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Creature Feature #18: Who was that rehued earth ele? Golems and arcane mages!

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Elyssar, Oct 4, 2001.

  1. Elyssar

    Elyssar Guest

    Introduced with the current scenario, arcane mages and their mysterious and painful golems are appearing all across Britannia! (And the lost lands? *has not been to t2a yet...*) They seem to have no noticeable spawn area, and are prone to appearing anywhere in the wilderness, generally along roads.


    Easily recognizeable in 2D by their...greyness...and, well...how much they look like a rehued earth ele...golems should not deceive you by their innocent looks. Dumb as a rock, but all brawn, these things were no doubt created to destroy...and that they do, with relative ease. Their "colossal blow" special attack can stun a player off his mount (you go right back on after the animation), leaving him unable to move or defend himself for a few seconds, enough time for the golem to further pound him. Golems also have the nasty habit of taking warriors out of attack mode, so must constantly be double clicked.

    Their loot, while not stellar, is interesting. An assortment of ingots, jewels, and an "arcane gem" which can be used by a tailor on exceptional clothing. Since they may be in the elemental family there is the extremely remote chance that maybe cartographers were thrown a bone and they carry treasure maps...(I can dream can't I?)


    (Insert Name here) the Controller seem similar in class and difficulty to a mage lord, perhaps with slightly higher dex and hit points. These fellows cast master magery spells (-10 to stats) and seem to like spell combos (explosion, ebolt, poison, flamestrike...) They are very protective of their golems and will always be found near them! Their loot is 250-300 gold, arcane gems, and the occasional magic weapon. Their clothing cannot be picked up, but instead crumbles if touched.

    Personal notes: Thus far I am not too wild about them. Golems are very much mage-oriented creatures, and while they can be taken by warriors and careful tamers, they didn't give me too much joy to kill after the first one. In fact the spawn just served to annoy me. I hope they *will* include monsters that tamers can kill, as well as bards, and monsters that warriors can manage a little more easily. They don't necesarily need to have great loot, but just something manageabls solo would be nice. Today I did see great teamwork among players, with people stopping to heal my warrior attempting 2 golems.

    There will probably be more info on these forthcoming, so add what you learn as you encounter these (also someone can add info on the control panel thing as I have not found one...but I did come across some nice shadow ore!) And also please add on your stories of misfortune or fortune as you battle this new evil invading the land...

    Addendum: Each piece of arcane clothing made by a tailor has 20 charges. 1 charge=1 circle of magery...so if you are OUT of regs you can throw on a piece of clothing and have instant access and castability of any spell. Pearl get stolen in Felucca? Throw on a robe and track down that thief! Run out of mandrake accidentally? Put on some boots and kal ort por to a bank! Once an arcane item runs out of charges it can apparently be recharged with a new arcane gem. Since this goes by spell level that is cast, (at last report) this means that if you cast create food with a robe you would use 1 charge, cast resurrection with it and you use 8 charges, and so on.

    <font color=blue>Goal complete: 100.0% cartography
    Total maps used: 654
    Thanks to everyone who helped with maps or gave encouragement!!
    </font color=blue><P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Elyssar on 10/04/01 07:34 PM.</FONT></P>
  2. Bah ... at least the robes don't look too nifty in 3D. In fact they rather look like trash /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif. But hey, anything 3D does...
    I guess I'll try those new monsters once (haha ... did I say that... I meant IF .... ) I can log back into the game and actually PLAY it without freezing and dying to a stray mongbat.

    Oops, forgot to ask: does all arcane clothing have this silly white stripe on it in 3d? I guess so ....


    <font color=blue>"I try to get away from the Tamers' Forum, but they keep dragging me back in!"</center><P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by James_Pendragon on 10/04/01 07:25 PM.</FONT></P>
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    thump, thunk, thump, thunk, thump
    elemental of death hunts me
    the clockwork soldier

    <font color=006400>Thaqui, Grandmaster Tamer of Catskills</font color=006400>
    <font color=00008B>Dreafor, Lvl 4 Treasure Hunter and recovering alcoholic</font color=00008B> /php-bin/shared/images/icons/pint.gif
    <font color=red>Retired</font color=red>
  4. Crimson Bolt

    Crimson Bolt Guest

    That arcance clothing looks so cool, but how come the stripe is only in 3-d? WHy not 2-d? I would love to wear that outfit, with the cool red and white stripes (2 of my fav colors) Add to that outfit some black clothing, and Crimson Bolt would be looking very pimp.


