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Creature Feature #27: The Abyss Spawn

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Elyssar, Jul 25, 2002.

  1. Elyssar

    Elyssar Guest

    The next few creature features will be based upon the hero spawns, so that people will know what to expect at which spawns and will better know what character they might like to take to a spawn. (And since stratics has somehow sped up I may be able to do these more regularly again!)

    The abyss spawn will occur in Fire dungeon level 1 (past the graveyard) in Felucca, various regions of feluccan lost lands, and at random at either Humility or Valor in Ilshenar. Power scrolls are only available in Felucca, though the hero titles are available at any location.

    Hero spawns have many levels of spawns. The first level of spawn for abyss can sometimes be the toughest...

    Level One: Imps and Mongbats

    The mongbats may look cute. But they cease to be cute when they box you in and their imp compatriots all decide to ebolt you at the same time, then add in a little poison. Imps in a group are definite pet killers. If in fel, carry refreshes and get under your pet and vet!

    Level Two: harpies and gargoyles

    as long as you're not caught by insta-casting gargoyles, this level is a BREEZE compared to the previous one. These two levels of spawn also seem to be great anatomy training for pets, and can improve resist as well!

    Level Three: Stone Gargoyles and Various Burning Gargoyles

    This level can make you go mental fast. The fiery gargoyles radiate an aura that will have them chasing you like a dog chases a frisbee. They switch targets easily like daemonkin. Stone gargoyles are the easier part of this level. They hit hard, but aren't as psychotic as their fiery counterparts. Stay clear of the fiery gargoyles if possible.

    Level Four: Succubi and daemons

    In LBR, succubi can be very difficult to target, which makes them a little more fatal than fiery gargoyles. Succubi are big fans of switching targets, sometimes for no reason at all. These girls will hit hard and pull out all the stops to give you a dirtnap. Coupled with their target-switching daemon friends, this level can really try your nerves. If you have peacemaking, target peace the succubi and/or daemons and set a pet on them or blast away with magery. If you have over 90 provo, you should fair decently at provoking them. But one thing is certain, one wrong move at this level and you'll see a deaths creen.

    Level Five: Semidar

    Semidar is fast. VERY fast. So fast, in fact, that she was missing for a good 20 minutes on Baja and had ran nearly from tortoise lagoon to hopper's bog before being held at bay. Her speed means if you lag and she's on your tail, you're dead. if you're on dialup and she's after you, you may be dead. if you're male and you cast on her, she will INSTA-KILL you. Males should polymorph to female before casting on her.

    Semidar tears up pets. If you have a group of tamers, you may be able to call your pet out and vet/throw gheals on it and be able to put it back in the fight. Semidar has a similar area-effect attack like the succubi and will target switch easily. Most importantly, if Semidar or any champion kills you in felucca, your 20 minutes is waived and you can run right back in and keep attacking. So if she does give you a dirt nap, get back as quickly as you can!

    Now others who have experienced the abyss spawn can post their own tactics for fighting it and anything else I may have missed.
  2. Erlend

    Erlend Guest

    Wow, some really nice points here, Elyssar. I didn't know that casting on Semidar as a female would work (being well and truly aware of the egregious punishment she extracts from the hides of us males who deign to sizzle her with our magic), nor did I know that being killed by a champion (I got you back today, Memphitis!) didn't incur a 20 minute penalty - I might have been back in the fray much sooner had I known.

    Not much to add, except that I've had a very poor experience using pets to fight Semidar, but this was in Ilshenar and by myself - it's not quite the same game in Felucca where the number of players mana dumping and otherwise unleashing death is staggering. Still, it's possible that keeping a slot open (bring your wyrm but ride your ostard?) for casting EVs will work better than using a pet once you've managed to spawn the succubi queen. Mmmmh, I'll have to try this out now. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  3. Servo101

    Servo101 Guest

    Me and a couple of friends and recruits (total of 19 players all in all) were able to summon Semidar on the 4th (or was it the 3rd day of the Publish in Pacific?) in Fire Dungeon Fel. We entered through the Serpent's Hold entrance and battled our way through the area. I brought along a dragon (Plague) and was happily killing mongbats, imps and gargoyles when all of a sudden, a demon spawns beside me. Needless to say, I died (I have 0 resist, and the damn thing kept casting poison while whacking me). When I was able to come back in, after waiting for 20 mins in front of the entrance, my other friends had already summoned Semidar. A lot of people had also come to join the fracas (seems word goes around fast, damn ICQ!).

