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Creature Feature #22: The Swirling Green Cloud of love, the Poison Elemental

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Elyssar, Jan 13, 2002.

  1. Elyssar

    Elyssar Guest

    Not just an air elemental of a different color, the poison elemental is one of the more feared of the elementals because of their poisonous punch.

    *insert picture of swirly green poison elemental here...use your imagination folks I can't get to the Hunter's Guide now /php-bin/shared/images/icons/sad.gif)

    Poisons give pretty good loot...on average 800-1000 gold, nightshade, scrolls, gems, magic items, and level 5 treasure maps.

    Poison eles live in a surprisingly vast number of areas. In Britannia, they can be found in Deciet level 2, Shame level 3, and on level 5 treasure maps. In Ilshenar they can be found in the Valor hero spawn area as well as around the Humility spawn and the Pass of Karnagh. I may be leaving some areas out, so if I am feel free to add them.

    For those hunting them, PEs can either be incredibly easy or incredibly difficult. They poison fairly frequently, so anyone meleeing them (whether with a warrior or as a tamer with a pet) had best have a way to cure their poison.
  2. maria 2k

    maria 2k Guest

    Hehe, my first experience with them was a humbling one. I had recently acquired a double axe of elemental ban which my warrior started to use in combination with her gm lumberjacking. The earth elementals of level one Shame were dropping like flies. Most went down in 3 hits and some even in 2. I developed more confidence with my new weapon and went whacking multiple air elementals and dull copper elementals as well. Once I decided they were too easy, I got a friend of mine to get a rune down to the blood elementals. It took some jousting and heal potions but I was able to take down a blood elemental.

    After a few days of breaking down blood elementals, a guildmate of mine decided to tag along with me to go fight some so we walked down from lvl one Shame toward the bloods. We came across a poison elemental when we got to lvl 3. I had totally forgotten that poison elementals existed during my crusade with this awesome axe otherwise I would've sought them out before attempting blood elementals. I had cure potions, gm anatomy and good healing so I didn't even hesitate when I saw the poison elemental and went right at it. Well, it didn't hesitate either and lethally poisoned me immediately. Now, I had full str (100 hitpoints) when it poisoned me and I took off on my horse and ran the few steps back to the teleporter to lvl 2 while attempting to drink a cure potion but the poison acted so unbelievably fast that I was dead before I could drink a cure potion! My friend lured it off and rezzed me so that I could get my stuff. I banked my prized axe and went off and sulked for awhile, displeased that poison elemental poison could act so fast that it could kill you in less time than it takes to drink a cure potion. Literally it had to be less than 3 seconds. My friend told me that the poison acts more quickly when you move so perhaps that's what the reason was for my very quick death.

    After that, I never again attempted to melee a poison elemental. I've never even let my pets tangle with them and everytime I see one of those I flee for my life unless I'm on my bard.
  3. I... hate....... poison.... anything...... unless it's tamable.....
  4. Fatal_Beauty

    Fatal_Beauty Guest

    Of all the things I fear, the P.E. is one of the things I fear the most.

    In my newbie days I loved to take my warrior to Deciet...liches didn't pack the punch they do now...so it was a good place to go for loot (if you could avoid the PK's that is) and fame.

    I'd been down on the 2nd lvl for some time, happily slaying the un-dead, when what do ya know...a P.E. popped up right next tome...Thank God for my almighty Hiding skill of 87..or I'd have been a goner. It targetted my hubby, and being the big hairy tough guy he is (he's my height, 5'9" and goes about 135 pounds) he took that mofo on! Needless to say, he was ooOOooOOOO'ing right quick!

    I've watched many a warrior fall to these green meanies....and I avoid 'em at all costs.
  5. Dudey

    Dudey Guest

    Never tried to melee PEs, but on my tamer I have fought a few.. Not too many, just some.. I dont think they are that hard, I mean, if you can cure the poison, a drag/ww/mare takes em on easily
  6. Crimson Bolt

