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Crossbows And Catapults

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Lore Master, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. Lore Master

    Lore Master Guest

    I was thinking of an idea that i would like to see come out some time after SA and the Pirate expansion come to be. my idea goes something like this. suppose if you may that in both Tram and Fel a new area is discovered that leads to two new cities very close to each other. each city is very well guarded with one huge wall completely surrounding each city.
    • The one in Fel can have Fel rules the one in Tram will have Tram rules. to enter the area you must do a tough but not impossible quest even for a Newbe that consist of solving puzzles and fighting certain spawn among other things once you finish the quest you may enter the area leading to the two cities as often as you wish as long as the cities are not at war with each other at the time.
    • When the cities are at peace you may explore them as much as you like. when the cities go to war everyone who is in the area at the time will be prompted to stay and go to war or leave if they choose not to go to war they will be immediately booted out of the area and cant enter again until the war is over if there dead at this time or have a dead corpse somewhere there corpse is booted out too so they can get there stuff back and no one else can enter until the war is over. the one in Fel can be but doesn't have to be different then the one in Tram.
    • The one in Fel might consist of only players maybe even blues vs reds or what ever. the one in tram might consist of one city with players the other city being with very strong powerful and smart monsters and spawn. each city will have walls within walls and have a very protected castle among other things in each city. each opposing force will have Giant crossbows, Catapults, Battering Rams And perhaps even huge ladders to scale the walls of the opposing cities and castles of cause that would be very dangerous and risky. these cities would go to war every 2 to 3 hours the war itself could take up to an hour to win depending.
    • When the war is won every player on the winning side gets a special reward of some kind perhaps one lucky random player who survived or who died gets something of great value. the players on the losing side get a small but nice consolation prize. as for scaling the walls with these ladders many will die trying only a few will make it that way. so using a giant catapult and giant cross bow would be a much safer way by breaking the protective walls and killing many foes in the process. as for the battering rams they will be used to break the castle draw bridge and powerful city doors down without doing that it would be next to impossible to enter without being killed of course that is risky too just not as risky.
    • As for what happens when the war is won the cities reset and looks just like they did before the war began. when the war is going on almost everything in the city can be destroyed by the giant cross bows, catapults and the battering rams. many players if they want can be defenders within the walls of the city defending them anyway they choose of cause they can be offenders too if they like. there can be several ways to do this perhaps one way would be to win the war your army needs to kill every single opposing force meaning when players are killed they and there corpse gets booted to a waiting area so they can loot there corpse and they have to wait until the war is over to claim there prize or consolation prize depending if there side won or lost the war.
    • Another way to do this would be like capture the flag meaning if you die you can get resurrected and continue the war one brave player can get in the castle grab the flag and deliver the opposing flag to a certain spot in his or her castle of course that would only win the war if his or her armies flag is safe in his or her castle spot too. getting the flag back is tough but not impossible if taken from your side. those are just two ways i can think of for now i know there are other ways this can be done too maybe you can add some if you like. As for determing sides if it be player vs player in Fel perhaps players can choose sides, perhaps blues and reds automatically go against each other perhaps each side must be evenly divided like for instance 50 players on one side and 50 players on the other side. doesn't have to be 50 maybe 100 on each side or what ever.
    • If theres 201 players in the area at the time and they all want to participate maybe one side gets 100 players the other side gets 101 player that way at most it would only be a one player difference between sides. i don't know what would be better choosing your side or automatically being assigned sides as long as it as evenly split as possible its a fair fight.
    As for if its players vs spawn and monsters perhaps the more players the more spawn and monsters or the more difficult the spawn and monsters will be. i hope you like my idea if you do but feel you would do it differently feel free to post how you would do it differently thanks.