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Daily Sausage Very Late Edition: Campaign Days 3 & 4!

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Adol, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Adol

    Adol Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 28, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Due to a despicable wave of SAUSAGE EATING, our reporters have been too scared to come out from behind their news desks these days... as a consequence, the reports are behind the times! In a desperate attempt to get them up before the voting begins, there shall be no colour commentary today, just newsy goodness!

    Firstly, Heimlich's speech at the The King's Men Theatre in North Britain

    [Aron Swordmaster]: *applause*
    [Alaster The Mad]: * claps*
    [Heimlich]: *takes off hat*
    [Kou]: *Claps*
    [Heimlich]: good evening ladies and gentlemen
    [Irvyn]: *smiles*
    [Heimlich]: thankyou for coming out tonight
    [Mary-Ann]: good evening
    [Nathan Hawke]: Evening
    [Mary-Ann]: sshhh let him concentrate
    [Alaster The Mad]: other door keenan
    [Heimlich]: i'd like to start by saying how happy i am to be able to sit up here
    [Alaster The Mad]: south from where you are
    [Alaster The Mad]: keenan
    [Heimlich]: petitioning you good people for your votes to allow me to become lord protector of the realm
    [Alaster The Mad]: i'll be back in a eye clinging !
    [Kou]: *Listens intently*
    [Alaster The Mad]: humpf!
    [Alaster The Mad]: dont sit on me !
    [Heimlich]: to be considered for such a prestigious position is a great honour for me
    [Keenan]: *pinches alaster*
    [Alaster The Mad]: omg!!
    [Heimlich]: someone who has come from humble beginnings
    [Heimlich]: with no titles, no lands, and only modest means
    [Heimlich]: *pushes stool back*
    [Alaster The Mad]: ok i know keenan, i stink
    [Heimlich]: but i am here today to try to convince you that i am the man for the job also
    [Irvyn]: *listens*
    [Heimlich]: some of you may know me quite well already, others not so much
    [Heimlich]: i have been the leader of a guild for the past few years, and while we have not made our mark
    [Heimlich]: on the national stage, as it were
    [Heimlich]: we have helped to promote equality, fairness and peace between the peoples of britannia
    [Nathan Hawke]: *nods*
    [Irvyn]: *nods*
    [Keenan]: shows off heimi for pres pins*
    [Heimlich]: leading my guild, and interacting with other guilds and peoples, i feel i have attained
    [Alaster The Mad]: * prepares petals of rose for heimi*
    [Heimlich]: a useful knowledge of diplomacy and also leadership skills
    [Alaster The Mad]: damn, it was meant for ally chan, sorry
    [Heimlich]: which can be adapted for leading a greater cause
    [Heimlich]: i have no affiliation with any cities; something which may hinder my fellow candidates
    [Irvyn]: *brief smile*
    [Heimlich]: they may be torn between the needs of their own, and the needs of the empire
    [Heimlich]: whereas i may be able to step in to neighbourly disputes between cities as an unbiased mediator
    [Goldi]: :)
    [Mary-Ann]: *nods*
    [Nathan Hawke]: *ponders*
    [Irvyn]: *nods thoughtfully*
    [Heimlich]: i also believe if pre-empting and preventing potential problems for the kingdom
    [Mary-Ann]: use smaller words! giving me a headache!
    [Heimlich]: would mericles have been able to carry out his mad reign of terror if we had made sure
    [Heimlich]: to stop him the first time, or if not before?
    [Nathan Hawke]: Hmm
    [Nathan Hawke]: *shifts uneasily in his seat*
    [Heimlich]: the orcs, the dark elves - were these not 'problems' or conflicts which could have been avoided
    [Heimlich]: with proper monitoring of the situation, or even diplomacy?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *rubs chin thoughtfully*
    [Alaster The Mad]: it's true i must admit
    [Keenan]: *nods*
    [Alaster The Mad]: even if esca comes with mad bears mask
    [Irvyn]: *rubs chin*
    [Alaster The Mad]: it's true !
    [Heimlich]: i fought in a fair number of those battles it is true
    [Heimlich]: if i believe an order or action is for the good of the kingdom, i will not hesitate
    [Heimlich]: but if a more peaceful, a more thoughtful option is available...
    [Heimlich]: these must be considered
    [Heimlich]: there is a time for action, yes; but not every time.
    [Heimlich]: thankyou
    [Heimlich]: *bow*
    [Kou]: *Claps*
    [Keenan]: *claps and cheers wildly*
    [Escaflowne]: *Claps*
    [Irvyn]: *claps warmly*
    [Mary-Ann]: *cheers*
    [Fargo]: *claps politely*
    [Alaster The Mad]: * claps heavily*
    [Mary-Ann]: nice speech
    [Irvyn]: Very well spoken, Heimlich.
    [Nathan Hawke]: *claps*
    [Heimlich]: does anybody have a question they would like to ask?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *puts hand up*
    [Heimlich]: *rests hand on table*
    [Alaster The Mad]: ok i have one question *raises hand
    [Heimlich]: yes, aron?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *you also see The Sausage wobbling around, apparently drunk*
    [Alaster The Mad]: ROFL
    [Heimlich]: *glances at wobbling sausage*
    [Keenan]: *laughs*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I can certainly voice for your personal qualities Heimlich, it has been an honor fighting with you in the past, as well as passing the time merrily jesting
    [Alaster The Mad]: wall of text incoming
    [Heimlich]: *smiles*
    [Keenan]: u prob dont wanna know.....
    [Heimlich]: haha
    [Aron Swordmaster]: But my question is; you speak of wishing to prefer peace. Alas as you know, the realm seems to approach everything with the ideal of simply beating it over the head
    [Keenan]: *nods*
    [Mary-Ann]: pfft
    [Heimlich]: *nods*
    [Heimlich]: *doesn't look at nathan*
    [Alaster The Mad]: *steals undies*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: What practical steps can we take to open up our people to wider experiences?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: A question I have asked myself too, but what are your thoughts?
    [Heimlich]: well,
    [Heimlich]: i think the best way of going about it is to give them first hand experience
    [Heimlich]: too often diplomacy is viewed as the work of officials, and higher ups
    [Heimlich]: i would give such opportunities to the people, should they wish to take them
    [Mary-Ann]: *smiles and nods*
    [Sparrow]: *ponders*
    [Mary-Ann]: good answer
    [Athalia]: *sneaks in quetly*
    [Irvyn]: *nods*
    [Alaster The Mad]: * cheers*
    [Heimlich]: allow them to make a more personal connection with those we are dealing with
    [Nathan Hawke]: *nods thoughtfully*
    [Heimlich]: rather than it all happening behind closed doors
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Certainly our issues require more than new titles and new commands.
    [Kou]: *Scratches the back of her head*
    [Heimlich]: perhaps it will help them see the virtue of diplomacy as a tool
    [Alaster The Mad]: VOTE ALASTER
    [Alaster The Mad]: FOR FREE UNDIES
    [Heimlich]: does that answer your question?
    [Mary-Ann]: alaster you had a uestion
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Somewhat. But Greed sir? What can we do to inspire more virtuous feeling, rather than financial reward for fisticuffs?
    [Heimlich]: ah.
    [Heimlich]: yes, a good point and one i also feel strongly about
    [Heimlich]: stamping out greed in the populace, or at least certain members, is no easy task
    [Irvyn]: *wry smile*
    [Sparrow]: impossible in my opinion
    [Heimlich]: but rather than killing others for the spoils of war
    [Heimlich]: what of trade agreements? cultural exchanges?
    [Heimlich]: can we not achieve these through peaceful means?
    [Heimlich]: the kingdom may still prosper, without war
    [Aron Swordmaster]: A task that will test even you as Lord Protector, or indeed I fear any one of us
    [Heimlich]: *nods*
    [Heimlich]: perhaps one of the hardest
    [Sparrow]: raises hands
    [Heimlich]: next question, alaster?
    [Alaster The Mad]: it will be next 6am maintenance if i'm right
    [Sparrow]: Trade agreements -with the independants?
    [Mary-Ann]: *raises hand shyly*
    [Heimlich]: independants?
    [Nathan Hawke]: heimlich I am going to have to hurry you a little
    [Heimlich]: *nod*
    [Heimlich]: my apologies
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *The Sausage demands to speak!*
    [Sparrow]: the rebels
    [Heimlich]: of course
    [Mary-Ann]: the rebels of the empire? surely not!
    [Sparrow]: so you would recognise them as soverein?
    [Heimlich]: isn't mutual benefit a good way of strengthening relations?
    [Irvyn]: *approving nod*
    [Alaster The Mad]: one killer sentence
    [Nathan Hawke]: Alright we will have to end it there for now Heimlich
    [Heimlich]: sure
    [Alaster The Mad]: *makes one mark on a bench*
    [Nathan Hawke]: Alright gate to the Counsellors hall coming up
    [Heimlich]: apologies for unanswered questions
    [Heimlich]: *waves*
    [Fargo]: *claps*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *Bibi Bratwurst 'ere, cus SOMEONE ate Bob! Isn't it true govnah that you were caught in the Heimlich Maneouver on tape at a salubrious den o'iniquity? SCAHNDAHL!
    [Irvyn]: Thank you Heimlich.
    [Irvyn]: *smiles*
    [Alaster The Mad]: * eats saucage*
    [Heimlich]: *glares at sausage*
    [Irvyn]: Perhaps we can talk later?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Well there goes freedom of the press again
    [Aron Swordmaster]: In Mani Ylem
    You magically create food in your backpack: sausage
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Everyone fears to let The Daily Sausage into the press conference! But Nathan shall not be so lucky!
    [Kou]: *Eyes the new sausage hungrily*