    Crimson Bolt Guest

    I tried to Melee a PE with my warrior, but when I got too close and breathed in some of 'him' I passed out and woke up in my house with none of my stuff missing, then I looked in the mirror and saw that I had become a PE !!! I ran outside but a tough looking bunch of warriors started chasing me in hopes of looting me. I escaped, thankfully. While a PE the only thing going on in my mind was to move around the landscape and try to spread my beloved green gas to the plants in order to let them grow faster, see the Poison helps the plants grow faster, and that helps them create more oxygen for you guys, but we cant do our job if you keep killing us, so plz, plz, the next time you see one of us try to talk to us and we can have a good conversation. Just dont attack us with Dragons, they really hurt :(

    Ok that post made no sense, but maybe it was funny eh?
  7. Elyssar

    Elyssar Guest

    I'll have someone psychoanalyze you later...
  8. Crimson Bolt

    Crimson Bolt Guest

    Yes PLZ, the sooner the better, hehe
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Woot! You even used my description! Been waiting for this for a long time now. Early on in the game, I even had a dream about a PE (you can guess what the dream was, and basically it sucked) in my warrior days. That was after I meeled one in Shame level 3, with predicitable results. Even though PE make the same sound as Air's, I can remember my heart stopping whenever I'd get off the teleport on Level 3 and hearing that awful, windy sound. I don't have cause to run into them much these days, but they are my absolute worst hated critters out there. I haven't taken one yet...but someday...*gleam in his eye*
  10. aww....they.just.need.a.hug...
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    agreed :)

    a looters best friend they are

    but yah, my story. prob when my warrior was in deciet lvl 3 and sum fool had lured it up to the teleporter. anyway i went down with GM junk and managed to take it (half cause of my 15 ping, half cause i had a load of cures and 93 heal)

    but yah, they aint very scary to me *shrugs*
  12. WolfZbane

    WolfZbane Guest

    Alzo Zir Criemzon Bolt, when died joo ztart having dreamz abhout ze poizon elementalz?

    btw. as far as I know, "Swirling Green Cloud of love" was first used by Belan, might be wrong though...

    Seriously, I don't think there is a creature more lethal to a warrior than the poison elemental, or it should be the silver serpent.
    The poison elemental is the ultimate nightmare of most people, though they can be beaten: GM eval and GM magery, 2 people on horses and the o so effective (against any elemental) spell known as "Explosion"
    Biggest advantage: explosion slows the damn thing down, so use it often!

    Their spells are nasty, not as massive as those of its superior cousin; the blood elemental, but enough to kill if you're not fast enough with potions, in vas mani's or bandies.

    The poison elemental is a looter's best friend, as any spawn of them in a busy dungeon with even the tiniest amount of lag means certain death.
  13. DeadCal

    DeadCal Guest

    Kitty and TerminalCal have no real fear of them, unless they're in great numbers (they're part of the Arachnid spawn, along with Terathans and spiders) and I often use them to train mares...But melee is not something I'd fancy trying!
  14. Vasago

    Vasago Guest

    My first encounter with poison ellies was in a guild hunt back when I was fairly new to UO. I believe we were strolling through Deciet level 2, when a green swirly elemental spawned out of nowhere. The others ran, while I ofcourse charged with my unbeatable mace of ruin /php-bin/shared/images/icons/blush.gif. Ofcourse I was soon poisoned and running for my life. After finally outrunning the poison ellie, I ofcourse dropped to the floor from the poison in my vains. Since that I avoided poisons for quite some time /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif.

    It wasn't until Ilshenar popped up and I became fond of hunting in the Pass of Karnaugh with my mare, that I overwon my fear of the poison ellies...thank god for my trusty mare!!! -I'll never melee them again, that's for sure /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    How I loathe and fear the poison elemental...

    I had no idea what lethal poison was when I first encountered the PE in Shame Lvl 3. I was down there exploring for the first time with my warrior and a friend on her warrior char. This PE-thing kept targeting me, so I decided, I'll just kill it since he's being annoying. Bam - lethal poison, maybe 5 seconds, I'm dead. Somehow not grasping what has just happened, my friend tried to melee it and died too as I was frantically typing RUN RUN over the party messager. We had to run all the way back to lvl 1 for a res (why is the dungeon always empty when you need a res?) and we came back to the PE camping our corpses. After one more death each, we managed to loot my friend's body and just gave up on mine.

    Sine that incident, my warrior has gotten up 94 healing and I have discovered cure potions. Recently, I managed to kill a blood ele with a GM double axe by jousting it, so I have hopes that one day I will be able to have my revenge on the PE, but I've been scared to try.

