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Creature Feature #20: The horse, of course!

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Elyssar, Nov 18, 2001.

  1. Elyssar

    Elyssar Guest





    The horse...in real life there is often a mystique around this animal, and in UO to new players, just the thought of having a noble steed to accompany one is a wonderful thought. There are 4 color varieties of horses availble to the common player--brown, grey, red roan (aka the reddish shortmane), and buckskin (aka the yellow longmane.)

    Those in factions are able to purchase war horses of varying colors: Red longmane (minax), blue shortmane (Council of Mages), black shortmane (Shadowlords), and purplish shortmane (True Brittanians.) In UOTD these war horses are quite different: dark dapple grey with red harness (Minax), dark dapple grey with blue harness (CoM), dark dapple grey with green harness (Shadowlords), and light dapple grey with purple harness (True Brits.) The final variety of horse is the pack horse, which can only be bought at stables and is the red roan shortmane graphic with saddlebags.

    Normal horses spawn in the grassy areas of the Lost Lands as well as the Oasis in the desert near papua, in the forestlands of britannia, and in Spiritwood in Ilshenar. War horses do not spawn, but instead must be bought with Faction silver from a horse breeder in a faction-controlled town.

    Horses give 10 hides and 3 meat when slain. They also give anyone who kills them negative karma, since they are companion animals to mankind.

    Now for my reflections on horses. As an avid horselover, I was always smitten with the UO horses. I was so proud the day I scraped up the gold to purchase my first UO horse, Bajazet. And I was torn the day I lost her...she went wild (I didn't know back then you actually had to FEED pixels!) and a monster killed her. Almost two years later, I have a new Bajazet who has luckily lasted much longer than the first steed to be given the name. I also proudly have 2 UO dapple greys that are both over a year old, and both are owned by my warrior so it is a small miracle they are still alive! Steel and Mystery are just as big a part of my UO pet family as all my nightmares, dragons, wyrms, unicorns, and ki-rin are.

    And now, it is your turn to add more information about the UO horses, or to just share your own stories of what you have done with them!

  2. Mordanna

    Mordanna Guest

    <font color=green>i fondly remember my newbie days, when i made a living as a horse trader in delucia. since i didn't have the magery to gate my freshly tamed horses to town, it was often an exciting undertaking to get as many of them back to town alive as possible. there were enough jerks around who would attack and kill some of my tames just to be mean.

    i made good profit tho, the average price for a horse ran between 800 gp and 1200 gp, and on top of that i often got tips from people for bringing them their favorite color of horse.

    my personal favorite is the longmaned light brown one. too cute!

    Explorer 86% - Socializer 66% - Achiever 46% - Killer 0%
    <a target="_blank" href=http://www.strangeworld.com/uo/prc/prc.php>PRC Taming Website</a></center>
  3. Switch

    Switch Guest

    I once came across a very lucky horse wandering around moonglow bank(lucky for me). I was at 75.1 taming when I found it, and saw it had already been tamed. I was in ph, so I figured that I might as well tame it. After about thirty tries, I finally tamed it. I checked to see how much I had gained: I went from 75.1 to 76.8! i gained more off that single horse than any other individual animal in my whole career in UO, which included 2 Gm tamers.

    <a target="_blank" href=http://secretgimp.clanpages.com/>The Secret Gimp</a> doing what he does best!
  4. Dragondeva

    Dragondeva Guest

    <font color=9A32CD>My first days in Haven were spent wondering around the land, untill I stumbled upon the beatuiful horse.....then all my time was spent trying to tame this noble creature. Now I am a tamer and should be able to tame a horse with no problem......hmmm why am I being told "you have no chance of tameing this creature"? Well this means I need to try and get where I can tame this wouderful animal. After chaseing cats, dogs, rabbits, and anything else I could find, the day comes and I begin to tame the horse. After about 20 tries this fine beast is mine. I was the happiest tamer in the land! I am fond of the"longmane", compaired to the "shortmane" or "roched mane". Love all colors tho.....

