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Damaging while invisible?

Discussion in 'UO Bard' started by 5% Luck, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    Im not sure where I heard this but If I am soloing the DF in doom as a provoke discorder and I constantly provoke then invisi the provoke then invisi I am losing damage "rights" for the time im invisible.

    Is this true?
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If you stay invisible to a point where the creatures you've provoked stop attacking, you're loosing damage. Daddy will also no longer be discorded. As long as the creatures are still attacking, and you are seeing the red numbers fly up above the fight, I'm assuming you're still getting damage. When I'm barding in Doom I usually don't stay invis'd for more than a couple of seconds. Is there a reason why you are staying invis'd so long?
  3. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    Well As a precaution to a failed provoke attempt I simple invisi. I only stay invisi until my provoke cursor come back up. Barding line of sight breaking time is 11 seconds and a provoke attempt is alot less maybe 4 or 5 seconds. So i am not breaking the provokes or discord just playing it safe.

    When theres tons of lesser stuff around this helps me so I dont have to do so much dancing. The lich lord fails are where I feel its a must do now thing. But I am always seeing the red numbers flying up the screen over "daddys" head.

    But heres the thing, In over 30 solo times arounf the entire guantlet and Id say 40 DF I haven't gotten a drop. Since the new changes I felt assured I would a gotten one by now.

    What am I doing wrong?
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I hate those dang lich lords. When I die solo'ing, they are ALWAYS what gets me. I have noticed that if a lich lord spawns close enough to Daddy, it will go into the pile and start withering without being provoked. This seems to make Daddy mad and he withers back. At this point I just disco the lich and provoke something small onto it and it's dead. I try not to bother provoking liches onto Daddy because at 115 provo/120 music I fail on them alot, and that usually means running off screen, healing up, curing and taking the chance that my Daddy disco wears off. In fact, I seem to fail on them alot more than the Rotties. If two lich lords spawn together, I provoke them onto each other. I just want them dead, they are a pain, lethal with their combos and need to be taken out quickly. When I fail on a Rottie, I usually just circle around Daddy with the Rottie in tow till I get a successful provoke attempt.

    Do you use Firehorn for the small spawn? ghoul, spectre, wraith, skele and zombies? Firehorn is area affect one hit kill for these little annoying boogers. When they get close I just area incinerate their booties! I usually try to control the small spawn while barding the bigger stuff using the firehorn and fireballs. Having all that small spawn build up can lead to death when they are all chasing you everywhere.

    I'm not sure why you've not gotten a drop?!? I'd think that in the number of times you've gone around, you'd have gotten at least one. I have noticed that sometimes there seems to be a longer time between drops than usual. Maybe you are just in that funk, but I'd keep trying - you're bound to get a drop sooner or later. I definately get more drops on my archer than on my bard.

    How do you manage room 2? ACK, I still cant get past it without dying. It usually goes like this: Cast furries, precast invis, lure bug to furries, invis, field in bug, recast more furries or earth ellies, TRY to disco the dang thing whilst fireballing it, fields wear off, bug attacks me, dismounts me and kills me. I hate running with protection. [​IMG]
  5. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    What I like to do is keep a pair of earth eles up at all times and working on daddy. Then If I fail on a LL i turn the eles on the lich and invisi. If the invisi fails from poison or a late expo i whack him with my pyros staff to finish the job quick.

    As for the lesser spawn I tend to EQ once or twice as their numbers get high. This will slow them down a lot. Then Ill set out an ev or 2 in place of the earthys so long as theres no rottens about. Thatll take em all down fast.

    Recently I started the invisi thing. As all goes well with it even when theres tons of spawn I feel easy about it all but the drops seem to have slowed to a trickle or stopped outright. Hence this post.

    On to room 2. Ugg i like to run into this room precast invisi then discord invisi repeat until success. The I like to use the fire eles for these but if Im having a bad run with dispels Ill trade out for a demon or pair of earthys. But the fire ele has the bast damage against the bugs. Once I started using the fire eles i halved my time in this room. Before I would cast one earty ata time as it died/dispelled I send in the next(precast)

    I see from your post that your either a weaver or human. Whats your set up?
  6. Since you are able to solo all of the gauntlet maybe you won't mind tellin yer template?? My guess is your running

    120 music
    120 provo
    120 disco
    120 mage
    120 eval
    120 med

    Or something close to this? I guess peace is kinda worthless in doom? Any other skills or mods you run? I don't think I wanna solo doom but I could at least run it with a few folks a lot easier. I'm not done with my template yet but its good to know I have a future with that char.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I see from your post that your either a weaver or human. Whats your set up?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Yes, she's human and a weaver. Template looks like this:
    120 music
    115 Provo
    115 Disco
    100 Weaving
    100 Eval
    110 Magery (with +12 Magery Scrappers)
    85 Med

    I have 12 mana regen on my suit, so typically don't have mana issues, except in room 2 and spawn lulls while doing Daddy. I use Hat of Magi, Orni, Armour of Fortune and mana regen gloves, arms and legs.

    I used to carry gm peacing, but a soulstone mishap (DOH!) took that away and I've just stuck with weaving since then. Peacing is pretty useless in the Gauntlet. I have issues casting high level spells when I equip my slayer books because my magery goes down to 98. It's painful attempting to cast Earth Ellies, EV's and EQ with 98 Magery. Typically when I'm soloing Daddy, I just keep my scrappers equipped because I need earth ellies up as much as possible and I don't really cast directly onto Daddy unless I have at least 2 rotties chewing on him. When the Rotties are tanking, I equip my Demon book and blast Daddy with E-Bolts while keeping an eye on their health.

    I have to say I'm excited that they fixed the bug where things stop attacking after a successful provoke attempt. It's on test now and should be in the next patch. Having to say "all kill" for my earth ellies after every provoke was a pain, so I'm glad that step will no longer be needed. I'll be able to play my bard again when large groups are in the Gauntlet without getting cursed out. What I always found amusing was that people cussed me for "area peacing" when what I was actually doing was provoking.

    I can't get a discord off to save my life in room 2, but am only at 115 Disco, so it takes a super long time to succeed. Still having Room 2 issues ... *sighs*

    And to Seth -- I'm sure that many people would argue with me, but I feel that the Leg Bard is among the most powerful characters in the game. You have a good future with the template you are building.
  8. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    100 magery +20 crystalline ring 120
    108 music +12 bracelet 120
    106 provoke +14 bracelet 120
    105 discord swap as needed for +15 ring 120
    100 med
    120 resist spells -36protection 84 --&gt;+12 scrappers 96
    83 eval hardly use direct damage spells (-20 for my newer account)
    0 mace fighting +120 Staff of Pyros 120

    120 magery
    120 music
    120 discord
    120 provoke
    120 resist
    100 med
    83 eval

    I have a swapping method for different areas. Some times I have protection on some times off. Then I only have my discord ring on at the beginning of the fights. The rest of the time I wear the crystalline ring. Then sometimes my scrapper and a vesper chaos shield some times I wear the staff of pyros(much better in doom than a StoM) then even other times I wear a boomstick for extra MR. My bracelet is 0/3 14 provoke 12 music +6 physical resist.

    So the base suit 70/70/65/55/75
    7 MR add in the CR for 10 and a boomstick for 13
    15 LMC +scrappers 25 &lt;-----maybe I could work on this!
    0/3 +scrappers 1/4 chaos shield 2/6