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Debating whether to come to Oceania

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Xavier_SP, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Xavier_SP

    Xavier_SP Guest

    Hello good people of Oceania!
    I am Xavier and I am quite possibly considering come over to this shard. I am looking buy an account so if someone has anything for sale please PM me.
    Good Day,
  2. siyeng0

    siyeng0 Guest

    "Yes! Come to Oceania! We have a great community and the biggest population in the game! It's grown so much since 2005, it's amazing, I've seen at least three new players in the past twelve months!"

    "Oh it has not, there are like two people on Oceania. Stay where you are!"

    "Also the PvP is great!"

    "Are you kidding I did a spawn yesterday primetime nobody came to crash it Oceania is dying"

    "But the community is excellent! Shame about the PvP though lol blah blah 3vs1 blah house hiding blah blah flood of acronyms blah"

    "Excuse me how about when you blah blah blah 5vs1 blah war fork blah blah"

    "Blah blah blah unemployed drifter blah"

    "So yeah, come to Oceania!"

    There, nobody else has to post now.
  3. Isaac OC

    Isaac OC Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 7, 2010
    Likes Received:
    lol, i can see some patterns of comments rippled through out this forum, in one short message :)

    Welcome back Xavier, though buying an account may skip all the fun of building characters. See you in game.
  4. El_Cid

    El_Cid Guest

    I Just gave one to a friend, really had only the plus of being a veteran account. If you need help with anything not too super complicated drop me a line. Ive returned since Jan but yeah getting a bit boring just building skills and crafting by myself