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Creature Feature #15: SMASH! The Ogre Lord

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Elyssar, Aug 31, 2001.

  1. Elyssar

    Elyssar Guest

    He looks like a friendly guy, but when this ogre lord lumbers over to give you a hug, watch out!


    The big daddy of the ogre race, the ogre lord is not a creature to be taken lightly. In melee against a warrior he can deal punches that do from 20-40 damage per hit, and hitting is what he's best at. Except for his hard melee abilities and his high armor and resistance to attacks, he's not so tough. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif Under recent situations it takes many a blade spirit to bring him down. A dragon or nightmare can conquer him, though the pet will without a doubt need veterinary care.

    Ogre lords give 400-900 gold, jewels, scrolls, a club, 2 carved raw ribs, level 3 treasure maps, and magic items. They dwell in Despise level 3, treasure maps spawn, Ice dungeon (arctic variety), and in Ilshenar.

    I used to like ogre lords, since they seem to make pretty good training for my pets. That's changed within the last month though. In numbers, they're a deadly sight to behold. I still remember thinking I was digging a level 2 map with a nightmare as my only weapon, only to find I was sooo wrong when 3 ogre lords and a lich spawned. Being lazy that day I decided to let my steed try it...big mistake! I had to gate her out nearly dead (the both of us nearly dead actually) and had to grab reinforcements. Another time, a similar spawned pounded one of my dragons when she was inexplicably in fly mode from the start at full health, leaving me unable to vet. To further add insult to injury, an ogre lord attempted to kill one of my new nightmares just the other day after a shard freeze killed me. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/tongue.gif Luckily my badly wounded nightmare ran away while I rezzed, and I was able to kill the ogre lord and reclaim my poor battered mare without losing her...

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    Total maps consumed so far: 563 /php-bin/shared/images/icons/disgust.gif
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  2. wobbie

    wobbie Guest


    I'd say that the ogre lord is very much a bard's tool. I go to Ice dungeon pretty often. What I do is first visit the Ice Ogre Lord area to pick up one. This fellow will then be my personal "tank". A competent bard will be able to "use" and "direct" the ogre lord to great effect.

    *awesome warcry*
    DOH !
  3. Crimson Bolt

    Crimson Bolt Guest

    Ive had many encounters with Ogre Lords. The first time was when i was in town, being only about 1.5 monthes old, I had just GM'ed anatomy making me a 3xGM warrior and I was feeling like I was a god (hehe newb days). Soon a mage showed up in town and asked 'anybody want to hunt ogre lords with me?'. I had been killing ogres w/o any probs at all so I thought that ogre lords would be just a little harder. I agreed to go with him and he gated us to ice. I saw dead Artic Ogre Lords everywhere and was like 'these guys must be a joke' as I rushed head first into the next one that spawned. My blade was striking with speed and my shield was deflecting his attacks and I was like 'these guys are no problem' but then I got hit and it dropped me about 45 of my hp. I thought this was a fluke and began to heal myself and kept attacking. It hit me again and I was left with about 5 hp and I quickly ran and recalled outta there. That was my first encounter and for the next 4 monthes, was the last. I then made my mage and started hunting them, after OSI deballed blade spirit and made ogre lords stronger. It took 6-8 bs's to kill them, and while sitting around watching it I made a lot of friends who were there for the same reason. I dont hunt them anymore, they arent really worth hunting unless im aiming for level 3 t-maps for my friends.

    'Only the Honorable Truely Live'
  4. Toni

    Toni Guest

    At first I hunted them with my archer, but then changed to my mage, that was long before the blades were weakened. I wanted to get the lord title on my mage/fisherman and worked with the ogre lord. Later when I created my pure mage I used them at first to get fame, karma and gold.
    I still remember one day I was with my mage/fisherman in my house and saw appear in the screen "an ogre lord", I just came from killing ogre lord in despise and I thought that they wanted revenge :D he was being killed by one archer, I suppose that it was from a t-map chest.
    I have hunted them with my tamer too, and killed one with my mare and tons with my dragons. Although the tons of them I've killed, I only have got about 2-3 t-maps from them.

