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Deeper than the Sands

Discussion in 'The Hooded Crow Inn [Fiction]' started by LynneOfMagincia, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Silent now, the island had found it's peace for the evening leaving only the waves cresting against the beach to caress her thoughts. The remnants from the revelry this night put away, Lynne slipped off her shoes and turn right down the pathway near her home. Her feet settled into the grains, sliding and mixing with the light tan color.

    Less than 2 hours ago this area had been covered in people talking, laughing, carrying on their own personal conversations. The night before that same area had been littered with blood as Scalis had done his best to remove them. And although he had gusto, it was not the same malice so deeply entrenched in the bane.

    Magincian removal from this world had been tried. Blackened edges of memory like paper set aflame colored her thoughts. There would never be a day she didn't smell the burning flesh as she pushed aboard ship and told she had to leave. But so too would she never forget this night and the sounds of cheers as they leveled the tables with what Magincia would be.

    Survival was a way of life here.. and it was high time Britannia understood it.

    She felt it then, strong and seeping slowly throughout her body. It's source was deeper than anything she had felt before, more entrenched. Almost as if it were part of the island itself....
  2. Surges like waves would have been expected when a connection to the land you are standing on happens. But this was not like that. Instead of rolling ebbs and flows of energy a cord, dull but seeping remained solidly connected.

    "You've an overactive imagination and obviously not enough sleep," she told herself. And though she tried for the reminder of the night to shake it off as just that, a figment, a nagging feeling kept her from fully believing it.

    - - - - -

    One last bit of prep... the night would see Captain Jenkins and his brood standing in the exact same spot she had the night before. Although the tone os his words would be vastly different.

    Having spoken to Captain Valek at length in regards to what needed to be done she set out for the Modest Damsel. Arrangements for additional personnel and quarters would be mandatory. Goddess knew there would be much to disclose when The Amber Witch was once again home. Stopping briefly, she left a note on Brighton's board and headed for the Inn. In her hand she clasped another note, this one for another of Magincia's own...