    I'd like to take one on with my tamer and nightmare - my magery is 88ish and my vet is 75ish (GM lore) - can anyone tell me if this is high enough or I should wait some more.
  16. Loke of ls

    Loke of ls Guest

    The poison elemental, a foe to be reckoned with, oh yeah..
    My first encounter with him was me beating the crapload outta him with my vanq. heavy x-bow so i have no bad memory of him..
    I always hunt poison elies in shame lvl 3, they are nearly never camped, drop fast, and give nice loot..
    I once was hit by the Pe and got poisoned while on my archer, i was in party and announced "now im dead" Btw, i started the aid after i was poisoned... and i lived..
  17. Vascht

    Vascht Guest

    My blacksmith/macer and her mage husband used to go to Shame every day. After level 1 got boring (although it was still MOST profitable!), they finally ventured deeper and deeper, until suddenly a pretty, swirling green cloud approached them.

    Bravely, my smith stepped in front of her husband, taking the wrath of the cloud-beast upon herself, freeing her husband to cast spells as he pleased.

    The one agonizing breath she drew sent her reeling, screaming and choking, coughing, begging for help. Concerned, the mage cast a cure spell, then becan the words to a spell of healing, even as the cure spell fizzled out against the virulent poison in her blood.

    She died, and it took a great deal of help from friends to vanquish the poisonous cloud.

    Lesson learned?

    ARCHCURE is your friend!

    So any time you head down to where the poison elemental lives, remember to bring many, many greater cure potions and remember to tell your mage-friends that archcure - not cure - is the way to go.
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *btw. as far as I know, "Swirling Green Cloud of love" was first used by Belan, might be wrong though... *

    Figures - problem with great phrases is that all of them have been used before, evn if you think you're being orginial :p

    *goes off thinking he's still being orginial*
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Pandora screamed as she tore her axe through the vicious billowing green cloud. Her hands slowing as poisons surged through her body. With excruciating pain she shouted "HEAL ME!" and to her surprise came the healing hands of an unknown Illustrious warrior. Having been drained of the poisons, she quickly started dealing furious blows to the poisonous horror. She started spasming uncontrollably as the poisons once agian found their way back into her body, but her own bandages managed to drain the poisons. With the aid of the unknown warrior the ravenous green cloud soon met its death. It's ghastly form dissipated, forming a green puddle upon the floor. Pandora managed to collect the gold which was scattered among the remains of the elemental and soon after started ripping her axe through a multitude of liches--whose smell alone could stick to your skin for days.

    Not the best.. hehe.. but nifty..I think..
  20. Suby Indraha

    Suby Indraha Guest

    Poison eles can get anyone when their not looking /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif!
  21. I had great fear of them til I managed to kill one with a mage. Then I made a bard and stopped worrying about them. I recently started coming back into contact with them as I was trying to GM lockpicking, and some of the boxes spawn around the PE spawn in lower shame. I would peacemake, pick, peacemake, leave. The other night I recalled in to find a few ppl had come down to attempt meleeing it. I always love to see people doing what they aren't "supposed" to do, so I gave them a hand. After they'd killed it, we were all standing around congratulating each other. I hadn't noticed that the kraken was sniffing around next to me. He targeted me and I dropped in two hits, all within sight of the PE's corpse. Embarrassing.
  22. seas

    seas Guest

    hmm i think poison has some random parameters so lethal probably could kill you in 3 seconds. but mostly when i fight ophidian avengers or knights i'm able to cure and have at least half of my health left. although i do remember one time running through t2a and all of a sudden beeing bitten by a silver serpent(the damn thing is so fast his name didn't manage to show up!) and before i had ran 2 tiles i was dead. i think that's because he hit me twice with 25 hp hits so then i didn't have much health left for the poison to take.

    compared to silver serpents and ophidian avengers, which is toughest? i have yet to try them myself, i tried to go to the poison elly spawn in some dungeon but now it had acid ellys :(.
  23. WolfZbane

    WolfZbane Guest

    If you want to visit the poison ellie, just go to Deceit. When you see a row of ghosts or corpses that are still fresh, you know you're pretty close [bgrin]
  24. *compared to silver serpents and ophidian avengers, which is toughest? *

