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[D]Eccentric Butchery Looking for Members

Discussion in 'Warhammer Guild Recruitment' started by Kurotopi, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Kurotopi

    Kurotopi Guest

    Eccentric Butchery is a Destruction guild.
    Our goal is to keep a decent sized guild (maybe 10-20 members) but at the same time skilled.

    All the members currently in the guild have been playing World of Borecraft for along time. We are sick of the hardcore rule style guilds where your life is taken away to play a game.

    Eccentric Butchery wants to focus on playing a game with a group of friends. Having fun, But given that we still do have some Requirements to join.

    Age: 17+ (Exceptions may be made)
    Some form of PvP experience.
    Not your first MMO.

    We will be focusing on a lot of the guild aspects. running mass RvR, PQ, and etc.. We will be taking a keep over asap.

    If your interested in joining feel free to stop by.