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Curse and Resists

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Naisikras, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. Naisikras

    Naisikras Guest

    Back when I used to play, the goal was to hit 70 resist in all, however anytime you engaged with a mage you were cursed which brought resists down to 60. So as long as you had 60 there really was no difference.

    The only exceptions were fire resist which you would want higher for corpse skin, and physical resist which you would want at 70 because dexers would not curse.

    Is this still the case??
  2. Cloak&Dagger

    Cloak&Dagger Guest

    vs a mage basically. Also curse does not lower your physical resist anyway so doesn't matter. And if you have a mage curse you and a dexer has chiv then can concecrate and hit you at the 60 resist level, also if you run with 60's same thing can happen. Also run the chance of the rare pure damage weapon hitting you in the 60's (such as a 100 fire weapon or lets say 100 cold weapon)

    Also would want poison resist higher because corpse lowers poison as well.
  3. Naisikras

    Naisikras Guest

    Ok, so just to be clear before I spend my uo life's saving building an up to date suit, 60's is fine, however I would want 70 phys and higher fire/poison??

    Also, what should priority be for suit building??

    100 LRC
    15 SDI
    40 LMC

    The above is fairly easy enough and was the same as when I played... Now I'm pretty sure I have the following to choose from...

    HP INC
    Mana INC
    Stam INC (although I think this isn't as important for a mage)

    Is there anything else I would want? Also is there a cap for HP INC?
  4. icm420

    icm420 Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 28, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I agree and disagree with what you are saying about going 60s in resist for mage suit. With the short apple timers, magic reflection, cleansing winds and such you can get around a curse pretty easily, but worrying about 70s in all is stupid also, just try to get as close to 70 as you can but dont sweat a few resist points here and there. There are 2% resist earrings, 2% poison resist boots, and a bunch of robes with various resists on it, if you need a little boost.

    higher in fire is very important tho because a necro will combo kill you if you are low fire from a corpse skin.

    Higher poison is a good idea too but honestly 1 out of 5 mages is a necro, and very few will poison strike spam. Strangle is poison damage also but apples are every 10 seconds.

    If you have to pick a resist to be a little lower in I say energy, lighting is just about the only constantly used energy damage spell. Hailstorms,withers,harm are very popular spells to cast and deal cold damage, which is a resist most people tend to neglect.

    mods mixed w/ resist do the best you can do for suit.

    For suit 100 Lrc, 10+ Mana Regen, 40 lmc, 45+ Dci (70 is better to counter Hit Lower Defense), +25 Hit Point Increase.

    Extra mods can be anything you want, stamina increase doesn't help mage much but some like to use it, I like to use red potion to counter low stamina/dex.
    Hit Chance Increase is not something a mage should worry about unless they are using a weapon skill. I have a pre imbue mage weapon that has 13 DCI and 11HCI on it and I am amazed at how often I get kill shots with it. So it won't go wasted but it's not worth sacrificing a more important mod to pick it up.

    One last thing to consider is magic reflection putting you at 65 phyical resist for your cap (meaning 70 may go wasted if you use magic reflection) I have to check if the phyical stacks to cover the protection penalty but I would imagine it does. Higher phyical on a mage is never a bad thing.
  5. Cloak&Dagger

    Cloak&Dagger Guest

    Well, as I said. If you plan on only fighting mages then 60's are "fine" I am not a person to "rely" on items, so I do not agree with the post about apple timers. Against a necro you will want 75 in fire and poison, since corpse actually is -15 to each.

    Stam inc is not very important at all. there is an HPI cap, I think it is 25? HCI is fairly useless for a "mage" but if you are using a weapon of some sort for actual damage, then it is helpful. MR is the most important on your list there, followed by HPI then Mana Inc. after that I suppose stamina regen above stam inc, and hpr maybe?

    I will assume you already have casting covered, as 2/6 is required. Other wise 50EP if you plan on using pots.... Lot of things to consider I know.
  6. Cloak&Dagger

    Cloak&Dagger Guest

    Magic reflect CAPS physical at 65, but if you don't have 65 it will subtract 10? I think 10, so in theory you need 75phys to maintain 65 when using reflect.