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Darkness Descends

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Shayd_Khan, Mar 14, 2002.

  1. Shayd_Khan

    Shayd_Khan Guest

    <font color=2F4F4F>The silent shroud of night slowly crept over the mountainside and across the flat lands, its gnarled fingers finding no resistance as it seized the last timid remnants of light that hid between trees and bushes. Animals settled down in the relative safety of their dens and nests in preparation of the coming blackness.

    However, there was one being that welcomed the night like an old friend. He meandered his way through the darkened forest as if it were fully lit, towards his targeted location. Though his immense size was encased in banded leather armor the same dark as a starless night, not a sound was heard as he strode on. His equally dark, ground length cloak billowed hauntingly behind him, mysteriously not catching on a single branch or stone as he strode on.

    The forest eventually gave way to a road, and across it, desert. As he approached the sand, instantly two scorpions were attracted to the vibrations of such a large being impending. Their mouths chattered as if in conversation, claws snapped repeatedly. Their long, slender legs drummed the ground for a few precious moments before they fully turned and headed into the direction of the stranger, the wickedly curved tips of their tails dripping poison in anticipation.

    The man could hear the creatures before even seeing them. A large, gloved hand was held up in a halting gesture and words were whispered out between thin lips.

    First one, then the other giant bug was suddenly frozen where they stood. Their chattering increased as if in angry litany. The man, still not bothering to look towards the bugs simply waved that same single hand, a few more words pronounced and both creatures lit up in eerie red flames. The creatures squeals of agony as their insides cooked beneath their hard shells like pressure cookers was inconsequential to the man that had not stopped his gait.

    This place was definitely infested, the man thought mildly as yet more scorpions arrived, and now joined by them were snakes and the ill minded orcs. It was now the man simply shook his head, rose both hands this time and executed numerous spells with violent conviction that simply obliterated any creatures stupid enough to continue their advance. Once his pathway had been cleared towards and around his destination, with nary a mark nor loss of force, he stood motionless, simply gazing at the small stone keep.

    It was surrounded by vendors dressed in a deep violet hue. He wasn't sure if they had been placed there to sell items, protection or company. The latter may have not be far fetched since the object of his pursuit had kept to herself over time. She'd learned to do such thanks to him. The fact of that did not cause him upset in any event. It had been some time since his prey had brought anyone around herself and to have merchants was a good start, he supposed. She knew he would have no direct care for dealing with them, and so she was safe from the pain of loosing yet more friends to him.

    The vendors had no idea who he was nor his connection to their employer and so simply stood ready as if he were a passer by deciding on if he would be seeking their merchandise.

    It was then he saw his quarry. Inside her house candles and lamps lit the room. Much more candles and lamps then most people used. She had also learned that darkness could be her enemy where he was concerned. But in that knowledge, he knew it was a hollow comfort for her. She also knew very well darkness or light, it mattered not to him. He moved freely about and when he decided it was time to address her, he did so as he pleased.

    <font color=purple>Xandria DeVone</font color=purple> moved about her one room house, dressed in black leather armor, her head bowed as she held a book open across her arms. He could tell by the intense look on her alluring features, she was deeply into what ever the book was about. The candle light reflected off her waist length silken gold curls and added a soft glow to her milky white flesh.

    Even from where he stood he could see her enchanting beauty clearly. Blush lips and cheeks, high cheek bones, slender throat, womanly curves lovingly embraced by her tight black leather suit, and though he could not see her eyes clearly from this distance, he knew them to be of a ice blue shade that flashed attractively like fresh polished gems especially when full of fright.

    The man rubbed his square jaw slowly in thought as he contemplated what games he wanted to play tonight if any at all. He slowly made his way towards one of the vendors, a slightly older woman that looked weathered but kind. He would see what Xandria was willing to sell off these days.

    The woman merchant could simply feel her cheeks flush under the predatory gaze of the dreadfully handsome man. He was much larger than she had thought at first glance as she realized when he finally reached her, standing a full head and a half taller than her own five foot six frame. She tilted her head back and though she had every intention of performing perfectly as she was paid to do, she couldn't help but suddenly feel like a young girl squirming under the watchful gaze of a handsome Lord. She cleared her throat and asked in a voice much softer than her normal tone, "Good evening, Sire. Care to see what wares I have to sell?"