    The nasty thing about Semidar is her ability to heal. Around 3 WWs and 2 Dragons were munching her, not to mention the numerous EVs and BSs cast her way. If her lifebarnt below half, she seemed to cast a heal cos it went back up again. It took us nearly 10 mins to kill her. Plus she killed a lot of my mates cos she re-targets a LOT!
  4. i havent had the opportunity to play with the abyss spawn since the changes came through, and from your descriptions things certainly seem alot different. Light currently sports the Conqueror of the Abyss title (doesnt seem to be decaying, or theyve made it decay a heck of alot slower) and the last time i encountered Semidar 2 dragons disposed of her with little effort.
  5. Molicious

    Molicious Guest

    Well this really applies to all Champs


    carry tele rings, GH/GC/TR/GA pots. Bascially all your pvp toys and goodies. I mean the 1st time I went to fight the destard champ I went through 100 charges worth of invis items, but I lived through it(even though I didnt' get a scroll lol). But a quick GH pot and a tele(from a ring) saved my ass numerous times in the abyss spawn.
  6. Xel The Wanderer

    Xel The Wanderer Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    It's great seeing EVERYONE being able to participate in the Abyss spawn. For those people who scoffed at this spawn AND the title(s) it provided Pre-Publish 16... I would ask those same people what their opinion is of the Abyss spawn now that they've experienced it... They NOW have a newfound respect for it, especially Semidar. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! *laughs hysterically*

    It's great being able to see Semidar again. Elyssar wasn't kidding when she said Semidar is FAST. I think it's her aerodynamic bodice that gives her that type of speed. Or perhaps the overdeveloped cylindrical bra/brazier that she wears. Yeees, yeeeeees...

    Anyway, we got her to spawn on Baja, and we were actually able to trap her against a wall with blade spirits, energy vortexes, and a ding flatulent. I was able to score a +10 Provocation scroll, gold, points for my Conqueror title, and from the other "lesser baddies" a +5 Animal Lore scroll. NOT BAD!

    I agree with the fellow who included the tactic of using invis/teleport items AND having a macro for them. VERY great strategy.

    What else? For you male characters out there, If you DO cast polymorph, and you're on a non-ethereal mount, make sure OTHER baddies aren't around to either distract, attack, or perhaps kill your mount. Remember, you will automatically be dismounted from your mount when casting this spell... So for those of you who sport the good ol' fashioned mounts, please be careful because it's a potential for losing your rideable llama, or swamp dragon, or whatever. Then again, they could be bonded to you, and you wouldn't have to worry TOO much. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    In my opinion, this is by far the most kinetic action (AND FUN) out of all the Champion spawn. Always has, always will be. For those of you who haven't tried it, PLEASE DO! It's a damn good time, and who knows??? Perhaps you'll see a monolithic succubi with anatomical parts the size of a jumbo jet! Now THAT'S entertainment!

    Your Humble Servant,

    Xel The Wanderer
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    ok this will sound dumb...

    how do you make a macro for drinking pots/using magic items???

    i've made plenty of macros but was never able to figure these out. i know, i'm a loser.

    just help me!

    *suffering in self pitty*
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    A bit OT... but Ok ;-)

    You cant make a macro for drinking pots using the ingame keys, however, UOAssist has a 'drink x potion' options within its user defineable keys. If you dont have UOA then youre stuck using the old fashioned method of just downing the potion manually.
  9. Mishkin

    Mishkin Guest

    This spawn is EVIL. After those imps kicked me back to the healers I´m fed up with it. Let others get those scrolls - I´ll hunt rats and spiders.
  10. i went and checked out the new improved abyss spawn
    and my dragon and i met with death by imps.
    i tell you, 40-something imps have some serious pack instinct happening.
  11. Ive only tried the Cold Blooded spawn as of yet but but i will definately be trying this one.