    Nathan Hawke's speech at the Councillors Hall:

    [Nathan Hawke]: Alright firstly sorry for cutting you short Heim
    [Nathan Hawke]: *thinks*
    [Nathan Hawke]: Alright where to begin
    [PestilenZ]: some fights today=?
    [Nathan Hawke]: No fights today
    [Nathan Hawke]: Now
    [PestilenZ]: ah thks-igoto shimmering-bye
    [Nathan Hawke]: let me begin
    [Nathan Hawke]: I think we can all agree on one thing
    [Nathan Hawke]: so far the speeches have all been excellent if a little bizarre occasionally
    [Kou]: *Leans back to whisper to the duke*
    [Alaster The Mad]: * seems ok*
    [Kou]: would you like this seat?
    [Nathan Hawke]: And nearly all the candidates have given good answers
    [Irvyn]: *whispers back*
    [Irvyn]: No, thank you.
    [Sparrow]: aye well reasoned mostly
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Alaster has yet to speak, it's a bazaar of bizzare I am most enticed by
    [Nathan Hawke]: This may seem odd for a candidate to say but...
    [Nathan Hawke]: I think this is going to be a tough vote
    [Nathan Hawke]: You have a hard choice to make
    [Mary-Ann]: *pins on a vote heimlich badge*
    [Nathan Hawke]: very good candidates
    [Kou]: You could make it easy and all vote for me *Grins*
    [Nathan Hawke]: However here is my question to you
    [Nathan Hawke]: Other than me who *really* has the experieence to lead th ekingdom militarily?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: ARGH Ink eats the sausage!
    [Escaflowne]: Lord British, go fetch him back
    [Nathan Hawke]: How many times have I led ye to defeat?
    [Alaster The Mad]: *equilibrates the ink level in saucage*
    [Escaflowne]: *Grins*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Ok, let's just imagine there's a scandalous reporter shaped like a sausage under that chair....
    [Ink N Urple]: *burp*
    [Alaster The Mad]: omg
    [Alaster The Mad]: that's not me !
    [Heimlich]: perhaps a raw sausage would put people off eating him
    [Nathan Hawke]: How many times have we triumphed against adversity?
    [Fargo]: *listens with interest*
    [Alaster The Mad]: well, until now, we did good, but because of the mob
    [Nathan Hawke]: How many times have we got the job done?
    [Alaster The Mad]: also because of mob
    [Nathan Hawke]: And who leads that mob?
    [Alaster The Mad]: no one but themselves !
    [Heimlich]: its been pretty interesting so far
    [Alaster The Mad]: but please
    [Alaster The Mad]: go on
    [Sparrow]: The mob as you so eloquently put it are the army of Sosaria
    [Nathan Hawke]: I agree that diplomacy is not my strongest trait
    [Irvyn]: *sardonic expression*
    [Alaster The Mad]: * scrtaches his lips*
    [Nathan Hawke]: But the Lord Protector must consider all th eoptions
    [Nathan Hawke]: And it may very well be
    [Nathan Hawke]: that diplomacy could be
    [Nathan Hawke]: How can I put it ...
    [Nathan Hawke]: delegated to a more able individual
    [Nathan Hawke]: Or even individuals
    [Heimlich]: i reckon kou will be meh-ish but alaster will be star of tomorrow :p
    [Nathan Hawke]: M<ost of you are well aware of my actions so please I will take questions now
    [Kou]: *Gets a puzzled look on her face*
    [Alaster The Mad]: it's the same as our turned upside down world we live in
    [Alaster The Mad]: we need poors to make riches
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *puts hand up*
    [Nathan Hawke]: Aron
    [Nathan Hawke]: shoot
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I would like to expand upon what I asked Heimlich, as without judgement personally, you are the one who is closest professionally to the issue
    [Aron Swordmaster]: You speak of victory, but the true victory is Virtue, victory of the spirit. I have not seen much of this; the lands become baser and more materialistic
    [Aron Swordmaster]: If we were to make you responsible for the entire land, how would you encourage a more civic life?
    [Nathan Hawke]: Hmm
    [Irvyn]: *waits interestedly for the answer*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I will admit I have clicked the pillars of gold too, so I speak not as a presumed saint!
    [Nathan Hawke]: If I understand you correclty
    [Nathan Hawke]: Then perhaps the question itself is outside of my remit - if that makes sense?
    [Alaster The Mad]: * seeks for a face move*
    [Alaster The Mad]: * raises hand*
    [Nathan Hawke]: The rewards of defeating the threat should be enough in themselves?
    [Nathan Hawke]: Alaster question please
    [Ink N Urple]: Kal Ort Por
    [Alaster The Mad]: well, for the last question
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *looks deep in thought*
    [Alaster The Mad]: well, for the last question, how will you put interest in people in helping the land ?
    [Alaster The Mad]: cause you know
    [Alaster The Mad]: me, my bare socks and undies, we still here
    [Alaster The Mad]: as some of us
    [Alaster The Mad]: and well, it's not a question of gold or reward
    [Alaster The Mad]: but to save something, we have to see it live after
    [Athalia]: **
    [Alaster The Mad]: maybe my PWAL language is not used much to sosarian's one
    [Alaster The Mad]: we naked guys you know
    [Irvyn]: *rubs chin*
    [Nathan Hawke]: It would be good to have more community based rewards following a victory
    [Alaster The Mad]: we make fire camps
    [Nathan Hawke]: liek statues
    [Nathan Hawke]: for example
    [Heimlich]: *nods*
    [Alaster The Mad]: we need more things making people who helped proud of them
    [Alaster The Mad]: everyone comes
    [Alaster The Mad]: everyone helps
    [Heimlich]: damn, statues, why didn't i think of that
    [Nathan Hawke]: But there will always be monsters who carry exceptional loot for some reason or another
    [Alaster The Mad]: and no mark on land
    [Alaster The Mad]: no mark on fields, no marks on streets
    [Kou]: *points in the general direction of the bank, where there's the invasion statue thingy*
    [Nathan Hawke]: We cant control that
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I believe Alaster and I do indeed speak the same language, even if our nether regions differ in level of clothing comfort
    [Nathan Hawke]: Alaster it isnt always possible to build such things
    [Alaster The Mad]: and Aron, i've seeked to give you back your undies since a long time.