    The man looked down upon the woman, and offered her a slow grin. "Why yes, that would be most appreciated."

    The woman opened her bags and showed the man her goods. "The Lady of the house has set a good price for such items, if I may be so bold to offer, Sire."

    The man's dark brown eyes locked onto her own for but a moment before scanning the wares. Hmm, so she was selling off nothing of triviality. It didn't seem she was ready to pack up and leave yet again so soon, as she'd done over the years he'd been pursuing her. So this new guild she had joined, KMA, seemed for her, to be a keeper. So be it then. Britannia seemed a fine place to play out his game with her.

    He was now close enough to see that Xandria had kept a guest sign in book on her porch. He gave the woman a roguish half grin and stepped back, a single hand moving almost undetectably. “I will not be buying anything tonight.”

    Before the woman had the time to replace her bag properly, the entire entourage of vendors suddenly fell into a memory robbing sleep right where they stood.

    The man then made his way to the sign in book and with a simple wave of his black gloved hand, writing burned into the pages:

    “My dearest Xandria,

    I see the grace with which you move and the gentle smiles you bestow upon the simple creatures called humans. But only you and I know how uncertainty infests your mind, how fear enshrouds your heart, how sorrow blackens your soul. I know so well because it was I who placed those there. It was I who left you to be the last of your people. It was I to whom that sorrow laden soul will belong to. It will be I who will break you down absolutely and it will be I that will acquire the benefit of such an enjoyable feat. This is my announcement of presence to you, child. Heed it well.

    <font color=black>Shayd</font color=black>"

    Once the words were complete, the Dark Knight turned, and simply melted into the darkness of the night, no indication other than the words of warning left behind to indicate he had ever been there.
  2. *smiles*

    A well-wrought tale, Shayd.

    Thank you for the sharing of it.
  3. <font color=B23AEE>(:):Sits and stares at the post with a blank mind:: Yeah, thanks darlin for telling me you were posting so soon. ::Sits and thinks harder.:: My response post is going to suck, so bare with me.))

    "...Thou canst not know unless thou questioneth, doubteth, and in the end, unless thou relyest upon THYSELF and they judgement. I offer these words as mere philosophical musings for those who seek enlightenment, for 'tis the issue that hath occupied mine interest and that of Lord British for some time now."

    Xandria DeVone closed the book and brushed pale, slender fingers across the raised text of the title "A Political Call to Anarchy by Lord Blackthorn". A slow, steady sigh slipped though soft lips as she contemplated the words she had read from the book that was worn due to numerous readings she had given it.

    She replaced the book into a chest she kept locked, along with her stash of other books she deemed precious enough to never loose. She rubbed her tired eyes and then leaned backwards with feline-like grace, stretching.

    She righted herself and ran her fingers through her thick mane of gold spun curls. She went over in her mind, the conversation she had had with Sir Qix, a faithful Chaos Guard to Lord Blackthorn, about the rumors and situations revolving the entire history of his Liege. She still, to this day, felt like something just wasn't right.

    But Sir Qix simply didn't feel The Cat's Lair Tavern was quite the place to be speaking so loud of such questions. So she had left with more frustration then before.

    It was late and Xan had decided perhaps it was time to try and get some sleep. She made her way to the first candle on her desk top and noise outside caught her attention. She peeked out the window and saw her paid merchants talking in rather hushed, confused tones. Curious, Xandria went outside.

    She headed to her porch and inquired in friendly tones, "Might ye all be planning ta rest fer the night? Or are ye deciding who's ta pay fer dinner?"

    Instantly, a merchant named Amiee spoke up. "No M'lady, a few of us were just sleeping. Others roused them to attention." Amiee did not let on the reality that they all had oddly been sleeping.

    Xandria didn't seem to pick up on the omission and simply smiled. "And am I ta believe ye all do nae ever sleep? Posh, I insist ye all work too hard. I shall be obliged ta raise yer pay."