    'Only the Honorable Truely Live'
  5. Crimson Bolt

    Crimson Bolt Guest

    PS-Why in the heck do they keep using the same models for all the new monsters that come out? Im getting so tired of seeing the same things with just different hues. Why cant 2-D get some new models? I know im not the only one upset that 2-d is getting no new models.


    'Only the Honorable Truely Live'
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    2d models take up a lot more space than 3D models. They could make more 2D models, but 1. they have no more 2D artists. 2. people would complain that the patches were now 5 megs.

    <font color=006400>Thaqui, Grandmaster Tamer of Catskills</font color=006400>
    <font color=00008B>Dreafor, Lvl 4 Treasure Hunter and recovering alcoholic</font color=00008B> /php-bin/shared/images/icons/pint.gif
    <font color=red>Retired</font color=red>
  7. Elyssar

    Elyssar Guest

    There is no 2D striped clothing art, hence no 2D striped clothes for us, unless we 56k modem users want to choke down a 3 hour patch...

    <font color=blue>Goal complete: 100.0% cartography
    Total maps used: 654
    Thanks to everyone who helped with maps or gave encouragement!!
    </font color=blue>
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hey, think of me when i had my 26.4k modem
    now those were long waits
    and 3rd dawn didnt even work *stupid comp*

    im confused


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  9. Sprite143

    Sprite143 Guest

    umm, i have a lil more info on golems.. it's not much but if you try to peacemake a golem from attacking you, it won't work... only castin invisibility will do the trick... it's prolly cause golems aren't actually 'alive' and can't really hear music.....

  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Here's another interesting bit, do not die. One golem put my trained drag into fly mode in the time it took to get rezzed (my friend was beside me) and grab my regs and bandies. My drag is no wuss either, we solo level 4 hunts. Ogre Lords are no problem for him. 2 golems will damn near kill a mare. *wishes friend had vet, too* That's with 2 people casting heal and my 85 vet. 3 golems? Gate out.
  11. CitizenKane2

    CitizenKane2 Guest

    A quick addition to Sprite143's observations. Calandryll has confirmed that golems "can't hear anything". See this thread on the official UO boards <a target="_blank" href=http://boards.uo.com/cgi-bin/showthreaded.pl?Cat=&Board=qscenarios&Number=769089&Search=true&Forum=All_Forums&Words=Calandryll&Match=Username&Searchpage=0&Limit=25&Old=1day&Main=769073>here</a>

    Hence no barding skills work on golems.

    <font color=blue> It's not just a game. It's OUR game. </font color=blue>
  12. A couple of things I saw with the new creatures and arcane gems.

    First only gm tailor can give clothing 20 charges. I believe for every 5 points below GM the clothing loses a charge. Also I gather that anyone can recharge their own clothing at 4/5ths the original charge.

    Second, you can not command your pets to kill the controller or the golem. A message appears above your pets head that says "your pet refuses to attack" or something to that effect. I have had good success with my mare as long as it is only one or two golems. As metioned above with three gate out.

    Third generators. Simple game but deadly. The object is to move from one corner to the opposite corner. There is only one solution. The solution does not change on the one generator that you are working on but each new generator will have its own solution. I have seen a 3*3 and a 5*5 and solved them both. If you make a wrong move you are electrocuted and stunned. This is a slow process of your life dropping. I had time to drink two potions of greter healing before it finished. You can not cast spells in this time either. With 100 hp and no healing it dropped me below 10 hp twice before I had a healer help me. There can be a maximum of three generators with each spawn. When the last generator is solved the spawn stops and reappears in a new location. The rewards I have received for solving the puzzles is proportinate to the size of the puzzle. On a 3*3 I received 3 arcane gems and 3 diamonds. On a 5*5 I received 5 arcane gems and 5 diamonds. On both there were piles of shadow ore when the generator exploded. I did not take this as other people grab it first. The shadow ore appears on the ground while the gems appear in your pack.
    The only time I have not seen the spawn by the road is when it was by the orc cave. Keep this in mind as not many people will find that one by running on the roads. I had time to kill 48 controllers and several golems before anyone else found it.

