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Cupid Event Locations

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Sara Of Baja, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. Sara Of Baja

    Sara Of Baja Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
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    from UO - Origin Events
    official website of EM Faine Morgan & EM Molly O'Malley

    Cupid Event Locations

    The following are the clues and locations used for the Cupid Valentines Event. Molly and I realize that some of these places have official names other than what we used. However, in cases where we could not find an official name (or just flat didn’t know what it was called *grins*), we tried to make the clues descriptive enough that players could find them.

    When you truly love someone, you are willing to give up all that you are and all that you have for them. – Sacrifice Shrine

    True love never lies. – Second Level Deceit Dungeon

    Lie back, put your arm around your love and try to count the starts in the heavens. – Moonglow Telescope

    Pledge your love to each other for all time surrounded by the gentle sounds of water lapping at the shores and spilling over a cascade – Justice Shrine Waterfalls and Gazebo

    Step inside the ring and show your true love your courage against all would be suitors. - PvP Arena House

    Tis said the gypsys can see the future. What does your future hold? Will you find true love for all time? – Gypsy Camp outside Minoc

    Hold your true love tight while Yew protect them from things that go bump in the night. – Yew Cemetary

    A cozy little hideaway with candle light and magic. – Hidden Valley Mage House

    *sigh* Who invited THEM to the picnic? – Deep in the Ant Tunnel

    You should always keep your head when dealing with matters of the heart so maybe two heads are better than one? – Despise entrance

    I have learned not to worry about love but to Honor it’s coming with all my heart. – Honor Shrine

    This place is fit for you a queen! - NuJelom Palace

    Cherry blossoms and waterfalls provide the perfect back drop for your special day. – Justice Shrine Waterfalls and Gazebo

    Serenity can be found listening to the gurgling water as it spills over the rocks. Just remember, however, that’s NOT a Teddy Bear. - Trinny Waterfalls outside Grobu/Lurg Cave

    In case your date acts like an animal, drop him off here. - Moonglow Zoo

    Really honey, the green water fall is very romantic, I swear! - Blighted Grove

    If the romance doesn’t work out, you could always plead your case here. - Court of Justice

    If you can puzzle your way past the monsters, a cute bed and breakfast awaits you. – Building in the Center of the Hedge Maze

    Walk a deadly path to find your way to light your flame of love. - Sudiva at the bottom of Covetous

    *sobs* Honey, I accidentally flushed my engagement ring. Please find it! - Brit Sewers

    Ter Mur
    Walk across the swinging bridge and gaze at the waterfalls. A picnic might be romantic but the ants might be the least of your problems. – Waterfalls/Bridge at Raptor Area

    You might be dizzy when you get there but the view from the top is incredibly romantic - Building at Spiral River Area

    A nice dinner for two on the beach with a bird roasting over an open fire and two jugs of cider just screams romance doesn’t it? - Fire Spit with Bird on Beach

    What little girl doesn’t dream of a romantic night in a castle? - Queen’s Palace Guest Room

    Bubbles in her glass, sparkles in her eyes, flowers all around will definitely show her your love. – Fountain outside Palace

    While all the world outside is dark and dreary, spring, and life, bloom eternal in this special hideaway. - Silver Sapling Area in Abyss

    What could be more romantic that getting stuck at the top of a ferris wheel and taking time to gaze at the stars? – Luna Fair Grounds

    unicorns, kirins, oh my! - Statue Point

    Tinkerbelle! - Fairy Tree

    With the subdued lighting, maybe she won’t notice how small that diamond really is… – Umbra Jeweler Shop

    A wonderful choice for dinner and a show, as long as you don’t mind the blood and chains of course. - Necromancer Arena

    Would you walk thru the fires for the chance to experience true love? - Mt. Sho

    Snuggle up and try to stay warm! – Entrance to Lady of the Snow

    A tropical island getaway, just big enough for two - Small Island just off coast near Ladies of the Snow

    Gaze upon the peaceful pink blossoms and contemplate the zen gardens. Should the wildlife prove menacing, you may make use of the ankhs in this place. - Shrine and cherry blossoms, Zen rock garden near Tsuki Wolves

    Just outside the hustle and bustle of the city streets, let the water take your mind away to thoughts of your true love. - Pretty garden and falls near Zento

    You wont have to “crane” you neck to gaze into this water. - Small Seating spot outside Zento

    You might think you are seeing doubles in this mountain - Double lake in mountain

    Behind these red curtains, you will find a soft comfy place to relax. - Pillows on rug behind curtains near Zento

    Wells Fargo - Waterfall by bank

    What can the gargoyles teach us about the principles of love? - Gargoyle Shrine of Principles (Near Savages)

    Soothing Harp music leads you to reflect on those who have gone before us. - Gwenno’s Memorial

    Let the music soothe your soul as you wander among the gardens and the touch of a wing brushes your cheek. - Music Stand in Serpentine Dragon/Pixie Area outside Mistas

    Walk up through the Chaos and down the steps to bathe in the fire and be reborn. - Volcanic Basin steps above Chaos Shrine

    While they appear as angels, they can turn fierce if provoked or when one is not truly worthy. - Ethereal Warrior Fortress

    A spot where even Meer mortals can toss a coin and wish for a bright future. – Lakeshire wishing well

    Justice that love gives is a surrender, justice that law gives is a punishment. – Justice Moongate

    Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive. – Compassion Moongate garden

    Not necessarily a feather bed but it may do wonders for a bad back. - Gargoyle city Inn (beds of stone)

    To truly give and receive love, you must humble yourself - Humilty Champ Spawn Altar