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Current Chessy Player Towns

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by EM Vladimere, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. EM Vladimere

    EM Vladimere Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 21, 2009
    Likes Received:
    1. PaxLair City, West of Compassion Shrine, Felucca - Mayor Ga'kuct (and Governor Winfield)
    2. Dragons Watch, Felucca - Mayor NANOC (and acting Deputy Mayor Phoenix)
    3. PaxOku, NE end of Monks Crossing road, Homare-jima, Tokuno - Acting Mayor Winfield (and Curator Tatania Karthina)
    4. Gyldenfeld, at Yew-Britain-Skara Brae crossroads, Trammel - Mayor Tancred Redstar (and Deputy Mayor Lissa Eldi)
    5. Guardians Gate, East of Britain just before the swamps, Trammel - Mayor Angus
    6. Pitmuck, Trammel - Xzebog Pitmuck (and Ozog Giantfart Ice Cream man)
    7. Torchwood, south of Ter Mir at the first bridge, Ter Mir - Mayor Gunga Din
    8. Kijustsu Anei Village, Monks Crossing road, Homare-jima, Tokuno - Luna Rossa (and Niva the Savage)
    9. Moria, Felucca -Demon Slayer (and Eowyn)
    10. Al Ellisande, desert southwest of Umbra, Malas - Mayor Draven Darkshore
    11. Silvervale, east of Compassion Shrine, Trammel - Mayor Darth Oni
    12. Cimmerian Pass, Malas - Mayor Nyx
    13. Nidaros, East of Skara Brae on Mainland, Trammel - Cymbria Devereux
    14. Zedland - Rivi Ryvenwood (SHE)
    15. Colt - ??
    16. Templar - Secechal (and Prowler)
    17. Tel'ruin, south of Umbra, Malas - Mayor Salivern (this town has not applied for a banner yet, but is still a new town)

    A Special Thanks to Winfield for this current list