    A few other vendors smiled nervously and nodded with respect but nothing more was said on the subject.

    "In any event, I will be turning in fer the night. Do be sure ta get yerselves some rest. Nae much but large, bothersome creatures do inhabit these nights and I assure ye, they do nae wish ta purchase from us." With another smile, Xandria waved to the group and headed back for her front door.

    It was then she saw her guest sign-in book seemed to have a slight, odd glow to it. Her finely shaped golden brows furrowed as she leaned down to retrieve it. Abruptly, as if it burned, she felt pain volt up her arm. Not the intense type, but more along the lines of an ache. A distinct ache.

    Her head snapped up and gem like orbs did scan the area. She knew that signature feeling. Darkness had been around and had touched this book in some way. Her stomach roiled and she struggled with herself to not open it. She prayed, despite what her heart screamed, what her body ached, that what her deep self knew to be true wasn't.

    With careful actions, as if the book was a revered object, she opened the cover and read the words that only magic itself had been used to mark.

    “My dearest Xandria,

    I see the grace with which you move and the gentle smiles you bestow upon the simple creatures called humans. But only you and I know how uncertainty infests your mind, how fear enshrouds your heart, how sorrow blackens your soul. I know so well because it was I who placed those there. It was I who left you to be the last of your people. It was I to whom that sorrow laden soul will belong to. It will be I who will break you down absolutely and it will be I that will acquire the benefit of such an enjoyable feat. This is my announcement of presence to you, child. Heed it well.


    It was akin to morbid fascination that forced her to read the entire entry. Her stomach instantly clenched, her blood turned cold and drained from her already pale face leaving her sheet white. Her senses suddenly reeled, leaving her abruptly an open target not just for the one being who hunted her with out content but for any number of the creatures that flourished in the warm desert.

    Her throat constricted upon a small whimper of despair and she slowly closed the book. With trancelike movements, she replaced the book exactly where she had retrieved it from and grasped the handle to her door firmly. With a sudden desperate shove, the door was thrust open and then slammed closed behind.

    Xandria leaned heavily against it, fighting against tears of pure frustration. She sniffed and ground her teeth, her deep down fighting spirit kicking in. She would NOT let him do this to her! She wasn't alone anymore. She had a guild now to help her.

    But like a wicked little thief, doubt came in with reminders of her past to try and steal away her conviction. This all began years ago when the Knight had taken out her entire village. There were many more of her people then there are in her guild or its allies. How could she expect to remain safe still?

    But with a hard slam of her fist backwards into the wooden door, she began to pace the single room with angry steps. She had a purpose here now. She had another guild she was a part of and she cared for them a great deal. This world was also in turmoil with a King lost, and a Liege...well, she didn't exactly know how to categorize that one quite yet.

    The Knight took her family, King Xander, Queen Else and her older sister, Princess Rachell. She had dropped her family name of Andros in order to prevent any connection to that royal line as well as to the tragedy that befell it. She wanted no one to know of the royal blood that flowed through her. She was never one for political rules. But, she was the last of her entire people and she was not one to give up...ever.

    Eventually she had slowed her pace and finally stopped. It was high time she stopped running and took a stand. It may be her final one, but damn it, she would do it with honor!

    With that conviction loud and clear in her heart and mind, she packed what items she needed, retrieved her ethereal horse, and rode it hard and fast away from her keep and towards the guild house of KMA. If the Knight wanted to play games, then let him come and get her. At least there, she wouldn't be alone.
  4. Amroth.

    Amroth. Guest

    *sighs* Such beautifull Words. There are times i wish i Roleplayed more. MAybe its why im working again on Halbarad......
  5. Shayd_Khan

    Shayd_Khan Guest

    <font color=2F4F4F>((This posting was actually done on line in a chat room on AOL between Xan and Shayd. So we didn't have the confusion of the screen name then the role play, I simply copy and pasted what was said, leaving out the screen names. Then I made it look presentable here. The post isn’t as elaborate as the first, but when in chat rooms, you also have to mind how much you type at one time :). ))

    The Knight was sitting in the Cat's Lair Tavern in Brit. He'd been there for around twenty minutes now watching a faithful Chaos guard named Sir Qix. He'd known that Xandria had spoken to him scant days before and he was curious about just exactly how much the guard was willing to talk about.

