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death comes slowly to a poor soul

Discussion in 'UHall' started by cherub, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. cherub

    cherub Guest

    Running through the snow trying to escape the terror that comes, our poor beggar hops through the dense brush that is around his humble home.

    Slamming the door as he enters and swinging an large wooden post across the door to lock him self in, the lonly soul blockades him self in his house to wait his future.

    The wind howls though the bowels of the ramshackeled shanty as rain water drips from each board in the roof.

    *click* *click* *click* starting a fire in the hearth with two badly worned flint rocks, our beggar waits. and listens to the noises of the night while wondering his fate.

    it has been an good life, he says, as he :mutters: to him self as the sickness sweeps from home to home , the bodys fallen where they have been found. what may you ask *what is happening*? Beggars are dying from an unknown sickness. an unknown being! the only known name for this being is called the makers of uo.

    uo as the meer foke know are the wizzards that make their great magic, that weild their great weapons, that claim the wildest beasts for them self. it is the all mighty makers of the lands which weild the pen and paper , and they wish to kill us poor beggars. to wipe us from the lands till we no longer exist.....

    *yelling through the window* NOOOOOO! FOUL BEAST. YOU SHALL NOT TAKE ME WITH OUT A FIGHT!

    *pushing large table infront of door.*

    * looks around and picks up an rusty dagger from the dirt covered floor*

    You shall not take me with out a fight! *DO YOU HEAR ME!!*

    *chanting is heard lightly coming from the forest *

    OOOH noo! they are coming for me! coming for this poor beggar.!.


    MAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! their not going to get me , try as they might , i will beg anouther day, they called me mad hhhahahahahaha the door is red and the sun sets in the north i told you to kill the king while i had the chance but nooooo you wanted the apple core on the floor now they come for me spare a coin kind sir a coin for a hungry soul wwwhahahahahaha the voices can you hear them dear lady might you have a peice of cloth to spare *hides under table shaking and muttering*, its only a dream, its only a dream , its only a dream.

    cherub, gm beggar
  2. Nifur

    Nifur Guest

    I concur.
  3. *offers up a prayer to the gods on behalf of the beggars*
  4. Turlock

    Turlock Guest

    Gah a nudder house hide :/<blockquote><hr>

    Slamming the door as he enters and swinging an large wooden post across the door to lock him self in, the lonly soul blockades him self in his house to wait his future.

  5. *bites lip*

    You are not alone!

    *whips out sword from scabbard*
  6. Ryna

    Ryna Sage
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Feb 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Damn straight!

    Save the Beggars (and the other Forgotten Skills!)
  7. Aye, please! The only skill I've ever had that I really don't like is resist! All the rest need to stay right where they are. Improvement is fine, but don't just toss 'em out.

    Oy, these skills have seen enough problems, it's time to show 'em some love, not wipe 'em out.
  8. cherub

    cherub Guest

    if it tis ideas to upgrade the fogotten skills why not ask the ones that use them, instead of getting rid of them inorder to bring in new skills ? *bah* its the true skills that started this game and they should remain, throw us a bone, a table scrap, an apple core ?

    this is the skill the one skill in the whole game that really needs interaction between players to work. isnt that what you wanted to begin with ? all i have ever heard was we need more interaction between players in game, not to have just a loner playing game, isnt that right ?

    what better skill then the poor beggars skill to upgrade or update. a beggar needs to have interaction, he craves interaction. without it he can not gain the food for his belly. a small jingle in his pocket he cant earn from players. ive rattled my chains before, and again i do so .

    and i do thank my friends out there that have spoken up in the defence of beggars. safe travels
  9. thepiper

    thepiper Guest

    Hmmm.....sounds like maybe a more interactive action for gaining compassion could have been thought up. The beggar gets his/her interaction and the kind lady or gentleman gains in compassion........hmmmm.
  10. Aye, I've always thought that some kinda Compassion for the "Begee" in excahange for Humility for the beggar would be a worthwhile system to implement.
    There would have to be other means to gain in it of course, so as not to limit people. But I think there should be some connection there.