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Cynthe on known bugs (list inside)

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest


    (Community Manager, Origin Systems)
    03/04/03 05:39 PM
    Known Issues List


    Generally we do not post extensive bug lists, but right now, we’re seeing a lot of confusion as to what’s a bug and what’s not. Melkor, a dedicated UO player, has posted several versions of a bug list, which we’ve borrowed to work from (thanks, Melkor!). However, before we start, there’s a couple important things to remember:

    1. This is not a list of every single thing in our database, so if you do not see something specific listed here, that doesn’t mean we’re not aware of it.
    2. Some bugs are exploitable, and will not be listed publicly until after they’re fixed.
    3. This list should not be considered a schedule – not all of these bugs are high priority.
    4. This does not mean we will start documenting all bugs publicly or updating this list on a regular basis – this is only meant to soothe some current concerns about whether certain bugs are known or not.
    5. Not all of these are AOS bugs; some are issues that were in the game prior to Age of Shadows.

    Fixes being released in the next couple publishes:

    • Some players are experiencing client crashes when trying to log in certain characters (due to excessive items loading in the area where the character logged out). There is a fix in testing currently, but for now, players are asked to log in with a different character and call a GM.
    • Some doors in custom houses are static and unusable.
    • Teleporters in houses can become bugged – this is a side-effect of the same issue as the static doors.

    Top things we’re looking into right now:

    • We are looking into issues with grandfathered vendors not working as intended, such as counting toward lockdowns or not taking prices on items.
    • We’re looking into issues regarding secure containers and lockdowns, and the permissions on those containers.
    • Some players have reported other players entering homes they shouldn’t be able to enter.
    • We are investigating reports of condemned houses decaying faster than they should.
    • A player has reported seeing his house go condemned through the house’s previous owner acquiring a new house.

    Other known issues:
    (These are already in our database, and are listed in no particular order.)

    • Any colored runebooks equipped before AoS may now be invisible. You can un-equip the runebook by using the Disarm macro.
    • If you are carrying this invisible runebook, items traded to you through the secure trade window may go into your runebook instead of your backpack. A GM can remove these items for you.
    • Some houses have become improperly placed. (This does not affect the house’s functionality at all.)
    • Using the “inscribe” skill from the skill list can cause text such as “66 uses remaining” to appear over your character’s head.
    • All pre-AoS runic hammers have dropped down to 15 charges regardless of color.
    • Log cabins lose some size and secures when they are turned into customizable plots.
    • 100% success hiding in your own house is not working.
    • Barkeeps are not showing their defined profession, and are showing only as "barkeep."
    • Some mounts may 'vanish' or change color if the status bar is pulled off of them.
    • Various items are not displaying the correct name (ID wands, etc.)
    • Boats cannot be refreshed using their plank (They can be refreshed through drydocking.)
    • If you lock down a necromancer or paladin spellbook, the spells inside may decay.
    • Ancient Smithing Hammer (ASH) and the Gloves of Mining do not currently raise skill beyond 100.
    • Some items are falling beneath the floor in houses, making them appear to be lost. A GM can retrieve these items.
    • Some items, such as plants, cannot be used while locked down.
    • Keys can not be copied (attempting to do so says "you can not unlock that.")
    • Players doing the Solen Matriarch quest may not get credit for their Solen Matriarch kills.
    • Ghosts cannot teleport out of the Solen tunnels. Until this is fixed, they will need to either use the “stuck” option or have a friend resurrect them.
    • Personal Bless Deeds and Bulk Order Deeds can be smelted for ingots. (Please note that this is illegal, and can get you a warning if you’re caught doing it.)
    • Pre-AoS items that added stat enhancements are continuing to add this enhancement after the charges have run out.
    • Harvesting resources from a plant in a customized house may kick you out of the house.
    • Trash barrels are staying in place when a house is customized.
    • When the foundation on a custom house is changed, vendors and barkeeps may be booted to the house sign spot.
    • Young characters are currently able to enter dungeon Doom and retain their [young] privileges.
    • If a player casts “horrific beast” while sitting, the player’s client may crash.
    • If a container has been placed in a moving crate, it’s possible the container may still be flagged as being in that crate once it’s removed. Players who try to place items in these containers afterwards may receive the message “You cannot place items into a house moving crate.” (Note – for a temporary workaround, try placing each container on the ground, and picking it back up.)
    • Skittering hoppers currently cannot be fed.
    • Customizing a house with a guildstone in it can cause the guildstone to become bugged. A GM can fix this for you.
    • Placing house add-ons on certain floor types can yield a "cannot place close to the stairs" message.
    • Certain types of leather armor are not allowing meditation.
    • Some players are experiencing difficulty gaining certain skills (such as parry and archery) past 25, even on successful attempts.
    • There are some issues with special leather being converted to normal leather, and vice versa.
    • Some runes are not changing to the correct color when marked for a different facet, and are also not displaying the correct color once placed in a runebook.
    • We’re aware of issues with recalling, such as recalling to the wrong facet, staying in the same place when you recall, or being told you are “recalling to a blocked location” if you attempt to recall off of the runebook itself.
    • Some custom house pieces, such as waterfalls, are being counted as half-walls in some circumstances, preventing players from walking over them or placing on top of them.
    • Hooded Shrouds are slightly discolored in the LBR 3D client. This will be fixed once the new wearables have been patched out to all 3D users.
    • Some "low-growing" plants are hard to see when locked down on certain floor tiles.
    • Certain tiles in the “misc” section of the customization tool are invisible when added to the design. Once placed, they must be first replaced by a visible wall section, then deleted.
    • A house deemed as private can not be "passed under,” meaning that if a house is placed as private over an underground cave path, players can hit an invisible wall when walking through that cave.
    • Using a green thorn in a Malas desert will produce the hole that should take you to the fifth Solen hive, but some players may not be able to enter.
    • There are some issues with escorted NPCs not following into dungeons or gates.
    • The ferryman can't be summoned in Doom if the skeletal dragon is in the dungeon. He can be found in Moonglow, but he will not teleport you to the boat in Doom currently.
    • The Doom boss gauntlet is not being re-set after it has been activated on some shards.
    • Stationary ("frozen") monsters are not dealing out damage.
    • The backpack on your paperdoll will only show item count or weight in the single-click display setting.
    • Some items are not properly showing their contents, number of charges, etc. through a mouseover. Sometimes moving these items around or locking them down can cause the item description to update.
    • You can no longer steal things from town chests.
    • Guild abbreviations and player names now have an automatic upper case first letter.
    • A Horde Minion can cause players to get murder counts when fighting in factions if it attacks an enemy faction player that is blue to it.
    • Some poisoned weapons are not showing in mouseover info that they have been poisoned.
    • Some GM and IGM placed NPCs have gone wandering.
    • Under some circumstances when riding an ethereal unicorn you can appear to be wearing a black ship on your head.
    • Players in a necromancer form can be looted when they die.
    • New necro reagents cannot be placed in a commodity deed.
    • The "brick" at the back of small towers no longer appears in-game, but may still block placement of a new house.
    • You can currently craft weapons with unreasonably high STR requirements.
    • Night Sight is not functioning for some players.
    • Characters may sometimes lose Mana when failing to successfully cast a spell.
    • Swamp dragon barding doesn’t offer resistance bonuses to the swamp dragon rider.
    • A character equipped with an Order Shield cannot perform beneficial acts on one with an equipped Chaos Shield, and vice versa.

