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Discussion in 'UHall' started by GL_Seller, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. GL_Seller

    GL_Seller Guest

    Last night I was talking to a guildmate of mine and he was telling me that he was trying to get cpl of guys who use to play long time ago to come back. Without any thinking my immediate response was why...

    I told him with the amount of blatant cheating why would you ever want to bring new people into that kind of environment. If these people came back they would join our guild which is mostly in fell. Which quite frankly is becoming worse and worse everyday.

    I mean we cannot discuss cheating on these boards yet pictures like these are posted and allowed to stay up for over a week.

    (sorry had to remove the pics apparently they cant stay up on uohall for a cpl minutes but on other boards for over a week, by other boards i mean other stratics ones not some other site. One showed trees cut in half and the other was someone using something u use to shave with.)

    If you cannot tell why these are cheating then feel greatful. Yet this is the crap that we are bringing new people into.

    With all the talk over trial accounts it really got me thinking as to how many of these trial accounts are actually new people. I have not referred or talked to anyone about uo in a couple of years. I play because I've been here since the beginning and even that means less and less as its just not fun to log on anymore.

    With all seriousness how many people actually refer people to UO? If you do what kind of stuff do you do in UO? PVP? PVM? Just curious.
  2. Lyconis

    Lyconis Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    May 20, 2008
    Likes Received:
    refer : ZERO
    Stuff I do : All of the above and more.

    I'll answer your riddle and try not to ramble off.

    Tell em they can still play UO when their wow, ao, eve, warhammer, or any other mmorpg account gets banned for cheating, cause cheating is BLATANTLY allowed in UO!

    UO needs consistency when they deal with there rules, support, and business functions. The spell stacking, freezers/laggers/crashers, speeders (not system tweaking but clipping speeders) need to be assessed and handled. If one player is not allowed to perform an "action" and can get banned for an "action", some type of "law enforcement" (GM's) should handle the similar situations the same, not a ban on player one's account and a canned message to the one being harassed by player two for doing identical or near similar things as player one.

    In all seriousness it doesn't seem like the majority of players cheat (or they suck so bad at it you can't tell), those that are most notable are working on tedious skill gain, bod system, heartwood quest rewards and resource gathering. There are a handful of cheaters in PVP I just try my best to avoid them at all means possible. If they have no one to fight they'll get bored and quit then I can go loot their houses when they collapse.

    Your dilemma on the other hand is much harder to solve being a user/player of Ultima Online. I handle cheaters in UO by realizing there is nothing I can do about it and nothing that will stop it (people do it in real life and in video game "lives"), even the ramblings on these boards and bombardment of messages to the feedback forms do nothing. I've decided UO is great fun for me and found my niche in doing everything I can, pvm, crafting, pvp, idocs, etc etc. I usually switch to another "aspect" of UO when I get burnt out from the cheats in one "aspect" of it.
  3. Barry Gibb

    Barry Gibb Of Saintly Patience
    Stratics Veteran

    May 24, 2008
    Likes Received:
    If you think that they will enjoy UO, regardless of others actions, and will not become cheaters/exploiters themselves, then there is no reason they should not be encouraged to play.

    I have refered about ten people to UO, some are still around, some left due to various reasons. My friends and I do a little bit of everything pvp, pvm, craft, BODs, dungeon crawl with nothing but store bought items (that can be fun).

    I have a similar attitude to cheaters, in that they are here and I cannot stop them from being here. There is one thing I can actively do about the cheaters though. I can not join them!!!! When I get frustrated with the cheating in one aspect of UO, like Lyconis, I just find something else to do.

    Stayin Alive,