    I know one rule that is good to follow if you can. Bring friends to the spawn. Makes things easier since you can count on cross healing and if/when those annyoing reds come in, its easier to survive them.
  12. zarathoestra

    zarathoestra Guest

    excellent as always, However we have just been to fire lvl1 past the cemetery with a pair of out warriors that havnt been out for a looooong time, anyway we had a look about and found a mad amount of mongbats and imps side by side xhealing surrounded by 10 to 15 of them wasnt to much of a problem as the other warrior had a fair bit of provoke, It was a lot of fun in the tunnels but the question is

    we had a look around and couldnt see a dias anywhere is it only there if the spawn is in full flow, if this was the case fun or not we was wasting our time as we was looking for our first scrolls.

    and how do you find out where the spawn is? thanks in anticipation and just to stop you worrying i ran out of bandies and ended up on a fast ride to brit where my mate landed 15 secs after me after being pk'd a good laugh all in all /php-bin/shared/images/icons/laugh.gif

    OK sorry i was being Lazy and I have found all the relevant info an locations on stratics but is it just a matter of jumping about to find the spawn?
  13. the altar is up to the north west in this particular location. and id recommend you take a party of at least 10 people, otherwise youll never subdue the spawn enough to make it get to the next level. i went with a group of 5 and we couldnt seem to kill enough creatures in the required time.
    as for the spawn, you just have to race around the corridoors searching for it.
  14. Felis

    Felis Guest

    quoth monty python: dat's no ordenarie rrrabbit!

    but seriously, the imps and mongbats in this spawn are on some serious drugs. three, sometimes even FOUR shots from a dragon to take out one mongbat! this is (was, damn you imps, damn you!) a dragon with GM every melee skill. then he, and I (damn you again!) got jumped by about half the spawn when someone dragged them my way and invised while being halfway up my nostril. I never thought I'd see the day where my dragon goes all ghost-like on me from a pack of mongbats.
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Semidar...as a Male I went...and was extremely lucky, I got loose at least 20 ebolts on her without taking more than half my hp in damage back and healing up just after...when she started getting near the end I just used fireballs, got a +10 anatomy, this is the first scroll I had gotten, Semidar being the 7th champ that I had fought...only gotten 3 others since, a +10 magery from Rikktor, +5 fencing and vet from wraiths in deceit...Semidar wasn't so hard that one time but since then I have gone back and done her repeatedly...usually I get targeted by tons of succubi, or UO3D decides to lock up at a horribly innapropriate moment...I'd use 2D since it doesn't have this problem but for some reason I don't run as fast on that /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
  16. Species

    Species Guest

    This might sound like a stupid question, but here goes...
    The +5 scrolls that come from the lesser baddies - do they automatically appear in your backpack, or do you have to loot them off the monsters corpse?
    So far I've only been lucky enough to get one scroll and that was a +10 off the champ, which automatically appeared in my pack.

    Thanks in advance for clearing this one up for me /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    PS: That's an awsome essay about the Spawn! That Semidar sure does pack a punch!
  17. It appears in your pack. But you have to loot the skull of the body.
  18. La Onda

    La Onda Guest

    So you don't have to rush into the corps to get a scroll? We all got a change to get a scroll right if we do enough damage that is? That would be cool.
  19. Yes. And I dont even think you have to do damage to the champ. Just do enough during the spawn.
  20. Species

    Species Guest

    Thanks a lot /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  21. ~Jinx~

    ~Jinx~ Guest

    No you do have to do dmg to the champion to get a +10\15\20 power scroll...atleast, that's what I understood..
    I have 101 Music and 94 Provoke. It is NOT easy to provoke succubi. I failed most of the time, infact..