    The easiest way that I have found to deal with the spawn as a tamer is to lure a creature away and cast invis. Jump off my mare while still invised and wait for the creature to target it. Then i run over and vet like mad if its a golem.

    Be careful with dragons as they went after two different golems this morning. I regret to say neither survived. The golems make mince meat out of them if you cant heal. Also if you can lure the golems away from the controllers you will have no problems taking the controllers out with pets.

    I hope this helps.
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    and if anyone wants to know the arcane clothing is dyeable and it keeps the charges! my tailor is at 81.4 and made a robe with 16/16 charges i dyed it Black and no change in charges.

    Black Tom, Viking Beastmaster.-V- Aol Legends
    Foxs Den Tavern of Britain 92o54'N84o14'E
  14. moderniste

    moderniste Guest

    You can command a pet to kill a controller, and they can be barded. I found one near a troll. I used peace and provoke and had my unicorn kill the controller while it was fighting the troll. Gollems are an entirely different matter.

  15. Shaman

    Shaman Guest

    Philisophical Comment:

    As a player who like to play with other players, and not run around with singular intent like an ant... I have found the scenarios wonderful in creating an atmosphere were people actually *gasp* talk to each other more than to simply yell "Heal Heal Heal".

    Whether I am out with my Mage/Tamer or my warrior/archer, there are now plenty of people who will chat with you about strategy and to trade heals with.

    The only problem I see right now are mages who run around E and BS'ing all the golems in hopes of getting looting rights after others finish them off. I hate when that is done.

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  16. DanaAllison

    DanaAllison Guest

    Original post mentioned the chance of a magic item or weapon on Controllers? I have killed over 100 of these and never seen any magic item...could i really be that unlucky?
  17. Where in the heck are you finding all these controller's! I ran all over Sosaria last night and saw 5. That was about two solid hours of hunting for them. North of vesper along the roads, south of Yew along the roads, and everywhere in between. How in the world did you FIND 100 controllers, let alone kill them~
  18. DanaAllison

    DanaAllison Guest

    Once you find the camps, killing them with a mare is really quite easy. I also have peacemake to stop my mare from fooling with the golems. But as for where to find them....let me say this, the camps do not show up in completely random places...seems more like they rotate from place to place...you are on the right track though...Cove cemetery, South of Yew before the road...i heard in the Trinsic Swamps...I personally like the camp near Vesper best as relatively few had found it as of yesterday.

    Really once you find a camp it is just a turkey-shoot until someone decides to ruin the fun by solving the puzzle on the generator, thus stopping the spawn.
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    They tend to flock near mountainsides. In Catskills yesterday, if you went west from Vesper Inn (toward the crossroads) they were all over that mountain and in its little mini-tunnels. Also, south of Yew, in Rat Valley (near the Orc Cave) was a pretty hotspot too.

  20. Finally a use for the BS!!
    2 BS's will take out a Golem---fairly quickly, as will a couple EV's--only difference I found is that Blade Spirits take a lot less mana.

    I also noticed today while my bard/mage fought the controllers...Golem's can't be paralyzed, at least not the one I tried to freeze today inorder to put a BS on him. I also tried peace but alas..it didn't work. He just kept on coming---same with the Paraylze spell...no good, he kept right on coming---thank goodness he's slow.

    Also saw him destroy a warrior's chest plate today. First hit did the stun, second hit destoryed the armor and killed the warrior (the warrior may have been hit before the stun blow) . I haven't been hit by one yet, I have 6 armor and thought it best to stay out of his reach ;)

    <center>[​IMG] </center>
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Did you try paralyse field?

    <font color=006400>Thaqui, Grandmaster Tamer of Catskills</font color=006400>
    <font color=00008B>Dreafor, Lvl 4 Treasure Hunter and recovering alcoholic</font color=00008B> /php-bin/shared/images/icons/pint.gif
    <font color=red>Retired</font color=red>
  22. MenoK

    MenoK Guest

    Im pretty sure that most updates I received for the 2d client in the last time were substantial smaller then those for the 3d client. In fact it took only a few minutes to download all updates for the 2d client when I reinstalled UO using DSL. Using the same connection it took nearly 1 hour to download all patches for the 3d client! BTW - some patches for UO:TD exceeded 5MB and Im sure that not many ppl would complain if they would receive a 5 MB patch every 2 months if it is new graphics for new scenarios that bring back some life to the game.