    <font color=purple><center>/php-bin/shared/images/icons/love.gifIn all things do no harm/php-bin/shared/images/icons/love.gif

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    [​IMG]</center></font color=purple>
    <center><font color=purple>Explorer 80%..Socializer 73%..Achiever 33%..Killer 13%</center></font color=purple>
  5. RedPhoenix

    RedPhoenix Guest

    When i first started 3 years ago, sold horses for 500-1k gp, and Ridable llamas for 10-15k each (spawn was being blocked back then, hard to come by them back them)
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    My first attempt at starting a char in uo was the ranger template (I later switched to a warrior since i didn't know what I was doing and found the archer/tamer thing too challenging). I wandered around Haven taming everything and then finally I was able to tame and ride my first horse. One of the best thrills I have had in the game!

  7. i remember when i first started uo, i wanted a horse...so i bought a packhorse :p

    i couldn't figure out why i couldn't ride it....i think i thought you could take the bags off or something, lol...finally, an older, wiser player told me that i needed to buy a different kind of horse :p

    when i finally saved up enough money, i bought my first *rideable* horse in Skara, and named him Star...he was a beautiful brown longmane

    unfortunately, he died at the Moonglow graveyard about a week later, and i was sooo upset...that particular character (long since gone now) would never ride a horse of a different color from then on

  8. DuNoir

    DuNoir Guest

    <font color=27408B>
    stallion, so noble
    hair rests over soft blue eyes
    will you be my friend?


    <font color=27408B>Patience is a virtue! GM Cartography... after 1,011 maps.
  9. Jaiden

    Jaiden Guest

    My first encounter with a horse was one that i had summoned. I was a poor mage back then and couldnt afford a horse having to pay for my regs. I was training my magery and after summoning various animals i got a horse.

    Man i was so happy i could have cried and i walked all over Moonglow thinking how clever i was and how stupid people were paying for horses they could just summon.

    I ventured over to the cemetry to tickle the skeletons and suddenly *poof* i was horseless. I was that shocked that the skeletons took their chance and ganked me. My last memory is of whinging at the bank about this stupid game making my horse disappear /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biglaugh.gif


    <center>Lady Charleigh, Mage/GM Tamer
    Mica, Mage/Bard, married to Trompe L'Oeil
    Lady Xanthia, Bard/GM Tamer
    Darkchild, Bard/GM Archer
    Jaiden, Mad axewoman
    And introducing Anck-su-namun on Baja</center>
  10. Jaina

    Jaina Visitor
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Awwww..That's A Cute Story Indeed..Sorry You Lost Your Fine Steed M'Lady!!

  11. DeadCal

    DeadCal Guest

    DeadCal was my first character and a lady warrior, but I loved the idea of taming and so I trained her up to about 50/50 taming/lore. Eventually I realised I really needed resist if I was going to fight anything harder than an earth ele, so I dropped it back down to 35, enough to tame horses. DeadCal used to sell horses, ostards and llamas at Brit bank (she would beg for a gate or lead them through the jungles back to Trinsic moongate) and always rode a grey horse of her own, PaleThunder. Very recently, I dropped what taming she had (along with some arms lore and magery) in order to add archery to her template. Blue Fin now tames her horses for her. :)

    Lady DeadCal - 6xGM Warrior/Healer
    Lady TerminalCal - 5xGM Tamer/Mage
    Kitty DeVine - 3xGM Tamer/Bard
    Jones - 5xGM Miner/Smith/Tinker/Alchemist/Scribe
  12. TrueRagoo

    TrueRagoo Guest

    I remember my first horse... a lovely brown one who quickly met his fate after i tamed him... i took him over to the brigand fort outside of brit and thought he would be good at killing brigands... needless to say we both died. lol!

    "Only the good die young, all the evil seem to live forever." -Iron Maiden
    Sonoma till I die:)
    Ragoo of TSK-4x Tamer/Mage
    Ragu of TSK-1x Inscript/Heal Mage
    Rags of B^G-6x Parry/Macer
    Hephaestus of B^G-1x Mule
    Ragar of OTE [M-R]-3x Archer/Bard
    Shifty of OTE [BH]-4x Axer
  13. After about 2 months of taming everything in sight, with no one wanting to buy a cat or a dog, an older friend told me there were wild horses in a land far away. He took me to moonglow and through the portal to this really strange looking land that was made mostly of reeds. We walked towards the outskirts of town when a group of these strange and scary snake creature suddenly appear and start kicking people's butts.
    "ophidians, run, you'll be ok" My guardian spoke to me as he rode into battle.
    So I ran, and promptly found this big silver snake that I couldnt outrun and stay close to this new place I havent grown used to yet.
    Dead, I located my guide, who led me to the healer's. After a quick stop to the bank for more supplies, we ventured into a dark forest in which strange creatures dwelled. Frogs, gators, tropical birds that said hello to you when tamed! We wandered around for about a half hour with no luck to horse taming when finally, 'a horse' was seen on the side of the screen!!
    Running, I found the beautiful brown creature and proceeded to nag it until it was my friend. Promptly naming it Mr.Ed, I was handed an apple for my new friend and transport.
    Riding back to Paupa, I decided that it would be an exciting and thrilling thing to take these magestic beasts to moonglow and sell them to get money for the house I had always wanted.
    The next day, I ventured out and tamed a mighty 10 of them (while only making it back with roughly 6) sold them like free rares to the passers-by at 500 gold per horse. I was rich, that was all there was to it. Id live on easy street from now until.... hey, where did that guy get that nearly black horse.......??

