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DarkStar Auction - Wednesdays 7pm EST!

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic Events' started by DarkStarAuction, Aug 27, 2010.

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  1. Hail Atlantic and well met. I am the owner of DarkStar Auction - Mesuggah. I want to invite you to come on down to the DarkStar Auction on Wednesdays at 7pm EST. Gates are provided 30 minutes before the auction starts in Luna up until it starts. You will also find runes throughout the week in the major cities.

    We regularly have several good items that go up for sale including Arties, Rares, Ingredients, Resources, Replicas, and much more. We are just starting up on the Atlantic Server and have run 3 auctions to date, all of which have been very smooth and successful. We use a book system which secures your item for you and keeps things running super smooth. You will basically bid on an item and a book will be placed for sale. You buy the book and turn it in right away to the item exchange worker to receive your item.

    We only charge 10% instead of the 15% seen at some other auction houses. You can find us just outside of the South Luna Gate across from the fair grounds. You will see a tower, the first tower outside of the gate and we are located just in front of it.

    There is a little history behind our auction house. It started back in 2006 when I was working for an auction house called "Hooters" with the owner named Cinderella. I gained much experience on how to run an auction house, which is a delicate balance of time. I like to move quickly between items and get out as many as possible in a small amount of time. This keeps the list of items fresh and gives plenty to choose from. We don't sell alot of lower end items, or alot of higher end items, there is a good mix so no matter what you like to buy, you will see some of those types of items.

    The auction was founded due to the need for a good auction house on Atlantic again. It has been quite a while since a professional, quick working, dedicated auction house has been run on the shard and we want to bring that to you. So we want any suggestions or input you want to add. Our email address is: [email protected].

    We dedicate the auction house to a fallen member of The Syndicate: Valynn. Many people knew her as the lady who killed PKers with her pets. She was a master at this and found many many ways to do it. One very memorable experience we had with "Val" was when she pulled at least 100 unicorns and Ki-rin to the entrance of Delucia. We lured several PKers through the entrance, including a few unsuspecting necro guildies haha, and caused a whole buncha pain. Who woulda thunk herding would be a useful skill in the game? Haha. Anyhow, she was a great lady that lost her fight with cancer in September of 2009 and we will always remember her. DarkStar was the name of her Nightmare hence the name for the auction.

    So we welcome you to our brand new auction house and look forward to meeting you all! CHEERS And Happy Bidding!!

    Mesuggah of Atlantic
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