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Crime Watch

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Gladius, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Gladius

    Gladius Guest

    Due to recent and very alarming events, we would like to ask EA or whoever is in charge as to why the crime rate has risen all over the realm? Most appalling are your deaf ears as one of our citizens has lost 20,000 usd worth of rares to such unscroupulous persons.

    We have dupers,scripters,hackers,scammers and all other such undesirable characters running around doing complete plunder in game.

    What are you people doing about it? Is your continued silence an interpretation of your concurrence to such means and ways in game?

    We do hope this reminder will meet your preferential attention as many of the citizens are beginning to move into safe hamlets.

  2. Beer_Cayse

    Beer_Cayse Guest

    Oh, I am going to sound soooo uncaring, but I'm not really. But this has to be said ...

    For the life of me, I can't see sitting down to put a RL value on **pixels**! Honest. The dadgum things go away when you power off your system - stored on another system.

    While it pains me that people can get bilked of their hard-earned goods, or lose them to various happenings not always in their control, they still are - after all - little tiny electronic dots on a monitor. And guess what? Read your ToS for UO: the pixels, client and nearly EVERYTHING your character is - all belongs to EA. Including the cash you've paid to play.

    Honest ...
  3. Gladius

    Gladius Guest

    Maybe so but you do play it anyways do you in your own uncaring ways of course :D

  4. hawkeye_pike

    hawkeye_pike Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    May 15, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Gladius, as much as I share your despise about such criminals, there's nothing EA can do about it. If people neglect their internet security, install trojans on their computers or answer fake phishing e-mails, this cannot be solved technically by the game provider.
  5. Mitzlplik_SP

    Mitzlplik_SP Guest

    You hit the nail on the head Hawkeye.

    Once in a great while there are instances where it wasn`t the owners fault,but I`d bet that %95-%98 of the time......it is.

    If peaple treated their game accounts like they treat their bank accounts and CC acc`s you would hear far less complaints of being "hacked" .
  6. Gladius

    Gladius Guest


    Point well taken but what about the dupers and scripters,speed hackers? Does EA still burn Luna houses?

    How sure can we be that our accounts are that secured from hackers? After the recent fiasco with Hemisphere? Even if we do due diligence on our internet security one just can never tell.

    If I am not mistaken someone stole the items right from his house. I got no answers for how that came to pass but if it happened now it can happen again.

    You know the saying a big percentage of bank robberies are "inside jobs" :D

  7. Hemisphere

    Hemisphere Always Present
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 21, 2002
    Likes Received:
    You are mistaken. I was stupid enough to temporarily link my account to a publicly known (if only among my handful of UO related MSN contacts) e-mail, which was then compromised and used to recover my passwords.

    Nothing inexplicable, no fiasco. Just be careful!
  8. Gladius

    Gladius Guest

    I submit to the correction. Oh I meant to ask if you would indulge to answer. The 20,000 USD mentioned you lost is based on actual acquisition costs on your part? Or assumptions as well?

    We presume there are priceless entities in the lot quite a fortune indeed. We do hope you somehow get them back.