    So to wrap up:

    If you see an issue listed here, that means we know about it, and you don’t need to send it to us. If you know of an issue and you don’t see it here, and you want to make sure we're aware of it, feel free to send it to us at [email protected] That is a MUCH more effective way of getting your bug info to QA quickly – posting it on the boards means it has to go through several different sources before it finally makes it to QA (if it doesn’t scroll off the boards first!).


    Community Manager
    ORIGIN Systems

  2. Cymeraen

    Cymeraen Guest

    So how long before they determine they cant fix some of these and call them features... or bannable?

    GM Tightarse: You have been reported for wearing a ship on your head.
    Player: Whah?!?!
    GM Tightarse: Buh-Bye.
  3. I will be happy when the night sight thing is fixed.
    I have 2 chars that when the *boom boom*out go the lights.. I cannot see. In Lor and potions do not work 75% of the time.
  4. Towenaar

    Towenaar Guest

    Ha ha ha that ship on the head is too funny. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
    Reminds me of Mr. Bean

    (that hiding in house problem I faced on Lake Superior. :p and the leather one.. I had no idea that was a bug. I thought it was a change. It would be nice to wear leather again.. though.. I recently found some mage armor so I'm kind of looking forward to trying that)
  5. Cymeraen

    Cymeraen Guest

    I thought and was sincerely hoping the BOD smelting was an unannounced new 'feature'. It seemed like a great thing to do for smiths so that they dont leave stacks of functionally worthless weapon BODs on the ground around the forge...

    So much for hoping.
  6. Ha ha ha that ship on the head is too funny.
    Reminds me of Mr. Bean

    What are you talking about?

    That I do not know why they are saying anything about that issue with the bods...Considering what iron ingots are going to be good for anymore is tinkering/carprenty items anymore. Since everyone wants to enhance weapons qualities with the higher ore types. That would be a nice feature for those.
    just maybe reduce the crazy amounts ingots you get from that.
  7. Towenaar

    Towenaar Guest

    (Mr. Bean played by Rowan Atkinson. Mr. Bean is this physical comedy character that was portrayed in 14 episodes, a movie, animation and was somewhat done in other countries like Iran. Anyway there is an infamous scene where he is stuffing a turkey and gets his head stuck in it. However you might be more interested in the car mods that Mr. Bean does.;) )

    Looking at the bug list again. I must say.. oof they are going to be busy fixing, documenting and testing them. Best wishes to them. Till a friend told me about the problem preventing house building I had always thought the players plots I saw just didn't have any money to build. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  8. Selene'

    Selene' Guest

    I think he is talking about the bug with the perons sitting on the Unicorn
    while wearing a hat you might get 'a ship' for a hat.