    Achiever 73% Explorer 60%
    Socializer 46% Killer 20%
  5. WolfZbane

    WolfZbane Guest

    Ogre Lords are awesome strenght trainers. Both Wolfy and Sagarmatha get their workout through the Ogre Lord Training System, which improved their abilities a lot. I know that the strongest drake on the Europa shard (owned by FireBird and Melchior) had an exclusive training on Ogre Lords only.
    Ogre Lords have one very nasty habbit: they sometimes switch target when low on health and before you know it, you're down from 100 to 40 HP and have the Lord coming after you *RUN FOREST RUN!*
    Their loot is pretty good: around the 700 gold, a gem and quite often a magic item. And maybe it's me, but I'm getting a lot of magic crossbows hunting them. And most of these bows are force and sometimes even power.

    The Ogre Lord is immune to poison and a Lord can easily kill an Ice Fiend. Killing them at the highest fame level gives between "a good amount" and "a lot" of fame, which was one of the basic reasons people used to hunt them.
    Thanks to the patch that weakened blade spirits, people nowadays have to use up to 8 blades to kill an Ogre Lord, while 2 blades used to be enough.
    Not that this will be missed, as most of the time the people down in Despise level 3 slowly degenerated into the so-called "Ogre Lord People"; a race that hunted nothing else than the Ogre Lords and claimed Ogre Lord Island as their territory. The place was an absolute no-no for tamers, bards etc.

    Luring them is quite easy: they're very slow when you're mounted. They very much like the game of "Kiss the Ogre Lord and run" and a good old decent game of tag. The secret is tagging them before they notice you. I know that that's cheating, but you don't want to be tagged by them first!

    The Hunters Guide claims that the Arctic Ogre Lord is stronger than the normal Ogre Lord, though I have no idea how they've been able to prove that...

  6. WolfZbane

    WolfZbane Guest

    Huh? Ely... Ogre Lords and liches don't spawn at a level 2 map, they spawn on a level 3 map.

  7. Crimson Bolt

    Crimson Bolt Guest

    Wolf she was saying she thought it was a level 2 map but she was wrong and it turned out to be a level 3 map.

    'Only the Honorable Truely Live'
  8. WolfZbane

    WolfZbane Guest

    Oh yeah, I see. My mistake, sorry.

  9. Boogie

    Boogie Guest

    Ogre Lords give me one of the best laughing memory's in the game so far.
    We were doing a LVL3 map when we gate a friend in named Screwy.
    We told him in advance that he should be carefull coz it was a level 3.
    The moment he popped out the gate he said "Have no fear, Screwy is here" Right next to an OL.*BAM* ......... "oooOOOoooo" /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif

    <center>Signature created by Baldor of Europa</center>
  10. WolfZbane

    WolfZbane Guest

    *laughs* Hilarious!

    I killed my first Ogre Lord in a T-Hunt as well. Or allmost killed him as Meister PrOpEr couldn't control his dragon. While the Ogre Lord had only a sliver of health left and I was doing fine, his dragon runs in and finishes it...

  11. Switch

    Switch Guest

    The worst was a spawn I have ever had at a T-hunt was a lvl 4 that started with 4 Ogre Lords. I had my one drag there and it would have been slaughtered. I quickly gated to the stables, claimed my Wyrm, and jumped back in the gate. Even with a ww and a drag, 79 vet was barely enough to keep them alive.

    The early bird catches the worm,
    but the second mouse gets the cheese.

    Socializer 60%
    Killer 53%
    Achiever 46%
    Explorer 40%
  12. FenixDuran

    FenixDuran Guest

    theya re slightly stronger because of their aura damage. Also I have noticed that all things that are the ICE dungeon variety are slightly stronger. I fight Ice fiends and daemons on my mage and dexer, and Ice friends are tougher. White wyrms are tougher than drags, Ice spiders tougher than regular spiders.
  13. Elyssar

    Elyssar Guest

    And the 2 key is next to my 3 key on the beyboard. I am famous for typos (because I type tooo fast.)

    Sometimes in UO in panicky situations I sound like, "IKM AOLMIST DREAD BECAYSE TEH ORGE LROD!" (translation: I'm almost dead because the ogre lord!")

    Yes yes believe me I know liches and ogre lords spawn on 3+...they constantly remind me.