    [Alaster The Mad]: If just, the mark of the perished, would be still
    [Aron Swordmaster]: You build not just with tools and blades good sir; but build up the heart...
    [Alaster The Mad]: well, my pants would be marked forever
    [Kou]: *Scratches the back of her head*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: It has done my own heart good to see Alaster running free, his words flapping wildly in the wind, whether he becomes Lord Protector or not
    [Alaster The Mad]: we need to remember each of the "mob" i talked earlier
    [Nathan Hawke]: Agreed Aron
    [Irvyn]: *rubs chin*
    [Alaster The Mad]: and i'm sorry for the "mob" appelation
    [Alaster The Mad]: it wasnt meant to be mean
    [Alaster The Mad]: but without all those sosarians
    [Alaster The Mad]: what WE all would be ?
    [Nathan Hawke]: I understand Alaster but I dont have an answer really
    [Nathan Hawke]: *ponders*
    [Alaster The Mad]: no problem really, cause it's a long time wonder
    [Kou]: Am I understanding right, things like statues of the big bads as a memory?
    [Alaster The Mad]: and, as all long time wonders
    [Nathan Hawke]: Another question please?
    [Alaster The Mad]: it ask long time answers
    [Irvyn]: *raises hand*
    [Nathan Hawke]: Irvyn shoot
    [Irvyn]: Alas, I am no archer ...
    [Irvyn]: *faint smile*
    [Alaster The Mad]: * rolls some nightshade on the back*
    [Kou]: *Grins*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *from under the chair comes the sound of a Sausage: Speak to da press, Gov'nah!*
    [Irvyn]: when the proposal for the election to the position of Lord Protector was first presented,
    [Irvyn]: there was talk of civil war and bloodshed if all cities did not participate.
    [Irvyn]: Please would you expand on exactly what was meant by that?
    [Mary-Ann]: youve lost me
    [Nathan Hawke]: I am not sure I said that?
    [Irvyn]: It was said at the meeting, my informant was not specific as to whom.
    [Nathan Hawke]: The talk of civil war was from the crowd
    [Irvyn]: But you were part of the ... group that set the system up.
    [Alaster The Mad]: for pwal town banner but it's another story
    [Nathan Hawke]: Ahh
    [Nathan Hawke]: hmm
    [Mary-Ann]: heresay
    [Irvyn]: *nods to Mary-Ann*
    [Kou]: *Frowns slightly*
    [Nathan Hawke]: The "system" was mostly concocted by FYnn and CLegg
    [Irvyn]: You are correct. I will withdraw the question, if Nathan wishes it.
    [Nathan Hawke]: And whoever they spoke to
    [Nathan Hawke]: I am not aware of the precise details
    [Nathan Hawke]: nor was I present
    [Nathan Hawke]: Now
    [Irvyn]: I see ... then I have misjudged you, and I apologise.
    [Nathan Hawke]: I would probably have made more effort to involve
    [Nathan Hawke]: the current city leaders
    [Nathan Hawke]: Nothing more to add to that
    [Irvyn]: *nods*
    [Nathan Hawke]: ALrigh tlast question please?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *The Sausage!*
    [Escaflowne]: *Rubs chin*
    [Amantala]: *cuts off*
    [Heimlich]: *dies*
    [Alaster The Mad]: my question was "what would people get of taking part in events", somewhere
    [Escaflowne]: What will happen to the bears of Sosaria?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *Over 'ere gov'nah! Under tha chair! Speak to tha' Press!*
    [Escaflowne]: Will they become protected such as the Kings deer?
    [Nathan Hawke]: They will be made a protected species Esca
    [Escaflowne]: Its the best question i've got right now
    [Escaflowne]: Thats music to my ears
    [Escaflowne]: Good answer
    [Escaflowne]: *Grins*
    [Heimlich]: its a good question, but hard to answer i think
    [Aron Swordmaster]: but sir!
    [Nathan Hawke]: Alright so who is talkgn tomorrow night?
    [Nathan Hawke]: Kou?
    [Sparrow]: well they make good rugs
    [Kou]: *Nods*
    [Nathan Hawke]: And who else?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: What of the wild summons? How can you protect bears when they attack of their own free will?
    [Escaflowne]: If they die of natural causes i have no problems with them being stuffed or made into rugs
    [Escaflowne]: *Smirks*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Will casting Energy Vortex become a crime?
    [Kou]: *Points at Alastar*
    [Mary-Ann]: esca wants bears a protected species but is making posters for himself out of their faces!
    [Escaflowne]: Bears only defend themselves when attacked
    [Escaflowne]: Its a known fact
    [Heimlich]: hehe
    [Escaflowne]: These 50 bear masks i have died of natural causes
    [Nathan Hawke]: Alright
    [Alaster The Mad]: i want to make undies the usual monetary money
    [Escaflowne]: *Nods firmly*
    [Nathan Hawke]: so otmorrow night we start here
    [Mary-Ann]: proove it!
    [Kou]: I think alastar is at 8, and I am 8:30
    [Nathan Hawke]: With Alaster
    [Alaster The Mad]: tomorow !
    [Sparrow]: arrows are natural causes?
    [Alaster The Mad]: pants and universe
    [Alaster The Mad]: will take another turn !
    [Nathan Hawke]: and then we will gate to nearby Kou's speaking location
    [Alaster The Mad]: *steals undies*
    [Nathan Hawke]: damn him!
    [Heimlich]: haha
    [Nathan Hawke]: Alaster I mean
    [Alaster The Mad]: i'm the only one
    [Alaster The Mad]: who got nathan undies
    [Nathan Hawke]: *is commando*
    [Heimlich]: :p
    [Mary-Ann]: haha he is playing along
    [Aron Swordmaster]: That throne is going to get very cold now
    [Alaster The Mad]: *steals socks*
    [Nathan Hawke]: Flip me!
    [Alaster The Mad]: * got stopped*
    [Nathan Hawke]: gerrof!
    [Heimlich]: damn, hes too quick
    [Alaster The Mad]: omg
    [Nathan Hawke]: *gah*
    [Irvyn]: *watches with faint disbelief*
    [Kou]: *Looks on with bewilderment*
    [Alaster The Mad]: * /s now bring me all nightshade !*
    [Alaster The Mad]: woops
    [Nathan Hawke]: Alright until tomorrow!
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *The Sausage shouts: Future Lord Protector in pants-off dance-off SHOKAH with Alaster*
    [Heimlich]: *nods*
    [Alaster The Mad]: *steals undies*
    [Nathan Hawke]: *steps into the bookcase*
    [Irvyn]: *picks stick up again*
    [Mary-Ann]: Kal Ort Por
    [Kou]: *Scratches the back on her head*
    [Heimlich]: a taste of things to come
  2. Adol