  14. Lavinia

    Lavinia Guest

    *thinks back fondly to her first ever UO horse*

    Ahh, he was a beautiful grey horse, named Nook. Nook didn't last too long, well, because my warrior never lasted long at all when I first started playing, lol. Everytime I got a new horse, it was named NookII, or NookVI, or whatever succsession came next. I think the last one might have been in the 20s or something.

  15. my first horse ever was a dark brown one named striker. I loved that thing.. when I finally gained enough taming my dream was to get a long maned mare... it didnt' work out that way. back then a short mane blue mare was 100k, I killed nobles until I raised enough money to get that one mare... long mane blues were more expensive.. and pures were out of my price range. I miss my horse...

    it led me to my collection frenzy, which you see in my sig picture. I wanted every single mount available in the game, and owned multiple tamer accounts so I could acquire them all. with all 5 war horses, 4 horses, and the rest... I loved them... until they made it so I can no longer keep my war horse collection.. sadly, they are all sold off but three... two I'm keeping on my tb character, and the green sl war horse I'm keeping on my sl character.. god I loved those horses.... and no I never showed them off except once during a pet show...

    Damien- Suicidal *GM* tamer/warrior
    Alexander- the wandering healer
    ImaRatcatcher- trap, relocate, release
    a rat- GM blacksmith
  16. Elyssar

    Elyssar Guest

    I love your steed collection as well damien. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif I have a CoM horse as well (the one you see in the Hunters Guide picture above) and I dread Pub 14 coming to baja and making me part with him. *sighs*

  17. Namor

    Namor Guest

    well being a guy of factions or order/chaos I am very bad with horses.....most horses are lucky to last me uh 3-4 days....so I usually just try to keep it informal and non personal and I leave their names as a horse

    buuuuuut back when I was a newbie.....major newbie....I was a miner/smith....it was sooooooo fun.....I would mine....mine...mine...mine all day....I remember my first night playing UO....I got on at about 11 pm....didnt get off until 5:30 when the shard went down.....well I mined and mined and mined and mined....all night....all the next day...and kept on....well I was selling my ingots (for a mere 5 gp per!!!!!! on GL) and finally....I had made enough money to get me a packhorse.....I was ssssssooooooooo happy.....I took my packhorse with me out to the mine....and mined as much as my lil ole packy could carry.....making sure not to strain him.....we got back to town....and I smelted all of my ore....and had already made all the money back....so happy about this....I took my great pet....and went to the inn....logged off....in hope of mining again the next day.....only to find out..packys dont log out with you =(

    I have a TB war horse a mare and a ki rin

    and Elyssar.....well ill ICQ you about it...

  18. Drake of BCV

    Drake of BCV Guest

    I tamed horsies as a profession in Haven. It actually led me to meet one of my friends.

    I was out practicing my Taming and Archery, and I heard the sounds of fighting near by. Turns out a poor guy was being pummled by a trio of Lizardmen, a Headless One, and a Troll. I dismounted, and told my graceful and mighty steed Wyvern as well as the one I just tamed to attack some of the monsters. We made it out alive, minus one horse of course. I forget his name, but I haven't seen him scince we both left Haven... If you're out there, I'm here too!