    <font color=blue>Help a damsel in distress! Buying all tattered treasure maps on Baja!
    99.8 cartography...113 treasure maps since last gain /php-bin/shared/images/icons/sad.gif
    Total maps consumed so far: 563 /php-bin/shared/images/icons/disgust.gif
    </font color=blue>
  14. Mishkin

    Mishkin Guest

    What do you mean by "that´s changed during the last month though"?
    I train my mare on them for the most part - should I aim for other targets?

    Mishkin of GL
    GL Companion
  15. Elyssar

    Elyssar Guest

    arctic ogre lords do not do aura damage. I think they do, however, have a little more HP than normal OLs. I know for a fact it takes my pets longer to kill an AOL than an OL...from my lockpicking days we ran into both sorts.

    <font color=blue>Help a damsel in distress! Buying all tattered treasure maps on Baja!
    99.8 cartography...113 treasure maps since last gain /php-bin/shared/images/icons/sad.gif
    Total maps consumed so far: 563 /php-bin/shared/images/icons/disgust.gif
    </font color=blue>
  16. WolfZbane

    WolfZbane Guest

    Well, the Hunter's Guide claims AOL eats OL for desert... So that ain't exactly true.

    AOL? That sounds wrong...

  17. flyboy

    flyboy Guest

    aol sounds wrong i call em arty olys
  18. I have had one spawn on my group at a second level map. It was not in the initial spawn mind you but it certainly caught the 3 of us unaware. But I was valiant with my vorpal lockpicks of death and distracted him for nanoseconds while my compatriots caught my flying body parts.

    Seen it with my own eyes....at least for a little while
  19. And a single warrior can kill one with time....
    Though very hard and will need good healing (well when i tried mine, I was 4x GM - Tactics, Mace, Anatomy and newly (on ogre lord :) parrying)
    After some 15 min, I had finally managed to bring it to 1/2 health (but my wraist was hurting :) I had to run once to him, hit (or miss) and hope he won't hit me (losing stamina makes u hit slower :( healing at every single scratch I would have).

    "Unfortunately", a friend mage arrived and started to heal me... well... wasn't the same fight now... so i gave up....

    But a good trained warrior can bring an ogre lord down with some time and patience... I guess something like 30-45 min with good weapons and skills...without the help of anybody else...
    That's a challenge not really worth the pain (I kill demon much faster for kinda same loot).

    About artic ogre lord, well haven't tried yet (hard to remain alone and only get one :) but they don't have that aura some ice creatures have...)

    Otherwise, the best opponent for an ogre lord is another ogre lord :)

  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I've been wondering, I know that the 4 faction monsters are: Silver serpant for True Britannians, Wisps for the Council of Mages, Daemons for the Shadowlords, and Ogre lords for Minax.

    But when I was on test shard I decided to test out killing faction monsters for silver, well I took the freshly tamed dragon along with provoke I took down a good many... but I only received about 30 silver.. maybe 60.. Is there a rate at which you can recieve silver from them? 30 silver every 10 kills? 30 silver every hour?

    Are there any other faction beasts? Because the four current ones really don't let warrior faction members have a go at them.. you've got to be a mage, tamer, or perhaps a bard.
  21. KingBlitz

    KingBlitz Guest

    deamons and wisps are quite easy to defeat with warriors. at least they should be if your resist is high enough for factions=)

    the silver is awarded per monster. the faction tax decides how much of the 30 silver you get - all the way down to 0 silver if the commander is crazy. The rest goes to the faction treasury to buy traps, vendors and guards (i think).

  22. fireforge11

    fireforge11 Guest

    i agree they are a pain with warriors hhehe i found that out by accident when i was building my first warrior. seen it and thought maybe a little tougher than reg ogres hehe managed to get away with 7 hpleft i didnt have that cahr with any gm's at the time i didnt go back til i had gme'ed fence,tact,ant,heal, and parry
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hehe.. But my preferred faction is the Shadowlords, so that rules out Daemons.. and Wisps don't have a set spawn location.. guess I'll just have to hunt them.. and hope I don't run into any other faction players
  24. Dorian

    Dorian Guest

    ". Being lazy that day I decided to let my steed try it...big mistake! "
    A tamer/mage in a tough situation(hard spawn in dungeons or your example) needs to make the right decision and support his pet the right way. This means vetting and Greater Heal is not the best way in such a situation. You are a mage too and should use this to your advantage. For your example this means: You cast Archprot, Bless on the mare and target the creature which dies quickest. Proceed with vetting and casting bladespirits on one ogre lord so he dies quicker and get slower. The situation is doable and gets you to the limits of what ya can do as tamer. Most tamers go into dungeons and just do the usual stuff, where they never get into such situations, so they never learn how to deal with them right.