    Adol Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 28, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Alaster The Mad speaks at the Councillor's Hall

    [Nathan Hawke]: Hello sorry I am late
    [Alaster The Mad]: No worries, i'm shaking on my legs
    [Culhwych Rhyd]: Put your knife away please sir
    [Culhwych Rhyd]: thank ye
    [Alaster The Mad]: Well, lets gather in the building, we'll start soon
    [Okaminezumi]: *waits attentively*
    [Alaster The Mad]: * looks at saucage*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: There is no sausage. Tis a spoon
    [Kou]: Does help if I face the right way
    [Culhwych Rhyd]: Evening Sarge
    [Iljian]: Evening
    [Gerrick]: *makes room\*
    [Irvyn]: *nods to Iljian*
    [Alaster The Mad]: Hello !
    [Alaster The Mad]: Well, i think we can begin !
    [Alaster The Mad]: So, first of all, i deeply thank you all for coming
    [Nathan Hawke]: Our pleasure
    [Nathan Hawke]: Im sure
    [Irvyn]: *nods*
    [Kou]: *Nods*
    [Alaster The Mad]: and i'll begin with a little introduction on who i am, for anyone doesn't know me again.
    [Gerrick]: *listens with interest*
    [Alaster The Mad]: I founded the PWAL, a gathering of the finest nudists on all Sosaria some years ago
    [Culhwych Rhyd]: *blinks*
    [Alaster The Mad]: it was in the beginning something temporaly, and well, it has crossed the years
    [Alaster The Mad]: During those years, i've lived a lot of epic adventures which all started from this place, that's why i gathered you here tonight
    [Gerrick]: *looks at the doorway*
    [Escaflowne]: Evening
    [Nathan Hawke]: Invasion?

