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Darkfall: [Minimum age 17] Society of the Anvil: Well Established/Known, Mature

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sonn, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. Sonn

    Sonn Guest



    The Society of the Anvil is the
    oldest and most well grounded dwarven nation for Darkfall Online,
    and with the rarity of such clans in the MMORPG world abroad,
    likely the most established dwarven nation in all of gamedom. With
    a highly active moderately sized member base, our crowning
    achievements have been the preservation of relative modesty,
    intelligence, and the subtle nuances that make up the foundation of
    all things both expected and demanded of an adult group of gamers,
    and all things blissfully dwarven. Daring to embody all that is
    stereotypical of dwarven pride, we staunchly adhere to the
    principles of brotherhood, bellicosity, and booze. We are both
    merchant and warrior, both economist and strategist, and uphold our
    love of money as dearly as our love of victory. May your mettle be
    tempered by passion, and may your minds be dulled only by the
    mightiest of brews.

    Society and Identity
    We are pragmatists, utilitarians, and govern ourselves by the
    virtues of logic rather than being ensnared by the perils of
    emotion. Key in that philosophy is that we "govern ourselves".
    The Society of the Anvil is very much unlike the majority of clans
    or nations out there in that we have had the great fortune of
    establishing a membership of self-motivated and responsible gamers
    who do not need to be governed on a regular basis by any kind of
    authority. As such, the leadership of the Anvil's primary function
    is to ensure efficiency rather than being bogged down with the
    mundane parenting tasks of a daycare center. This has been
    achieved by the irregular practice of purging immature and
    problematic members with no *****-footing around the issue.

    If you possess a liberal sense of humor, are not judgmental, and
    have no tendency to go on hysterical rants or demand attention for
    the trivial problems of your stupid life then you are already a
    member of the Anvil Society, at least in spirit.
    An excerpt regarding Maturity in the Society

    Originally posted, in part, at the Anvil Society

    Maturity is something that is likely somewhat different in the
    Anvil than in clans which claim to be "mature", though it is
    nonetheless of great importance to our unity. We do not rate
    maturity as being a prude; it is not being free from humor, and it
    is not "acting" all grown up. Maturity is trust and it is
    respect; it is nothing more, nor any less. We enforce
    almost no social controls, requirements for behavior, nor forum or
    guild channel regulations or moderation because we trust our
    members and do not seek to be their parents, a luxury afforded to
    only the few clans who truly enforce strong character and respect
    among their members. The Anvil is, in my own estimation, one of
    the few clans in existence that will actively purge members who
    cannot function as mature individuals. There is no greater threat
    to the unity of a clan than "Guild Drama" which effectively turns
    clans into beauty salons rife with bickering women. We are in
    every essence possible a clan of all dwarven principles ever drawn
    from reality, which dictates that we must have a handle on our
    emotions just as much as it does for cantankerous shouting matches,
    cursing and spitting contests, and drinking far too much alcohol.
    What this means to you, the potential applicant, is more than
    likely inconsequential by now, for any person who has the attention
    span to get this far already shows the beginnings of
    patience, the precursor to temperance.

    Ours is a unique environment where the freedom loving
    rough-and-tumble attitudes of even the most offensive and crass
    mouth are welcome alongside the in-depth dissertations of qualified
    and educated sociologists and philosophers. Where a dedicated
    robber-baron is free to play the game like he wants, and be part of
    a larger society where mercenary groups or hardcore competitive
    sub-clans and groups are on the same side. One need only respect
    one's own self to feel at home in the Anvil, for disrespecting
    others only amounts to sticks and stones. Together, these
    principles have all but buried the notion of "drama" and "serious
    business" from our establishment... and that, itself, is something
    I'm proud to have seen develop through all these years.