    Sir Qix was alone where he sat, looking all the part of gloom. He was silent and didn't even smile to the barmaid as she refilled his drink. He starred out the window next to him and watched the movement of life at its busiest during mid day. Ten minutes later, he was up and out the door, back to the empty castle.

    Shayd leaned back against the table now. It was then the barmaid made her way towards him and with a flirtatious little smile, she attempted to refill his own goblet. His black gloved hand covered the yawning rim to stop her.

    "I think I'll be leaving as of now, girl." With a rakish half grin, he stood and dropped a good fifty gold to the table, more than the drink had cost.

    The barmaid’s eyes lit and with an even more attractive grin sent his way, she nodded and gathered the gold. "Thank you, M'lord."

    Once out into the bright light of day, he meandered his way through the streets biding his time. He would be paying Xandria a visit today, but she wasn't quite alone at the KMA keep just yet. He could simply feel it. So he would waste his time with the trivial events of humans in the town for the time being.

    He watched children running in happy circles around buildings and horses that carried a good portion of the population. Dust circles rose and wafted around the streets, but oddly, his own death black clothes carried nary a speck.

    Another twenty minutes went by and now he knew his quarry was alone. It was then he abruptly disappeared from where he stood in the town, not even an indentation in the dust to indicate he'd ever been there.

    As was his way, he appeared with out a sound or fanciful magic display. He was just suddenly…there, standing in front of the doors to KMA’s keep. He rubbed his chiseled jaw slowly as he assessed where she was and what she was doing. Ah…she was upstairs on the second floor yet again reading. The girl was always reading, he mused.

    Within seconds, his very solid body suddenly wavered and dissipated into a wicked cloud of black smoke. He always did love the more elaborate way of doing things. The smoke swirled and tumbled across the grass, up the stone stairs and slipped in with ease under the large wooden doors. It skimmed the ground as it made its way up the stairs and curled around the corner. Again it slipped under a wooden door to the library where Xandria was leaning against the far wall another book lay across her arms as she read.

    Xandria’s gut twisted as she suddenly felt the dark presence. Darkness had a painful affect on her, actually harming her physically in varying degrees. It depended on how close she was to the being as well as how much darkness the being had. The manifestation of her ‘allergy’ to darkness was usually a headache of some sort.

    The smoke moved directly for her and once it had reached her, it circled and curled around her in almost a playful manner; concentrations of the substance seemed to focus directly around her wrists.

    Xandria’s head snapped up and she was instantly surrounded by a familiar substance. She knew this smoke. She blanched and let out a sudden yelp of surprise. The book was thrown in the direction of where the smoke had come but she knew that was useless. With wide eyes, she saw the darkness surrounding her small wrists and she waved her arms wildly to try and shake it off.

    The darkness stopped its advance and as Xandria headed towards the door, a very distinctive click resounded, echoing loud and clear in her ears. It was now locked. She let out yet another yelp of frustration and spun to face the room, her sword instantly drawn, for all the use it would be against such a magic user.

    The smoke settled into an amazingly controlled pattern and in it’s place, Shayd solidified, a bemused look upon his wickedly handsome face. “Leaving so soon, dear Xandria?”

    Xandria gave a sudden huff and lowered her stance slightly in preparation for any fight she could give him. “Do ye presume ta show when my guild members shall be back so soon?” To her dismay, her voice faltered. So be it. She could not control her body’s physical response to him but it was her spirit that would never fall victim.

    He gave her a complacent grin, leaned his broad back against the cold stone wall and crossed his powerful arms over his solid chest. “Would it be that I worried. Must I remind you how many of your own people perished at my attack? Do you think a guild with less could do better?”

    His words drew sorrow from her heart much as a dagger slid across flesh drew blood. She swallowed down the tightness of her throat and regarded him with utter hate. “And need I remind ye that we were nae a warring people? Ye attacked farmers and fishers and families!”