    <font color=4682B4><center>« 73%Explorer »« 66%Socializer »« 33% Acheiver »« 26% Killer »</center></font color=4682B4>

    <center><font color=EE2C2C>/php-bin/shared/images/icons/angryfire.gif"Someone check, is there a sign on our backs saying 'Kick me, I'm an Archer?'"</font color=EE2C2C>/php-bin/shared/images/icons/angryfire.gif<center>
  19. Kittie_=^.^=

    Kittie_=^.^= Guest

    I am very fond of horses they've been my fav. animal since 4 years old. I was thrilled when i got my first horse im not sure but i think i named her 'Cookie' she was a dark brown and looked like a cookie not really but o well. as stated in previous posts she didn't last very long and again I was very very miserable. ever since i lost her i thrived to get the specailist of horses i've had many mares and unis and i've seen my friends with pures and long manes. I long to have them (but who doesn't?) and if i do get one which i most certainly hope and beleive i will i will treasure it and train it to be one of the best. My fav. fantasy animal was a unicorn and i was soo excited when i heard they were going to spawn. oucne i heard of this i quickly worked on my taming/lore at that time i only had 50/50 jsut to tame llamas and horseys so i wouldn't have to buy them myself. I finally got it up to 60 and so i roamed to brit (aka Lagsville) and finally got my first uni. I was soo happy i could kiss someone and i ran to my friends and said 'look wut i got!' sadly that uni lasted 5 days and then i got a mare.
    So there's my story hoped it didn't bore you and i heard the long manes and pures are gonno spawn again well jsut to tell ya other peeps that want one YOU'LL HAVE TO BEAT ME THERE FIRST!!! =^.^=
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ah, the horse.... so overlooked nowadays.

    4 years ago... entirely different. Selling horses was a good way to make quick bucks, and a horse ridden by a player wearing a full set of bone armor was a common sight in PvP battles. (27 AC and no dex loss at that time)

    My friends and I had just placed a small stone cottage, and since we were too broke to buy a boat, no one could get to Ice Island to get a polar bear.

    Someone got the bright idea to tame a horse, trap it in the house, and we trained on it. You could use healing at the time on animals, so we fought and healed it, to improve all our skills in anatomy (which you just used over and over), healing, parrying, and weapon skills. An interesting thing happened.

    You see, no one is sure if a GM got cute or if 10 people beating on that poor horse just made it incredibly strong and fast. The horse had around 255 hit points (we checked) and 255 dex (that's just my opinion). Anyway, this horse was supernatural. It would just pummel the unsuspecting warrior that wanted to train on it. It would easily beat ogres, trolls, harpys, orc mages, and liches (with a little help). We went on deamon hunts in Hyloth with it. Everyone went invisible, the owner dismounted the horse and ordered it to attack, and we all jumped in and kept it healed. Nowadays I think of it as the prototype nightmare. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    The horse was lost to an unfortunate server drop, and my friends and I mourned the loss of that horse. I don't expect anyone to believe me, I know I wouldn't have if I hadn't seen it (and been killed by it more than a few times).

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane Ely.

  21. WolfZbane

    WolfZbane Guest

    Weren't those the days that animals didn't have any skill caps?

    <center>WolfZbane - Spammus Maximus</center>
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    To be honest Wolf, I don't know. I do know from my time as a Counselor that one time, the GM's made a pack of sheep with stats of 255/255/255 and gave them an attitude.

    I was also a witness when a GM made a Smurf explode.

    But that horse was tough as nails, and the way it did damage reminded me of what you could do (pre-patch) with a dagger of vanquishing. If you got in tight, you never lost, because you hit so fast for 10-15 points of damage that mages couldn't get a heal off (well, the heal spell, but they were healing 8-10 to your 10-15, and GH potions needed 10 seconds between uses). The horse was the same way. Keep it healed and cured and you could watch a deamon's health steadily drop.

  23. Von Ravend

    Von Ravend Guest

    Must.. Resist... Must.. Not Posting... Arghh...
    Hello there, evil side talking to you, there goes my good side trying to stop whats about to happen...
    So... Without much more resistance, (I couldn't resist..)

    "A Horse is a Horse, of course of course"
    "and no-one can talk to a horse of course"
    "unless of course, the horse of course"
    "is the famous <insert name here.. a horse, A>

    (name removed for copyright)
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I bet he'd be saying right now "If you bola a ridgeback rider, you can tame it's ridgeback!"

    <font color=006400>Thaqui, Grandmaster Tamer (15/4/01 4:56 NZT)</font color=006400>
    <font color=red>Catskills</font color=red>

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