    We're here to have fun, like everyone else. We aren't here,
    however, to tell you how to behave yourself. This is an endeavor
    for recreation, not a vehicle for introspective or searching out a
    greater meaning to your life by kicking ass in a video game. Any
    clan promising professionalism or competitiveness to the exclusion
    of fun is a farce trying to legitimize their lack of purpose. Any
    clan of the Anvil's size must have the integrity and diversity to
    support the individual inclinations of their members to achieve any
    manner of gameplay environment desired. Elite fighting squads, PvP
    groups, crafting unions, politics, nation building, random
    griefing... these are not purposes for the clan to define, these
    are the byproducts of the environment that a clan must furnish to
    its members. Holding this true, the Anvil Society will forever
    respect the individuality of its members and sub-clans to pursue
    these goals by providing an enriching and diverse community where
    culture, and its various subcultures, realistically flourish.
    More direct: We are a conquest PvP clan with a tolerance for all
    types of players and styles of gaming, whether in our clan or not.
    We are respectful, hopefully, of each other as well as our
    competitors. Respectful not in any dated sense of "honor", but
    respectful that each person playing Darkfall has agreed to log into
    a game where they can let their competitive natures run rampant.
    Morality of a transcendent nature in such an environment is not
    only a hindrance, it's foolish. With a strong focus on efficiency,
    and a great appreciation for the competition of sandbox MMOs like
    Darkfall, we intend to revel in the competition itself rather than
    turning the gratification of victory into a sick addiction.
    We are achievers, but to look back on our exploits it is our hope
    that we will yearn more nostalgically for the path that brought us
    to the realization of those goals than the achievements themselves.
    Though what would a dwarven guild be without an insatiable
    lust for gold?

    Who are we? Really.
    Here in the Anvil, what it's really like, propaganda and
    fancy words all shot to hell with only the bare husk remaining: A
    group of regular computer dorks playing video games together. Our
    **** stinks as much as the next guy, we drown the hardships of the
    long day in alcohol, and tell dirty jokes to each other on Ventrilo
    while working together to build something that brings us
    satisfaction. We're not so different from you, except perhaps that
    we have a lot more fun doing the same things.

    Society of the Anvil
    Races: Dwarf
    Ages: 17+
    Website: Anvil Society - The
    Book of Steel

    Clan Lore:

    Tome of History

    cation Page

    Sub Clans:


    The Drunken Beggar Clan
    The beggars are, well,
    drunken beggars. Built on the hopes of establishing an economic base in true street-urchin fashion, the DBC is the ideal choice for dwarves and humans looking to exercise their penchant for humor and creativity in battle. Their recruitment thread can be found

    here, and their forums here. The DBC
    accepts Humans and Dwarves as members, and applications may
    be accepted via the main Anvil application page, or on the

    DBC website.

    The thelemites are a group of forum trolls and unscrupulous
    rapscallions who believe in what amounts to anarchy and
    hedonism. They're in it for the lulz, so to speak. They allow
    Humans and Dwarves as members, and focus primarily on
    battlefield interdiction and less direct forms of combat such
    as stealth, resource and convoy raiding, and waylaying.
    Applying to Thelema may also be accomplished through
    the primary

    Anvilapplication page.

    Slade is the embodiment of MMO
    warfare management, organization and unhinged rage, specializing in first-strike units and siege management. Their leader, Savant, is a veteran competitive FPS and RTS gamer with strong leadership experience in EVE Online under one of the most successful and longstanding corporations in the game. Members seeking to indulge in siege warfare, group pvp, and mass murder should consider joining Slade, which can be applied for at the primary Anvil application page.

    Anvilapplication page.

    NyX, or Organized Chaos, is a clan of
    MMO gamers who've played together intermittently with the Anvil Society for five years. They are a tight-knit group who've spent a lot of time
    involved in Planetside, Lineage 2, Warhammer Online and
    World of Warcraft. NyX does not recruit... well, at least not
    off of forums. Their own forums may be found here.​
    Forums: http://forums.anvilsociety.com
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    Call me crazy, but how can one be the "oldest" of anything, when the game you're recruiting for has yet to be released?