    One of his large shoulders raised in nonchalance. “You are indeed benighted about what your father, the King was about. You do not realize that if he had not paired up with Nixiplix, that jesting mage, to steal the Sword of Light I had acquired, his end would not have been so soon, nor perhaps as so violent.”

    Xandria clenched back a shiver at having to discuss such a painful topic, but honor demanded it. “So ye say even if he did nae steal the Sword of Light, which I will say, one such as yerself should nae have had in the first place, ye still would have killed him eventually? But why?!”

    The Knight now stood fully upright, away from the wall and paced slowly back and forth in front of her. “Of course. You still do not realize your potential do you, sweet Xandria? Your people would have been obliterated anyway, it was just going to happen later. I wanted to be sure which of the little princesses had what I needed. I had the sword, and your people had the land and the person I needed. I was willing to wait and watch to see which of King Xander’s girls had what I needed but he forced my hand.” He stopped now and turned fully to face her. “But it would have eventually happened. I couldn’t have anyone interfering with my progress and leaving anyone left of your village would have surely promised such. After all, they would feel obligated since I would have taken one of their royalties; do you not agree…Princess Xandria?”

    Xandria felt her stomach churn yet again and she tightened her grip on her sword. “Do nae call me such! That title and political position died the day my village did so. I should cut ye where ye stand! Why would ye do such a thing?”

    His smile grew even more wicked. “Ah too much information too soon would just not be as entertaining.” He took another step towards her now.

    Instantly Xandria complied with sharp slash with her sword. “Do nae come closer!”

    He gave a slight wave of his hand and abruptly Xandria was frozen in place. With a slight cant of his head he closed the space between them. He reached for her frozen hand and twisted her sword free, tossing it across the room. “You do not use magic, do you Xandria.”

    The moment the spell froze her body her insides quivered. She bit back a cry of terrified rage. She struggled to try and keep hold of her sword but, as she knew, she was ill-equipped to fight the magic. “Tis because of ye, I do nae use it much. I use it sparingly.” She responded gruffly.

    He was so close to her now, the fronts of their bodies were pressed together. The soft curves and mounds of her smaller five foot seven frame gave slightly against the hard length of his own six foot three one. He was quick to grasp her wrists and pin them to the wall above her head just as the spell released. “It seems you have decided to settle here for a longer period of time then you have in other places. Is this land where we shall conduct the breaking of your spirit?”

    “Nae ever, Knight.” She seethed despite the fear that gripped her wholly.

    “Ah, music to my ears!” He teased darkly and lowered his head closer to her’s. “I shall be around, Xandria. Think of that with every breath you take. I am a patient man. I haven’t lived this long without having such patience. You *will* break. They always do.” With that promise given, he gave her a brutal, branding kiss, then abruptly he was gone with out a trace.

    Xandria let out a loud cry of protest just as his mouth closed over her’s fully. And then he was gone. She arched her back in response to the sudden release of his hold on her and screamed loudly, “Ta hell with ye, Knight! Ye will nae ever break me! Nae EVER!” She turned abruptly and slammed a small, but forceful fist into the wood door, splintering it. She ignored the slits of blood that began to form on her reddened knuckles and stalked across the room to where her fallen sword laid.

    She then retrieved the book she had thrown and replaced it upon the shelf. It was then that Xandria heard voices downstairs and knew her friends had returned. She composed herself, unwilling to let them know what was happening just yet. She couldn’t bear to suffer the loss of friends to the Knight yet again. She would bide her time as she would try to decide on a plan that would keep both herself and her friends safe.
  6. ((I'll be posting soon. I just gotta figure out what to post. You must be having a slow down in your incoming work to be able to post so much :) ))
  7. <font color=B23AEE>The sun was starting to settle further down in the sky, casting bleak shadows across the land. Xandria made her way through the town of Brit at a slow pace, her friend, Silk, accompanying her. He was a dashing man with short blond hair, sun kissed skin and appealing young man looks.

    Xandria had met him a good time back when he was still a freshling among the beasts. She had been making her way through the Forest south of Yew where the Liches liked to convene. As she had wandered through, a young man stumbled between the covering of trees, nearly colliding into her. Her hand had quickly grasped the handle to her sword, but seeing that the man was hardly trying to attack her, she did not draw it...not yet. He looked very beaten and magic still sizzled around him. Something was amiss.

