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Daily events on Siege? Help build your Community!

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Cleopatra, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. Cleopatra

    Cleopatra Guest

    Another post on behalf of Memnoch:

    "I was looking to generate interest in one of two things, for the good of the community of siege..

    My first idea would be to gather a group of people (your guild affiliation not being a problem) and having these people run an event
    on a night of the week they are availible, hopefully getting 7 people or so to hold an event for every night of the week!

    The events would be different as I would encourage that, and would lure people of all types, (Warrior, Crafting, Roleplay, etc etc)
    to participate. The host of an event would also have to be willing to help the other six hosts if they can be availible the night
    of the week of someone else's event. My event takes place on a Sunday, so ideally we'd need someone for Mon-Sat

    I would help people as much as I could to start their own events, give them ideas, support, equiptment (as I could) and participate and back their events.
    I'd also supply a ventrilo server for any of the hosts to delegate maybe once a week at a set time to discuess problems or improvements.

    If there is any interest in this please ICQ: 223-761-062

    And dont be worried about anything, if you have an idea, or even night of the week you are availible I can and will help you! :>
    and sign it, with my name please."

  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    WOW! I will help all I can. I love player run eventes (since they murdered our EM's)
  3. pikon198

    pikon198 Guest

    same here im game for any role play events. Maybe we can get some casino nights or dart/archery tournaments going.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I wanted to open a casino, but just did not get the support nor help nor menfolk to come up with the assorted types of gaming games that would be high roller gambling with some sort of security for the high rollers participating.

    So all I have left of the casino concept is a lot of *gold bricks* donated to me by various players of assorted guilds here on Siege that were part of the high dollar deco for a casino here on Siege.

    I would love for someone to set up a casino here *possibly gamble on those that fight in Mem's duels* and other forms of gambling in the casino itself..for all these billionares on this shard that have way too much gold collecting dust in their banks ! HAHA

    I think some sort of definately cool yet functioning working *casino nite* would be grand for Siege... I would help doing what no clue...but I would rather not be (responsible) for the casino's gamblers' gp, nor thinking up the games. I know we have folks here that COULD create the games and the security for others to gamble all their gp away *or win more* in some 18 x 18 casino gambling hall on Siege even if the casino only operated 1x a month for larger gambling games and perhaps weekly for smaller gambling games.
  5. Blaez

    Blaez Guest

    I would love to run a Drake tournament like we used to have (or may still have) on Europa.

    But I fear the Seige rule set would make this very difficult to organise.
  6. Major_Jax

    Major_Jax Guest

    I would love for this to happen. But I feel Siege Trammel is more interested in farming pixels than attending events. [​IMG]

    The last 2 events I held were low in attendance. I'm pretty sure it was because of the Maginaica event. Now that it is coming to a close I will prolly try to hold a few more events. If they fall flat also, then I will stop holding them.

    Either way feel free to contact me. WORM owns Thursday night.
  7. Rykus

    Rykus Guest

    Is that because Thrusdays are better for time travel?
  8. Major_Jax

    Major_Jax Guest


    Is that because Thrusdays are better for time travel?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    No, its because its Da only night Da hoff plays on DSL instead of dialup.
  9. Cleopatra

    Cleopatra Guest

    Players interested in this please ICQ Memnoch: 223-761-062

  10. pikon198

    pikon198 Guest

    Hey QZ, loving the sig thats one of my favorites ive seen you use. On a side note, if your interested in the casino thing i am also, and so is a buddy of mine. We can start small probably with simple gambling games like Craps (dice) or perhaps some other form of dice games. What would be really kool is get some people with Wrestling skill and have boxing matches and bet on your favorite boxer. Kinda like an MGM grand casino and arena place [​IMG]... Yea i like to dream alot, BUT it could happen!!