    (at this point, Escaflowne has led about 10 Vesper warriors in full battle uniform into the room)

    [Okaminezumi]: *glances round*
    [Alaster The Mad]: indeed : i can say, for it was when trinsic was invaded by jukas, or fighting in old magincia, i've joined as much as possible all that could have changed the kindgom
    [Irvyn]: *looks round with slightly raised eyebrow*
    [Irvyn]: *looks back to Alaster*
    [Alaster The Mad]: Ooooh
    [Alaster The Mad]: Vesperians, you are awesome
    [Escaflowne]: Aye theres me competition
    [Aron Swordmaster]: It seems Vesper is paid in the currency of pants?
    [Escaflowne]: The pants stealer
    [Alaster The Mad]: so yes, and i can say i'm proud of having fought side of awesome people that are the Sosarians
    [Alaster The Mad]: Today, i extended the scope of my activities
    [Paps Chuck]: iv got cast iroin undies on
    [Alaster The Mad]: indeed, i opened an undies factory, actively furnishing sosaria with the finest pants you'll see !
    [Irvyn]: *rubs chin*
    [Alaster The Mad]: and it made me travel all across those lands, that i know near by heart today, and which i love deeply
    [Alaster The Mad]: So, why an undies seller for a Lord Protector ?
    [Alaster The Mad]: What is the undies power
    [Okaminezumi]: *scratches head*
    [Alaster The Mad]: i'm going to tell you all
    [Alaster The Mad]: Everyone got undies, even the foes
    [Alaster The Mad]: as a lord protector, i'll run into battle, steal all their undies, and the stupor will make them defeatable !
    [Irvyn]: *sighs*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: It's ... a novel approach, certainly
    [Culhwych Rhyd]: stupor or stench?
    [Alaster The Mad]: i've tested it a lot of times on foes from all sorts
    [Alaster The Mad]: it works 99% of the time
    [Nathan Hawke]: And when it doesnt?
    [Alaster The Mad]: It's the second part of what i will do if lord protector
    [Culhwych Rhyd]: does the first involve pants?
    [Alaster The Mad]: Training for running endurance for everyone
    [Alaster The Mad]: three times a week
    [Alaster The Mad]: if they got no pants
    [Alaster The Mad]: run !
    [Paps Chuck]: with or without undies
    [Kou]: *Scratches the back of her head*
    [Alaster The Mad]: save your undies before everything else ! they are yours !
    [Alaster The Mad]: Well
    [Alaster The Mad]: i know it may sounds amusing
    [Alaster The Mad]: but trust me ! My great experience as undies stealer has showed proofs !
    [Alaster The Mad]: Now, leading armies.
    [Alaster The Mad]: Well, i've been well trained to leading with the desorganised guys that are my PWALs
    [Alaster The Mad]: i've noticed how in great battles, the strong concentration of persons present
    [Alaster The Mad]: it's a force !
    [Alaster The Mad]: we have to make work those people as a mechanism
    [Alaster The Mad]: each person got good sides, things they manage perfectly : we need to put those talents up
    [Alaster The Mad]: me for example, i can tailor socks like no one !
    [Culhwych Rhyd]: evidence would argue otherwise
    [Alaster The Mad]: I think we need to communicate a lot
    [Alaster The Mad]: during battles, before, and after
    [Alaster The Mad]: it will bring more cohesion. So well, how will i do
    [Alaster The Mad]: first, i want something, better, i know what i dont want
    [Alaster The Mad]: when i see war leaders like Irvyn or Esca, i'm telling myself i've nothing to teach them
    [Alaster The Mad]: so, it will not be "lord protector said, now do it!"
    [Alaster The Mad]: no no
    [Alaster The Mad]: i'll try to hear each voices, because each sosarian is as important as his neighboor
    [Alaster The Mad]: when too much people are present, i'll gather local leaders, i dont want my voice to be alone in decisions
    [Alaster The Mad]: not because i'm afraid, but because of fairness, and common sense
    [Irvyn]: *approving nod*
    [Escaflowne]: Fair point
    [Alaster The Mad]: So, if i'm elected a lord Protector, i'll not be an order giver
    [Alaster The Mad]: i'll be a "gatherer of all opinions", then i'll mix them all to an awesome solution !
    [Alaster The Mad]: And, for the last part
    [Nathan Hawke]: *nods*
    [Culhwych Rhyd]: free pants for all voters?
    [Alaster The Mad]: i'm sorry to announce you PWAL shop has augmented his prices. But they are still the finest undies in the land!
    [Iljian]: *snickers*
    [Alaster The Mad]: Come have a look when you want !
    [Paps Chuck]: buit you take them back off us
    [Arianna Carlisle]: mhm
    [Alaster The Mad]: Now, i'll answer any question any of you may have !
    [Paps Chuck]: and resell
    [Aron Swordmaster]: That creature cannot be tamed.

    Aron has just attempted to Tame Alaster The Mad by accident... but Alaster can NOT be tamed

