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Dark Knight Items?

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Ceridwen DF, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Ceridwen DF

    Ceridwen DF Guest

    Anyone have a list of the items one can receive from it? And is it true one can only receive an item from the Dark Knight once or is it every time he gets killed?

    Got a black staff named "Echo Staff" with 20 uses (no idea what those are for) and would like to know what else there is. [​IMG]
  2. themuzzer

    themuzzer Guest

    i just heard about this dark knight challenge today, can anyone tell me where to find him to challenge him? ty in advance
  3. Ceridwen DF

    Ceridwen DF Guest

    Create a character in KR.
    Do the KR new player quest. At the end you will receive a rune named "The Darkness" which is bound to that char.
    You can later recall onto that rune (only works in KR) and it will teleport you to the Dark Knight.
    Upon defeating him you will be teleported out and receive an item (only the first time you defeat him as far as I understood).

    You can challenge him again after 3 days, but I don´t see the point if you only receive a special item once.

    I had all skills at max 50 when I fought him and it went pretty well - only problem was that I missed him a lot because I only had 50 archery on the char.
    The Dark Knight casts spells and hits you when you´re next to him - not difficult at all if you have a little skills to heal and do damage to him.
  4. craememp

    craememp Guest

    Is Kingdom Reborn good enough to download, or are there still lots of graphic problems?
  5. Im pretty sure the Devs at the Ohio TH when they showed us this, there were only 3 items.

    Its randomized based on something I believe. It might be how fast you kill it.
  6. uoguyz

    uoguyz Guest

    Do you have to make a new character to do the quest? or can you take in a character that is already made.
  7. Ceridwen DF

    Ceridwen DF Guest

    Ah, ok. [​IMG] Thanks.
    And anyone know if the 3 day timer/one item is for one account or one char?


    Do you have to make a new character to do the quest? or can you take in a character that is already made.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Create a new character in KR. Won´t work in 2d.