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Damage Cap

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Verbal Fluke, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Verbal Fluke

    Verbal Fluke Guest

    How does the 300% and 100% damage cap work in PvP and PvM respectively?

    What moves, equipment, stats and skills are included? Base Damage and SSI (Damage over time) is not included as far as I can see from posters.

  2. I have once posted on this issue on U-Hall two years ago. I re-post it.

    (*) Some details might be changed since then.


    On bonus damages of melee attacks
    #2001246 - 12/24/05 11:40 PM

    I'd like to translate a web page in Japanese into English and post it here. I hope it would interest you:


    (A) Formula to calculate a basic melee damage = character base melee damage:
    Basic damage of a weapon * (100 + ability bonuses of a character + basic damage adding type bonus ) / 100
    This value is displayed on the status table.

    (B) Formula to calculate a real melee damage:
    Character base melee damage * multiplying type bonuses * special multuplying type bonus
    This value of damage will be given to the opponent with 0 elemental resists.
    For example:
    ...basic damage of the weapon: 10
    ...character ability bonus: + 150%
    ...basic damage adding type bonuses: + 80%
    ...multiplying type bonuses: * 2.5
    ...special multiplying type bonus: * 1.25
    .....-&gt; character base damage :10 * ( 100 + 150 + 80 ) / 100 = 33 ( -&gt; this value is displayed on the status table )
    .....-&gt; real melee damage: 33 * 2.5 * 1.25 = 103

    [Categories of damage bonuses]
    (a) bonuses by character abilities(no limit):
    tactics, anatomy, lumberjack and str

    (b) basic damage adding type ( This type of bonuses has limit of + 100% in total ):
    Damage Increase of equipments, Divine Fury(+10%), Horrific Beast(+25%), SPM Defense Mastery(-50%), etc
    quiver damage modifier(+10%: This is not capped at total 100%).

    (c) multiplying type ( You multiply them each other and this is limited at *3 in total. )
    Slayer Property of a weapon(*2), Killer Property(max: *2), Enemy of One(*1.5), Crushing Blow(*1.5), Armor Pierce(*1.5), Shadow Strike(*1.25), Talon Strike(*1.2), the first strike of Double Strkie(*0.9), Whirl Wind with Bushido(max:*2), Force of Nature(*1.65), Perfection Bonus(max:*2), Virtue of Honor(*1.25), Backstab(max:*2.2) etc
    ( Armor Ignore(*0.9) belongs to this type.)

    (d) special multiplying type (This type is not restricted by the limit of 300%. I don't know why. )
    Evil Omen(*1.25 )


    And in Publish 38, the direct damage with (c)multiplying type damage bonuses are capped at 35 by PvP.

    (*)I citate all these explanations from the web site of [email protected][/url]. I thank from the heart to [email protected] who opens valuable test results and data to the public.

    [/ QUOTE ]