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[Atlantic] Dead and Not Loving it [RP Story]

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Merci d'Rue, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. Merci d'Rue

    Merci d'Rue Guest

    A captain always goes down with their ship. As the beloved Hightide, sunk in a blaze of fiery glory, peice by peice it broke off into the whirlpool of death, her last thought wasnt really one of fright.

    Actually she felt pretty weightless, in that watery grave, drowning softly and sliding effortlessly to the bottom of the ocean. She would surely be Kraken food now..

    Her mind didnt flash her life before her eyes, nay it thought idly of a boat that had long been promised. A promise that she wasnt keeping...

    This child of Umbra, now turned pirate, could do nothing but think that she was breaking that promise and it didnt sit well with her. In her mind she could see that gorgeous ship she dreamed of every day, floating in midair, and as her eyes shut in finality, her body lost of all breath, this last thought just wouldnt go away.

    It is often said that spirits are creatures that have yet to fulfill some duty, have unfinished business with the living world. There is no more natural being to take on this entity like form then a child of Umbra. It is something they are used to and know of from day one. Surrounded by necromancy and undead all her young life it is no wonder that something took shape this day.

    She watched idly, as her dead body was torn apart by carnivorous monsters on the ocean floor, irritated mostly when they destroyed one of her favorite bows in their frenzy. Stupid nasties... dun know a gud bow when tha spy wun..

    White hair swirling around her ghostly, and rather naked form ,she moved forward towards the surface of water enjoying the sight of the oceans waves from beneath them. It wasnt every day you got to see that now..

    Right-o now Luvs, I think its time I headed fur home, but jus whar wuld that be these days? Eh ye know whut they say, a promise is a promise and the Dread Arrow wunt be breakin it..Especially wun teh meself.. With a chuckle, the ghostly creature alighted a breeze and set out to keep her promise...