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[Anatomy] Crit chance and anotomy?

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Saris, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Saris

    Saris Guest

    Ok so I remember a long time ago, at leaast as far back when we got the proc weapon specials, that anatomy increased your crit chance.

    I looked all over and could not find info on this. Well I soul stoned my anatomy have performed some testing and indeed I crit much less now.
    I also had my RL freind test this on his dexer and he acheived the same result.

    It seems to me at 100 or 120 anatomy is between 10-15% crit increase.

    I used over 200 encounters with 115 anatomy and 200 encounters without.

    I know about the damage bonus from anatomy and I am not refering to this.

    So am I smoking shiva or is there something to this?
  2. Yes, you're smoking whatever shiva is, and not sharing might I add. :thumbsup:

    The only Crit Chance in UO is from Bushido, and is part of Lightning Strike. You have a 20% Crit Chance with 120 Bushido.
  3. Saris

    Saris Guest

    OK, still I will do some more tests just in case it. It would not be the first time I ran into a rule in game that the whole world forgot.

    If anyone cares to take the Saris challenge, Ive had 3 ppl test it now, and we all came to same conclusion.

    Then again I have 3 roommates that play UO so they could be biased based on that fact.


    thanks though, you are probably right
  4. I know I'm right. There is no critical strike in anything other than Bushido.

    And I see you're still not willing to share your shiva. See if I help you anymore. :D
  5. Saris

    Saris Guest

  6. I'd be very hesitant in believing that. I've had "high anatomy" and there weren't any crits. Only LS deals them. If anatomy really did, everyone would have "high anatomy".
  7. Saris

    Saris Guest

    hehe well its just that we had crit even as far back as beta.

    something had to control it, as I remeber it was anatomy but, if you dont believe me drop it on a soulstone and notice your base damage doe go down some but even worse you loose some crits.

    Not saying your wrong, just want to get to the truth, if its true its kinda a big deal :p

    hmm I remeber talking back when the publish that gave may axe a chance to performe a proc based off something plus anatomy(old conc. blow). It was like a five on friday but before 5 on friday I think.

    Someone had asked if anatomy would still be used for crit chance after the patch, and the reply as I recall was yes.

    ARRRGG it was so long ago its hard to remeber, anyway it seems to make about a 20% diff to me lol
  8. Cloak&Dagger

    Cloak&Dagger Guest

    To clarify, the type of weapon you used before aos granted different abilities, one of which was "critical hit" better known as armor ignore after aos.

    Anatomy always plays a role in the amount of damage you do, and it does not add it guaranteedly(I know, not a word but I can't think of anything better), it adds it on a calculation. While my following explanation will not be "correct" I am simply going to use it as a basis and not as a definition on how anatomy works, so the example would be basically if you have 100 anatomy it will add damage 60% of the time if you have 120 it will add damage 70% of the time. I would not consider this as a "critical hit" but rather just your normal damage range, such as 36-45 you will hit 36 when you dont get anat and you will hit 45 when you do.
  9. Saris

    Saris Guest

    That was my understanding as well till I compared crits with and without, once again it could just be the rng playing tricks on me, or it could be something else.

    Also on the old wep procs, yes the type was based off the wep, there were one for each type, and something incresed the chance to for the proc to occour. It had a base chance but was mdified up to I think 20%. ect 10% base 20% max.

    Anyway, in UO I have learned to take the rules with a grain of salt, many folks worked on it over the years and well...

    I will test it some more