    MenoK - Crafter, Europa
    MenoC - Fencer/Swordsman, Europa
    Meno - Scribe/Mage, Europa
    KoneM - GM Tamer/Ranger/Fisher/Mage, Europa
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hmm.. i experimented with that.. i had two golems, one i only bs'ed, i was the only one hurting it. Wound up with a blue corpse that had no loot and a lot of bs corpses. One i bs'ed and blasted to kingdom come (or rather total man dump.. not that Xarkan's total mana dump is all that scary) and had loot and a grey corpse.. i dont know if it was a coincidence i got a lootless corpse though..
  24. Fluffy_Duck

    Fluffy_Duck Guest

    Imagine my surprise when I logged in yesterday and decided to go look for some and found them basically outside my tower.
    Just a couple more things to add. The power generators take a maximum of 95hps from you. My tamer has 98hps and was left constantly on 3hps.
    Also you can use para field to hold the golems, very handy if you just want to solve the puzzles which I'm totally addicted to at the moment.
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Controllers and Golems will most likely be in mass around mountains! If you have not read the role playing story OSI provided, you should do so. These controllers are not only here to suppress us and take our race, and cities over, but they are here to make sure the gargoyles don't escape! The Gargoyles have been tunneling out of they're once proud city to escape the controllers and they're controlled beings. The Gargoyles have made a tunnel to the outside world in hopes that someone, something will come and help them agianst the controllers and they're controlled gargoyles and golems. If you would like to see this story for yourself, click <a target="_blank" href=http://town.uo.com/bnn/article_441.html>here</a>! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    [​IMG]<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by IcanFly on 10/06/01 10:10 AM.</FONT></P>
  26. No..didn't try para field.....but I will today :)

    Yep...Para Fields work!

    <center>[​IMG] </center><P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Alexandria_LS on 10/08/01 12:18 AM.</FONT></P>
  27. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hmm.. i thought the idea was to divert the attention of us while the master dealt with the gargoyles.. i also thought their proud city was in ilshenar so perhaps tuneling to any controller infested mountain would be hard
  28. pero69

    pero69 Guest

    i think the magic weapon thing is wrong. only when they loot players will you find magic weapons (also bags of regs, etc :)

    You've been hit by......You've been struck by......a SMOOTH CRIMINAL
  29. WolfZbane

    WolfZbane Guest

    Teehee! Gargoyle allies! I like it!

  30. Guest

    Guest Guest

    its U7 all over again :p

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    Flamestriking Yourself to Death - PRICELESS!!!

  31. Guest

    Guest Guest

    A guildmate tipped me off on this one: Orcish bows do wonders against the golems. Something about them being a human manifestation created by the mages. He also said "the more powerful the weapon the more 'average it becomes'.. all this comes from the stories that were to be UO2"

    Tried it out earlier with my little warrior girl (gm tactics, 97 archery, 92 anatomy); never took more than 15 hits to down a golem. They were pretty hard to hit though. I went through 200 arrows with about 6-8 golems (and a few mages).

  32. Socko

    Socko Guest

    actually , they have a lot of 2d models that aren't seen now.

    Maybe their saving them for later; i dunno.

    I was fooling with the coding playing with my own shard for awhile to test some stuff. anyhow they have lots of little nifty masks, a guy with a huge tribal facemask, kinda hard to describe. Anyhow theirs a lot of 2d models they haven't used.

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  33. Sehkmet

    Sehkmet Guest

    Upon travelling north of Trinsic towards Britain, introducing a fellow friend to the world, we happened upon at least three of these such Controllers and their farcical animated tinkertoy golems. In the overzealous way that neophytes are prone, my friend charged one of these dastardly wizards, and was promptly and summarily felled, leaving me with the unpleasant task of having to taunt away three other golems, two of their Controllers and (because the gods humor themselves at my expense) a hideous Giant Spider. It was this motley entourage that I lead north of Trinsic, then South again, in the wake of nothing but chaos as people found themselves unexpectedly overrun by these barbaric clockwork perversions of engineering. If it is this sort of adventure you seek, I suggest heading South to Trinsic. Me? Well, I've taken solace at Skara Brae for the time being, where hopefully the island life will help dispell the horror of those monstrosities.



