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(RP) Dark Magic and Cruel Deeds (Rising Darkness Plotline)

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by The Trinsic Beacon, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. The Trinsic Beacon

    The Trinsic Beacon Adventurer
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    Jan 26, 2009
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    Dark Magic and Cruel Deeds
    by PLC

    While we usually seek to reach an ever larger audience, today we need to walk a different path. As such we urge you, dear readers, to ensure that today’s special edition does not get into the hands of children or those prone to scares and frights. You have been warned.

    We had a chance to interview both Sir Dupre and Governor Aryala, concerning the investigation about the recent murder of a gargoyle in Trinsic. Both told us that the investigations have shed some light onto the proceedings, but that no suspect has of yet been identified.

    According to the investigators, the unfortunate gargoyle did not have any known enemies or quarrels within or the without the city. Instead, he was popular both with the other members of the diplomatic party as he was with the crafters of Trinsic, whom he often frequented to learn about their tricks of trade. It was during one of those trips to the local armourer that he apparently vanished, reappearing as a mangled corpse outside the city, by the King’s Bay to the north.

    What happened between his disappearance and the discovery of his corpse remains still a secret. However, the autopsy revealed some of the gruesome details. According to the investigators holes had been cut into the body of the gargoyle, large enough to hold an item. According to the healers the murderers might have placed void orbs into the openings, potentially stilling the bleeding and thus prolonging the suffering of their victim. Even worse, the skin around the wounds was flayed, though remnants of flesh indicate that maybe runes had been carved into the skin and were removed later, to hide the traces of whatever evil ritual had been performed. In the end, the orbs were removed, leaving the open wounds to bleed and the gargoyle to die.

    How the body was deposited outside of town when the gargoyle was last seen on the inside remains a secret. None of the watchmen saw him leave, neither by means of the gates, nor by sea or flying across the walls. Nor was the body close enough to the walls to have been dumped. Sir Dupre told us that the city watch is now concentrating on finding more clues about the movements of the murderers. The investigators are currently assuming that a cult is responsible for the deeds. The conclusion is that some citizens must know something about the occurrences. The murderers might be amongst us, so stay vigilant and report any unusual activity to the watch or send a report to Sir Dupre.

    OOC Notice: During the next days clues and witnesses will be around Trinsic to be found, investigated and arrested. They will be around from 8pm UK time or 9pm CET. Remember to put your findings into reports and post them on the boards. The EM will hand out a reward to the most active player at the end of the storyline!
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