    [Aron Swordmaster]: *puts up hand*
    [Alaster The Mad]: no no those are legends
    [Rimeny De Blaze]: not in our new iron trousers he wont!
    [Iljian]: *raises hand*
    [Alaster The Mad]: yes Aron ?
    [Culhwych Rhyd]: *raises hand*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I was going to joke about whether we were to have a Pantocracy and such; but a serious question if I may?
    [Alaster The Mad]: Sure !
    [Aron Swordmaster]: You have divided your time between amusing Alaster antics and attempting to sketch a genuine domestic policy
    [Aron Swordmaster]: How serious should voters take your candidacy then?
    [Iljian]: That coverth my quethtion...
    [Alaster The Mad]: You know, i think life and events are a mix of two things each times, like a balance
    [Alaster The Mad]: there's a balance in everything
    [Alaster The Mad]: between madness and cleverness, someone awesome told me that someday
    [Alaster The Mad]: we need a bit of good, and a bit of bad, to make a balance
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Will you decide that balance, or will events good Madman?
    [Anira Cuilwen]: *Smiles*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: If daemons attack, are the pants pulled up and the swords taken down?
    [Irvyn]: *faint smile*
    [Alaster The Mad]: I think sometimes life put us front of decisions
    [Alaster The Mad]: all depends on situation
    [Alaster The Mad]: you know
    [Nathan Hawke]: *laughs out loud*
    [Alaster The Mad]: tomorow, maybe an invasion of greater mongbats could occur
    [Alaster The Mad]: you never know !
    [Aron Swordmaster]: And when there is peace, are the pants dropped and the... no that analogy stops working there
    [Irvyn]: *eyes Aron*
    [Alaster The Mad]: When there's peace, undies prices go down !
    [Alaster The Mad]: so you can equip cheaply
    [Alaster The Mad]: but i'll conclude my answer by
    [Alaster The Mad]: if you think it's serious enough, well, then i am
    [Alaster The Mad]: leading armies can be made many ways
    [Alaster The Mad]: not all are useful, i agree
    [Alaster The Mad]: iljian, your turn !
    [Alaster The Mad]: you raised your hand
    [Irvyn]: *looks to Iljian*
    [Iljian]: My quethtion wath covered by Aron
    [Okaminezumi]: *looks over shoulder*
    [Iljian]: Jutht wanted to know if you are being theriouth...
    [Alaster The Mad]: Oh i see hehe, it's ok then
    [Alaster The Mad]: Culhwych you had a question ?
    [Culhwych Rhyd]: I was going to ask where ye stood on setting up an army outside of the cities?
    [Culhwych Rhyd]: an independent one
    [Alaster The Mad]: Well, on this point
    [Alaster The Mad]: i'll say we all live on the same piece of rock
    [Alaster The Mad]: so, as long as there is mutual respect, i don't want to force anyone to anything
    [Alaster The Mad]: Question of free will, somewhere
    [Alaster The Mad]: See, i could create my nudist gathering
    [Escaflowne]: Evening Kimi
    [Alaster The Mad]: so an army is less crazy i think
    [Kimi]: M'Lord
    [Kimi]: Thank you
    [Kimi]: *nods*
    [Alaster The Mad]: But yes, i'm not against that idea... after... we have to set few things
    [Escaflowne]: Grand
    [Culhwych Rhyd]: thank ye
    [Alaster The Mad]: *steals hat*
    [Alaster The Mad]: anyone has any question ?
    [Alaster The Mad]: (woops damn macro)
    [Paps Chuck]: yes
    [Alaster The Mad]: Go on Paps !
    [Paps Chuck]: can i have my undies back
    [Nathan Hawke]: Aye me too!
    [Alaster The Mad]: Well hmm
    [Paps Chuck]: im running out
    [Rimeny De Blaze]: me too
    [Alaster The Mad]: It's mmh
    [Alaster The Mad]: never !
    [Nathan Hawke]: hmpf
    [Alaster The Mad]: Well
    [Alaster The Mad]: i'll see what i can do
    [Paps Chuck]: and you want my vote ha ha
    [Alaster The Mad]: as you know, i keep all undies i steal
    [Alaster The Mad]: i may find them back in my collection !
    [Nathan Hawke]: Alright last question for Alaster please
    [Gerrick]: *looks around*
    [Alaster The Mad]: If there's no more question, i'd like to
    [Alaster The Mad]: thank you all warmly for coming, it's an honor
    [Kou]: *Claps*
    [Gerrick]: *claps*
    [Nathan Hawke]: its been an honour to hear
    [Okaminezumi]: *applauds*
    [Alaster The Mad]: and i hope all your undies will be in peace !
    [Nathan Hawke]: *claps*
    [Escaflowne]: *Claps politely*
    [Rimeny De Blaze]: *claps*
    [Irvyn]: *claps warmly*
    [Amantala Chuck]: *claps*
    [Culhwych Rhyd]: *claps*
    [Nathan Hawke]: Alright everyone
    [Arianna Carlisle]: *light clap*
    [Irvyn]: A very good speech.
    [Mickey Cain]: *claps*
    [Irvyn]: *smiles*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *applause*
    [Paps Chuck]: 8claps
    [Iljian]: Thtill better candidate than Hawke...
    [Alaster The Mad]: Thank you Irvyn, you boosted me
    [Gerrick]: *nods*
    [Nathan Hawke]: I will make a gate to the next speech location
    [Culhwych Rhyd]: or vesper
    [Arianna Carlisle]: ....think were going to have to burn that bench later.......

    Kou spoke next, at her home, The Fox & Mallard Tavern (near the west bridge just outside Trinsic)

    [Alaster The Mad]: real nice house !
    [Kou]: Please come in
    [Alaster The Mad]: * steals iron undies*
    [Kou]: *Points up the stairs*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Where would you like us to sit M'lady?
    [Escaflowne]: Take a seat trops
    [Gerrick]: *gazes around*
    [Okaminezumi]: *checks pants still on*
    [Alaster The Mad]: i got em !
    [Kou]: please help yourselves to food, if you're hungry
    [Irvyn]: *smiles*
    [Mickey Cain]: *Steals Alasters undies*
    [Alaster The Mad]: heeeey
    [Alaster The Mad]: * mumbles about the world we live in*
    [Kou]: Can you all hear me?
    [Escaflowne]: *Looks back to kelband and Arianna*
    [Escaflowne]: Take a seat if yer want
    [Nathan Hawke]: Aye we can
    [Escaflowne]: *Nods to Kimi too*
    [Alaster The Mad]: yes !
    [Culhwych Rhyd]: Aye Miss Kou
    [Arianna Carlisle]: more comfortable standin Sir...
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *nods*
    [Escaflowne]: Very well
    [Kou]: Good, or it'd be a rather ineffectual speech *Grins*
    [Kou]: *clears her throat*
    [Kou]: Firstly, I'd like to welcome you here *Smiles*
    [Escaflowne]: Would yer like my seat miss Anira?
    [Escaflowne]: *Looks to Anira*
    [Kou]: I haven't had so many people under this roof, so it's a nice sight
    [Anira Cuilwen]: Thank you Esca, I'm fine
    [Escaflowne]: Alright
    [Escaflowne]: *Nods*
    [Kou]: So... For those of you who don't know me, I'm Kou
    [Nathan Hawke]: *listens intently*
    [Anira Cuilwen]: *leans against the counter*
    [Kou]: I haven't written a speech, because I don't believe I should be addressing you with speech writing
    [Kou]: skills
    [Irvyn]: *listens with a neutral expression*
    [Escaflowne]: *Eyes the Sausage in the corner*
    [Kou]: The position of Lord Protector isn't really one for endless speeches, after all
    [Kou]: More than trying to convince you of what I'll do, and why you should vote for me, I decided it
    [Kou]: would be better for me to simply define my thoughts with regards the position, and let you make
    [Kou]: up your own minds for whether this will make for a good Lord Protector
    [Kou]: *Blinks*
    [Escaflowne]: *Raises brow at Rimeny*

