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[Discussion] "Deed to a Guildstone" ?

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Xel Naga, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Xel Naga

    Xel Naga Guest

    Recently saw this item for sale and was unsure whether to buy it or not. They claim it will make an un-named guildstone just like a normal guildstone deed. However, I've only ever seen named guildstone deeds or unused Deed to a guild creation thing.

    Are these something new? Does it do as it say and simply make a guildstone with no name on it or is it some new scam that formed up while I was in a "quit" phase of uo.
  2. kray2s

    kray2s Guest

    Tbh mate im not entirely sure however i would be 100% dubious of it. As far as i am aware there are 2 types of guildstone deed, one is a guild deed (i think thats right with out logging in) this being the one that DOES NOT place the stone, in other words, its the deed used to create the guild but it had yet to be used.

    The second is a deed that reads "Deed to a guildstone" as in your thread title , however, it is also followed bt more lines of text displayed as follows -

    weight 1 stone
    Guild name

    The one i redeeded to double check my claims actually reads as follows: -

    Deed To A Guildstone
    Weight: 1 stone
    Guild Name: The Fae Folk [Fae]

    Im sure your already familiar with this being a veteran player, But i am pointing out that it is the right deed to place the stone but due to the lack of guild name upon the deed i would be very weary of purchasing it.

    Maybe u could ask the seller to place the stone so you can check before you purchase it that way saving your gold if it is in deed a non placable one like i fear it could be.
  3. Teufel_Hund

    Teufel_Hund Guest

    It is a glitched deed, not sure how it was made, but if there is no Guild Name then it will not place a stone.
  4. Xel Naga

    Xel Naga Guest

    Ah, ok thanks. Thats all I needed to know. And yes, the deed had no guild name, simply just a deed to a guildstone. single line
  5. ZippyTwitch

    ZippyTwitch Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 5, 2006
    Likes Received:
    I don't think it's a glitched deed. I think it's just an old guild stone deed that was bought before they were removed from game and just never used.
  6. Teufel_Hund

    Teufel_Hund Guest

    We actually had a similar disussion in a seperate thread. There are three types of Guild Deeds:

    1) Guild Deed, this is what you bought from the NPC Provisioner I guess, hard to remember, and this allowed you to create a Guild and place the stone. Never been used.
    2) Deed to a Guildstone (No Name in the Item Description), this is the problem one, no name associated with the Guildstone but different from the first. No stone can be placed. I do not know exactly what the difference between this one and the previous or how this one came about.
    3) Deed to a Guildstone (With a guild Name in the Item Description) This will aloow you to place a stone in your house.

    I have all three types of deeds