANA OF DAEMON DISMISSAL, a short spear of Daemon dismissal, a mace of daemon dismissal, and a kryss of power. They're not that bad, actually, but I'd go with two dragons, just because it speeds things up and saves on bandages.

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  26. katye

    katye Guest

    has anyone tried hunting them with golems? .....with success?
  27. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Absolutely no chance, at least in my experience... 2 GM golems, and each were down to about 1/4 health and I had to run from lack of HPs and no mana - Luckily I managed to drag em away, but one died to a bone knight on the way out - after all the the blood ele was down to about 1/2 health.

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  28. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Bemoan the Blood Elemental all you like, but I SWEAR by these babies to train my newly tamed WWs. They belt out tons of magic, bringing up the resist FAST. They always have decent loot and are a cinch to take with a good mare.

    My Favorite place is that darn Dungeon in Ilsh (just looked it up, UO Stratics Ilsh Atlas calls the Dungeon Terot Skitas). You go to Honor gate and where the road turns right you take off north until u find the healer hut. Follow the lake to the entrance. In the Dungeon all the way back and to the left a single Blood Spawns rapidly. If that spawn is taken, just go downstairs there are several single Blood spawns downstairs. Blood Paragons give Level Six boxes and I get a fair share of Marties. The advantage to hunting here is the proximity of the healer hut to the entrance. I often leave a few band aids on the ground at the healer hut so i can heal or rez my pets after I die but before i find my body.

    WW and Mare take a Para Blood with vetting and Greater Healing usually within a minute or so. As far as special loot, i get slayers all the time and most of my 3/1 jewelry came from bloods, not to mention the fact that my t mapper loves those level five and six maps.
  29. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Uhm - might be a stupid question - but did you even stop for a second to look at the date of the post you were replying to?
  30. <blockquote><hr>

    Morte? Is he releated to that floating skull in Torment? =)


    Haha I love that guy lol. I haven't played that game in so long. I've gone to hunt them but not too manhy times because they are usually camped. Sometimes I will be hunting them and someone will ask to take turns so we do that and it works out well but alot of people don't like to so I just hunt other things for gold. When My Hyru fights them it goes well with the blood dripping sound and the visual lol! Kind of erie hehe.