    Rimeny at this point seems to have run past Kou, wobbled around, and then got stuck in a corner, where he stays for some considerable time, as if a cat had just tried eating his PC mouse. Those Vesperians, eh?

    [Okaminezumi]: *looks askance*
    [Kou]: Um... As I said in my introductor speech, I'm more in favour of peace over war
    [Culhwych Rhyd]: *smiles at Kou*
    [Kou]: I'm not averse to war, if it is necessary, but I've found that diplomacy can go a long way to
    [Kou]: making the fighting unnecessary
    [Kou]: Something as simple as talking to people before swinging something sharp at them
    [Nathan Hawke]: *mutters a little*
    [Irvyn]: *faint smile*
    [Kou]: I don't really have a grand resume I can present to you
    [Kou]: I'm a watchman in the Duchy watch, and a tavernkeeper
    [Okaminezumi]: *raises eyebrow*
    [Kou]: I'm not a noble, and not a hero, although I do my part when the opportunity arises
    [Kou]: I suppose what I'm saying is that I am just a regular, every-day normal person
    [Nathan Hawke]: *ponders*
    [Kou]: when I think of the citizens of the kingdom as a whole, I think of other regular people
    [Kou]: *Scratches the back of her head*
    [Kou]: I don't know if that made sense any time after leaving my mouth
    [Nathan Hawke]: I think it did
    [Gerrick]: *nods*
    [Culhwych Rhyd]: *nods*
    [Nathan Hawke]: Are you ready for questions Kou?
    [Kou]: *Smiles sheepishly* I think I'll leave the speech there, before I enbarass myself further
    [Kou]: Let there be questions
    [Culhwych Rhyd]: *raises hand*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *also raises hand*
    [Kou]: Cul *Smiles*
    [Culhwych Rhyd]: Where do ye stand on the pants tactic from the previous candidate?
    [Irvyn]: *rubs chin*
    [Alaster The Mad]: * scratches head*
    [Kou]: I... can't really see it succeeding against opposents who ordinarily wear no pants
    [Aron Swordmaster]: It seems the sans cullotes campaign issue is gaining traction...
    [Kou]: Dragons, for example
    [Alaster The Mad]: they got undies !
    [Alaster The Mad]: tamed one, i'm sure
    [Kou]: Perhaps the addition of pants would have a similarly confounding effect, though
    [Kou]: *Smiles to Aron*
    [Kou]: You have a question?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: M'lady, I wonder if you could share your thoughts on this issue with us; there is a tendency to see events on the global scale as a source of testosterone...
    [Aron Swordmaster]: A place where aggression and shouting rules
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Your peaceful ways are admirable, but how do you plan to get them truly heard?
    [Kou]: That is something I've considered during my planning for this
    [Kou]: Without similarly shouting, it may be impossible to be heard
    [Escaflowne]: *Nods and Smiles to Sioned*
    [Kou]: But, I decided I wouldn't do so, and not give up
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *thinks*
    [Kou]: I don't believe that shouting and fighting are the only way, but if it's the popularly held way, then
    [Kou]: the votes will show that
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Ye may still get results; but m'lady, humility is not a path for rewards. Will it be enough?
    [Nathan Hawke]: *nods in agreement*
    [Kou]: How do you define rewards?
    [Okaminezumi]: Valor is also a virtue
    [Kou]: Peace is a reward, surely
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I care not for votes; I care for my fellow man like ye do. As a healer, ye do not often even get thanks. Art ye strong of heart enough to care not that you will not?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: The reward for doing good is always to be asked to do it again. I wonder about this strength of my own heart too, of course
    [Kou]: I feel I can stick to my path on this *Smiles*
    [Nathan Hawke]: *raises hand*
    [Kou]: To wake up every morning to a peaceful and prosperous kingdom is enough for me
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *nods in accordance*
    [Kou]: Oh!
    [Alaster The Mad]: * *
    [Kou]: There was something I forgot to say... There is one thing I will endeavour to do, if I'm elected
    [Kou]: To form some means of a... Vote of no-donfidence
    [Kou]: So that if you feel I'm not serving the kingdom's needs, there's a means other than rebellion
    [Sioned]: *Looks at Corintur and whispers*
    [Nathan Hawke]: Interesting
    [Okaminezumi]: Novel idea!
    [Irvyn]: A good thought.
    [Escaflowne]: Indeed
    [Corintur]: something
    [Alaster The Mad]: i agree !
    [Kou]: A democratic de-election, or something
    [Nathan Hawke]: Also sets a precedence for future Lord Protectors
    [Irvyn]: *nods*
    [Alaster The Mad]: * takes notes on a used sock*
    [Nathan Hawke]: *gets out a small notebook and makes a note*
    [Kou]: Does anyone have any more questions?
    [Nathan Hawke]: *raises hand*
    [Alaster The Mad]: * raises hand*
    [Kou]: Alaster?
    [Alaster The Mad]: not a question really, more like i wanted to say, your views on peace are real good
    [Arianna Carlisle]: *glances left at Nathan*
    [Alaster The Mad]: and i think
    [Arianna Carlisle]: she might not be able to see your hand
    [Alaster The Mad]: each person runnin for lord protector should grab a bit of it
    [Nathan Hawke]: Ahh good point
    [Alaster The Mad]: that's all !
    [Escaflowne]: *Raises hand*
    [Kou]: *Smiles* It's kind of you to say so
    [Sparrow]: Nathan raised his hand
    [Kou]: He did?
    [Sparrow]: twice
