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EM Event Deception Dispelled: Sunday 16th @8pm GMT

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by EM Gotan, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. EM Gotan

    EM Gotan UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator

    Nov 7, 2013
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    Meet at the Councillors Hall in Britain. Come armed to the teeth. Even if you can’t fight, come with what you can. Resurrect the dead. Heal peoples pets. This will require every hand united to overcome…

    Dupre the Paladin looked up from his stud book; over time he’d grown used to spotting where the Spymaster would be skulking, waiting for the perfect moment to talk in private. Today, he was a very small bulge behind the curtains.
    “Ahh Skaros”, he said “It’s been quite some time since you honoured me with a visit. Do come and sit down!”
    Skaros emerged from behind the drapes, and glancing around cautiously, took the offered chair. “I’m afraid matters have developed to such an intensity that I had to seek your council… and perhaps, your sword arm. May we talk?”
    “Ahh Skaros, you know the King will always have my support. Besides, I was merely passing time with some idle speculation. You know, my Turkey-Ducks proved extremely popular, so I was wondering if could cross breed a Mong-Duck next…”
    Skaros permitted himself a rare smile at this; “Your avian knowledge is well renowned, and I will have need of it soon. But first, I have to let you know how important the coming events are. Here, read this.”
    Dupre reached for the folded paper in Skaros’ hands, but paused when he noticed that there was an opened Wax Seal upon it. On closer inspection, it turned out to be the official seal of New Magincia.
    “Skaros…” he said “Is this more intercepted mail you have here? You know I find this opening of other people’s private correspondence dishonourable.”
    Skaros nodded. “It is. And I am aware of your dislike. However I’m under orders from the King, that if you will not read it, I am to read part of it out to you to impress why this has to be done, and why you need to get involved. You have my word however that the mail will be re-sealed and delivered, and no action will be taken against the writer or anyone involved with this letter afterwards.”
    Dupre sighed. He’d never get used to this; some Virtues were more important than others. But if the King insisted… “Go on then. Read what you have too, but I will take no other man’s letter into my own hands.”
    Skaros cleared his throat, and stumbling over the words at first, as talking loudly and publicly wasn’t his way either, read out ” You are all loyal indeed to our beloved king however we also need to consider the unthinkable at this time, our beloved King Blackthorn has either turned traitor or possibly Captured.” a pause, and then “Ironic this alleged king in the interest of “love” brings so many mobs to try to love us to death and then suddenly the real king shows up sounds a bit fishy.”
    “And that second part is in the official correspondence of New Magincia, is it Skaros? ‘The King’s a bit fishy?’” asked Dupre cyncially.
    “We have, as you well know, ways of finding out what our people might privately be saying. Forewarned is forearmed.”
    “And were you behind the Governor’s curtains too?”
    “No, I was disguised as a Yucca tree that time.”
    Dupre sighed. It really was most distasteful.
    “So what do you need me for?”
    “As you can see, trust in the King is compromised. Even his presence is doubted now. And he is still somewhat shaken by the death of Father Grant, which he blames on himself for acting so complacently. It would be better if a renowned warrior, one the Kingdom still trusts, destroys the mirror we blame for all our ills, and leads any assault on what controls it.”
    “Do you know who that is?” Dupre wondered?
    “No. All we know for sure is it’s powerful. Extremely so. But what if the people think the King is manipulating even that? Or distorting the evidence to hide the real criminal? He cannot lead this search for Justice then. You must go. Destroy any duplicates you find. Let the people see with their own eyes what is behind this. Bring the killers of Father Grant to Justice.”
    “Am I to be allowed to decide who they are for myself too?”
    “Of course. There are to be no secrets here. Never any secrets here.” At this comment, Skaros looked suspiciously proud, and oddly, triggered a laugh from Dupre.
    “You find that comment funny, Sir Dupre?”
    “Oh… I was just thinking about practicality. Have you ever tried to breed a Mongbat with a Duck and have them do the deed out in the open Skaros? Some things are supposed to be private you know…”
    “Really Dupre, you can’t compare the High matters of State to squalid duck-coupling!”
    Dupre laughed again, even more heartily this time.
    “But still, on that subject. Tell me Dupre, what do you know of the behaviour… of Ravens?”
    #1 EM Gotan, Feb 9, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2014