    Give me an Avenger any day - forgot all about Silver Serpents. When I played my fencer back in the early days, the Serp was my bane in the world. Avengers don't have the quickness in my book - only thing that would ever save me when going through the jungles of T2A and seeing a Serp is a Kal Ort Por.
  25. DeadCal

    DeadCal Guest

    I've fought the Arachnid spawn (Terathans and Poison eles) and the Cold Blood spawn (snakeys and Ophids) and they're all pretty lethal...I've lost white wyrms at those spawns before now.
  26. FenixDuran

    FenixDuran Guest

    I thought theyd be pretty easy for 2-3 axers now, have MR on from scrolls or something, have a few GH,GC,GS,GA pots, buff up, start an aid, use an axe get in some concusion blows so it cant cast as much, cross heal and have a UOA macro for disarm,drinkcure,arm.
  27. SirChris

    SirChris Guest

    I love that spot in shame with the poison ellie and the kraken ! I warp in to pick the chest and while im at it provoke a poison elemental or two onto the kraken (yes a kraken can kill two poison elementals hehe) leave with a few thousand gold and the occasional level 4/5 map or rope . I personally love poison ellies , you stop fearing them as much when you have barding (esp peacemaking) on your template. My other spot i like to provoke them in is deciet lich area , they kill off quite a few liches before they take a dirt nap. Too bad they dont spawn faster there though. I could swear they have a higher chance of giving level 5 maps then other monsters of that caliber . Quite possibly my favorite beasty in ultima online !
  28. Croccifixio

    Croccifixio Guest

    I've meleed a PE once. It was when i was hunting liches in deceit. There were four of us, we'd never met before, so we took turns as could expected. Suddenly A PE appered and two of the guys vanished. The last guy and I were still there, so as ****y as I were I deceided to attack the PE. Well it was more like it pinned me in a corner and poisoned me. So I thought what the heck and started slashing him with my silver axe of power. I relized that I didn't have a chance real quick, but then the other guy stepped up and started to heal me. We actually beat the PE, but at one point I only had 1HP left and was sure it would be over. This was before the patch came that kept the loot on the body of the PE so it vaporised. The the two other guys who had been hiding appeared again and grabbed the loot I only got some regs from that kill. Still it was one of my proudest moments in UO. Sadly I have forgotten the name of the character that helped and saved me, it was a while ago.
    I thought it was a great achivement me being a GM swordsman and tactics with 80 in lumberjacking.
    Since then I left the game and haven't played in over a year. But when LBR comes i will return.
  29. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I really cannot see why people are so afraid about those...

    All you have to do is bring some GC pots, and joust them.
    Hell, i remember i fought them naked ,with my vanq war hammer, and never went under 50% HP...
  30. Angry Tom

    Angry Tom Guest

    I agree, there is a lot more baddies out there to concern yourself with.

    I have to add PE is bards best friend on shame 3. 1 PE will grease about 20 earth and air eles which makes for good provo gains.
  31. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I killed it with my dexer jousting it naked as well. I was with 2 guildmates in deceit and it spawned....needless to say all 3 or us and 2 other guys bailed out to the next floor.

    Gave all my armor and equipment to a buddy and just took a hally, daids, and cure pots......

    Took longer than a mage would have, but it was the same end result...

  32. Assasin

    Assasin Guest

    Ah the poison elemental. My favourite of all the elementals and the bane of so many a brave warrior.
    Well this is a Looters best freind. Many a warrior has died under his touch carrying fine weapons such as silver vanquishing broadswords.
    Here is one sucj warrior!
    But this one seems to need his touch more than once before he learns that the love of the poison elemental comes at a high price.
    Strike two.
    Strike 3, hes out of there not to be seen again.
    And another one bites the dust.
    another one that doesnt learn first time!!
    Ah the magic words written in red, doesnt take long before they fall after reading that.
    Yes you guessed it Strike 3 and hes out as well.
    Hmmmm tough call this one the PE is just out of sight, was it his kill or a gankage by the lich, could go either way.

    Well as you can see the poison elemental is just misunderstood, he lives to love but sadly his love brings a heavy price with it, the kiss of death.

    It is a formidable foe for those foolish enough to those who dont give it the respect it deserves.
  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Was orgazmo the same guys saying Dumbass in the second picture ????

