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Decorators Nightmare - Deconstruction of a house

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by imported_Mezzac, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Hello all,

    Over the last couple of days I deconstructed my house in anticipation of a complete face lift – Now it’s is a 18*18 with 2900+ lock downs. All but 100+ were used in decoration ONLY! [​IMG]

    Ohh and yes, as I am on dial-up, I have on occassional crashed going into my house due to loadup required - the lagg in horrendous in my house [​IMG]

    Now normally when I start afresh with a new house design I just simply clear the previous and send it all to the Moving Crate to be sorted later. This time however I determined that it would be better to actually pull the decorations down piece by piece and organised it all into crates ready for the next design. This gave me a unique opportunity to get a look at exactly what goes into a house. "haven't you ever wondered what it's all about?' Well I have [​IMG]

    The house was specifically designed to properly display three of my treasured items:

    Full set of Globes - Full set of Vet Reward statues – Full set of Mini House Deeds.

    In relation to the above, this was achieved by one floor being dedicated solely to a ‘Globe Room’ and another floor solely dedicated to building a small 'mini township' with the house deeds in which I also placed the Vet statues around about ‘terrorising the neighbourhood’. The other floor were designed in living areas and a Chapel.

    So how do you use up near 2900+ lockdowns on decorations?

    You can start with some 700+ plants (the bulk of them Poppies and Champions – I actually contracted a player to grow me 100 of each but ended up with 170+ Poppies and 130+ Champions) The reason for so many of these two plants is that they are great for covering the whole square of the floor – I used them as a ‘base’ and place other decorations on top. Also included in the above are some 30 Corrupt trees and 50+ assorted vines and remainder being other assorted plants).

    Next you can add 300+ pieces of Rubble – not any high end stuff – manly Walls, Plants and the misc small pieces of sandstone rubble.

    Now I am also a lover of fine art, so it only right that I had a few paintings – I also have Toko dyes and I am not afraid to use them for what they were meant for – So I ended up with some 67 paints – The bulk of them were the Artefact 8/9 long on the horizontal and the artefact 5/6 tall thin ones.

    I also a big fan of the Spring Decor and Heritage tokens – 78 of them!

    Some 30 potted plants – if you have those boring flowerless ones from the Brittian clean-up, they can be fixed by placing a Wispering Rose on the small one and on the larger ones, place a Rose of Trinsic.

    Misc other artefact, particularly rocks(50+) / sculptures - they all look great dyed. The bulk of the rest was taken up by Artefact / daily rares / fished up items and other misc craftables (I particularly like Toko dyed small forges - great for giving that special item the attention and position it deserves

    Gozas, Gozas and more Gozas – well as a decorator there is no such thing as too many Goza’s. It is impossible to decorate a house without a good supply of Gozas and Crates. These are two essential tools required to decorate – can’t get that item were you want? Just place the crate where you want it to go, put item in the crate and then ‘axe’ the crate. Likely crafted 1000’s of crates for the sole purpose of destroying them – hence you chief decorator should also be your craftsman.

    Finally, I likely said “I wish to lock this down” / “I wish to release this” / “I wish to secure this” Many Many 1000’s of time each. Also ALWAYS check each part as you go - I probably lost quite a few million worth of items due to moving them / placing them but forgetting to check that it were properly locked down!

    So why deconstruct you may ask after so much time and effort? Well normally boredom with the design, however this time it was due to the Rubble – having now had a while to play with it I have a few ideas I want to try – the problem with heavily decorated houses is you can not go into customise mode without losing a lot of your decoration to the moving crate. So rather than have this happen I decided to start afresh.

    Ohh, this time around I may even go for a Keep or Castle - normally I stay away from these due to size and difficulties in concepts - however with the Rubble I have I should be able o over-come a couple of the problems I previous had with displaying certain items appropriately.

  2. StarlaUO

    StarlaUO Guest

    Hehe just remember to lock down after u place and check every containers before you discard any. I have lost some nice things before due to fatigue and carelessness. And I think 18x18 is more fun to customise and decorate. The structure of a castle is pretty boring, but I am too lazy to move again (having moved at least 5 times before).

    Good luck on your decorations and let us know when you are done so we can go and visit. [​IMG]
  3. Yes, Castles and Keep do have their draw backs and unique decoration difficulties, however having played around with Rubble I believe it offers some interesting possibilities to designing both Castles and Keep which would make for some great effects.

    With some of the things I have been able to achieve at my current home, it would be an exciting challenge to play with either. [​IMG]

  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Damn, that sounds harrowing. Would be handy if there was an "unlock all" command, but can you imagine hitting that macro by mistake? Haha.. [​IMG]
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Goza mats yes! they are great and no limit to how many floors you want in a castle it is like a maze in the clouds
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    oo post the location of your place so we can come have a squiz at all your deco
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *taps foot* and what no screen shot??? after all that I would so be bragging.