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[Healing] critical look at healing

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by [JD], Mar 22, 2010.

  1. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    ok so im still running an unoptomized sampire because im still learning (ive learned a lot but im no connor) and thus haven't decided the direction i'd like to go.

    i'm sitting here taking a critical look at healing. i know we love our bandies. and if we have anatomy gosh darn it sure makes sense to have healing too!

    but potion use takes no skill points whatsoever and can be boosted more effective by use of enhance potion.

    you will take some (~20) dmg from garlic in the greater heal but overall you should be healed more than you lose, especially if you have EP.

    yet if i dropped healing i could add something else like resist which would prevent damage to begin with.

    or i could add spirit speak for stronger leeches. again mitigating the need for healing to begin with.

    healing is reactive, resist and SS would be proactively preventing damage.

    if you aren't using the healing skill, it's sitting there unused. whereas resist is at all time protecting you and SS is there as a backup heal, providing you access to necro spells and actively being helpful.

    and you still have close wounds and confidence available also.

    healing is CONVENIENT, but does a sampire NEED healing with all the options we have at our disposal?

    could anyone provide the #s on how much is healed with 100 anat/healing vs. greater heal pot with ep, adjusted for the garlic dmg?

    I envision a VERY flexible sampire template to the following:

    120 weap
    100 tac
    120 bush
    99 necro
    100 spirit
    100 resist
    61 chivalry

    is 61 chiv enough? if not i can swap on midnight bracers, raise tac and chiv by 10 each. just lose those imbuable slots..

    You can swap spirit or resist out for anat at any time to increase damage. According to the weap calc, anat will add 6-7 DPS to the weapons I wish to use. I wonder if that’s even necessary!

    It can be played as a Sampire, or a “Whammy” - i noticed how several of you prefer to play as whammy now.

    Spirit speak adds the option of mana-less heals from corpses as well as access to all sorts of necro spells like Evil Omen, which would be great to cast before any uber damaging move, sicking Revenants on stealthers, strangle, poison spike finishers for PVP...

    Resist protects you from spawn casters, PVP, and in Doom or deceit.

    And it doesn’t use a bunch of +skill crap on the jewels, allowing you to put the yummy good stuff like 5 SSI, ep, HCI, DCI, etc on them…

    I see so few downsides to this template which doesn’t use healing…

    I give up 4 second bandages, but potions are insta, and I still can have close wounds
    I won’t be able to res with bandages, I suppose I could quickly swap on +Chiv rings and use that paladin res..
    Never needed cure anyway because sampire auto cures, or you can leech through poison damage.
    Pots are more expensive than bandies but not by much.
    Might still be able to use different levels of pots at the same time (untested)

  2. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    Apparently you're not much of an alchemist, Healing potions use Ginseng, Cure pots use garlic ;)

    Envision? Im already running this temp, with Resist as a free skill (testing archery/swords currently)

    Also, you're forgetting corpse skin, which boosts damage by quite a bit.

    SS isn't too practical in the middle of a fight, liable to get interrupted (one of the only ways to heal while waiting for poison immunity to work)

    61 chiv is low, you could take 10 from Spirit Speak or resist.

    Spellweaving makes for a fun combo on that template. Check the healing output on GoR :)
  3. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    I think in this thready or another post by you, you wondered if you could use greater heal pots and then switch to lower level to avoid the timer. You can't. Just tested.
  4. You give up Parry, so take more damage, lose Counter & Evade, to get Healing, so you can heal the extra damage you're taking, at a slower speed than just leeching.

    I don't know why you would need Healing or pots on a sampire, unless you intend to PvP on it as well, but then you're a sitting duck for Ward Removal/Purge, and without the Parry, dexxers/Archers too.
  5. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    Potions can be good in PvM for when whatever you're fighting gets in some lucky shots and you get some unlucky misses. Wouldn't keep you alive if you're completely outclassed, but definitely of some use.
  6. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    Miner, Thanks for the info on pots. Thought it would be like greater heal and do 20 dmg. That is actually good news! Do you run LRC on your template, given that you are a hybrid caster/melee?

    Lord God, I will be putting this toon in my faction guild so I can wear faction arties. I will probably PVP occasionally. The pot would be for burst/emergency heals. So are you saying you don’t like this build and you would prefer Parry for evasion? I would think that Curse Weapon would outheal any damage done, doesn’t Parry only block an additional 12% or so hits?

    Lastly Would you guys rather:

    1) Put 15 DCI on one ring and wear Fey Legs, Conj Garb, and Quiver to reach 45 DCI?

    2) Put 30 DCI across both jewels, omit Fey Legs, and wear Conj Garb and Quiver to reach 40 DCI however you have all those slots on your legs now?

    3) Put 15 DCI on a jewel, use AOF for 15, and wear Garb and Quiver to total 40 DCI and have 40 LRC (but horrid resists)

  7. I'm saying sampires are pretty ineffective in PvP. Pots and confidence aren't going to keep you alive very long.

    Curse Weapon heals 50% of the damage you do, as in PvP you might do an average of 30 with the actual hit of your weapon, thats 15 HP, when other people are hitting you for 30+ do you think thats going to be enough? Plus take into account missing. With Moving Shot an Archer could simply stay away from you and kill you, Confidence is interupted.

    I wouldn't PvP on a sampire. If I wanted a dexxer for Fel I'd build a PvPer thats good enough to kill the spawn/champs. For any PvP build I'd have 70 DCI.
  8. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    I may have mislead you into thinking this was going to be a PVP toon. It is going to be a Peerless and Champ toon which may go to Fel, champ spawns are in Fel right? :) So unfortunately the PVP themed answers you gave do not help answer my questions...
  9. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    I actually don't wear LRC since I'm a hybrid. Nowhere near enough item properties to fit everything I want, let alone with LRC taking up space. :)

    Oh and for PvP... you're going to want an amalgamation of as many forms of healing as you can think of.

    Gift of Renewal (JoaT) - heals 11 per 2 seconds for 90 seconds
    Potions - 10 second cooldown is annoying, but they help
    Confidence - great since you can cast while running
    Spirit Speak - tends to be a last resort option
    Chiv Heals - if you have the FC/FCR
    Curse Weapon - good additional damage, but you wont do enough damage to make this primary healing.
    and... JoaT bandages! - haven't actually tried this. Probably wouldn't work too well.
  10. The PvP themed answers I've given are because you said you're using it in Fel.