    If so...then was he foreshadowing ???

    LOL !!

  34. Assasin

    Assasin Guest

    He could well have been, those were taken a long time ago and my memory fails me on some of the details.

    But all who play with the poison elemental will fall at its feet sooner or later.
  35. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I am amazed, two pages of posts and no one has mentioned the ultimate anti PE weapon. Golems!!!
    To my tinker and his two creations (Abrams and Sherman) PE's are just green colored air eles with lots more loot :)
  36. Trooper1

    Trooper1 Guest

    Ah, I remember my first encounter. It was way back when ele's other than earthies didn't have corpses, and the loot would fall right onto the ground, free for the taking(and man, peeps sure ran when they saw the green one, but when it was about to die, everyone circled it in an attempt to grab the loot, man those were the days...)

    anyway, I was on a group hunt with several peeps, and while we were fighting near some earth and air ele's, I notice one moving very fast at me(wasn't paying attention when it spawned, and they look exactly like air ele's when they attack you, grey) but man, once I realized what it was, I Kal ort Por'ted out of there to the lvl 1 entrance, but not before it DP'd me. I watched as my health went from 35 to 21, then to 5 in less than 4 seconds. Fortunately, I managed to an nox the poison, but it still was quite scary(at the time).
  37. Socko

    Socko Guest

    In response to:
    I've watched many a warrior fall to these green meanies....and I avoid 'em at all costs.

    Their Easy, i killed one just last night with my med warrior, i only got dp'd 2 times, level five posioned once. They aren't as bad as everyone says they are,they just take a while to kill with a warrior.
  38. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *grin* Last night was something!

    Last Night Myself, And Ely's "Rienzi" and Socko's "Vaelfar" Went out In search of treasure chests:) We did a few Level 4's then Went for alittle more and Went for a Level 5. Well with My Myst and Her Dragon Ember and Rienzi and Her WW Leythois and Vaelfar with his Mighty Spear, Rienzi starts digging and My Did we get some nice monsters including the Lovable PE which Our pets got to before Vaelfar got the chance. But the fun came later when Within 3 to 5 Minutes we had A Blood which My Ember was working on, A PE which Took a Nice Likeing to Vaelfar and Another PE which Rienzi's Leythois was taking down.. Now the funny part was when Vaelfar was running back and forth with this PE hugging him and him wacking it:p Well Ember finished the Blood nicely and Leythois took out the PE so We were watching as Vaelfar was dancing with this Last PE. Well My Ember seems to have a very nervous side to her, It took ALOT of Spamming All follow me and Having to leave the area many times with Both Rienzi and Vaelfar laughing to no end *mind you Vaelfar was still killing the PE* Which in the end Kudos to him cause he did it and a nice job of it!:)

    I have never personally cared for PE's As Their Love I can do without:p I can say Being on Thunts pulling them with others doesn't fuss me, Alot of Bandies and Alot of Cures on pets but to take my Pets out alone to fight them or my Warrior I think I can live without:)
  39. Ihsans_Shade

    Ihsans_Shade Guest

    Nahh the best way I've found to meele em is to use that magical wizards hat I bought for like 15 gold way back on my first day in uo. Throw hat on and take it off, start bandie, rush head on into the PE ( or whatever it is your fighting that your worried bout poison) with bout 2-3 secs left on your bandie. Ya get poisoned BAM your cured before you realize your poisoned and if not you've healed whatever dmg you've taken. Rinse and Repeat. Timing takes a little practice but once ya got that down it's rather easy to do. Still i only recommend this if ya have rather high healing/anat cause it sucks to fail to cure lethal poison then having pathfinding kick in as ya walk back into the PE.
  40. Elganare

    Elganare Guest

    I have to that a poison elemental is a creature that demands respect from anyone meeting it. The usual scream you hear when a pe appears is 'RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN' or 'PE LETS GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE'

    But if there are mages around with somewhat good skills then its nothing to fear, 2 mages with 60-80 eval and 80-90 magery can take them on, just dance like its senior prom.. But when it comes to Poison elementals all people react as soon as they show up, i usually lure it away to the swampy area in deceit lvl3 so that it can do no harm to no one but i do not kill it. I have to much respect for it (it might sound corny but the pe is one of the best creatures made by osi)!!