    Other example of aiding your pet:
    Some people take 2 pets into Fire level 2 to kill the 2 daemons or 2 efreets. It is really not necessary. I cast 2 ebolts per daemon and I kill them with one dragon so quick, that there is always just one or no daemon alive.

    You can use this for Shame level 2 and many other places and tamers have mage spells too, so why not use them and kill even quicker ?

    "The Ogre Lord is immune to poison "

    Since the patch to BS and EV, they arent immun anymore. Daemons also arent immun to poison anymore.


    Ogre lords are my favorite battle tanks in treasurehunts for my provoker. They kill off everything in Level 3/4 Thunts. On Felucca you can even treat them like a pet and heal them with Greater Heal(at moment its bugged and you dont even go gray for it)

    Thorongil the tamer on Drachenfels
  25. Switch

    Switch Guest

    Ogre Lords are the most reliable way to train pets IMO. Since they don't use magic, they are fairly predictable. I train my Kirin and my mare on the Ogre Lords near Mistas in Ilshenar. As long as I don't lose connection, it is no problem to keep my pets alive.

    The early bird catches the worm,
    but the second mouse gets the cheese.

    Socializer 60%
    Killer 53%
    Achiever 46%
    Explorer 40%
    /php-bin/shared/images/icons/takethat.gif /php-bin/shared/images/icons/beamout.gif
  26. Musician

    Musician Guest

    Ive had many many run ins with these monsters

    My most memorable (and funny) moment was when i was doing a t-map wid me m8 (who was a "3xGM" Warrior who thought he was god!). I dug it up, he was excited, and kept saying "I own this t-hunt", i decided not to say anythin :)

    The first monster to spawn was a Lich. I stood by the chest takin all the loot with my m8 killin the spawn. He felled the lich in no time, with me only healing him abit.

    Halfway through emptyin the chest (oh - we were near an ogre spawn) a normal ogre walks near the site. I tell my m8 to kill it, and he does so easy. Then an ogre lord spawns from the chest.

    Still chuffed bout killin the other ogre, my m8 attacked the Oggy Lord, thinking it was a normal ogre. How wrong was he!

    He died in 2 hits and i set my bs's on the oggy, while laughing and nearly fallin off me seat!

    I will always remember that t-map because of that, and also cause i got a power katana from it and about 10k in money (monster loot/gems/chest loot)

    Basicly, if u are a warrior, stay away from these unless you have cable or higher. They kill you easily and are best left to the Mages and bards
  27. Serapis

    Serapis Guest

    Reminds me of the first one I saw, sadly it also reminds me of a nasty griefer as well. There we were two friends and I in the woods near vesper (Tram), just standing around talking, weren't going hunting or anything so just had our normal roleplaying gear on.
    First thing I saw was a lich popped up on the edge of my screen, I laughed because this is not spawn for this area, and assumed it was probably a renamed rabbit or something, heh you tamers get me all the time with those. :D
    Then this ogre wanders over and butts in on our chat, so while talking still, I reach over and swat him with my katana, thinking damn ogres how annoying etc. One of my friends seeing it wasn't a normal ogre screams "RUN!!!" I went to reply and could only manage an "OOoooOOOoo" Same goes for my two friends, the thing smashed all three of us in seconds.
    As we returned from the freindly local healer, we noticed a guy named Alcain, he didnt say anything just stood near our bodies laughing, then as we started to get our things he ran off, then returned seconds later, closely followed by the ogre lord, he then hides. Luckily for us there was a small tower nearby that we were friended to, so it was a case of run "I ban thee".
    When Alcain had finally killed the spawn from his T-map we asked him why he had done that, and he gave the standard Fel reply, "Hahaha you Fkin Trammies its the only way to kill you!" what a jerk!!!

    Not all that is dark is evil, and not all that seems fair is virtuos.
  28. Moses

    Moses Guest

    I too find Ogre Lords a great way to train pets. I have taken everyone of my personal dragons there to begin their training. No magic to worry about... slow moving... what more could you want?