  34. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i think ive figured out something about these gholems, i hunted one with a dragon, he took mad damage, i did one with my warrior and i saw one with a blade spirit hiting it, from what i saw is this: there hits seem to be a percent based, i recieve close to or if not exactly the same damage as the blade spirit and dragon did as my warior went at one, the only difference in damage might be due to ar? i dunno, just my thoughts and information gathered. If someone tests this reply to this post :) and tell me if my theory is true or not

    -Zeon of THB Atlantic Division
    /php-bin/shared/images/icons/takethat.gif OSI
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  35. WolfZbane

    WolfZbane Guest

    The latest part of fiction tells us this:



    The dark chambers of the Master brightened to a dull blue glow as a moongate shimmered into existence on the far side of the room. The outline of a figure in an enshrouding pitch-black cloak turned to watch one of the controllers stumble through the gate, clutching his leg through the tatters of his arcane robe.

    “Report, Phoseph,” the voice of the master rasped from the shadowed corners of the room.

    Phoseph struggled to remain standing as he wiped the encrusted blood from his hands on the frayed edges of his cloak. “We found a tunnel, Master. It must be where the outsiders are coming from.”

    From the moongate, the heavy sound of a golem’s footsteps echoed and creaked like a cart of ore falling over. As it emerged from the moongate, it walked with a strange stumble, pausing between each step. Gears and rods could be seen turning under the ripped outer shell of the clockwork creature like muscles under torn flesh. In its massive arms it held a dead gargoyle, which it tossed to the floor with a careless thud. The moongate dissipated and vanished.

    The dark cloaked stranger stepped forward and silently contemplated the corpse. “The renegades.”

    “A patrol went through the area of the tunnel before it was finished and captured a group of the renegades there. We believe this one stayed hidden until they left, then continued the work on his own.” Phoseph grimaced at the stabbing pain in his leg. He could see his blood pooling on the floor around his foot, but continued with his report. “When we discovered his body, a group of the outsiders surprised us and attacked. The others in my party were killed and their golems were destroyed. This one will have to be repaired.”

    As if in reply, a rapid ticking noise started echoing from the golem, growing louder and louder until it was almost deafening. It stopped suddenly, and the mechanical behemoth fell forward at the waist and crashed to the floor like a pile of pots and pans. The head rolled across the cold stone and stopped beside Phoseph. “We can use this one for parts, my Lord.”

    The figure examined the remains of the golem for a few moments. Its armor looked as though it had been slashed by thousands of cuts. “Blade spirits.”

    Phoseph nodded. “The outsiders know how to cast them. With our current construction plans, the golems’ armor can’t take the assault for long.”

    “Unacceptable.” The cloaked one boomed. “If the golems cannot withstand a common blade spirit, they will be worthless in defending the city. I know the outsiders; they will send more mages as word of this weakness spreads. If the city is left undefended, we will lose more workers. Begin adapting the golems immediately.”

    Phoseph bowed his head and spoke slowly. “My Lord, forgive me, I do not wish to question your wisdom, but… I believe if we use more of our supplies to enhance the golems, we will not have enough left to construct a defense force for the city. The enslaved gargoyles grow fewer in number with each outsider attack. Without them we will not be able to gather enough raw materials to continue construction.”

    “Do as he has ordered, Phoseph.” The voice of the Master rasped from the darkest shadows of the chamber as the tiny lights around the room glowed briefly. “Use what materials are needed and enhance the golems to dispel summoned creatures. We have other ways of defending the city.”

    The dark figure turned towards the voice. “What do you propose?”

    “Phoseph, you are to gather one group of the workers and take them to the small chambers in the production center. Remove their chains.”

    “Master? Remove their chains?” Phoseph stumbled and gasped in pain before regaining his composure. He did his best to ignore the pain in his leg but knew that if he kept bleeding much longer he would likely pass out. “The chains block their use of magic, Master; you told us they were never to be removed, and to kill on sight any worker not in chains to be safe.”

    “The workers will need to use magic to defend the city, Phoseph,” the Master droned.