    Pe's are the most interesting creature to fight right up there with the anceint wyrm and shadow wyrms.. Lich lords are also fun to fight if your not a 7xgm mage.. Can anyone say RUUUUUUUUN if a pe spawned at brit bank.. It would be a riot to see!!
  41. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Can anyone say RUUUUUUUUN if a pe spawned at brit bank.. It would be a riot to see!!


    Id just say "Guards" :)

    Poison eles are a joke for any eperienced player, really.They can be more difficult for warriors, but again, they cannot be compared to blood eles or even AWs (lol).

    I still believe the most "interesting" critter to fight is the bally.Ancient wyrms are really too slow to be dangerous, and shadow wyrms can be farmed with some provocation.
  42. Lemia

    Lemia Guest

    P.E. Haiku

    The smell of nightshade
    The swirling green cloud of gas
    Uh-Oh, I am dead
  43. Guest

    Guest Guest

    poison eles ARENT that hard
    i can kill them on all my chars bar my thief
    for a mage , easy
    for a tamer, mega easy
    for a bard, piss
    for a warrior, normalish
    leting it dump is a good tactic to avoid the unexpected poisoning then fs,
    can cure there poison with a greater cure or spell
    joust with ele ban
    blood eles?
    not a problem
    imo , poison eles are a lot more dangerous because of the poison, but blood eles are mean beyaches,
    know what i hate? meleing an acid ele
    bring a lot of weps
  44. fLiPsTrEaM

    fLiPsTrEaM Guest

    My first encounter was a short one .... saw the posion elemental with my PvM and booked ....

    came back with 2 other buddies and 3-way healed ... we dropped PE's at will along with the liches and other spawn =)
    i don't think i could handle a P.E. 1 on 1 ... unless i bring ALOT, no ... a keg of greater cures and heals.

    Jon of WRR, MAster tamer/bard/t-hunter
    Adonis of UC$, GMx5 PvP
  45. Palando

    Palando Guest

    I've only ever taken on 1 PE and that was with my tamer. My Nightmare killed it fairly easily although I had to constantly vet it. The Mare got poisoned about 6 times. The mare still had 50% health at the end.

    Having said that, even if I was stacked to the eyeballs with greater heals, greater cures and bandies, I would not have a go at a PE with my warrior. Its just too risky to be worthwhile. Walking up to a demon naked and kissing it on the nose is safer than going one on one with a PE.
  46. Mailvaltar

    Mailvaltar Guest

    I THINK it should be enough, but don´t bother trying to Vet the Poison, use the Cure Spell for that. And you´ll probably need more than one try, so as long as your Mare isn´t poisoned, Vet and Heal up to the Max. Except for the Poison the PE is rather pathetic, cure the Poison and that should be it.
    I personally like letting my Dragon clear out the large room in Deceit Lvl 3 (that one where tons of Liches and the occasional PE spawn and where the Stairs to Lvl 4 are). My (not yet too well trained) Dragon with a some Vetting takes out a PE and 3-4 Liches at the same time (!) without much struggle.
    For anyone who´s neither Tamer nor Bard (I LOVE being both at the same time *g*) and NO Warrior: Be VERY careful and bring some Greater Cures!
    For all Warriors: Forget about PEs, just whack something else, let´s say...hm...Mongbats ;-) just kidding!
  47. Anita

    Anita Guest


    Must say the poison is one of my favorite critters to hunt. Since so many people hate &amp; fear them, it is very rarely camped out. I run down to Shame w/my dragons or a dragon &amp; my mare. Lots of quick easy money with the two of them battering it around. Yeah, you have to cure your pets a lot, but at least it's a low level spell, not mana intensive. Biggest problem is the bugger locking on me instead of my pet. Yep, for money &amp; fame (especially since I've been working on that Sacrifice virtue) its one of the best!!
  48. Luna Love

    Luna Love Guest

    Just a thought - why don't cure spells hurt a poison elemental? Cure spells purge and destroy poison, right? Poison elementals are MADE of poison, right? Eh? Yes? An nox an nox an nox an nox = dead posion elly! At least that's the way physics SAYS it should be. And on that note, why doesn't the poison elemental cast In Nox on itself to HEAL itself??? I think I'm on to something here...
  49. Pes Suxxorz My Lunch Boxxor keke