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Current Plot, Stygian Abyss, and what could happen?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Guest, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hail: Here is my little story......hehehe

    He should have been back by now! The council waits for the stealthier spy that had been sent into the rift. Moonglow city was not the target, but to get through the blackness, and to the Clock. “He has returned”, shouted the guard. He enters the room, weary and almost in a state of shock…..”It is far worse than we have feared”, he said.

    At that moment, another had returned from the Rift, only shaking his head in dismay, and confusion. “They continue to fall, only using, Plain Weapons, and Shields.” But each time, we see that Dark Matter being released from them, in the form of a mist”. Without the Blackrock detector, that was also designed to track the Blackrock Dark Matter that is released upon death of those infected, another way had to be found to trace it.

    For Dark Matter never dissipates, but enters another being to sustain itself. “The Clock”? The council ordered, “What time did the clock say”? The stealth scout replied, still almost in shock…..”The clock was set at 2pm……..but it was also set to the time of the discovery of the Lost Lands”.

    “That is Impossible…….Go back and check it again…….” The Guard commander shouted. But the Council knew………It was actually happening………As the Stealther stepped forward, he handed the council member a small stone. “I took this off one of the creatures at the clock, It had another one and used it before I could grab it from his pack.”

    The Royal Guard commanded, “ I have had it up to here with this Council, always speaking in Riddles, and partial theories, and what not, I demand to know what, exactly is going on”? ………”Go ahead, tell him” a mage said…….”We must tell everyone, and prepare for the worse…….

    As the Council spokes man stood up, barely able to lift his head, as if a great weight had just been hung around his neck, he spoke, he spoke what everyone had long forgotten about, and had long since paid no attention to.

    Council Spokesman: “ They are trying to Break through.” The Royal Guard Commander drew his sword, walked up to the spokesman, and pointed the blade at his neck. “The next time you say, THEY, we will have a new spokesman. Who is trying to break through? And break through what”?

    Gently raising his hand, and moving the sword away, he said, “Commander, They, are the people of Felucca whom had been banished so long ago. The Barrier is what they are attempting to get through”. “Then I was right the first time”, said the Guard Commander. “It is impossible for any of them to pass through the barrier, without having come from this side first”.

    Council Spokesman: “You are correct commander. That is why the Rift, is not just a rift in a place, it is a rift in time”…….Holding out the small stone he asked the commander, “Do you know what this is”? “Yes it is a useless Moonstone that the barrier also renders powerless”. The council member took out a small vile that looked like a night sight potion, and dropped the moonstone inside of the vile……..It changed from an inoperable grey color, to a Dark Green color, and started to glow. “This is dark matter essence in the bottle. It is what you have all seen coming out of the slain creatures in the rift. As you see, the stone is now active. That is why the rift is not just Moonglow now, But Moonglow before the barrier had been put in place”…….”And this is where the Dark Matter is going. They will continue to open the rift, it will keep expanding, until it reaches the clock, and then they will use these stones, and return”.

    For many a years, Evil has fed upon it self. Factions had arisen, and fallen, Great warriors had gone over to report on the goings on in Felucca. It had all gone according to plan. But now each one of YOU, must choose a side……….Can you help stop the rift from reaching the Moonglow clock? If it does, are you willing to stand with your brothers in arms and fight back the evil that has arrived at your doorstep?

    Or………Or………Is this what you had been waiting for all along? The honeland of Trammel. Ilshenar, Tokuno, Malas, Lands that you have only heard about, finally within your grasp. How long has it been since you could reach up to a tree, and pluck an apple from it, instead of just another dead branch? It has been way to long…………..

    So…….They are trying to return……the Rough, the Evil mages, the Creatures that were being Gated out of Dungeons, and into area’s that they should not be……….and most of all, those whom we have come to know, and have simply been called…Player Killers.

    For this is the Kingdom Reborn, Stygian Abyss, in the Multiverse of Ultima Online..

    Weeeeeeee. What could be more worth fighting for than this? Letting Red's gain entry into part of the lands, and trying to stop them.........Or, giving Red's something worth fighting for.......The right to have access to the entire game with their Main Charater, instead of being told, "Your Crafter can come over, but not you"............