    The cloaked form slowly spoke as he silently paced the room. “It is risky, but that could be quite effective against the humans…”

    “The workers?” Phoseph spoke in shock as he slipped in the small puddle of blood around his foot, almost losing his balance. “They are not strong enough to hold back the outsiders, Master, even with their spells.”

    The dark figure flew across the room towards Phoseph and an arm shot out, backhanding the controller to the floor. Through the lights dancing across his vision, he could see his Lord standing above him in stillness. “You have offered enough of your opinion, Phoseph. I would suggest you offer no more.” Phoseph noticed the drops of crimson on the cloaked one’s hand and could feel a trickle of warm blood running down his chin from the blow.

    “Go now,” said the cloaked figure. “Prepare the workers so that the city will be defended.” The figure began to turn towards the Master’s voice again but stopped for a brief moment, glimpsing at the blood on its hand in amusement. “And, Phoseph, have your wounds tended to. You seem to be bleeding.”

    “Yes, my Lord.” Phoseph said through clenched teeth. He stumbled his way out of the chamber, leaving lone footprints of blood behind him.

    As soon as he was gone, the figure in the black cloak spoke again. “Are you sure this is wise, enhancing the gargoyle workers? Giving them so much power could be dangerous. They are so weak right now they may not survive the procedure.”

    “We can afford to lose some to experimentation. Those that die during the procedure will provide valuable information. Although I think you would agree that the process has reached near perfection.” The sounds of clicks and whirring increased for a moment.

    The dark figure stood, unmoving. “Indeed.”

    The Master continued. “Enhancing the gargoyles will make them powerful enough to deal with the humans in the city. So long as our chambers are not discovered, my control of their minds will remain absolute. Adapting the golems will make the attacks on Britannia more effective. Victory is still probable.”

    “That may be,” said the figure, his cloak flowing around him as he turned, “but I will not be satisfied until it is absolute.”


    Bold lines are made by me, so noone will be suprised that with the next patch, the golems will simply dispell. This means that only warriors and tamers with trained pets still have a decent chance, or a mage has very high meditation and enough regs.

    Anyways, my findings are that the golem is an easy prey, but on one condition: that it doesn't use his special attack. I got a couple of them with Wolfy and here are my findings:
    - in most of the battles, Wolfy got more than enough time to wreck the golem considerably (up to 60% damage)
    - however, the moment they use their special attack, Wolfy gets a lot of damage (10% or more), while he first wasn't even scratched

    Conclusion: as long as you're fast enough with your pet, the golems don't stand a chance. The secret is to kill them before they can do their special attack.

  36. DuNoir

    DuNoir Guest

    <font color=27408B>I think that enough has been said about golems, but nobody has mentioned much about those stupid controllers... I think I'll put in my 2 cents :)

    - They can apparently cast and attack though certain types of house walls. This happened to me in my friend's 2-story stone and plaster the other day.

    - They will pull off some *nasty* combos, if given the chance. Explosion + Poison + Flamestrike + Flamestrike is not nice at all.

    - They can kill each other very quickly! :)

    - They actually hit hard (like wandering healers) when they wrestle you.

    My final piece of information is for all you collectors of oddities and such out there that were wishing they could get the arcane clothing off the controllers. As most of you probably know, the mages' clothing crumbles when you pick it up. However, controllers *will* loot the clothing from other controllers and, as such, can allow you to own some of this nifty clothing, if you're in that market. I'd recommend having provocation, magery and a lot of patience. It takes a while for them to loot, and I haven't quite figured out what circumstances cause them to loot certain items, etc. but after about 200 controllers and a bunch of other annoying things (like golems :) I finally got a full 4-piece set of the clothing off a controller that I killed in the new desert area in Ilshenar :)

    Good luck to all of you semi-rare hunters out there /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

    <font color=27408B>Buying or trading for all tattered maps on Great Lakes!
    At 99.8 and decoded 802 maps. I almost feel like screaming.
  37. WolfZbane

    WolfZbane Guest

    Is it different from the robes you can create? Otherwise it's quite a useless item. Oh wait, arcane clothing of controllers won't have charges right?

    Oh, btw. controllers are wimps. My unicorn takes them down like they never excisted in the first place. The secret in handling is the same as with golems: hit hard and fast before they do the same /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif


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