    [Nathan Hawke]: I was hiding in the corner a little
    [Kou]: *Grins*
    [Sioned]: *Crosses her legs*
    [Kou]: Ask away
    [Nathan Hawke]: A quick question
    [Nathan Hawke]: Seeing as Vesper seems to have re-discovered its military might alomost overnight
    [Nathan Hawke]: *looks around*
    [Kou]: Stylishly so *Smiles*
    [Escaflowne]: *Smirks*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *suspects a sudden lack of socks may be the cause*
    [Irvyn]: *slight frown*
    [Nathan Hawke]: How would you deal with the thorny problem of the Vesperian republic?
    [Larence Dross]: *looks around the room*
    [Larence Dross]: good evening
    [Kou]: I wouldn't call them a thorny problem *Smiles*
    [Larence Dross]: *smiles*
    [Sioned]: -Thorny-?!
    [Alaster The Mad]: evening !
    [Arianna Carlisle]: *chuckles*
    [Escaflowne]: Aye was a bit of a low blow Nathan
    [Sioned]: He deserve a slap..
    [Escaflowne]: *Smirks*
    [Sioned]: *Grumbles*
    [Anira Cuilwen]: Yew is a thorny problem
    [Arianna Carlisle]: i tend to agree there
    [Nathan Hawke]: I belive the problem is thorny and not necessarily Vesper itself
    [Kou]: I don't expect to see eye to eye with them all the time, however there is always common ground
    [Kou]: on which to build accords
    [Nathan Hawke]: *nods*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: But this raises an interesting point...
    [Kou]: In a time when war is brought to us by an outside evil, there is a common ground there *Smiles*
    [Escaflowne]: This is true
    [Escaflowne]: *Raises hand*
    [Nathan Hawke]: A good answer
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Let us assume for a moment there is a certain unruly group of people... writing for scandalous sausage sheet say?
    [Kou]: I have faith that Vesper can be relied upon to do the right thing, if it comes needed
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Is it fair for Kou or any Lord Protector to be judged on the basis of their behaviour.
    [Nathan Hawke]: Alright
    [Escaflowne]: This brings about a question i would like to ask
    [Nathan Hawke]: can we make Esca's question the last please?
    [Escaflowne]: After Aron is done of course
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Just musing aloud, I yield to those with questions
    [Kou]: I think a Lord Protector should be judged on his or her own merits within the role
    [Sparrow]: aye I agree
    [Irvyn]: *nods*
    [Alaster The Mad]: she's on her vesperian char i think
    [Kou]: Mr. Bear?
    [Escaflowne]: I just want to ask a simple question
    [Escaflowne]: Your very pro peaceful and diplomatic agenda which everyone seems to love....
    [Escaflowne]: brings me to ask
    [Escaflowne]: In times of war
    [Escaflowne]: I want to know that you will get a job done if it needs to be done
    [Escaflowne]: Instead of dithering trying to open negociations and use diplomacy
    [Escaflowne]: In this time when you are trying to do such
    [Kou]: *Smiles* Being pro-peace does not make me anti-war
    [Escaflowne]: Valuable lives of citizens can be lost
    [Escaflowne]: All over the lands
    [Nathan Hawke]: *nods to Escaflowne*
    [Sparrow]: I think Kou has answered that in my thread on the forums
    [Escaflowne]: I just see a very pro peaceful attitude
    [Kou]: The question is a fair one, though
    [Escaflowne]: And it worries me
    [Escaflowne]: That too much time
    [Escaflowne]: May be spent trying to be diplomatic
    [Escaflowne]: That is all
    [Aron Swordmaster]: (I plan to answer too Sparrow, just a lot of stuff to catch up on, including writing this and yesterday up, sorry)
    [Kou]: If war comes to us, I will not shy away from the decisions
    [Escaflowne]: Very well
    [Sparrow]: *Smiles*
    [Escaflowne]: That is all i wished to know
    [Escaflowne]: Lets hope you prove it should you win
    [Escaflowne]: *Smiles*
    [Nathan Hawke]: Alright everyone
    [Escaflowne]: No further questions from my end
    [Alaster The Mad]: free undies from nathan !!
    [Nathan Hawke]: I think that shoudl conclude tonights campaigning
    [Alaster The Mad]: ah no
    [Nathan Hawke]: Officially I mean
    [Sioned]: nasty... just nasty.
    [Kou]: You can all remain here and enjoy the food *Smiles*
    [Nathan Hawke]: You are all of course free to carry on discussing and enjoyign the food
    [Nathan Hawke]: *grins*
    [Culhwych Rhyd]: *claps*
    [Fargo]: *claps politely*
    [Kou]: Piper can serve drinks, too, although I fear there are no tables
    [Nathan Hawke]: Good speech
    [Irvyn]: Thank you Kou.
    [Nathan Hawke]: *claps*
    [Alaster The Mad]: * claps strongly*
    [Gerrick]: *claps*
    [Irvyn]: *claps*
    [Nathan Hawke]: Good night all
    [Kou]: *Bows respectfully*
    [Nathan Hawke]: Sleep well
    [Alaster The Mad]: Good night Nathan
    [Alaster The Mad]: *steals undies*
    [Kou]: Good night
    [Sioned]: Good night! and rest well.
    [Irvyn]: Farwell.
    [Escaflowne]: *Nods*
    [Escaflowne]: Vesparians we have a quick job to do
    [Escaflowne]: Lovely speech
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Kou, I thank you for being a gracious hostess... alas duty calls and I must quickly leave
    [Escaflowne]: And thank yer Trinsic for yer hospitality
    [Escaflowne]: But we shall be taking our leave
    [Larence Dross]: i will fallow you Sioned
    [Escaflowne]: *Nods to Kou*
    [Escaflowne]: *Nods to the duke*
    [Alaster The Mad]: Kou, you are a nice person
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *bows to all*
    [Irvyn]: Farewell to you.