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Deadly Betties: Fun > Hardcore

Discussion in 'Guild and Event Announcements' started by Aaricia, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Aaricia

    Aaricia Guest


    Guild Wars 2 is fast approaching and it's time that all those who are without a guild start seeking a community to bond with. You may think that you have plenty of time, but why wait? You could be building friendships and bonds before the game launches! Join a community that is fitting of you, a community that allows you to play the way you want to play and is filled with like-minded people. Find your pixel home.


    Deadly Betties is a laid back international Guild Wars 2 guild comprised of adults who don't act their age. We love shenanigans, mischief, and a good laugh. We're all about having a good time while still kicking pixel arses up and down the battlefield. We're not hardcore by any means, so you shouldn't expect weekly raids from us or required PvP. Instead, what you should expect from us and what we should deliver is guild wide fun. From random naked bar fights to WvWvW shenanigans, we plan on doing it all with a smile on our faces and a hearty good laugh.

    Our community is diverse in culture, age, country of origins, beliefs, world views, political standings, and so on---but we are an united community. Our bond is strong and our roots run deep. We have close ties because we interact with one another on the forums, social networks, and RaidCall. We bull**** together, troll one another, and constantly derail threads. It's how our community is and we wouldn't change it for anything.

    We plan on being well-known by the community for our warm members, our generous help, and our community wide events. Yes, we plan on having huge community events for all those who share our world and we even have plans in the making right now. We may not be known for our elitist attitude, but by Balthazar's Beard we will be known for our epic parties!


    Currently Deadly Betties has 119 members and an incredibly active forum. We will be shutting down recruitment once we hit 150 members, so if you're interested please don't hesitate to apply! We're filling up quickly. ;D

    • Plan on playing Guild Wars 2.
    • Will actively participate on the forum until the release of GW2.
    • Must speak English.
    • Are 16 years of age or older.
    • Are not easily offended.
    • Are able to take a joke.
    • Have a good attitude.
    • Are willing to use RaidCall (our VoIP).


    If you're interested in joining our community, then please visit our site at deadlybetties.com. Take a moment to browse around, read our forums that are open to the general public, visit some of the members profiles, and get a good feel of what Deadly Betties is all about. If you decide that you like us enough that you wish to join, then fill out an application.

    If we're not your cup of tea, then perhaps one of our alliance guilds will be more your style. Deadly Betties already has an alliance with seven other Guild Wars 2 guilds. Those being Allied Races Coalition, Equinox, Heavenly Apocalypse, Shattered Dawn, Going Postal, Redundant Henchmen and Ravenkin. I encourage you to check them out before you write us all off.

    If you're from "Down Under" and you're looking for an Aussie only guild, then check out Resonance---our sister guild. They are semi-hardcore, but they're still all about the lovin'! By joining up with them, you're still guaranteed to be in on the shenanigans and parties of Deadly Betties. You're also guaranteed to be playing with folks in your timezone who understand your strange lingo and don't make horrid references to "Mick Dundee" and his knife.

    If none of our guilds suit you, then I hope that you're able to find the right guild for you. Best of luck and happy gaming!

    Now, if you have any questions, concerns, or things to say about our site---please don't hesitate to make your thoughts vocal. We're very much willing to listen to the public.

    (P.S. Stratics Forum PMing is NOT the best way to contact Deadly Betties with questions, concerns, or general thoughts. If you wish to contact Deadly Betties please do so using the following e-mail: [email protected])
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