    "Ye are being attacked?" She asked quickly, grasping a hand full of bandages and offering him a bottle of yellow potion.

    The man grasped it thankfully and grunted painfully when she took sudden hold of him to bandage with expert hands his wounds. "Yes, liches. I had heard of them, but had never fought them yet. Tough buggers."

    Xandria's soft mouth turned downward as she concentrated on wrapping him, however the magic potion was already working faster then her bandages were needed. "Ye heard they were hard so ye came ta find out? It seems ta be the common around these parts." Once she was done, she stepped back and then did fully draw her weapon.

    In the distance, the wicked laugh of the walking dead reached them. Xandria glanced towards where Silk had been standing, but the man was gone already like a flash back into battle. She shook her head and followed him.

    She stayed mostly back, only aiding in healing as he struggled to strengthen his fight, to perfect his technique. This went on for a good hour or so before Silk decided it had been enough for the day. The loot the Liches gave was nearly weighing him down and he was ready for a hot bath.

    It was then he turned to face the stranger who had helped him. He held a bag full of loot out to her. "For helping me."

    Xandria took a step back, resorting her last bandages and vials of healing potion while shaking her head. "I didn't do it for loot. You needed help so I helped."

    The man looked at her like she was daft. That type of response was rare around those parts. "I see. Well at least let me repay you with my name, a drink, and a tale of who I am."

    Xandria smiled then and agreed. That was how she also came to join KMA. Silk and Xan began to spend more and more time together and she started to meet his guild members. They reminded her much of her beloved missing guild.

    She participated in every guild event and hunt of KMA, had helped to heal the members and was there when ever anyone called for aid. It was after her honorable interactions with the guild did the Guild Commander, Halbarad, ask her to join.

    But Xandria did not jump at the chance. She did like the guild, its members, and what it stood for. But she was still suffering the loss of her own guild, HoV, and her fiancee the Guild Commander, Devon Wolfe. Slowly, over time, the members began to disappear even until one day, her betrothed disappeared as well. She always believed the Knight had something to do with it but couldn't bear to deal with such a topic face to face.

    Eventually she had been the only one left to keep the guild name and stone and even that too disappeared. Some greater force from beyond had destroyed her home and her stone. She was left, once again, title less.

    So it took her some time to decide if she wanted to open herself up to that possible threat of loss once again. But eventually, she made the decision that she was tired of being alone so she did join KMA. Out of respect, the guild members never spared with Xan, though they were dying to test her skills. But the moment her title had been granted, she was clashing swords, kicking back staffs, parrying and tumbling away from the playful jabs of her new guild members.

    It had actually been one of her best days in her life. She had very much enjoyed the sparring and playful attacks of her guild and they had been eager to test her skills. They had seen her in action when they were attending guild hunts, many seemed to be impressed with both her fighting skills as well as her quick healing abilities. But it just wasn't going to be the same until they had the chance to spar her. They then were satisfied.

    Eventually, Silk and Xandria settled themselves to a nice dinner and drinks. She always did enjoy his company. He wasn't pushy, haughty nor simply enthralled with her looks. He genuinely liked Xandria for who she was, not her physical appearance, which she had found seemed to be a common problem with other males. Between the two of them, they made an awsome fighting pair. They complimented each other well. They cross healed and covered each other's backs to perfection.

    As dusk gave way to evening, Silk and Xandria headed back to the KMA keep. As he held the door open for her, he asked, "So say again why you're staying here?"

    Xandria gave a slight sigh and slipped off her cloak. "Have ye nae ever wanted a change? I wish ta read the books Halbarad has placed in the library. Why travel back and forth from here ta my keep when I can just stay here ta read them? Just fer a bit."

    Silk didn't look like he much believed her, but he had the graciousness to not argue. "Well then, you know where my house is. Feel free to visit at your leisure." And with a flirtatious bow, he shut the door and left for home.

    Xandria let out a soft breath of air and retired back upstairs to the library where she continued to pour though the books that contained much of Britannia's history till the wee hours of the morning.